Thursday, January 31, 2008

Immunity! Immunity!

Okay, okay, I know Quasimodo, was yelling Sanctuary! Sanctuary!, but it's really the same thing isn't it?

Say anything you want "Inside The House" because you have immunity, even though cameras are blasting everything you say to millions of people. (I know millions aren't watching, but they could be.) The TV stations can then blast whatever was said across the nation during the news hour, you see, they are not restricted by Parliamentary immunity. This was probably okay in the pre-tv days, but it is outdated now, and is being used by MP's and the media to say anything they want knowing they can't be sued.

The Prime Minister in his response today ... put a black mark on the over half-a-million Greek Canadians that play even a small role in the development of this great country,” said Mr. Cannis, who called on Mr. Harper to stand in the House and “apologize publicly to each and every Greek Canadian.”

What the Globe and Mail somehow left out was this:

Hon. Peter Van Loan: Mr. Speaker, there has been a characterization put on the Prime Minister's comments that is not at all in accord with the Prime Minister's intention nor with what he said. In fact, I believe the Prime Minister was defending the people of Greek origin from what seemed to be unremitting attacks from the opposition.

Leo Housakos, whose character was repeatedly attacked by members of all the opposition parties, is a very proud member of the Greek community whose service to the Greek community is second to none. He was director of the Montreal Hellenic Board of Trade, director of the Hellenic Academic Foundation, former director of Zoom Media, Hellas, Greece, and former executive vice-president of the Hellenic Congress of Quebec. This is someone of whom we are very proud. I believe that is the point the Prime Minister was making.

We should not be attacking these people. We should be taking pride in their origins, as we are, and be proud they have an opportunity to play a role in the mainstream of this country. It is not a crime for them to speak to people in the government. They should be allowed to participate in the mainstream of our country.

You see, I was able to copy and paste what was actually said, straight from the government site, just like the Globe did, except, I gave the full account, not just a sound bite. This is what the media is constantly doing, taking little sound bites direct from the Parliamentary procedures, and making up their own stories.

Fine, that's freedom of the press, but I then say, that anything said in the House should be actionable. If an MP spouts off nonsense inside the House, knowing that the media is going to quote them, then they should be held to account for what they say, both inside and outside of the House.

Dimitri Soudas is now asking Dion to apologise (Thanks Stephen Taylor, another home run!) for what he said, outside the House.

Dion, you idiot, remember inside the House, no problem, outside the House, lawsuits. If all else fails, yell, "Immunity, Immunity"!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carolyn Bennett Loses It, And It's Caught On Tape!

I happened to catch some of CPAC after Question Period yesterday. During a Point of Order, frankly, Carolyn Bennett lost it. My jaw dropped watching her melt down.

I don't see this anywhere in the G&M, or Omar Alghabra's little outburst mentioning racist comments, just before her either. Jason Kenney handled them with ease, oh Jennings, right after Bennett, was a hoot, too. Now you tell me, which is worse the PM talking about Greeks and being called a racist, or these little episodes?

To get the real flavour of the melt down, you need to watch it here:

Go to view this clip, choose English or French, and then use the bar to scroll to 5:01:00, watch from 5:01:00 to 5:07:00, it's worth it believe me!

Here's the version, from Hansard:

Mr. Omar Alghabra (Mississauga—Erindale, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, we know the Conservative government has a pattern of smearing members of Parliament. We know this junior minister has a particular pattern in smearing and stereotyping communities.

In his response to a question that was directed to him in question period, he associated me with a statement. I do not know where he came to the conclusion that I had anything to do with this statement. This was a racist statement with which he associated me.
I am sure, Mr. Speaker, you do not accept such statements being said in the House without evidence or justification. I would ask you to ask the member to provide evidence why he is associating me with that statement in this House.

Hon. Jason Kenney (Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity), CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I am entirely certain that the blues will reflect that what I said was that the organization formerly headed by the member for Mississauga—Erindale viciously opposed this government's decision to withdraw from Durban. I went on to cite part of the press release issued by that organization. It is called the Canadian Arab Federation and the operable statement says:

We would also like to remind [the secretary of state] that he is a Minister of the Canadian government, not the racist Israeli government--

I understand that the member opposite was a president of this organization. If I am mistaken, I would be happy to withdraw my statement, but I believe it is a matter of fact and I will not retract facts.

The Speaker:
The hon. member for St. Paul's is rising on the same point or another one?

Hon. Carolyn Bennett (St. Paul's, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, it is a different one, but it is the same parliamentary secretary I am afraid.

He has again misled the House in terms of my position on the government going or not going to the prep meetings for the Durban conference.

It is quite clear that I appeared on television conflicted and repeating the good work that the minister had done in Durban in 2005 in terms of moderating the panel. I then clarified it in my blog that afternoon in terms of admitting that it was a very difficult decision, but I agreed with our leader and the foreign affairs critic. I would expect the parliamentary secretary to withdraw his comments.

Hon. Jason Kenney (Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity), CPC):
Mr. Speaker, it sounds like it was the member for St. Paul's who had to withdraw her comments after she made them. I know the member for Wascana gets a little concerned whenever I cite anything from my BlackBerry, so I am--

Hon. Ralph Goodale:
Table it.

Hon. Jason Kenney:
There we are, Mr. Speaker.

I am trying to produce a hard copy just to satisfy the distinguished opposition House leader, but I do have here a transcript of the member for St. Paul's appearing on the Michael Coren show last week in which she said, “And if we are not there, how do we stand up?”

I reasonably inferred from that, that she thinks we should be there and that is presumably why she had to clarify the matter on her blog.

You really have to watch it to get the full flavour, I wish I was computer literate enough to make a Youtube video of her blonde moment.

So, three different Liberals, three different points of order yesterday, nothing in the papers about that today, but PM Harper says something innocent about Greeks, and it's news?

I sense a trend here, racism. That's the label they are going for, yesterday it was Alghabra, today it was some Liberal accusing the PM of it, who is the target tomorrow? I guess "hidden agenda" isn't working so they are going for "racist", with the help of the media.

Dion needs to get control of his hard left MP's, they seem to be running the party right now, maybe promising to deliver him the ethnic vote. Isn't that how he won the Liberal leadership?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bras and Cold!

Okay, it's not what you are thinking! It's too cold to be serious tonight, so here's my take on a new medical discovery.

Breast size may indicate diabetes risk

The study, published in today's edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, suggests that women with a bra cup size of D or larger are almost five times more likely to develop diabetes than women with an A cup. Even after adjusting for a number of other factors that influence the risk of diabetes, such as obesity, diet, smoking and family history, the D cup women were still 68 per cent more likely to develop diabetes than women with an A cup. (Women with B and C cup sizes - the most common - saw their risk increase concomitant to cup size.)

Is this a new attempt to get women to ban the bra, again? If you don't wear one, will you then avoid diabetes, because you have no cup size? Are we going to have women stuffing themselves into A cups now? How are the women who burned their bras back in the 60's doing now? Yikes, that's a very unpleasant mental image. Will this silliness ever stop? Next it will be global warming causing cancer.

Speaking of global warming, it was -36 today in Edmonton, we had the worse ice fog I have ever seen in here. Crossing the Groat Road bridge was scary this morning. You couldn't see one bus length in front of you. Sort of like this video, but worse in the river valley and I was driving around 8:00 in the morning, the ice fog had already lifted quite a bit by 9:45 like in this video. It was still nasty. Ignore the language, but I was thinking the same thing too.

Bras and cold? Well, I was happy to have all the layers I could today. Cheer up it's going to be a balmy -19C by Saturday. HA.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Crossing Mexico Off My Travel List!

Considering how many people vacation in Mexico from Canada, is the falling off the balcony getting a little suspicious?

Man. teen dies from apparent balcony fall in Mexico

A Selkirk, Man. teenager has died after apparently falling off a 10th floor balcony at a resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over the weekend.......

Josh's death is only the latest in what is becoming a long list of Canadians to die suspicious deaths while on vacation in Mexico. In November 2007, 30-year-old Chris Morin of Okotoks, Alta., died in Cancun after falling from a fourth-floor balcony....

Albertan Jeff Toews, 34, also died from grievous head injuries while visiting Cancun last May, another apparent victim of a balcony fall. Family members believed he was the victim of a vicious beating.

Adam DePrisco, of Woodbridge, Ont., was killed in January 2007 while on vacation in Acapulco......

Canadians Domenic and Nancy were staying at the luxury Barcelo Maya beach resort near Cancun when they were found with their throats slashed on Feb. 20, 2006. Their killer has still not been found.

Anyone seeing a pattern here? Go out, have a few drinks, and then mysteriously take a header off your balcony.

Crossing Mexico off that need to go visit place. I'll be safer here in Edmonton with -55 wind chilling weather.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Liberals Playing "Tonsil Hockey" With Schreiber

This is interesting, watch Reid squirm when Mike Duffy tells him Thibault was seen having dinner with none other than Schreiber, pouring over papers. How impartial is Thibault if he has been in seemingly constant contact with Schreiber? How can he remain on the ethics committee, especially with Mulroney suing him?

Powers calls it playing "tonsil hockey", good one Powers! If the Conservatives have been warned by the PM to have nothing to do with Mulroney during this witch hunt, why hasn't Dion told his Liberals to stay away from Schreiber? Is it arrogance, or are they just playing to their dwindling base? Liberals hitching their wagon to an alleged criminal, is anyone surprised?

To rid yourselves of that slimy feeling, go here, to watch PM Harper's speech to some fellow Conservatives. Best lines, "Liberals never saw a tax they didn't like, never saw a tax they wouldn't hike." I was at the rally in Edmonton, and it's much more fun to actually be there, but this will have to do. Somebody help, what is the name of the song they are using, and who is the artist?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Dare You!

How dare you, intrude on my life to such an extent that I can’t breathe anymore.
How dare you, try to make me think that freedom of speech should be restricted, because some religion tells you, their feelings were “hurt”.
How dare you, tell me that abortion is a “women’s choice”.
How dare you, call me a “denier” because I do not believe in “global warming”, yet you do.
How dare you, tell me that criminals should have more rights than the victims.
How dare you, restrict my personal freedoms with your endless laws against everything, from trans fats to smoking, but I must be silent about the lack of any abortion law.
How dare you, presume to know what is best for me.
How dare you, suppose that I will agree with your domination of me, and my family.
How dare you, lecture me, while you do exactly what you have just told me not to do.
How dare you, arrogantly assume that you know better than me, how I should live my life.
How dare you, expect me to gladly support all those who do not want to support themselves.
How dare you, expect me to shed my morals, because you have none.
How dare you, consider yourself superior, because you are “progressive”.
How dare you, intrude on my family, by telling me how to raise my kids.
How dare you, come to my country, and then, try to change it into the country you just left.
How dare you, disrespect my rights as an individual to make decisions.
How dare you, mouth your “support for the troops”, and then use them as political pawns.
How dare you, step by hidden step, change my country, and expect me to bow down, and say nothing.
How dare you, threaten the very heart of this country, our families, and think we are not noticing.
How dare you, believe that you have power over me, you don’t.
How dare you.
Now, if this post has upset you, get OUT of my life, because it’s YOU I’m talking about!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Feminists: Delayed Response

I wanted to post this early so all the feminists returning from parties to their quiet and empty apartments, can get all fired up in protest. HA! Have at 'er babes.

A Response to Feminists on the Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

This week, seven hundred feminists signed an Open Letter complaining that “columnists and opinion writers from The Weekly Standard to the Washington Post to Slate have recently accused American feminists of focusing obsessively on minor or even nonexistent injustices in the United States while ignoring atrocities against women in other countries, especially the Muslim world.”

We recognize this Open Letter as a delayed response to the Freedom Center’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, which protested the silence of feminists over the “Oppression of Women in Islam” on campuses all over the country last fall, organized sit-ins at a dozen Women’s Studies Departments to protest the absence of courses and department-sponsored events confronting the issue, and made this a matter of national discussion and debate. This is why the signers of the Open Letter complain that “‘Women’s rights are human rights’ was not a slogan dreamed up by David Horowitz or Christina Hoff Sommers,” two of our speakers for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. (We never claimed it was.)

Too little too late babes, you can organize a protest at the drop of the hat, so why no protests over the treatment of Islamic women? You write an "open" letter, after the fact? Wow that's a cop out. Let me guess, they have no money for your cause, so you ignore them.

What was true last October is still true today. As recently as December 10, a Muslim teenager was strangled by her father for refusing to wear a hijab without a protest from the American feminist movement. And that is only one of many crimes committed in the name of Islam against Muslim women over which the feminist movement continues to be silent.

On New Year’s Day, Amina Said, 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, were shot dead in Irving, Texas. Police are searching for their father, Yaser Abdel Said, on a warrant for capital murder. The girls’ great aunt, Gail Gartrell, told reporters, “This was an honor killing.” Apparently Yaser Said murdered his daughters because they had non-Muslim boyfriends.

The signers of the Open Letter say that they are against honor killing. Here is an honor killing in the United States. Where are these feminists on this issue? Why are they not supporting the hunt for Amina’s and Sarah’s killers and organizing a campaign in the Muslim community to stop such practices?

Silence. Daycare, we have little pre-kindergarten kids parading on Parliament Hill (isn't that considered torture, for the little ones at least?) mouthing words about daycare they have been told to say by activists, not even understanding that they are going to see Mommy less if the feminists get their way.

On an issue as important as violence against Islamic women, not a peep. Quiet. Crickets.

Delayed response, a letter. No marching in the streets, no protests, no visible support, no Islamic women's courses on campus, nada, zip, zero support.

Feminists only support causes that pay money for protests, no money, no protest.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bush Pulls A Klein!

Interesting, Alberta issues $400 cheques to every Albertan, now Bush and the Democrats appears to think this was a good idea. Alberta leads the way again!

You could get your tax rebate by May
Rebates for families, business tax cuts to boost the economy

WASHINGTON - With unprecedented speed and cooperation, Congress and the White House forged a deal Thursday to begin rushing tax rebates of $600 to $1,200 to most tax filers by spring, hoping they will spend the money just as quickly and jolt the ailing economy to life.

Rebates would be even higher for families with children.

Big difference. Alberta has no debt, is in a surplus position, and issuing the cheques caused inflation (We are at 4.7%, ROC 2.5%, recent Bank of Canada reduction will hurt Alberta). I asked about 100 people what they did with their $400 cheques, 95 out of the 100 spent them.

The US has massive debt, is now in a deficit position, and seeing as they are heading for a recession, if 95% of Americans spend their cheques like Albertans did, they just might stave off that recession, or at least make it shorter and less painful.

When King Ralph issued the cheques, our economy was booming, it added to the problem, but hey, thanks Ralph, I love my new big screen TV!

Hope it works for the US.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Your Face Or What!

I read the National Post at work, (hey, it's free, why wouldn't I?), and today I can honestly say that they outdid themselves. Article, after article was dead on right. My favorites were in the editorials and letters.

Unless you had a printed version of the National Post, I don't think (but correct me if I'm wrong) you could see the real Letters page, it was a true work of art. Right smack in the middle of the page, a big picture of Pablo Rodriguez and CBC journalist Krista Erickson, with the quote, "This may hurt her chances of being governor-general", and 4 online comments from the ""

In your face or what!

Nice to see they are keeping the pressure on the Liberals. They are also giving exposure to people who are commenting online, so go make your opinions heard, you might get published next week!

One of the editorials, Fire the censors.

Terry O'neill, National Post
Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The free-speech controversies currently swirling around Maclean's magazine and Alberta journalist Ezra Levant ultimately can be attributed to one thing: the legislation that allows Canada's human rights commissions to act as censors. Amend the various human rights acts blanketing the country and the problem vanishes.

..........In 1998, the NDP considered broadening the act even further at the urging of the pro-choice lobby, which tried to persuade then-attorney-general Ujjal Dosanjh to criminalize criticism of abortionists.

Although the episode was virtually ignored by the mainstream media of the day, I remember it quite well because of the growing threat it posed to free speech. I especially recall that, in writing about the pro-choicers' demands, I interviewed an erudite and eloquent public-policy expert who spoke passionately about this threat.

"Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society," the man said. "It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this very scary stuff."

That person was the president of the National Citizens Coalition, a politically astute fellow by the name of Stephen Harper, a man who, of course, has now gone on to much bigger and better things.

I don't think it would be too much to ask of Mr. Harper now that he put his words into action, and move to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to eliminate the commission's censorious powers. Perhaps such a move would inspire Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell to act similarly.

All three leaders should realize that their governments' human rights laws are badly flawed, and that the longer they remain unamended, they are, in effect, acting as a barrier separating all citizens from their fundamental right to free speech.

In this light then, we should all exclaim: "Mr. Harper, Mr. Stelmach and Mr. Campbell: Tear down this wall!"

An excellent article, I particularly liked the quote from PM Harper. So, how will the PM react? The very least Conservatives expect, is a new bill to address these badly flawed laws. The thing we really want, is to abolish the HRC's.

Another, in your face, article!

I also enjoyed the article on "20 years of silence".

Since the 1988 Supreme Court of Canada decision vindicating Morgentaler and decriminalizing all manner of abortion, a political chill descends whenever the subject is broached. In the last federal election, Paul Martin exploited the fear of an abortion ban to demonize Stephen Harper, who pointedly distanced himself from any challenge to the existing non-law. And when Conservative MP Rob Merrifield suggested pregnant girls might benefit from pre-abortion counselling, feminists tore a strip off him, urging women not to vote Conservative on that basis alone. Other politicians took the hint and kept shtumm.

Let global warming for babies rights, take away the chill on this very important human rights issue...the rights of the baby! And yes, you fembots, it's a BABY! What else do you expect to be born, an elephant?

So, we had Afghanistan, human rights, Pablogate, and abortion all in one issue. It took me way longer to read the National today, because of all the excellent articles. Kudos, and good work.

Keep up the, in your face, articles on issues that people need to know about.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On the same Globe page, we have two stories, both about freedom of speech. Both about Muslims, one group trying to take away our freedom of speech in Canada:

Attacking human rights commissions attacks us all

On December 4, the four of us announced at a press conference that we had launched several human rights complaints against Maclean's magazine with respect to its October, 2006 article, The Future Belongs to Islam, written by Mark Steyn.

At the time, we expected to hear some criticism of our complaints, which were filed as a result of Maclean's refusal to negotiate space for a response to the aforementioned publication. What we did not expect, however, was the almost paranoid assault launched on the respective human rights commissions for accepting our complaints and, in one case so far, for moving ahead to schedule hearings into the matter we have brought to their attention. The latest to attack the commissions is Ezra Levant, whose commentary appeared in this space yesterday.

Another fighting for freedom of speech in Afghanistan:

Afghan journalist sentenced to death

KABUL — An Afghan court on Tuesday sentenced a 23-year-old journalism student to death for distributing a paper he printed off the Internet that three judges said violated the tenets of Islam, an official said.......

Mr. Samandar called for Mr. Karzai to intervene.

“We completely condemn this trial,” Mr. Samandar said. “It goes against the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.”

Clerics in Balkh and Kunduz province arranged a demonstration in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif last week against Mr. Kambaksh, calling on the government not to release him.

Mr. Kambaksh also works as a journalist at the Jahan-i-Naw newspaper in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Does anyone else think it's ironic that in Canada, some Muslims are using our HRC's to bring us closer to Sharia laws, and reduce our freedom of speech, while in Afghanistan, a journalist has been given the death penalty for trying to increase freedom of speech in that country?

I wonder if those same Muslims will jump to defend him.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Think There’s Hope, It’s Going To Happen!

Stock’s Plunge….hope you all ignored it. Remember, the companies behind the stocks are still there.

Manley Report expected tomorrow, Liberals busy revising their position, scratch invading Pakistan. Scratch election anytime soon. Dion, even my non-political hubby thinks your an idiot. Speaking of free speech:

Ezra gets article posted on the Globe and Mail, read the comments, looks like the Conservatives can clip the HRC’s wings and feel little heat.

CBC transfers guilty reporter to Toronto, where I’m sure she will feel more comfortable. Crack out the champagne. Or champagne and crack for all, not sure which. Globe buries article under ARTS section, nothing to do with politics I guess. Pablo baby, be a man, fess up!

Now on the inspirational side, go to Paul Franklin’s video. He’s the one who said “I think there’s hope, it’s going to happen”, listen to a real soldier, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, listen to his message of hope.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not Keen On Weston.

Sneaky, that's what I call this opinion piece by Weston.

This week's late-night mugging of nuclear regulator Linda Keen by a thuggish PM and his bully-boys is only the latest salvo in a growing gang war between the Conservatives and the federal bureaucracy.

If they are not careful, Stephen Harper and his government run a high risk of going down in a hail of brown envelopes

(Bolding mine.) Mugging, thuggish, bully-boys, gang war, all in only 1 sentence. Sounds like a grade three student who was attacked on the way to school describing what happened to him. Is Weston taking the firing of Keen personally, or is he just spouting arrogant Liberal talking points?

After two decades out of power, Mulroney's party arrived in the capital with guns already drawn, ready to mow down any bureaucrat who got in their way, wishfully believing public servants existed to serve the every whim of their new political masters.

As a result, reporters could barely keep up with the deluge of embarrassing leaks flowing from every level of the bureaucracy, some of which were vicious enough to fell senior ministers.

So, basically what Weston is saying, is that Liberal bureaucrats were so ingrained in the civil service that a Conservative government had no chance, because vicious bureaucrats were out to get them. Kind of like now???

For her part, Keen has accused Lunn of political interference in a quasi-judicial tribunal, a move she says will cast a chill on all federal regulators and others supposedly shielded from manipulation.

Oh, so Keen thought she was protected, and now threatens the elected government with casting a chill on all federal regulators? Weston shows his bias with this statement:

Truth is, that chill has been in the air around government from the moment Harper became prime minister.

Tisk, tisk, Weston, your true colours are showing, and you are only supporting the Conservatives case that they are being sabotaged by some bureaucrats.

Harper's reign of fear has not been limited to officers of Parliament.

Okay, Weston, you go way over the top with that comment, maybe PM Harper should take you to the HRC for hurting his feelings and spewing bile.

The environment department, for instance, is littered with bodies who correctly thought the Conservative clean air legislation was a complete crock.

Right, Sheila Fraser (not Harper)fires the environmental auditor, citing privacy concerns, maybe you should ask her why? No lawsuit pending on that firing, so what was the environmental auditor up to? What could she have been doing that was so bad that Sheila Fraser was forced to fire her. Hummm? Maybe as a reporter, you should try to find out. But no, it's easier to just write totally biased, opinion pieces without backing up anything you say with facts, typical lefty ploy. Use emotions, not facts.

Quasi-judicial panels and other independent officers need to be free from political interference, but as Radwanski proved, not devoid of government oversight.

Why is a quasi-judicial panel, like the HRC free from political interference? We as taxpayers still pay for them, so they should be responsible and report to us. As we have seen lately that's not working out so well with the little dictators, and spies at the HRC.

Weston is obviously not Keen on Conservatives, and supports the Liberal bureaucracy without question. Well it's my right as a Canadian citizen to question Weston's motives and anyone who takes my taxpayer dollars. The bureaucrats are not gods, and they first and foremost must answer to the people of Canada, remember, they make a living off of our money.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

O Dhimmi Canada!

I will let the video speak for itself.

What Is The Intent Of This Poll?

From our friends at the Globe and Mail, we get this little gem:

Purely in terms of efficiency, which system works best -- democracy or dictatorship?

Democracy 42%

1772 votes

Dictatorship 40%

1680 votes

About the same 17%

727 votes

The minute I saw this poll, I thought want a stupid question, who would think a dictatorship is more efficient than democracy? Well, by the close results, I guess lots of people do.

So, 40% of people would prefer a dictatorship? Or do the sheep just want to be told what to do, and when to do it, makes it easier not to have to make decisions. Or do people think a dictatorship makes all people more equal? Is that not why we hear the NDP bleating about CEO's getting paid more than average union workers? Yet they themselves get paid more than the average union workers, and I don't see any of them willing to get the same salary as those workers.

Efficiency is a relative term, it means different things to different people. So I ask you, what is the intent of this poll?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dion Wants To Neuter Them!

Dion stepped in the pooh, big time the other day, wanting to invade Pakistan. Interesting article at the Toronto Sun.

From his visit last weekend to Afghanistan, it seems clear that if Stephane Dion ever becomes prime minister of Canada, the Armed Forces will be reduced to their previous depleted strength and their role limited as it was in the Trudeau years.

Jean Chretien, too, robbed the military -- preferring a $500 million penalty rather than honouring a contract to re-equip our soldiers and sailors with EH101 helicopters.

Unlike Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff, who accompanied him to Kabul and Kandahar for a quick look-see, Dion has little appreciation, empathy or understanding of soldiers or things military. Come to think of it, he probably viscerally and intellectually dislikes soldiers.

I bet he dislikes soldiers too, they have guns you know!

In his press conference on leaving Afghanistan, Dion seemed to think our role should consist of turning soldiers into social workers -- no more seek and destroy stuff our troops have been doing so effectively.

Instead he wants our troops building schools, enhancing women's rights, digging wells for fresh water, training and assisting local communities. Silly ass. What escapes Dion's limited comprehension is that our troops have been doing all this social work stuff from day one, as well as kicking butt of the Taliban.

Well, as a sociologist, Dion is "artsy" as opposed to "realistic". By the way, what do sociologists actually DO? Really that's a serious question. I know I had to take some sociology courses to get my degree, but they were my fluff courses, I never actually attended the classes, I just wrote the exams, passed, and moved on. So who hires sociologists? Funny that Dion, who wants our soldiers to become social workers, has now come out wanting to invade Pakistan, slip of the tongue or lack of real brain power?

To the dismay of some, the Canadian public likes and trusts its military. Gen. Rick Hillier, personifying the Armed Forces, is more popular and trusted than any politician. Perhaps this is more a condemnation of politicians than an endorsement of him, but it's a fact, and a reason why the mutterings of either Dion or Layton don't deserve much attention.

One hopes Harper holds steady on Afghanistan, and listens to realists and humanitarians -- our soldiers.

"Listen to realists and humanitarians", this seems to be a contradiction if you listen to Liberals, but it is our soldiers who understand what it is to truly help people in need, not the sociologists of this world.

One of my favorite sites is If you want a grounded, balanced, common sense forum, this is it! Expect to back up what you post with FACTS, opinions alone are not often tolerated. These are the people protecting Canadians and doing an excellent job.

They have guns, and they know how to use them, to protect people who can't protect themselves.

Dion wants to neuter them. He wants to make them eunuch's, this should never be allowed, like it was in Rowanda and Bosnia, and all other UN "peacekeeping" missions the mushy lefties praise so much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Day At City Hall!

Okay, it was only a few hours, but it felt like the whole day. Why was I at city hall? I will try not to bore you too much.

A neighbour sold their house, new people moved into our quiet residential neighbourhood, that has two elementary schools at the end of our street, they promptly got a city permit to run a "major" concrete and landscaping business, out of their house. They had barely moved in when they started to park, a big honking truck, with a big honking trailer, with a big honking bobcat on it, in front of their house. This in the winter, when landscaping is hard to do. Imagine what equipment they will parking (legally) out front in the summer.

We protested the permit, we lost.

Why? They hadn't parked the bobcat on their actual property, they had it on city property, so that was okay. How would the committee like an eyesore parked outside their houses?

One good thing, we now have the defendent on record saying they won't park their big honking trailer and bobcat in front of their house anymore. If they do...well, we will park our vehicles right in front, and in back, of the big honking truck, trailer, and bobcat, so that they can't get it out to take it work. It's perfectly legal for us to do so, too bad we will all be at work. I know, I know, it's petty, but how would you like a 30 foot rig parked outside your window for scenery?

Sorry, had to spew!

The city is also contemplating allowing basement suites in our area, but won't even think of allowing it in new subdivisions. So older (40 years HA) parts of the city are fair game for new "major" businesses and rental/basement suites, but don't you even think about disturbing new sub-divisions, even though they have to bus their kids into our area for school.

Did I mention that our city councillors are ALL lefties?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ms. Keen, Not So Keen.

Okay, big day on Parliament Hill, a firing, a committee tries to brings a Minister to task, and a fight out in the lobby between Lunn and Keen. Okay, I made that last one up, but it would have been interesting.

My question? Why is Keen all of a sudden a victim? Read the Globe and Mail/CTV comments on this article, and we are now going to have a nuclear accident because a back-up of a back-up wasn't installed. It's also, ALL THE FAULT OF THE CONSERVATIVES!! Yup, they should have known something was wrong. Ms. Keen was just doing her job, she is superwoman, very competent, blah, blah. Okay, so what did she DO about this little gem?

A letter, written in 2001, to her.

Dear Ms. Keen:

The undersigned groups call on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to suspend the Parallex mixed oxide (MOX) plutonium fuel qualification tests scheduled to begin this month at the Atomic Energy of Canadas (AECL) Chalk River Nuclear Laboratorys National Research Universal reactor (NRU). We call for this suspension because serious concerns have recently surfaced about potential problems with quality assurance of the plutonium fuel pellets to be tested in the NRU

The CNSC must take action immediately because the test-burn of MOX fuel pellets containing both U.S. and Russian weapons-grade plutonium is scheduled to begin soon.

cc: The Honourable Jean Chrtien, Prime Minister of Canada
cc: Ralph Goodale, Minister of Natural Resources
cc: Stockwell Day, Leader of Canadian Alliance Party
cc: Gilles Duceppe, Chef du parti Bloc Qubecois
cc: Alexa McDonough, Leader of New Democratic Party
cc: Joe Clark,Leader of Progressive Conservative Party
cc: Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham
cc: Laura Holgate, DOE Office of Fissile Materials Disposition

The problem for me is that most of that letter is like a foreign language, but I do understand perfectly the sense of urgency in the letter. The date is the important point, January 23, 2001, the leader of the opposition was Stockwell Day, the PM was Chretien, and looky, looky who was the Minister of Natural Resources, none other than Ralph Goodale. Things that make me go HUMMMM!

I don't know how that issue was resolved, but it is clear that problems have existed for years. I would like the committee to ask Ms. Keen if she has had any recent conversations with Goodale or any other Liberals, kind of like the Liberals were asking Mulroney about any recent conversations with Conservatives, even though Mulroney is not a sitting MP. Fair is fair.

Should she have been demoted? I'm not sure given the information we have, but I suspect the government has something on her that is pretty damaging, just like Sheila Fraser had something on the old environment auditor (She has not filed a wrongful dismissal suit). We will see what happens with Ms. Keen. How Keen will she be to sue? Seems not very, as she refused to appear at the committee hearing today.

What I'm absolutely appalled at is the opposition or their supporters, who voted to start the reactor back up, now using FEAR about a nuclear accident to scare up votes. Again, the kids need a time out, let the adults make the decisions.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What is it with these monster's? Lefties blame it on bad family situations, but lefties either kill (abort) their potential kids, or make excuses for the ones that they have allowed to survive, but don't have the time to look after.

Nine Canadians arrested in global child porn ring, police say

International authorities said the investigation, which includes thousands under surveillance from 30 countries, includes suspects who are in positions of influence with children, including teachers.

One of those arrested was Norman Blain, a long-time social worker with the Peel District School Board, director of communications Brian Woodland confirmed on Tuesday.

Police stressed all were customers of the pornographic material, not producers. The maximum penalty for possession of child pornography is 18 months imprisonment.

Woodland said that Blain, who is in his 40s, is no longer coming to work but will remain paid until the outcome of the police investigation.

Woodland said Blain counseled both elementary and high school students from four schools out of a Brampton, Ont. office. Those schools are Ridgeview Public School, Centennial Senior Public School, Brampton Centennial Secondary School and Mayfield Secondary School.

Sickos in our schools. Social workers and teachers, and a scout leader, nice. Because they were just customers, using the service to watch young kids being raped, not actual "producers" of the material, expect them to get house arrest, at the most, or let off at the least.

McColl said all the abused children shown in the videos were girls under the age of 16. Most were under the age of nine and some were even infants. The children are believed to have been from Ukraine. One showed a father abusing his own children, two sisters aged 9 and 11.

Nice, a sicko father.

I pity the police officers who must look at this stuff, day after day. Thanks to them, there are 9 less sickos on the loose in Canada.

As a Mom, I feel these sickos are getting off too easy, one guy in Quebec raped his baby daughter and the judge let him off with 2 years because of his "problems". I will not let my boys walk home from school unless they are together, I watch for the school bus to pick up my oldest, they do not go to the mall to hang out, and most important, they still hug their Mom before bed. HA.

Unfortunately, you can't wrap them in cotton and hope to protect them, I just wish that our judges would lock known predators away, instead of letting them off with a slap on the wrist. Victims have no rights according to our judges, only criminals do.

Why should we, as parents, have to be so scared for our children these days? This is not Afghanistan where bullets are flying....oh wait, didn't an innocent bystander just get killed by a "stray" bullet in Toronto? Didn't more people get killed in Toronto in one year, than all of our troops in Afghanistan so far? At least our troops in Afghanistan have guns so they can shoot back at the bad guys, here in Canada, not so much.

I'm thinking of starting a group called "Mom's With Guns", bet that will make some lefty heads gun needed for that, just the thought will rile them up. By the way, if you don't like guns, did you know that you can get bear spray, it's perfectly legal, and just as effective as pepper spray (which is illegal)? Comes in a nice little spray version with a pouch, or small enough to fit in a purse. Perfect to hold in your hand on that long walk to the dimly lite car park. Every female should have one! You never know who's a real sicko, like your kids teacher.

Sickos, need I mention Hans Island AGAIN?

Let Freedom Ring, Or Not!

So far, in Canada, the National Post has published articles in support of Ezra, no other national paper seems to be interested in letting freedom ring. Some good articles are appearing in the US and Australia, proving that this is an issue that affects more than just Canadians. It is up to Canadians, in anyway they can, to keep this issue alive.

Mark Steyn Is Not Alone

Award-winning author Mark Steyn has been summoned to appear before two Canadian Human Rights Commissions on vague allegations of "subject[ing] Canadian Muslims to hatred and contempt" and being "flagrantly Islamophobic" after Maclean's magazine published an excerpt from his book, America Alone.

The public inquisition of Steyn has triggered outrage among Canadians and Americans who value free speech, but it should not come as a surprise. Steyn's predicament is just the latest salvo in a campaign of legal actions designed to punish and silence the voices of anyone who speaks out against Islamism, Islamic terrorism, or its sources of financing.

Too many rights make a wrong

CANADA: It was one of those rare, particularly sunny days in Vancouver in September when, addressing an audience at the University of British Columbia, I suggested that multiculturalism and its partner in crime, moral relativism, were leading to the demise of Western values.

"But you must understand," implored a well-intentioned woman in the audience, "multiculturalism is Canada's gift to the world."

If Australia is set to follow Canada, then thanks, but no thanks. Call me ungrateful, but we should have returned the gift to Canada long ago. I say that as someone who has long adored Canada. Its politics may be as dripping wet as Vancouver, but the people are warm and funny, and there is something sweet about the US's insecure, slightly wimpy northern neighbour. Yet there comes a point when weakness morphs into a reckless death wish.

That point is about now. I'm back in Canada and the distinct chill is not just in the air. Last Friday, conservative commentator Ezra Levant was hauled before Alberta's Human Rights and Citizenship Commission for publishing the infamous Danish Mohammed cartoons two years ago in the Western Standard.

Syed Soharwardy, the head of Canada's Islamic Supreme Council, complained that Levant had incited hate against Muslims.

Interesting that people outside of Canada, are more concerned than Canadians seem to be about our freedom of speech. I think by tackling Steyn, the HRC's have bitten off more than they can chew. It's kind of like digging in the garden, and finding slugs, not a pleasant experience. Do you cover them back up, or expose them to the light?

When will we rally to "Let Freedom Ring" across our country?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Is Waldo? Afghanistan!

Well glad to see Dion and Iggy made it to Afghanistan, too bad they came with their talking points already pre-set, like Coderre did earlier. Where's the photo ops with the troops? Haven't seen any, maybe the troops are too busy defending Afghanistans to stand around and shake some politicians hand.

Laurie Hawn rips the Liberals on their policy, in the National Post comments section.

Mr. Dion finally found his way to Afghanistan. He and his once-hawkish sidekick, Michael Ignatieff, began their recent trip by visiting President Hamid Karzai and declaring that if they have their way Canada will not, after February, 2009, engage in combat with the Taliban or any enemy. Here's a newsflash, Mr. Dion, the Taliban are not seeking peace but victory over the Afghan people.

Afghanistan is being rebuilt from scratch, according to guidelines in the Afghanistan Compact, signed by 60 countries. Opposition parties say they want progress, but brush aside any evidence of progress as coming through rose-coloured glasses. Conversely, any bad news is automatically deemed to be gospel and generalized to apply to the whole mission. This is incredibly dishonest and hypocritical.

I don't expect any better from the NDP, which is ideologically opposed to reality. But at least they're consistent. I do expect better from Liberals, who have historically shared our commitment to doing the right thing, even if it is tough and involves sacrifice. Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent did decent jobs during the Second World War and Korea, respectively.

Afghans are increasingly taking the lead--in combat, in reconstruction, in governance and in law and order. That has always been the aim of the mission and is precisely what is happening. A realistic person knows that there will be stumbles along the way; and that is precisely why we must stay.

It is in Canada's national interest to not let Afghanistan become a breeding ground for terrorism again. Afghans also deserve a chance at the values we enjoy - freedom, human rights, rule of law, opportunity. And, if we abandon Afghanistan to a Taliban fate, who should ever trust us again? Mr. Dion may be willing to accept that. I am not.
Laurie Hawn, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, Ottawa.

Good one Laurie! Who do we listen to, Dion? His position changes daily, first he's for the combat mission, then he's against, now he's for it, sort of.

Where will Waldo pop up next? Maybe in Alberta, to lecture us on "easy money" again.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We The People!

It appears that "We The People" are starting to speak out, about the freedoms we enjoy, and want respected. A ground swell of support for Ezra Levant, is starting to shake up the blogsphere. What took us so long? I'm just as guilty as everyone else, if it doesn't appear to impact me, I shrug and go my own way. Hopefully I won't do that anymore, but being human, I suspect I will.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur, has an excellent list of people who have blogged about Ezra and the HRC. Quite the list.

It has also gone outside of Canada's borders to LGF in the US and beyond.

Some comments from all sorts of sites, because all us blogger's love to read comments:

1.Between Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, these fascist, left-wing, Big Brother-wannabees at the Canadian Human Rights Commission may wish to go after smaller thought criminals in the future. Bullies don't like it when the intended victim is brave and strong enough to fight back.

2.In islamic countries, the islamists threaten violence and carry out violence as an example for others to stay within islamist bounds.
In the West, however, threatening violence can in and of itself be considered a crime. What's an islamist to do? Why- they can turn to lawsuits, and sue their critics into silence. To them, Mr. Levant is the example to serve for others- do as he did and we'll sue you or otherwise legally harass you into silence, too.
Even if Mr. Levant wins, the islamists may already have victory if others have been or will be intimidated into keeping criticisms of islam to themselves.

3. The CBC called Levant a "right winger" -- he should file a grievance.

4. Wow! Mr. Levant does Canada proud. He mopped the floor with the inquisitor - she was a quivering puddle of goo when he was done with her.
I felt like I was watching an incredibly well-written drama, but to think that this outrage is real is really scary.
What will it take to wake up the Canadian government? And folks, when you find out, would you mind sending some south?

5. Having listened/seen the videos, my thought is that the AHRC is using the Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland approach to law:

6. They won't be letting any more video cameras in the Kangaroo courtroom, you can be sure of that after today.
The parasites like to do their dirty work in secret.

And, I will end with my favorite:

7. To paraphrase Mallard Fillmore:
A liberal is one who thinks everyone is entitled to their own opinion and is surprised when someone actually has one.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Steyn on Ezra!

Interesting read.

"The last house of worship torched in Edmonton was my synagogue"

Then come two sections - one in which "human rights agent" Shirlene McGovern quizzes him on his intent in publishing the cartoons, and another in which she raises the fear that his publishing them could lead to violence against Muslims “particularly in today’s world post-9/ 11 that has made a number of Muslims more vulnerable to hatred and contempt”.Ezra's answer speaks for itself, but Ms McGovern's question reminds me of a passage from Melanie Phillips' book Londonistan:

Minority-rights doctrine has produced a moral inversion, in which those doing wrong are excused if they belong to a 'victim' group, while those at the receiving end of their behaviour are blamed simply because they belong to the 'oppressive' majority.

Ms McGovern, a blandly unexceptional bureaucrat, is a classic example of the syndrome.

McGovern was clearly out of her depth.

No "vulnerable" Canadian Muslim has been attacked over the cartoons, but the cartoonists had to go into hiding, and a gang of Muslim youths turned up at their children's grade schools, and Muslim rioters around the world threatened death to anyone who published them, and even managed to kill a few folks who had nothing to do with them. Nonetheless, upon receiving a complaint from a Saudi imam trained at an explicitly infidelophobic academy and who's publicly called for the introduction of sharia in Canada, Shirlene McGovern decides that the purely hypothetical backlash to Muslims takes precedence over any actual backlash against anybody else.

So, who is guilty of hate crimes?

Human Rights Or Saudi Values?

I have watched Ezra Levant's video of his opening statements. Excellent opening Ezra!

More important, watch Shirlene McGovern's body language, it tells an interesting story.

As Ezra begins, she is sitting forward, writing notes, making eye contact, and appearing to be attentive. Watch her eyebrows, you can tell when Ezra says something she disagrees with, her eyebrows go up. She even rolls her eyes when he quotes: "the commission is out of control".

But, the most telling body language comes at around 5:07 of the tape. It is an instant and immediate reaction to these words of Ezra's, "Saudi values". She reaches down, then sits back in her chair, for the first time in the interview, she also crosses her arms. She remains way back in her chair, with her arms crossed, and she looks down, she stops making eye contact, for the rest of the tape.

What that tells me, is that her mind is closed to any argument against the "Imam". She doesn't react to any of Ezra's comments about the commission, and that same commission taking away Canadians freedom of speech, nope, but she reacts to Ezra even mentioning "Saudi values".

For those of you wondering, who makes up this wonderful tribunal here in Alberta, and what their mandate is, here's their site.

Can't wait to watch her body language on the other tapes. VERY telling!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ethics Committee, Continue To Hang Yourselves

So, PM Harper has called a limited inquiry, to be started after the ethics committee is done. How much rope does the ethics committee need to hang themselves?

Ethics, are seriously lacking on the ethics committee.

So far we have:

1. Liberal Robert Thibault going to visit Schreiber at least 2 times over the summer.
Liberals shortly after start pushing for Schreiber to stay in Canada, they want an inquiry.
2. Schreiber implicates the PM's office by saying he and ex-PM Mulroney made a business arrangement 2 days before Mulroney left office.
3. PM Harper appoints an independent individual to advise him, and says he is willing to call a full inquiry if David Johnston recommends it.
4. Robert Thibault makes libelous comments about former PM Mulroney.
5. Mulroney sues Thibault.
6. Schreiber gets called in front of the ethics committee, assuring he gets to stay in Canada.
7. Liberal Szabo, the committee chair, apoligizes to Schreiber because his pants fell down, he also lets Schreiber drone on and on about nothing.
8. Schreiber reveals that he paid Mulroney cash for lobbying after he left office.
9. Mulroney gets called to the ethics committee.
10. Thibault refuses to stand down from questioning Mulroney, even though he is being sued by Mulroney. Definite conflict of interest. Typical arrogant Liberal.
11. Next up Pablo Rodriguez, (not a member of the ethics committee)asks a totally off topic question, the Conservative members protest the line of questioning, Liberal Szabo, let's the question continue.
12. Mulroney tries to read in the terms of his appearing, Szabo shuts him up.
13. Conservatives call for a vote, to the shame of the NDP and Bloq members, they vote with the Liberals. Total lack of Parliamentary responsibility and ethics on their part, total partisan voting is in order.
14. On Mike Duffy Live, it is revealed that a CBC reporter fed the questions to Pablo.
15. Pablo says no way, he wrote his own questions, in English, a language he never uses.
16. Conservative party asks CBC to investigate.
17. CBC admits that one of their reporters (yet to be named) overstepped the bounds.
18. Pablo is revealed to be lying.
19. David Johnston says inquiry should be limited to after ex-PM Mulroney left office.
20. Liberals cry foul, but do not investigate their own party for lack of ethics.
21. Limited inquiry is called, after ethics committee is done questioning whoever is still living after 15 years.
22. Ethics committee continues to look like idiots, and Liberals think they are getting away with it.
23. Liberals continue digging under stones, hang themselves on excess rope given to them to continue the inquiry.

Coming up:

CBC reveals the name of the reporter who fed questions to Pablo, she/he squeals like a stuck pig, Liberals, call the Puffins in to hide excrement, too late. It's going to look good on them.

Layton made a big mistake siding with the Liberals, his new boy, Mulcair, is an ambulance chasing lawyer, slimy, and without ethics. HA, and he's on the ethics committee. Watch your back Layton.

PM calls inquiry into Mulroney-Schreiber affair

"In determining the scope of any public inquiry, the government must make a 'cost benefit analysis' to determine how wide-ranging the public inquiry should be,'' Johnston says in his report.

"In this case, I conclude that the integrity concerns described above do not warrant a lengthy inquiry into matters that have been investigated by the RCMP since 1995. Nor should there be an inquiry with respect to facts already known."

Johnston suggests in his report that the inquiry focus on whether Mulroney acted improperly in 1993 when he accepted cash payments from Schreiber to lobby on his behalf to promote a German-built military vehicle.

If the ethics committee had any ethics, they would declare their investigation done, and allow the real inquiry to begin. I suspect that like a dog with a bone, they won't let it go, and the rope will get tighter. Voters are already sick and tired of this, as it drags on, the opposition, unable to score any points against PM Harper will look less and less attractive. Who wants some rope?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hands In Our Pockets, Hands In...

Our Wallets! HA. I love that commercial.

So, the federal government hands out 1 BILLION of our taxpayers dollars to help communities and people who have been laid off, do they get praised? Applause? How about a THANK YOU? Nope, this is what they get:

Prime minister announces $1-billion relief package

Liberal intergovernmental affairs critic Dominic LeBlanc said Thursday that the announcement was one big political ploy, ahead of an inevitable election.

"By tying this package to his next budget, Mr. Harper is engaging in a purely cynical political ploy -- designed so he can blame the woes of the forestry and manufacturing sectors on the opposition if they were to refuse to pass his entire budget," Mr. LeBlanc said in a released statement.

Liberals, hands in our pockets.

Other premiers reacted skeptically on the heels of the announcement. Ontario's Dalton McGuinty and Quebec's Jean Charest both questioned the validity of the announcement.

"I don't think forestry workers in Quebec deserve to be part of the election campaign," Charest told a press conference.

Charest also said the announcement -- worth about $200 million for Quebec -- equals about 10 per cent of what his province has already done for its forestry and manufacturing sectors.

While McGuinty thanked the prime minister for the funding, he said the announcement -- worth about $350 million for Ontario -- pales in comparison to the $3 billion Ontario has already invested in its ailing industries. He was also skeptical about the announcement's dependence to the passing of the budget.

More Liberals with their hands in our pockets.

Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, said the announcement was an insulting game Harper was "playing on the backs of unemployed forestry workers."

"Mr. Harper's announcement has nothing to do with saving the forest industry. It's not a Band-Aid for the industry, it's not even a stitch on the wound," Coles told CTV Newsnet.

He said the union had met with government officials to discuss what must be done to save the industry, but no one was interested in hearing their advice.

He said it will take closer to $10 billion in federal money to do any real good. That money should target research and development, develop new products, and invest in communities and workers hurt by the economic turndown.

"We're going ahead without the government, and they'd best get on board," he said.

Unions with their hands in our pockets.

This guy is a real work of NDPism.....He wants 10 BILLION! Didn't they just get 5 Billion back from the US? Now they need 10 Billion more? And his comment about "We're going ahead without the government"....Well DUH, and then a threat "they'd best get on board". Right, or else what, you aren't going to vote for them? Watch the video, he's a perfect union ahole.

And our favorite NDP/Liberal Union Guy:

Buzz Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers union, said Ontario's share of the $1-billion investment wouldn't be enough to help struggling manufacturers.

Hargrove said on Thursday that the money wouldn't even be enough to upgrade a single parts plant in Ontario.

Oh, so Buzz wants all the $1 Billion, and much, much, more!

So, from just one article, 3 Liberals and 2 union leaders have their hands in our pockets, and they want MORE!

Send me the $1 Billion, bet I could put it to better use. Do these idiots think we don't realize that there is only ONE taxpayer, and we are sick and tired of getting our pockets picked?

Speaking of pockets being picked, has Ruby "don't take your love to India" settled on a story yet?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Polls, And One Ethics Commissioner Ruling

Some polls are more accurate, some are web-based, but most of them are interesting, if you take them with a grain of salt.

Poll suggests Tories jumped to seven-point lead during Christmas holidays

OTTAWA - With politics rarely in the news and Prime Minister Stephen Harper keeping a low profile, a new poll indicates the Conservatives jumped to a seven-point lead over the holidays.

While Canadians were busy stuffing stockings and carving up turkey, the federal Tories were busily bolting to a sizeable advantage over the Liberals, says the new Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey.

The pollster suggests the Tories had fallen slightly behind the Liberals by mid-December, then leapt past them over the holidays to hold a 37-30 edge by the first week of January.

Might I suggest that over the holidays, families gathered together, talked politics, and decided that they were happy with the Conservatives? Could that be the reason for a 7 point lead? My opinion is just as likely as say, the reporters, or even the pollster, Bruce Anderson?

From Global National:

Poll Do you think Laibar Singh should be deported back to India?
Yes 96.65 %

No 3.35 %

Okay, so, deport the guy, and arrest his followers.

Now, this next isn't a poll, but it caught my eye:

Ethics commissioner clears PM of conflict of interest in Schreiber affair

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not in a conflict of interest with his dealings in the Karlheinz Schreiber affair and he has not given former prime minister Brian Mulroney preferential treatment, according to a ruling by the federal ethics commissioner.

Responding to a complaint about Harper’s conduct, including the prime minister’s decision to reserve judgment on University of Waterloo president David Johnston’s report on the matter due this week, Mary Dawson has also cleared Justice Minister Rob Nicholson of any wrongdoing.

In a seven-page letter, Dawson rejected the notion that Harper was in a conflict of interest because of a desire to protect his personal reputation after being named in an affidavit by lobbyist Schreiber in a lawsuit against Mulroney.


I have never seen such a whiny bunch as the opposition, and their special interest groups. If the PM coughs on the wrong person, they run to some commissioner or other to complain, or they call for a review/ special Parliamentary hearing/ RCMP investigation/ Human Rights tribunal hearing/ Calling for some Minister to be fired.....

Given the 7 point lead by the Conservatives, it's no wonder Dion, is now backing off of calling an election. Voters are starting to understand that adults are now in charge, and the kids have to be called back to grade school, for a time out. Run along now kiddies, time for your nap.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Outraged Women Are Marching In The Streets...

Or not. My promised, how to make homemade pickles and perogies post (see comments section in previous post) will have to wait.

This sickening article, demands women to rise up in defence of defenceless women.

"Family turned a blind eye' as teenage bride was beaten to death by arranged husband"

A teenage bride was beaten to death by her husband while her in-laws who shared the same house ignored her sickening ordeal, a court heard yesterday.

Sabia Rani, 19, was repeatedly attacked over a three-week period, suffering bruising over 90% of her body and 'catastrophic' injuries usually only seen in car crash victims.

The 'vulnerable' teenager, who had arrived five months earlier from Pakistan for the arranged marriage, required emergency treatment in a hospital intensive care unit, the jury at Leeds Crown Court heard.

Read the whole article, if you can stomach it. So far, all is quiet on the human rights front, no marches, no protests, nothing. So the feminists, our most vocal group for female rights, silent. On Afghanistan girls not going to school, silent. Universal, unionized daycare, vocal as can be, marching on Parliament Hill with pre-school kids, crying that we "need" more daycare and less Mommy.

A real tragic story, that should have women marching....cue the crickets. Do not take away our right to choose (abortion, they just can't call it that), don't you dare mess with that, but a teenager killed by her husband, over a three week timespan, well, yawn.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pioneer Women Had To Be Conservatives!

After my post yesterday, Getting the female vote, I started thinking about how women and their causes have changed over the years. The issues that concern some women today, such as daycare, abortion, and careers, were not even on our Grandmother’s radar.

Think about your own Grandmother’s or Great Grandmother’s (for you youngster’s).

Both my Grandmother’s came from Europe, by boat, and travelled in covered wagons to Alberta. It takes us 5 solid days of travelling from Edmonton to get to PEI, in our modern vehicle. Now, think about making that same journey in a covered wagon. All your worldly possessions in a little tiny wagon, and no you can’t take your computers, Xboxes, fridge, stove and other “necessities” with you, some flour, sugar and coffee will have to do, and livestock. Day after day, week after week, month after month, they travelled. What drove them?

Hope for a better life.

Was my Grandmother thinking about having someone else look after her kids? Daycare? HA, not likely. Even my Mother talks about the harvest crews who would come in the fall, to help get the wheat in before the snow. My Mom and Grandma spent day after day cooking, from before sunup to after sundown. They had no time to protest, anything. Try having 10 kids, see how much time you have on your hands to make trouble. Abortion, not in those days, they had more kids because not all of them would make it to adulthood.

Hope for a better life, meant freedom, your own land, and family. You worked hard just to survive. Would you live in a mud hut in the middle of a prairie winter?

With the industrial age, came freedom for men and women. New problems were created, so where is the pioneer spirit now? Feminists want equality, abortions and careers, not families, and definitely not men. What would my Grandmother’s think about feminists? If I could ask them, I bet they would both laugh, and explain that women had more true equality back in their day. I also bet, if they could vote, they would be Conservatives.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Getting The Female Vote.

Conservatives need women's vote for majority.

OTTAWA - Two years ago, political pundits wouldn't have given Prime Minister Stephen Harper much chance of winning over Ariette Schoorl.

The 61-year-old, who considers herself left wing, was initially put off by Harper's "cold" personality.

But even though she doesn't always agree with the Harper government's policies, especially on the environment, she has come to admire the prime minister's poise.

"He stays cool, he stays under control and I appreciate that in the guy," she said. "He can't help it that he's a conservative."

If they hope to win a majority in the next federal election, Harper's Conservatives will need to discover more women like Schoorl.

Women tend to be Conservative, but are more likely to vote for lefty parties. My Mom is a perfect example, everything about her screams Conservative, she votes Liberal. I was actually shocked a few years ago when I found that out. So, how do the Conservatives get the female vote?

I told my MP that he will have my vote again, if they get the age of consent raised from 14 to 16. This bill is now in the Senate, and if it doesn't pass, it's the Liberals I will blame.

The bill on murder charges for babies still in the womb, is also one I support.

Getting tough on crime also works for me. I don't want to worry about my kids going to a house party, and ending up beaten up by juveniles.

Changes are also needed to the Youth Justice Act, it is too lenient, especially on murderers.

These are all things that will win my vote, but I'm already a Conservative.

What will win a female Liberal or NDP voter over to the Conservatives? Lefties use emotions to win votes, and they are trying their hardest to make PM Harper into a "bully". Personally, I find him very attractive, decisive, and from what the media lets us see, very family orientated.

Conservatives are used to using facts and logic, how do they appeal to the emotions of women, without implementing programs that appeal to some females, like a national daycare program, that totally goes against every Conservative/female bone in my body?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Never played the game, but my boys just told me that paper wins when it covers rock.
Lately various papers have been phoning me, to get me to subscribe. I feel sorry for the telemarketers who call my house.

Edmonton Journal, every time they phone I tell them, no, I don't like the papers slant, thank you. Most say thanks, and that's the end of it.

Recently, I got a call from a telemarketer trying to get me to subscribe to the Globe and Mail. Well, it was a Friday, so a glass of wine or two is allowed, my Dad's homemade Kelowna Red! I was, well, happy, and in a no BS mood.

I told the guy, "I would never allow that "rag" into my house". Thought he would hang up on me, but he persisted. He must have been told that Albertans are going to be rude. He came right back at me, and asked if I hadn't noticed the MORE balanced views the paper had been printing lately. The Globe and Mail balanced?? I laughed and asked him if he had gone online and read the Globes' comment section, lately.

He laughed, (I think he was a Conservative)and that was the end of our discussion. No subscription sold here.

Point, newspapers are suffering because of the internet. How can they survive? Stop pretending to report the news, and just run classifieds. That's a paper I would buy.

No papers are covering this rock!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Our Sick Society

Here's only a few examples of what is happening in our society, and it's not pretty.

A pregnant woman murdered in the North End early Tuesday was fatally shot after she refused entry to someone knocking at the door, her roommate said yesterday.

Hopefully the Conservative bill will pass, and babies will be considered victims too.

Home invasion suspect killed near Calgary
Updated Thu. Jan. 3 2008 10:02 PM ET News

Police near Calgary spent much of Thursday at a farmhouse in Langdon that was the site of a deadly home invasion.

The incident may lead police to lay murder charges against one of the occupants.

Police say that one man died and another is in critical condition in hospital after the pair allegedly burst into a house at about 3 a.m. Thursday. Police say they attacked the home's occupants, a 35-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman.

The male occupant fought back and allegedly killed a 32-year-old suspect.

So, a guy is protecting himself and his girlfriend, from robbers, and he might be charged with murder? Thanks lefties, we can't even protect our families anymore.

Teens charged after allegedly microwaving cat
CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, January 04, 2008
EDMONTON -- A group of teenagers has been charged with animal cruelty and other offences after allegedly breaking into a Camrose home and using the microwave to kill the family's cat.

"I've been a police officer here for 25 years and I have never run across this kind of a situation," said Insp. Lee Foreman of the Camrose Police Service. "I'm sure you share the same disgust as I do."

Okay, that's just sick. But bet these future serial killers get off with a fine and house arrest to play Xbox 360.

I could go on, I haven't even linked to the murder in Toronto, but I think this displays why I do not believe any MP who gets up in the House and tries to tell me that crime is down. Down from where? What year? Garbage.

As a Mother, I am very concerned about our sick society, and the lack of justice victims get in our courts. Tough on crime works way better for me than hug-a-thug ever will.

My solution, build a prison on Hans Island,
and dump the real bad guys there, let them sort themselves out. No need for guards, just drop some food down there occasionally.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wildrose Alliance, Will It Work?

Okay, I've been thinking about this, and this could be the party to watch, maybe not this election, but the one after that, for sure, if they do things right. (No pun intended)

Alta. parties could merge for anticipated election
Updated Wed. Jan. 2 2008 8:42 AM ET

The Canadian Press

EDMONTON -- Two small right-wing political parties in Alberta are proposing a merger in advance of an expected spring election.

The Alberta Alliance has announced on its website that both it and the Wildrose Party of Alberta will ask their membership to approve the idea.

If accepted, the merged party will call itself the Wildrose Alliance.

The leader would be Paul Hinman, member of the legislature for Cardston-Taber-Warner and current leader of the Alberta Alliance.

The proposal calls for the Wildrose Alliance to combine similar policies, adopt a constitution similar to that of the Wildrose Party, and to elect a new combined party executive.

Albertans tend to be an interesting bunch when it comes to voting. Here's a graph that explains what Alberta has been up to over the years.


So, Albertans stick with one party, usually for a long time, but when they become unhappy, they switch on a dime. That time is coming, not next election, but if Wildrose Alliance can gain 6 or so seats, watch for them to form the government in the election after that one. That's my prediction.

As a lifelong Albertan, I can feel the change coming, but it won't be the Liberals or NDP, both their leaders are worse than Stelmach, heck, it was all the Liberal/NDP voters, pretending to be Conservatives, that got Stelmach elected, real Conservatives wanted Morton. I don't take kindly to that kind of interference, but lefties see nothing wrong with it, they don't even blush when they tell me they paid their $5 to vote in the Conservative leadership race.

Next election we might even get a minority government for the first time in Alberta, but it will be the Wildrose MP's that hold the power. If they get a better known leader, and some good candidates, watch out for Wildrose Alliance. I'm sure the PC's can feel the hot breath on their necks, and they should, if those two parties merge, look out!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fight Poverty, Gain Peace.

Fight poverty, gain peace. This should work in third world countries, but not if you just give handouts, we know that doesn't work. Jobs restore self respect, not handouts. Education frees the mind, and lifts people out of poverty. This is common sense, and it's working.

New program aims to give Iraqis jobs

Grinding poverty and disillusionment with the government and U.S.-led coalition can create fertile ground for insurgent or militia recruitment.

But the U.S. military believes it has a way to help residents and the village by providing jobs that also could dim the allure of militancy.

Modelled on a program under which the United States pays armed groups who turned against "al-Qaida in Iraq," the military has begun recruiting villagers for public service jobs such as working to improve sanitation, do repairs and pick up trash.

"Today is a new idea," said Capt. John Horning, 36, company commander of C Company, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment stationed in the area. Instead of hiring people to secure their neighbourhoods, "we'll have them doing sanitation, cleaning up the area, reconstruction."

"It's a pilot program," said Horning, from Houston, Texas. "We'll see how it works."

The hope is that the jobs will give residents a legitimate way to make a living and prevent them from turning to militia or insurgent groups, many of which are suspected of paying men to carry out attacks.

It sounds like a good plan to me, so where are the non-profit organizations? How are they planning to help these people? Last I saw of them, they were wearing polar bear suits at the Bali baloney conference.

Afghan army gets surplus C7 rifles

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - After a frustratingly long three-year wait, the fledging Afghan National Army finally has a new weapon in its arsenal: the Canadian C7 rifle.

Some 42 boxes of surplus weapons arrived at the ANA base just up the road from Kandahar Airfield last week, Brig.-Gen. Gul Aqa said Wednesday in an interview with The Canadian Press. And training is already underway.

Aimed at replacing the Afghan army's old Soviet-era AK-47s in order to bring the force's fire power capabilities in line with that of NATO countries, the Canadian rifles are a welcome addition, Aqa said.

"They're very modern and new weapons and the C7 is a real necessity for the ANA," he said through a translator. He said the AK-47s often jam, leaving soldiers vulnerable to enemy fire.

This is good news for the Afghanistan army, Afghanistan people, and Canadian forces, the ANA will be more independent, and will not have to rely so heavily on Canadian fire power. It's a win-win for all troops, but don't expect the media to see it that way.

Why are guns a means to fight poverty? First you need stability, then you need jobs for the people. The Taliban pays idle people to kill, we need to pay for productivity. As a Mother, I would want my child to be in school, and then working, rather than taking up guns to kill. Why aren't the feminists protesting the way women are treated in Afghanistan, why are they so quiet?

They are too busy here in safe Canada trying to set up a money sucking daycare state for our kids, funny those same feminists have usually aborted any kids they might have had, but feel it's their right to tell me how to raise MY kids. Butt out, babes! (Oh well, that's a fight for another day!)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Absurb Logic

Maybe economists should talk to my son, he understands that a 1% reduction in the GST is good for him, as he doesn't pay any income tax, but must pay the GST. Next time he goes to buy a computer game, he gets to keep more of his money in the bank, even if its only 10 cents more, that's more than the bank pays him in interest in a month.

John Williamson has it right. Watch the video on the right. He states that economists are using "absurd logic".

John Williamson, of the Canadian Taxpayer's Association, said the combined two percentage point cut to the GST will save Canadians between $10 and $12 billion in 2008.

"And for your typical household across the country the combined saving is between $300 and $400 a year. So it is a welcome tax cut and it's one that I think most Canadians recognize is going to be helpful," Williamson told CTV Newsnet.

"And I think more importantly than that, because the economics can be questioned, but it's one that was important because the government promised they would cut the tax to 5 per cent and now they've done so."

So, enjoy the tax cut. Here in Alberta it means that all we pay is 5%. If the GST reduction is such a bad move, why aren't provinces stepping up and increasing the PST? If it's only a few bucks in savings to individuals, what's the big deal? Come on Dalton, grow some, increase that PST, you can use the money to help with infrastructure, education and healthcare. Nope, the Premier prefers to go beg Ottawa for more money, blaming them for all of Ontario's troubles. All provinces have got to get off the federal teat, not latch on tighter.