Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Election Fraud?

Say it isn't so!

Or is it???

Is that like the dead being able to vote? Why are all the dead voters "progressives"?

This a perfect illustration of why all voters should have to present a valid picture ID. What is wrong with that? Why are the Democrats so against those laws?

I remember "Landslide Annie" winning in Edmonton by less than a hundred votes, until the voters list was checked and major discrepancies were found and removed. The next election, she lost. Funny that. 

Think voter fraud doesn't exist? We should do the paint your finger purple thing so it makes it harder to vote twice, but as the video shows, there are many ways to vote twice, if you have no morals or sense of fair play.


Mike said...

Shocking isn't it? Everyone knows the right way to do this is by illegally shuffling money around and doing misleading robocalls.

hunter said...

Exactly, seeing as the Liberals had the adscam money shuffling thing going on, and the only ones doing misleading robocalls that have been convicted/fined so far are the Liberals, I guess they are the "leaders of the pack".