Thursday, August 31, 2006

IRAN, Out Of Control?

Okay, the deadline passed, now what?? Does the world let Iran make nuclear weapons, that they can destroy Israel with, and then continue on to America?

Doesn't Europe realize that they are easier targets than, way across an ocean, to try and hit North America? Do they somehow think that they are not going to be targets? Do Russia and China think oil agreements are going to save them, when, not if, Iran gets nuclear weapons?

Has common sense fled the world? What could the French do if they got nuked? All countries are thinking, well, they will nuke Israel, but don't count on that being the end, it might be the beginning, but it will not be the end.

I just checked out both CBC and CTV, nope, not a news story I guess, but CNN has something at least.

Typical Canadian news broadcasting, if we ignore it, it won't be true!!! Stick your heads in the sand and your butt won't get blown off!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SOW's Out Of Date, In More Ways Than One!

Okay, I know I've been harping on this issue, but I went to their web page and most everything is out of date, just like their ideals!

FAQ, none
Publications, 2003
Funding 2003
Resources 2003
Commenorative dates 2005

What happened did they stop being a government funded agency in 2003?? Does anyone audit them? Do these feminists have to report to us the taxpayers??

I am sick and tired of feminists getting all the government funding when they do not represent me , in any way, shape or form!!! They are supporting anything but families, and I am all about families. That is why I support the Conservatives, no other party is really interested in families.

The SOW's give money to all the organizations that most certainly DO NOT support families, such as Egale, ommh sorry, but 2 boys/girls can't a family make.

Defund this program, or make it at least give 1/2 of it's money to family based programs. Real women want families helped, not feminists living beyond their usefulness, like unions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Higher Learning, Lower Morals!

Okay, I know times are tough for universties, but do they really have to stoop to this??

A university, bashing the President of the US? That's acceptable? That's going to get students registering for their university?

That's just plain liberal thinking , gone wrong. AGAIN!

We will shortly see that ad get pulled, liberals don't want to take sides, or upset anyone who might vote for them.

Give you head a shake, and think before you bash anyone.

Anti-American bashing, is the lefty way of thinking, start thinking biggest trading partner Canada will ever have. Start thinking biggest protector of Canada we will ever have. Get real, use your common sense, anti-american rhetoric is not going to save you when the terrorists reach out and touch us. They will but most of you are like the ostrich, bury your heads in the sand, and hope it goes away.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Feminists, Promote Women Beyond Their Abilities

I remember on campus in the 70's, the great cry for women to be in top management positions. Being in Commerce, one of only 25 women at the time, I agreed.

Then I saw what companies were doing, they promoted women that they already had working for them, into positions they were unprepared to take, but the feminists were applauding, making us women think we were getting somewhere, we weren't!

The smarter ones realized very quickly, that we were being used, good old Peter's Principle was coming into effect. The women who had been promoted, through no fault of their own, a pilot project, became a way for companies to say, "See, we tried to promote women but they failed badly"

So much for the feminist cause, they set us women back 20 years.

They are still bleating for 50% of Parliament to be made up of women. GET REAL!!!!

What woman would leave her family for 7 to 8 months of the year, to get into politics? Is it any easier for a man, I don't think so, but I'm not a man. As a woman, I could never go into politics, I could not leave my children for those long periods of time, maybe that's why, we don't have 50% females in Parliament! The feminists won't tell you that though, supposedly us females are being repressed.

I have no desire to be a policeman, or a fireman, or a candle stick maker.

If a female can do the same job as a male, great, but I can tell you, if my house is burning, and I see a 120 pound female coming up the ladder to rescue me, I'm going to shout for a male.

As for my two white, male kids, I, as a female, over 40, have a better chance of getting a job with the fire department than my kids do!

So, if you see an old, under 100 pound female coming to rescue you in a fire, blame the liberal thinking that says minorities should have preference, over, young , strong, healthy, white males.

Liberals cry about gender inequilities, they spend very little time using common sense!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

School Supply Shopping! YUCK!

Okay, it's that time of year again, me and the kids headed out to get those school supplies!

Be prepared for long lineups at the cashiers, it takes time to ring in all those pencils, rulers, and duotangs. Still have no clue what a plastic magazine holder is, but got everything else!

What a money making time of the year for retailers! It's not just the supplies, it's the new clothes, backpacks, and let's not forget those new, non-mark leaving runners.

Then you get to go to the school's and actually register the kids, one kid's fees were $240, for text rental, locker, band, and whatever else!

Needless to say, we are now broke and exhausted!

What a treat back to school is! YUCK!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Israel Is An Island Amongst Enemies!

I am really sorry for Israel, they are an island of democracy, surrounded by enemies. The world is not supporting them, the EU is barely sending any troops, and Israel is asking us for help.

This article, makes me sad. Israel is asking for help but noone is listening.

I thought Turkey did a great job of helping Canada with all our Lebanese/Canadians that needed to be evacuated. They stepped up and did a grand job. Now, I hope they step up again, because I think Israel needs them, not just EU supporters.

I think some Muslim countries need to show their willingness to fight for peace. They need to realize that Iran, is getting out of hand, and the whole middle east might erupt. If Turkey sends some troops to the UN in Lebanon, it would help.

The problem for Israel, is not only that they are an island, it's that they are being looked on again by leftists as prey. We saw that with our own politicians this week when Liberals, Bloq, and NDP MP's called for hezbollah to be recognized in some shape or form. I know that I saw both Bloc (leader) and Liberal MP's marching in Montreal for the hezbollah. I'm sorry, but that is just sickening. They do not care about the civilians that got killed, they were trying to make political gains!

So, who will stand up for democracy, PM Stephen Harper has, clearly, but all the media does is distort one comment he made about "measured" response, hours into the war. They think we are stupid, make no mistake about that, they think we believe what they say, because, well, well, they are the media. But, blogs are slowly taking over the strangle hold the media has had on us. We are not blind anymore.

Best of all, is that our children, are more likely to read a blog than a newspaper. I know, I make sure my kids read my blog!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

It’s A Cat Fight!!!

Wow, its real women against the feminists! What fun!

Here’s my take on the whole SOW issue. To start with, I am not a member or connected with either organization, never have been. It started for me when I saw all the organized protests from daycare organizations about the demise of the “national” daycare program. It was obviously very well funded, so who was funding it? Well, let’s see:
Adding up only the organizations that used the words “child care” in their association name I came to the grand total of $1,976,910!!! WOW!! No wonder they could afford to protest on Parliament Hill, with our money, against the plan to support ALL families! So, the SOW’s were using our tax money to fight our government, who gave it to them!!! Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

I’m all for equity, and if the SOW’s were supporting all sides of the female viewpoint, maybe us regular women wouldn’t be blogging about how useless they are now! Just look at the organizations they are funding?

Lesbian and Gay Immigration Task Force 45,525.00
Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society 20,800.00
Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE) 20,000.00

Okay, lesbians are women, I guess gays are too, in a way, I have nothing against that, but where is the funding for, stay at home Mom’s? The lesbians get money, and sorry, us regular women, ummmmmmmm nothing! Oh, there's this one:

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter 8,940.00

You starting to see a pattern here in their funding?

Well this woman, who is a full time working Mom and wife, is tired of a government agency that is so biased that it makes me sick! I will only give to the United Way because I can designate exactly what charities I want my money to go to, but I do not have the ability to do that with this government agency! They are spending over 23 million a year, and never have I, as a woman, seen any benefit, nor have I needed any of their money!

What services is this agency offering to me as a female, can I go to a shelter sponsored by them if my husband beats me? I see only token funding for shelters on their list. So, what do they really do for the average female? Well they better start explaining what they can do for me and other real women and stop funding only feminist organizations that do not benefit women and kids in need. All I have seen is a concerted effort by them to make Mom’s, who believe in the family, the target!!

This is not a political issue for me, this is a clear case of a government agency discriminating against one group of females, over another. Defund it, or monitor where the funding is going, get the Auditor General on this, they are under review right now aren’t they?

In this cat fight, the SOW’s might have all the money, but us real women have the resolve, and the determination to make this an issue that will just not go away. The day of the feminist is over, the day of the MOM, has arrived!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

SOW's Going Ballistic!!!

So, some of us blogged about how useless the Status of Women (SOW) are, and the Globe picked it up, they must be reading blogs, and getting their stories that way!

The funniest part is all the comments. There are some foaming at the mouth, Conservatives kill babies types, ooooooops, sorry it's not Conservatives killing babies, it's SOW's and they get funded for that and any other leftist organization that supports their point of view.

Well, their "values" are not my "values", they are wasting my tax dollars, and as a female taxpayer, it really makes me sick!

Halifax communications consultant and blogger Audra Williams has mounted her own counter-offensive, urging readers to write to their MP in support of Status of Women Canada.

“This actually turns my blood to ice,” Ms. Williams wrote last week. “I am calling my MP right now. I mean, I know she's on board, but still I am calling her.”

Is this the same Audra, that was fired by the ultimate leftist site "Rabble"?? HAH! Well, let me tell you, what turns my female blood to ice, are these, feminists, who do not support family values, and still get government funding! The 70's are over ladies, it's time you started living in the REAL world, where 90% of women are perfectly able to read, write, and make decisions, all by themselves! I know it's a hard concept to follow, but we are not all, man hating, abortion supporting, want my kids in daycare types. Some of us females, love families!

It's about time these SOW's had to justify there existance, justify why they give funding too certain organizations, and not others, justify why they are only catering to other lefty organizations, with our tax dollars!

If the SOW's are such a vital part of female society, let them get their funding like all other charities, including REAL Women, not from handouts by the government! We are not talking chump change here folks, we are talking $23 million a year or more! That would sure help a lot of disabled/homeless people.

They don't need to go, they just have to stop sucking of the public teat, but oh well, they are SOW's aren't they!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Liberal's Walking Zombies!

Well, watched the Liberal party cakca meeting, and they thought Paul Martin, was still worth cheering, HAH!

The Liberal party is so dead, they are zombies, and don't even know it. Volpe told the crowd that it would be his wife running the party if he got in?? WHAT??

All of the candidates were too busy bashing PM Harper, that they forgot to put forth any policy statements. They just don't get it, people want to have something more to believe in than Liberal "values".

So, what are Liberal values??

Stealing from taxpayers to put money in their own coffers, or should that be coffins??

Supporting only daycare Mom's, not ALL Mom's.

Supporting gays with SSM, not supporting families.

Supporting abortion, or let me say it out right, supporting killing of babies, instead of supporting women by helping them have that baby.

Supporting gun runners, gangs, and criminals, with a soft on crime approach.

Supporting terrorist organizations, like the Tamil Tigers, and Hamas, and now calling for hezbollah to be de-listed as a terrorist organization!

Supporting Kyoto, but doing nothing to reduce emissions, as a matter of fact, the dreaded US is actually doing better.

There are more Liberal "values" but the only "values" Liberals care about, are getting elected again "values".

These "values" are not my "values", they never will be my "values", and I hope that people see these "values" for exactly what they are, a total lack of any kind of "values".

The Liberals are a party that is so bankrupt in any Canadian "values" that they think they can still get votes by slamming the Conservatives. Well, keep digging your graves, I will help as much as I can. Zombies walking!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Matter Of Confidence

The softwood lumber deal, is done, well except for those seemingly truly opposed to it, the opposition. So, will it be election time, or whimp out time?

PM Stephen Harper has made the softwood lumber deal, a matter of confidence. What a smart move! Watch him speaking, see that grin he's trying not to show? Too funny!

The opposition thinks they are winning in committee, because they have 7 against 4, but, the Conservatives are still getting their policies accepted, as this shows. So, what are the opposition accomplishing? Not much!

They got their SOW's (Status of Women) people out in full force to protest the demise of the "national" daycare program, what happened? Parents are getting their $100 per child under 6 in the mail, every month. Think they are going to vote against that next election? NO way!

The opposition voted in committee to call for an "immediate" ceasefire. They would not allow any Lebanese groups before the committee, ticking all those people, including the red cross, off big time. Smooth move opposition, and what did that gain you? NADA, ZIP, NOTHING!

Now, 3 opposition MP's, are touring Lebanon, talking about how the hezbollah are not terrorists? Give your head a shake, you heard right, they say, the hezbollah, who targeted Israeli civilians, are not terrorists! Did they tour the destruction in Israel?? NOPE!!! Seems if you side with terrorists, you better not see what damage they have inflicted on innocents that just happen to be Jewish. SHAME!

So, back to the softwood lumber deal, it's now a matter of confidence, so, the NDP, in support of only their own political agenda, have said they will not support it, well, so much for the party of the people! I bet all those people in BC who would have lost their jobs are going to be supporting the NDP next time. NOT!

That PM Harper, he's so many moves ahead of the opposition, they think they are winning something! HAH

BIG BLUE WAVE: It is Time to Eliminate Status of Women

BIG BLUE WAVE: It is Time to Eliminate Status of Women

One Mad Woman!!!

Status of Women, Defund IT!

Well, as a woman, I have seen no benefits from the Status of Women. They are a useless organization that we, the taxpayers, are funding. Now, we know that we fund them, but I thought I would check out who they fund, here’s what I found, right off of the government site. I’m not making this up, I’m not allowed!

So, we support them, but they have not reported who they fund since, 2003, 01, 10!!!!!!!!! How does that work? Are they funding, say maybe, the hezbollah terrorists? Who knows??

Well, it appears the old government was scared to defund them, obviously they didn’t want the wrath of the feminists brought down on them, so, they stayed quiet. I am hoping the new government, will listen to all females, defund them now! Put that money towards helping the handicapped instead of towards women’s groups that handicap other women!

As a female, I think it’s time for them to go, they do not speak for me, they never have, they never will. The money they suck up goes to such things as fighting the government on the daycare issue. That makes absolutely no sense to me, they are using our money to fight government policies, that as a female, I agree with wholeheartedly!!!

Feminists are like the dinosaurs, they are going extinct, and the sooner the better, as far as I’m concerned. If women really support them, they can raise funds like any other charitable foundation, and survive. If they don’t, well, we as taxpayers win by not having to support a sexist organization anymore. Get rid of this useless, bigoted, harmful and sexist government department, NOW!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

French Surrender, Again!

Looks like the white flag has gone up again!

After they made it impossible to reach a quick ceasefire, the French have now wimped out on supplying troops to the UN in Lebanon. They will send a whole 200!!! WOW! Yet Annon is not saying boo about the turnaround the French have now made, but was quick to berate Israel for sending troops into Lebanon. Something stinks to high heaven here!

What a useless organization the UN has become (always been). They are puppets catering to their own needs, jobs, and could care less about what is really going on in the world. What use do they have when all they do is make resolutions, but never carry them out? Who is even listening to them anymore? They are like the Liberal party, in need of a major overhaul.

So, where is this UN force of 15,000 going to come from now? The hezbollah? The French should be hanging their heads in shame, but they won't, cause, well, they are lovers not fighters, or more appropiately, their government leaders are cowards. SHAME!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Where's Harper"?

Well, let's see, is he at the AIDS conference? Nope, seems he's not there! Bill Gates does get booed for promoting abstinence, so the lefties had something to boo. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, makes you think that these activists are pretty dumb, and obviously not really dedicated to the actual reduction of AIDS.

Okay, maybe he's doing the summer BBQ thing? Let's see, maybe he's here? Nope, seems he's not there! Isn't that the other guy.........Ummm, Pecker Martian? Paulo Martini? Oh, I give up, it's on the tip of my tongue, just can't remember.

Well, maybe, he's here, He might have fun if he showed up, but I live here and don't go, so who can blame him.

Oh, here he is, I think I found him, defending our borders and having a great time.

That's one tough guy to track down, given that the media still can't seem to believe that he's not at that AIDS conference, they just can't seem to find him, they are looking high and low, overturning conference chairs, but to no avail, so, shhhhhhhhh, don't tell them, let them work for their money, for once.

What dorks!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elvis, Still the King!!

I cry every time I hear the song "In The Ghetto", it is still such a testament to the world we live in today.

Why is Elvis still the King? I think he was a very spiritual person, and we connect with not only Elvis, but with his beliefs. He wasn't scared to sing spiritual songs, it was obviously part of who he was, and by his songs, continues to be part of us. We don't want to let the spirituallity go, we need it to make sense of our lives.

It makes me so sad that his daughter had anything to do with Jackson, she is better than that. Maybe she has grown up!

Yes, I know his body is dead, but his music lives on, I hope for a long time. Most of his songs have a message, not like the junk that is popular today.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

REAL Women Battling Feminists

Well, this concerns me, because I am a female, I have never given money to either of these organizations, but now I find out my taxpayer money is going to one that I would never send money to, not ever. That ticks me off, big time!

TORONTO, August 14, 2006 ( – Status of Women, Canada’s federal agency promoting feminism in Parliament for over 30 years is under scrutiny and is fighting back, all at taxpayer’s expense, says REAL Women of Canada, a national pro-marriage, pro-family women's rights organization. Status of Women, established by the Trudeau Liberals in 1973 to promote “gender equity” in Canadian politics, has engineered a “counter offensive” against the current efforts to force the agency to come clean on its ideological bias.

Now, as a female, I'm all for helping women, but those radical feminists do not represent me or my ideals. The Status of Women, is a dinosaur, it's ideals are dead, just like the dinosaurs, they just don't know that yet. I strongly object to their getting taxpayer money, to fight the government! How stupid is that?

On June 30, feminist columnist Heather Mallick wrote on the website of the CBC that REAL Women represents a threat to all that feminism has wrought, from the gay movement to abortion-on-demand. Mallick wrote, “If REAL Women were successful, the result would be bullying of these women: those wanting off welfare but who can't afford child care…poor women who need abortions and women beaten to a pulp who are afraid to venture on the street.”

Well let me tell you feminists, REAL women don't need government funding to exist, we are smart enough and strong enough to make it in the world without government help! You liberals suck the money up and have no results to show. You cry wolf at every organization that threatens your survival, you could care less about women who really need help.

Landoldt told that in the 33 years of its existence, Status of Women has never funded or represented any group that has any other political or ideological position than those of the radical feminist agenda. “Why should the government continue paying for an organization that has always represented only a tiny portion of public opinion, to lobby the government against itself?” Landoldt said

So, the real needy women get no help from Status of Women. As a female, I say defund this feminist organization. If REAL women support it, they will donate money towards it, if not, ummmm, well, maybe they really are dinosaurs!

Monday, August 14, 2006

So, According to Rae...

Here's his web site.

I am a Liberal because I believe the Liberal Party represents Canada at its best: diverse, innovative, fundamentally decent.

I am a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party because I believe those values are under very real threat from the most shortsighted and partisan federal government I have seen in my lifetime: the Harper Conservative government.

Together we can make a difference and build a future that benefits all Canadians. We need your help.

Find out more about me, about our movement, about our party.

This party needs you. This country needs you.

Okay, let's only look at the term "fundamentally decent", what does that mean?? Decent only when we want to be?? I would be decent except, I have a company to raid?? Fundamentally, I agree with (place idea here, like global warming), BUT........that's what fundamentally means. Fundamentally decent....means I will do what ever I feel like, as long as I don't get caught!!!

The Liberals were being fundamentally decent when they accepted those brown paper bags filled with money........fundamentally( basically), they were helping Canadians by making their party stronger.

Here's the dictionary description of fundamentally:

Adv. 1. fundamentally - at bottom or by one's (or its) very nature; "He is basically dishonest"; "the argument was essentially a technical one"; "for all his bluster he is in essence a shy person"
au fond, basically, essentially, in essence

So, the Liberal party is basically decent, or essentially decent, or in essence they are decent, HUMMMMM I like this best; " He is basically dishonest". Well if the shoe fits!! At bottom, if the Liberals ever get there, they are decent. Let's hope the bottom comes soon!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Protest Crazy! Doing Something Right!

If they are protesting against you, you must be doing something right! I was at first upset about all these protests that are going on, then, I thought about it for awhile, and came to a different conclusion. It appears to me, that people who are going out, and protesting, might get on the news, but they tend to tick the average Canadian off, more often than they help their cause.

Let’s start with the protesters for “national daycare”. Well I hate the idea of my kids having to be put in a daycare, I fear the costs associated with any “national” plan, and I prefer to make my own choices about my kids, thank you very much. So, those daycare nannies only made me, more sure that the Conservative plan was the way to go! Hey, and now that the cheques have started rolling, where are all those protesters?? The Liberals and NDP knew the Conservative plan was hugely popular, so, send out the protesters! Didn’t work!

Next, came the protesters against our troops in Afghanistan. Okay, I’m sorry, but protesting against our Canadian troops, who are risking their lives and dying in Afghanistan, because we sent them there, is just sick. You hear that you NDP limp wrists? Where are the NDP MP’s talking about the abuses against women that had been occurring under the Taliban………..nope, silence.

Then, came the gay games, or whatever they called them, oh sorry, that’s the out games. Well if I don’t care, why should the PM of Canada, I’m sure he had more pressing matters to worry about, like maybe Lebanon?

Then came the situation in Lebanon, I was cheering all the way for our government to get anyone who wanted or needed to get out, out. I wanted them back here safe, and they did get everyone back here safe, in record time. But, supposedly, it wasn’t quick enough, and OMG, not air conditioned!!! What did some of them do once they got back here, they promptly when out with hezbollah flags to protest against our government. Well seeing as it was taxpayers money that saved them, their protest ticked me off.

Now, it’s the aids conference. PM Harper is way up in the Arctic; good reason not to be at the conference, but well, not to some, their cause is the only important cause and PM Harper, should just drop all his commitments and get to this conference. Think about it you lefties, you boo the government or condemn PM Harper for not being there, are they really going to be in the mood to listen to you??? Hey, he’s missing meeting Bill Gates, and Bill Clinton!! As if our PM really cares about the celebrities, but you can bet Martin would have been there, publicity hounds need to feel important. I saw Layton was there, hound that he is.

So, putting all these protests into prospective, PM Stephen Harper, is obviously doing everything right, because the lefties are going protest crazy. Protest too much, too often, no one listens!

The Silence of the Feminists...

is deafening!!! Where are the feminists protesting about teachers getting beheaded because they are teaching females?? Where are the feminists screaming that women have the right to work?? To wear what they want, not burkas?? To be allowed to go shopping without a male relative?? To not be killed by their family because they got RAPED???

Where are the feminists, well, they are trying to get more government funding for a "national daycare" so they can inject their wisdom into our children. They are marching with hezbollah supporters. They are killing babies, so they can get face lifts using fetuses that make them look 10 years if that would help!!

Don't you dare support families, don't you dare go to church, don't you dare even think about taking away a "womans right to choose", don't you dare call abortion, baby killing, and oh by the way, you better fund my little group because we can't go out and get real jobs, doing something that would really help women.

I am sick of feminists and their fundamentally flawed thinking about, what I, as a female think or want. They are like the hippies, unions, and dinosaurs, way past their usefulness to society. At least the ice age wiped out the dinosaurs!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Muslims Starting To Wake Up?

Well from this, it looks like Muslims are starting to wake up, but I'm no expert.

I do know that I have been waiting for the Muslim community to start speaking out about some of the fanatics that are willing to kill innocent people for their "cause".

I think many countries have been more than patient with the Muslim community, waiting for them to control their members. It's not a sign of weaknesses on our part that we haven't retaliated, it's a sign of respect for true Muslims.

Patience is wearing thin though, hezbollah is a prime example of a cancer that can not be ignored. Seeing Lebanese in Canada carrying hezbollah flags, is not making me feel all warm and fuzzy about Muslims, or the Lebanese, that were rescued on our taxpayers dime. Seeing Muslims killing Muslims in Iraq, makes me wonder about this "peaceful" religion.

So, the Muslim community around the world has to start showing us that they are as upset about these terrorists as we are, or soon, we will not believe them anymore when they try to tell us that theirs is a religion of peace. And, that would be very sad.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New (not green helmet) Video Of Photo Fraud

This is a very good video of various scams, even has one guy posing as dead!!

So, what can we believe in the media??

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OMG, Can You Imagine Martin Still Being PM Right Now?

Okay, imagine Paul Martin still being PM. It's scary.

We would still be trying to decide if we should send ships to Lebanon.

We would be supporting a terrorist group, telling Canadians that hezbollah didn't mean to do it.

We would be sending money to Hamas, let's not forget them, maybe we should go to a fundraising dinner for them!

We would be supporting Iran in uranium enrichment, hey, even though they have all this oil, they still need nuclear energy, cause, cause, .....well, just cause.

We would have pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, because, well, one of our goals is to make sure that all troops come home, with nothing less than a hangnail, anything else is unacceptable!

We would be sending China and other countries our tax dollars, in the BILLIONS, because Kyoto says we should transfer our dollars to another country, instead of actually reducing any pollution in our country. Sorry Toronto, more smog days for you, but wait, smog has nothing to do with greenhouse gasses, so the smog you see is a figment of your imagination!

First Nations, hummmmmmmmmm, well, Ontario bought the disputed land, they are allowing the natives to squat on the land, let's not even think about how the residents of Caledonia feel, let's be gentle, sensitive and gullible. Wow, if this works for the 6 nations band, imagine what the rest of Canada is in for!! Get over it, your great, great, great, great, great grandfathers signed some treaties, live with it!!! Hoooooooo Boy, I can anticipate the responses I'm going to get for that one!

Paul Martin would be telling us all that it's all the fault of the United States because..........well, just because.

And, finally, my 10 year old tells me that, Paul Martin would pay a big company to vote for them! Out of the mouths of babes!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

We Are Forgetting About Iran!

In watching the hezbollah, Israel situation, Iran is being ignored. What's scarier, the hezbollah or Iran with nukes??

"If Iran proceeds, it will be disastrous for the world," said Arad. "It would place nuclear weapons in the hands of a hostile totalitarian regime. It would be a victory for all states that support terrorism, a clear signal to hard-liners that they can get away with such things. It would stiffen the negotiating positions on key diplomatic disputes, including the Arab-Israeli conflict. It would have a spillover effect on other countries – Saudi Arabia would want such weapons. It would destabilize the Gulf region, have consequences for the world oil supply. And it would mean the total unraveling of the nonproliferation regime and the International Atomic Energy Agency's ability to be effective."

Let's not forget that Iran is sending money and troops to southern Lebanon to make sure that the Middle East remains unstable. Why are they doing that?? Well, their president has told the world numerous times that Israel needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. After that, who's next?

Measured, Measured, Measured!

Okay, just thought I would get it out of my system, MEASURED!!

Well, I measured the sugar for the cake, I measured my waistline.....don't want to go there. I measured my response to my kid when they were climbing a tree.

Measured, it's close to a month since Prime Minister Harper, used that one word, but the opposition and media have been beating him over the head with it. At the time it was a measured response, it still is, but the media won't tell you that, heavens no, measured response is rescuing all those Lebanese from a war.

It is the opposition that is taking sides with terrorists, do not doubt that for a second! Paul Martin dined with the Hamas terrorists, probably even gave them money to send missiles into Israel, but the media never called him on that, well I do, I call on all real Canadians (not those "sometimes" Canadians that got rescued on our dime) to support the Conservatives, because I fear that only real Canadians can now save our country from terrorists....oops, I should call them misguided, need a hug, militants, never terrorists.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Women's Rights, Why The Silence??

If the Lib/NDP are the party of the people, why the silence when women are treated worse that animals in Afghanistan? Why do they call for us to withdraw from Afghanistan when the people there need us to ensure freedom for all Afghanistans, especially women. How can these parties justify siding with terrorists against Israel?

Here is one tough lady that the Lib/NDP need to listen to, but they won't, and even if they do, they will write her off as not representing their "values"!! They remind me of the blind leading the blind. Actually, I shouldn't disrespect the blind in that way, sorry!

Distorting of the news by both CBC and CTV is getting so sickening I refuse to watch either one, but I bet the idiots in Toronto are eating it up. I say, we should start to boycott any company who advertises on either of these networks until they start REPORTING the news instead of MAKING in up!

The silent majority has been silent for too long, the lefties think we are sheep, well, this sheep might not go out and protest, that is soooo unCanadian, but I will boycott, and I will tell them why I am doing it! Ford is first on my list, and we are buying 2 vehicles, money talks, something the terrorists fail to understand, until they have none to build schools that hid an ammunitions bunker.

The majority has got to stop being silent, we need to start showing our support of our military, we need to start using our wallets where it counts. Now who knows of a company that we should boycott??

I Need Help!!!

I know I saw it, I just can't find anything about it! Can someone who is better at the searching game find it??

I was switching between the CBC and CTV and maybe it was on CNN, one of those stations showed an old BLIND woman being lead out of a bombed out building. They said she had been there for 10 days without food. I can't find any reference of it anywhere.

Reason I want to find it? Who the hell would leave an old blind woman to fend for herself for 10 days?? If you were leaving, wouldn't you take the blind woman? What kind of people abandon an old blind woman in a war zone? Or use her as a "victim" of war?

Did they realize that the optics were not in their favour?

I am sorry for all the innocents being killed, but I am getting suspicious of the hezbollah numbers. Why have only civilians died and no hezbollah fighers?

Look, we are not dumb, the media thinks we are, they think that showing us 60 protesters at Cornwall will make us change our vote next election. Well as far as I am concerned, anyone who protests about another country, in MY country, can go to that country. GET OUT, we don't need you, especially when you call MY Prime Minister a terrorist!!!! That totally disgusts me, makes me think that we Canadians need to STAND UP for Canada!

You want to protest, go back to your old country to do it, leave MY Canada alone.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Opposition, Mel On Same Page!

Okay poor Mel has been creamed in the press, but, if it's good enough for Mel, it should be good enough for the opposition.

All I hear is immediate cease fire. I agree, if an immediate cease fire will stop the killing of innocents, bring it on!!

The opposition, after hours of no cooperation, voted 7-4 to tell our government that it should call for an "immediate" cease fire.

Okay, government, go for it, call for one, see if anything happens. NO??? Shucks, why am I amazed nothing happened.

What does amaze me is that during 5 or so hours of the foreign affairs meeting, no witnesses were called, the opposition actually called the Red Cross biased!! The opposition totally sided with hezbollah, only briefly did I hear any member of the opposition say anything about the people in Israel being killed.

So, if Mel believes that Jews started all the wars, he is in good company, because, that's exactly what the opposition parties in Canada believe. I saw it all on CPAC!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Democracy Hi-Jacked!!!

Okay, was I the only one who watched CPAC today? They covered a foreign affairs committee on supposedly "the rescue of Lebanese". Well what I saw was the opposition hi-jacking and making a mockery of democracy!!!

First, they grilled Peter MacKay on Canada's response to the rescue of Canadians from Lebanon. Then they grilled him on our government's response to the war, then they realized they were looking like idiots, so, they changed tactics over lunch.

They came back, and wanted to vote on a VERY BIASED motion from the Bloc, WITHOUT letting any witnesses appear before them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, let's not hear what the citizens of Canada think about anything, let's just vote, because we have already desided how we are going to vote. It just about made me physically sick. They didn't even want to hear from the Red Cross, they said the witnesses were too biased???? Oh my God, who was being biased??? Okay, so, no witnesses, so, let's go immediately to a vote on the motion. Wow, that's democracy at it's best, let's not listen to people who have gone through the evacuation, let's not hear from people who are going into Lebanon to provide aid.

This would be like a judge telling everyone he didn't need to hear the evidence, he had already made up his mind!

Okay, so, the Conservatives put forward a motion that would override the Bloc garbage. Peter Van Loan, did a great job of keeping his cool, presenting his case, and explaining exactly why Canada was against terrorists.......all to deaf ears. Motion defeated.

Then, Keith Martin (the Liberal with the pointy ears) came up with a new motion, written on a napkin, which asked for an immediate ceasefire. The Conservatives agreed if they would add the word sustainable ceasefire.........Motion defeated.

All votes were 7 to 4 against any motion of the government. What a crock!!! The Conservatives even tried to get them to agree to the EXACT same wording as the EU came up with, Motion defeated.

What a sad display of ignorance and political hi-jacking by the opposition. What it made me vow, was that I would work endlessly to get the majority that is needed for the Conservatives.

The opposition, especially Alexa, who is past her best buy date, today made me sick. They pretended to be concerned about the people being killed, but all I saw was the opposition ganging up on the government to try and further their own ends. SHAME!!!

Great job Peter Van Loan!!!!!!!! You presented a rational voice against biased (against Israel, for Hizbollah) opposition. You tried everything you could, but it was like a fish swimming up the river, you might as well have been pounding your head against a wall. The result was predetermined!!!

So, how often can we let the opposition hi-jack democracy, for their own ends? Voting on a motion, before you have heard any witnesses?? SHAME!!!

We will hold you to account next vote!