Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kyoto, A Socialists Wet Dream!

Ask people if they are concerned about the environment, most will say yes. Ask them if they are willing to pay at the pumps with $2 gas, most will say no. Easy, I can get any result I want depending on how I word my questions.

So, is Kyoto a socialists wet dream? Of course, it's Robin Hood all over again, steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Media is in full steam about this issue, they are pulling out all the stops hoping that Canadians are dummies. Well we aren't, and the MSM thinks they can change our opinions. No, sorry to tell the MSM, they are only preaching to the converted, Kyoto is a God crowd. Not going to fool me.

This article is a good example. I especially like these comments:

"I hear it's a dog," Tory caucus whip Jay Hill said.
Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer said: "The Kyoto accord itself doesn't do a whole lot — as we've seen with the Liberal record — to reduce greenhouse gases.
"It's a trading system, a transfer of wealth from one part of the world to another."

So, Made in Canada reductions of pollution, or, send BILLIONS overseas to China? You make the choice.

PM Harper is not a climate change denier, he's a smart man who understands that Kyoto always has been and always will be a money grab. His letter in 2002, is still true in 2007, that's how smart he really is, he knew 5 years ago that the Liberals were wrong headed, and he was right (no pun intended)!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Bloq Are Racist!

It's been simmering in me for months, but question period finally sealed the deal for me, in no uncertain terms.

The Bloq are racist against Albertan's. They want our money but they HATE our tar sands. Note to Quebec, you vote these BQ idiots in again and your main gravy train (Alberta) will leave faster than you can blink an eye. Guaranteed. We don't threaten, we do.

We will not take years to think about it, we will have one vote and we will be gone. We have no debt, we owe Canada no debt, we send over 18 BILLION a year to the rest of Canada, we have all the resourses, we have no socialist programs dragging us down, we can actually survive without being a part of Canada. Can you? A have not province that won't get off it's butt and actually work for a living?

What started this rant, question period. Duceppe started it with a question about the federal government meeting with oil companies to expand the oil sands, it was the LIBERAL government that set up that meeting, but Gillyfish couldn't seem to understand that. So what, if Alberta wants to expand it's oilsands, what the heck does Quebec have to do with our decision? Sorry Quebec, oil is a provincial responsibility, not federal. We have never had a smog day, so who are the polluters? Next up, some shrill female yapping about how Quebec was having to pay for Alberta's pollution. What a hypocrite, they whine that they are not getting enough in transfer payments, but they want taxes slapped on oil polluters. Sure, kill the golden goose, just like last time with the Liberal NEP, good idea. Manufacturing is tanking big time in Ont and Que, the only thing keeping Canada alive is the west, but your greed knows no bounds does it?

I was happy that PM Harper got up and called her on that one. They want our money, but they want to tax us extra too. Not going to happen shrill lady. Give your head a shake, you keep this up, your gravy train is gone, Conservative government in power or not, Alberta has the balls to leave, not like the Frenchies, clueless and no guts. The Bloq is a useless party that can not accomplish anything for Quebec, unless Quebec realizes this next election, Alberta will challenge your right to be a province in Canada. If you don't want to leave again, (we are getting very tired of your threats) we will.

You like your socialist programs, who will pay for them if Alberta leaves? Ontario can't afford you on there own. They would be supporting most of Canada.

The Bloq, racists against Alberta. Dion showed us exactly what the Liberals think about us with his comment about "easy" money. The Bloq just showed us that they think they can get our Billions and slag us. You might have some power if we stay in Canada, but you will have none if we leave.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Kill Kyoto!

Lefties love Kyoto, because it is an international agreement, but an agreement to what? Noone is asking that little detail. Well it boils down to a money grab. Send taxpayers money over to Russia/China for no reduction of GHG's. Well that's real lefty thinking, oh sorry, they don't really think do they?

Well, I suggest that the Conservatives ask Canadians what social program they do not want to fund so that they can send that money to Russia, in support of Kyoto. Should we spend less on healthcare? How about no more money for childcare, or pensions? Maybe we should raid the EI accounts, they have a surplus.

That's the problem with lefties, they want all their socialist programs but they don't think about how to pay for them. I know, let's slap a carbon tax on Alberta, oops that's been tried once before, it was called the NEP, it killed not only Alberta's economy, but Canada's as well. Okay, bet the NDP want to get back at Buzz for abandoning them during the last election, let's hit the auto industry with a tax, good idea, just when the auto industry is laying people off left and right.

So, come on lefties, you want Kyoto, you tell me how to do it, without killing the economy.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Truth Ads, Not Attack Ads!

Well I've seen 2 of the ads, how can they be called attack ads?

I hear the "truth" from Liberals own mouths!!! So, the "truth" is being displayed in an ad.

Anyone who remembers the Liberals "scary" Harper ads, should understand the difference here.

Liberals are being shown as they really are, spouting the "truth" as they think it really is, like Dingwall, "I'm entitled to my entitlements".

These are not "attack" ads, they are "truth" ads.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

In The Wild...

even animals protect their own. I was watching the program, and in every case, the Mom or the Dad tried to protect their babies. Too bad we humans aren't that motivated.

We feel we can kill our babies, because it's our "choice". We ignore the dying in Afghanistan, because we don't actually SEE it. We drive our cars into a car wash, never thinking about how that fresh water would be appreciated in Africa. Think about not having power, ever. You know the power you need for your computer, TV, and all the other toys.

In the wild, only the strongest survive, in our society, only the socialists make sense, or so we are told.

In our society, the weak are winning because they have convinced us that minorities rule, not majorities.

Morals are not allowed, it reminds me of the fall of the Roman empire....

Alberta Is The Rising Tide! Hang On To Our Tail, We Will Make Canada A Rising Tide Too!

OWelcome to the four Atlantic Premiers. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Williams, the colourful premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, did joke that he had an army of his people in Fort McMurray and Yellowknife set to take over the country, but he said that for now his province just wants a piece of Alberta’s hot economy.
He noted that the Atlantic provinces have significant expertise, low wages and the capacity to help Alberta companies with services and products they require to meet their own contracts.

“Your economy is over-heated and it needs the services,” he said.
He stressed that the four Atlantic premiers are visiting Alberta to help out with the boom – not to hinder it by trying to lure the labour force home.
“The rising tide lifts all boats in other provinces,” he said. “Alberta is the rising tide and we want to be part of your wave.”

One thing they could send us is LOBSTER! Also, scallops and shrimp and mussels. You know, seafood.

It was wonderful to see Premiers here not whining about fiscal imbalance, but talking about trade. Why is it easier to trade with the US than it is for us to trade with other provinces? I like the new agreement between BC and Alberta, it will encourage trade within provinces.

So, let's think about this, more trade between provinces, makes every province stronger. Why wasn't it happening before? Too much federal government interference, it took power away from provinces and divided the country, as every province tried to get the best deal for themselves.

We are happy that the Atlantic provinces are sending us such hard working people, they fit right into Alberta, I know, I married a PEI'er. He's been here for over 20 years and still misses PEI, mainly because his whole family is there. We were going to move there, but, the job situation was bleak, there was no way we could have the same standard of living there, and most importantly, our children would have better opportunities if we stayed in Alberta.

The Premiers have got to start understanding that the Conservatives are offering them more power than they have ever had before. A smaller federal government, one that doesn't interfere in their areas, means a more powerful provincial government.

So, hang on to Alberta's tail, don't get too ecocrazy, if you do, you kill the golden goose, just like last time Alberta was booming, and the Liberals imposed the death sentence on us, the NEP. You see how well the Liberals do in Alberta? It's still because of the NEP, try another one like it, by pretending it's all about the environment, say goodbye to Alberta. As a born and bred Albertan, I can gaurantee it.

That's why the four Premiers visiting was so encouraging, they seem to understand that Alberta will do everything it can to send companies in their provinces all the work we can, because Albertan's, want Canada to do just as well as they do.

All the Atlantic workers make our province a much better place to be, I'm sorry some are so far away from their families, I know it's hard, but you are doing what you can to give your families a better chance in life, and that's what it's all about, family.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Media 1, Canadians 0

Okay, game on!!

So far I have the media at one for the all out war on the newest theme: THE ENVIRONMENT!!

Just over a year ago, on January 4 and 5, only 4 per cent of Canadians specified environment as the most important issue.
In contrast, 25 per cent put health care at the top of the list.
By last week, however, 26 per cent of survey respondents listed the environment as the top issue, dropping health care to second place with 18 per cent.

So, because of the media using "the sky is falling" type articles, daily, and also because the economy is doing so well (nothing to do with oil and gas, they tell us, but watch the markets, when oil is down, so is the TSX), people really are buying into the media's hysteria.

Okay, time for the other side, Canadians to get to work. Not the government, Canadians. We have decided that the environment is a major concern. So, what are you as a Canadian going to do about it? Take the bus? Turn down your heat in the middle of winter? Recycle? Compost? Reuse? What?

HA, I thought so. You are going to cry to the government about Kyoto, aren't you, yes you are, because the media has told you that Kyoto is THE solution!

Well, take a look at your kids, one of mine has asthma, so I watch him closely. How will buying carbon credits clean our air, water, and land? How will sending BILLIONS of dollars to Russia or China, make our environment cleaner?

Simple answer, it won't.

Let's keep our taxpayers money right here in Canada, let's create a better solution right here. Say yes to Clean Air, Say NO to Kyoto.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dion's Speech Today, I Can't Find It Anywhere!

Okay, this morning I was getting my kids ready for school, and heard that Dion would be broadcast live, I got busy, and never saw it. I checked for it on CTV this evening, it's not there. They have a baby blurb about:

Dion accuses Conservatives of lacking convictions

Sorry that cracked me up, did he mean jail house convictions?? I hope the Conservatives aren't going to follow down that Liberal road!

Still they would normally have the video of the whole Liberal love in, but, nope, nothing., nope, nothing, Youtube? Nope.

Poor Liberals, how are they going to run an election with this guy when they already have the media hiding his speeches?

On the other hand, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gives an awesome speech on the Conservatives first year anniversary. CTV has that one on video.

I noticed that they changed the title though, it went from "Conservatives mark first year in power" to "Harper says Tory gov't not fully embraced yet." Thought we wouldn't noticed that did you CTV??

I do have to give CTV credit for their posting of videos, except suspiciously a Dion speech, makes you go HUMMMM!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

This Is Just Sick!

I'm sorry, I know that I should be tolerant, but this takes the cake.

"Zoo," premiering before a rapt audience Saturday night at Sundance, manages to be a poetic film about a forbidden subject, a perfect marriage between a cool and contemplative director (the little-seen "Police Beat") and potentially incendiary subject matter: sex between men and animals."

Someone call the SPCA, this is just sick!! I thought swingers clubs were bad , but I'm sorry, who want's to have sex with an animal?? This is cool?? Normal people are disgusted.

"It was something I did resent; I thought artists had the opportunity to explore anything."

Artists getting government grants because no-one understands, "the message" they are aiming for, need to get they funding cut to zero after this display of vulgarity.

We can't even get the age of consent raised in Canada from 14 to 16, why? MP's who support EGALE. Call them on it folks.

You don't even need to be Christian to be against a film like this. It get's rave reviews, but the Passion of Christ, get's murdered? How Liberal do you want to become, where does it stop? Next, pedofiles will be okay. Sick.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

SOW's Still At It!

So, just when you think the $100 a month for parents has killed the lefties nanny state, along comes a private members bill, that will pass because, when lefties unite, they can dictate how we should raise our children.

Listen to the interview with Helen Ward, by Doug Aldridge, it is worth the listen, if for no other reason then to understand how words are being manipulated.

So, wasn't it the Soviet Union and Nazis that wanted to indoctrinate children, and this is different because????

I say the government needs to stop all funding for these special interest groups. "Shared responsibility" my butt, MY KID, MY RESPONSIBILITY!

If that doesn't tick you off enough, listen to the interview with John Valsevac, about how parents in BC can not take their children out of classes teaching about how good it is to be gay. If as a parent you disagree, tough udders.

And the Nazis are on the march, next, it will be no smoking........oh, guess they have that one covered too.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

EASY Money, Again!!

It was bad enough that Dion accused Albertans of living fast on the "easy" money up north once, but he does it again this time on CBC (I know, I shouldn't be watching but we need to know what the opposition are saying and CBC is so Liberal, they can be counted on to let us know).

Thursday, I'm watching Don Newman, and he's talking to Dion about his bloated shadow cabinet, and believe it or not, Dion is yapping about the oilsands, and he repeats the "easy" money comment.

Don't believe me? Well listen for yourselves! Go to this link, click on Thursday, and about 16:23 into the show, there it is again. "Everybody is going to the north for the easy money."

Well Mr. Dion, if that money is so easy, you go work on the rigs, see how long you last! I would give your soft little academic hands about 4 hours before you cry "uncle". If that doesn't work out for you, please feel free to try those soft hands at farming, watch out though, you will get arrested if you try to sell your own wheat, and you won't like jail!

Dion, stay out of Alberta's business, and I promise to stay out of yours by not voting for you. Both of us will be happy.

Going out now, I need to spend my "easy" money on some beer and popcorn!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Climate Change, Yup Can't Argue With That!

Is the climate changing, for sure, yes and absolutely. It's a fact I can support, just like PM Stephen Harper can support.

Now ask me if a can support global warming. No, I can not believe that CO2 is dangerous, my plants love CO2, they love me back with oxygen. Now, today I was stuck behind a bus, the fumes made me lightheaded. So, my rule is, if you can smell it, it's pollution.

It's easy. Sniff, and tell. I sniff for CO2, nothing! I sniff for CO, yup, smells bad, it is bad!

So, I figure, PM Harper has got it right, watch for lots of climate change talk, no Kyoto talk. He knows that we want change, but not at the expense of our wallets.

Funny how Global National had no coverage of our PM's introduction of a $1.5 Billion ecoEnergy program. If the environment is so important, why no report on the Conservative incentive? DUH, bias maybe?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Next Up, Global Dimming!!

Okay so we've gone through global cooling, global warming, and we are now talking climate change, next up is global dimming!! You heard it here first folks!

Global dimming is the gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth's surface, observed since the beginning of systematic measurements in 1950s. The effect varies by location, but worldwide it is of the order of a 4% reduction over the three decades from 1960–1990. This trend may have reversed during the past decade. Global dimming creates a cooling effect that may have partially masked the effect of greenhouse gases on global warming.

Is anyone else out there as sick and tired of all this "global" junk science as I am? We need to start counting the number of times that scientists use the word MAY.

Global warming MAY ....
Global cooling MAY....
Greenhouse gasses MAY....
Global dimming MAY

MAYbe that's why the Greens elected MAY as there leader!! Makes sense to me.

Monday, January 15, 2007

What's That? A Rat?

Alberta is rat free, or it was until Dion came to town. The Rat left a stink behind here in Alberta that will rival PET's hated NEP. Make no mistake, Dion was playing to the east while slagging us redneck Albertan's. What Dion is proposing for Alberta is a new and improved NEP II. Hold on to your wallets Alberta, if the Liberals get back in.

Us knockle dragging Albertan's can't understand how we are killing the planet by releasing CO2 and using water to do it. Bad, bad Albertan's, we are only interested in making "easy" money in the oilsands. Shame on us! Don't you know that the planet is being threatened by "climate change" or is that "global warming"? We might even believe a scientist, one who's not obviously hired by the oil industry.

We don't flush raw sewage into the ocean, or the North Saskatchewan river like some provinces do, we have a world class recycling plant, we have wind energy, and solar energy. We want to reduce pollution, but we refuse to send our tax dollars to China so we can bow down to the Kyoto god.

Kyoto is a liberal god, if you thought the Liberals were bad when they were caught taking money put into brown bags, expand that to Kyoto, except it is BILLIONS in that brown bag. Money that your kids and grandkids will never see. Kyoto will make China and Russia more prosperous on the backs of our labour, and our children.

Choose your Canada! Choose wisely, or Alberta will opt out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

CO2 Out, Oxygen In

I'm hearing about how CO2 is bad, how the oilsands are big polluters, oops, CO2 emitters. The other side of the story is how bad is oxygen?

If too much CO2 is bad, then too much oxygen must be bad too! So, I want a scientist to tell me how much oxygen is being released into the atmosphere. If our forests are exuding too much oxygen, we need to know about this new threat. This is a serious matter, too much oxygen could cause us all to get light headed, disoriented, and we might vote liberal.

Here's a question for all those environmentalists out there, if the oilsands release 500 mega tons of CO2 and our forests release 500 mega tons of oxygen in return, are we even?

Why does Toronto have smog, but Alberta, the bad, bad, polluter, have none? Why are our lakes and rivers drinkable, but Ontario's, not so much? Could it be that Albertans are more concerned about our environment and so we don't pollute as much? Edmonton has a world leading recycling plant, Toronto, not. We have been recycling, composting for years, Toronto is still shipping it's garbage to the US. A person in Toronto that I talked to recently, refused to wash her tin cans and recycle them, she was not willing to waste her time washing cans and recycling them, we've been doing that for years. But it's Albertans who are at fault, we are the big bad environmental meanies? Give me a break, we are more advanced than Toronto by a long shot, but the MSM won't report that, why should they, everyone already knows that redneck, gun loving Albertans are so backward that we don't even know what CO2 is let alone how to recycle.

Why does Dion call us milk cows, when in reality the east milks us for everything we have, and wants more.

So, tell me, if we release CO2 into the atmosphere, how much oxygen do our forests produce in return? Quebec is busy flooding acres of forest to produce more electicity, but no environmentalist/biologist/or any other, has protested. Why not?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mom, Does The Principle Have You On Speed Dial Yet?

My youngest son cracked me up this morning, with this question:

"Mom, does the Principle have you on speed dial yet?"

With a semi-straight face, I responded, "luckily not quite yet, but don't push it!" It was a legitimate question as just before Christmas I volunteered for Santa Day, and went to the office to tell them something, and guess who was in the principles office? Yup, you guessed it, my son. It turned out that he was the victim and not really in trouble, but that's not always the case.

I am so blessed to have two wonderful boys, it's a huge responsibility, but totally worth it. I started thinking about how wonderful having children has been for me.

Growing up in a small Alberta town, I aspired to more than marrying the boy next door and starting a family, so after graduation, I packed my bags and headed to the big city to get my degree. During my university years I took a lot of fluff courses, like social studies of women, modern dance, and one that made no sense to me, philosophy. Still I got my degree, went out into the big bad corporate world and made my mark, a small one but even back in the 70's, I found no discrimination against me, as a female.

I worked, got married, and insisted that I preferred dogs to kids anyday! HA

I was petrified of childbirth.

Then my clock started to tick, I had to think long and hard about having children. I got over my fears and hubby helped with the getting pregnant thing, and I loved every minute of being pregnant. No morning sickness, nothing but a special glow, and a feeling that is so special, only women can really understand it, that's why women have more than one child.

I was considered high risk because I was 36. My doctor wanted me to go through a battery of tests, some that can cause a miscarriage, I said no, and today I am glad that I did, because I would have never forgiven myself if one of those tests had caused me to lose one of my sons.

A small town girl, goes to the big city, gets her degree, and what it all comes down to, is that family is the most important part life.

I feel sorry for those bitter feminists, and anyone who has felt that abortion is a solution, it isn't, the solution is family, and morals.

So, my littlest scamp goes to the principles office quite often, but he makes my heart sing. God has blessed me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's My Environment, Dion.

Right now, we are under a blizzard warning, which is funny because Dion is here in Edmonton tonight. Okay, Dion, explain global warming to me again?? My igloo will melt you say? Polar bears are in danger? And we can fix that by sending our tax dollars to China??

Yah, right!

Monday, January 08, 2007

What Is The Purpose Of A Blog?

Lately it seems to me that blogs are losing the original purpose I thought they had, or I'm doing this blogging thing all wrong.

I thought a blog is like a daily journal, you write in it about what concerns you, you express your feelings about what is happening, what is ticking you off, or making you laugh.

Now, it seems that you must quote a news article and then wait for your cyber friends to comment. Or you find a blog you disagree with and slag it, or you try to make news by getting a "scoop". The MSM is still driving blogs, not the other way around, blogs are not making the news, they are reacting to the news.

So, is the original idea of blogs changing, or am I just wrong about the purpose of blogs? Blogs seem to be getting less about personal feelings and thoughts, and more about taking a news story and picking it apart.

Blogs should be more personal, not less, they should give you a feeling about the person writing it, a sense of who they are, what concerns them, why they feel the way they do about an issue. Sure quote an article if it helps your argument, but don't just link to the article without any comment, that doesn't give anyone a feel for whether you agree with the issue or not.

Blogs are great, I read them more than I do the media, but when everyone is blogging about the same article, it gets repetitive.

Original thought.....where is it on blogs anymore?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Immigrant Votes, Coming Our Way!

The crossing of Khan is only the latest indication of where the immigrant vote is going, and it's coming our way, big time. He must know that from talking to his voters, they are ready to change, after years of being ignored by the Liberals.

During the last election, I did some door knocking for my MP, I noticed the Chinese in particular were talking about switching their vote to the Conservatives. They could smell change in the air.

I was worried about Rahim Jaffer, he was faced with the University of Alberta students voting in his area. The NDP actually thought they had a chance of winning his seat. He won, thanks to his strong organization, and the immigrant vote.

So, with the Conservatives apoligizing for the Chinese head tax, rescuing the whiny Lebanese, and supporting the democracy of Israel, the immigrant voter is looking towards the Conservative party.

One of the most important reasons that immigrants will find to vote for the Conservatives is their respect for the traditional family. It's not just the $100 a month for children under 6, it's for their stand against SSM, abortion and their desire to make criminals actually pay for their crimes that will win the immigrant vote.

Too many immigrants have come from countries that oppressed them, they see the Liberals for the crooks they are, and see the Conservatives as the best alternative.

Khan knows all this, he has been consulting his people, he smells the winds of change as well.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rona Future Prime Minister!

I will have to save this post so I can taunt all the naysayers, but Rona will be our Prime Minister, given time.

She has class, smarts and most importantly the Liberals and MSM hate her. That alone makes her a sure bet when Stephen Harper steps down, hopefully about 10 years from now. She did her job as environment Minister, she got people to realize Kyoto was about a wealth transfer from our kids to corrupt dictators. She did the heavy lifting, told the truth and paid the price.

Rona will be the next Conservative Prime Minister, maybe only after the Liberals win again and screw up as they always do, but she has what it takes.

Mark my words.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Judges making law.

Two Moms and one Dad are parents? Two camels, one kangaroo, and one kid? I feel so sorry for the little boy in all of this.

If I'm not mistaken, a judge just made a new law, I thought that was Parliaments job, not a judges job. The family is clearly under attack, and this judge needs to be slapped down for stepping out of bounds.

How did SSM get passed? Judges. How do killers get released from prison? Judges. How do teens get house arrest for killing someone? Judges.

The Supreme Court, is anything but supreme, they have made a mockery of justice. Swingers clubs are legal because the supreme court of Canada ruled that they were okay. Guess the judge who likes nude cruises voted for that one. She has no morals, and is trying very hard to make sure the rest of us don't either.

Sorry, but SEX does not rule my life, it's too bad that it rules our supreme court judges, it makes me sick. These judges should be above politics, they should be above SEX, they should have some class, sadly they don't.

I have an uncle who was a judge, he was tough, and I respected him for it. Respect is sadly lacking with our supreme court judges. A nudie will never get my respect. She should join Bob Rae and skinny dip into obscurity.