Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Firefox, Begging for Donations

I quit using Firefox when they fired their CEO for donating $1,000 to Prop 8, a non-profit fighting against gay marriage in California. Astonishingly, Prop 8 won, in California no less, but it was quickly ruled unconstitutional by federal activist judges.

 California voters approved Proposition 8 in 2008 with 52% of the vote shortly after the state Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriages are legal. The measure put gay and lesbian marriages on hold in the state, but a federal appeals court later rule Proposition 8 was 
unconstitutional. (Jun 27, 2013)

California Proposition 8
OverturnedOverturned Case:Hollingsworth v Perry No. 12–144

Here is Firefox begging for donations:

HELLO there: We know you love Firefox, but did you know a non-profit called Mozilla built Firefox? Thanks to donations, Mozilla does a lot more than build this awesome browser. We teach people to code, fight for online privacy, and protect this amazing thing called the Web for future generations (BUT they didn't give their own CEO freedom of speech). Just a few times a year Mozilla asks for donations, and usually only a tiny portion of Firefox users give. If everyone reading this chipped in $3 to help Mozilla, we could wrap this fundraiser up in under an hour and tip our hat to you!Thank you.

Here is my response to Firefox as they beg for donations:

I would have donated $1000 to you, just like CEO Brendan Eich did to a non-profit organization like yours, Prop 8. Excuse me for thinking that your cause (your continued employment in a non-essential job (IE and Chrome are better) ) is not as important as Eich’s cause was. 

The way the PC crowd swarmed down on their victim (Eich), tore his eyes out for seeing PC hypocrisy, gutted him for having an opinion different from all leftists robots, and left him to resign, reminds me of ISIS and their uncompromising evil crucifixions of Christians (Which it is not PC to talk about as we are allowing thousands of undocumented illegals into our country).

Didn't you condemn Eich to die without actual blood being shed? Because of a $1,000 donation?  So, no, I will not even be donating $3 to you….ever. Maybe you should have thought about your activism and how it would affect your non-profit, before you alienated over 60% of your users and got political!!!  

Lefties, they just can't see anything that is not right up in their face biting them!.


GRM said...

Good post. I dumped Firefox for the same reason you did. Glad to hear they are paying for their PC activism.

Unknown said...

How dare they beg for money, they got a giant deal with google. I am changing my browser because of their arrogance.