Saturday, March 31, 2007

Curling in Edmonton, Hurry Hard And Lose The White Belts!

Seeing as I'm an ex-curler, I will be watching the World's here in Edmonton.

So, I watched Canada's first game with Finland, Canada just won the game!!!

But, they lost the fashion contest. Black and white outfits (isn't Canada, red and white?) that look like motorcross bikers, and worse of all, they had WHITE belts that looked like the 70's disco fad. What's with that?

Go out and curl, no need to make a fashion statement boys. By the way, the skip, from Finland speaks better English than Dion.

Friday, March 30, 2007

RCMP Independent Investigator, Who Will It Be?

I heard Stockwell Day saying that they have someone in mind. Who could it be?

Here's my guess: Ed Broadbent

He's highly respected, totally honest, and believeable. Also, we know that no one can then state that the Conservatives are appointing a investigator who is Conservative.

I'm I out to lunch? Is he qualified?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Contempt of Parliament

I forgot to change the channel after question period on CPAC, and what did I hear?

Scott Reid, stood up on a point of privilege and charged that Holland and Jennings were in "contempt of Parliament", because of the documents they had "found", and kept for over a year. MP Reid, stated that at least one box had a label that clearly stated that it was to have been moved, but it never made it.

Most importantly, he stated that those boxes contained personal information about him and other Conservative employees, and he had no assurance that during an election, information might not come out on an MP or one of their employees, because the Liberals had kept some of the documents to use, as they stated in the paper that they had done.

Speaker Milliken, stated that he had seen a picture of the transfer of boxes, and that he would need more information before making a ruling. He stated that both Holland and Jennings needed to state their case.

This is indeed serious, and could lead to searches of Liberal offices, for the documents, they themselves stated that they had held back.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Devil's Horns On Canada AM, Too Funny

Okay, I was trying to watch the Canada AM interview by Marci Ien and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, until I noticed her hair. She's got two little devil's horns sprouting from her head, and everytime I looked at her, that's all I could see.

So, if anyone can tell me what anyone said, I'd appreciate it, because those little horns took up all of my attention.

Click the link and go to the interviews on the right and click on Canada AM: Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

I seriously don't know how Minister Flaherty kept a straight face throughout the interview. Maybe he was at a different angle and didn't see it. But, those are devil's horns if I've ever seen them.

Too funny!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

MP School, Harper is a Bully, or Bully For Harper?

Thanks to Connie over at FreeDominion for letting me use this image, she did a great job!

Williams, Cries Wolf!

Before you get mad at me calling out some Newfies, I've been married to a PEI'er for over 21 years, so, I think of myself as an honourary Maritimer, why else did I put up with one all these years?

Here in Alberta, we have a bunch of wonderful Maritimers, all hard workers, most like to party, none of them came here to collect welfare.

So, why does the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, want to collect welfare? If, they didn't get enough money, how can they afford an ad campaign to attack the federal government?

Full and half-page ads will appear in newspapers including the Globe and Mail, beginning Wednesday, that slam Harper for including oil and gas revenues in a new equalization formula as well as implementing a fiscal cap.

Williams was yapping about this minutes after the budget speech, so, he had not had time to read anything about the deal. Williams needs to get an accountant to read and explain the details to him and his cabinet.

Well, at least when we had Klein here in Alberta, he was protective of Alberta's rights, without being too stupid. Not sure we can say the same thing about Williams. Balance, Williams, it's about balance and fairness, not about who has the biggest mouth, and can shout the loudest. Even the Newfies here in Alberta are embarassed.

GROW UP! You look like a fool, and remember, you can only cry wolf so often.

Monday, March 26, 2007

89 Federalism versus 36 Separatists!

Well, a clear win for only one party, PM Harper and the Conservatives! Federalism is alive in Quebec, by a clear margin. Finally the liberal/separatist only parties are broken, they will need to actually take Quebecors concerns into consideration.

Way to go Quebec, glad you took back your province!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Am Honoured!

I am honoured to have been named the Blogging Tory Site of the week.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there is reading my thoughts, now I know that a few actually are, and that makes a big difference. So, thank you, Brian, I am thrilled to be this weeks winner. (Is there any money involved here? Just kidding. )

On to something I've been thinking about all day, the pet food scare.

I love animals, my greyhound is 14 years old, and she gets special meals, made by Mom, we had a rodent, okay, a hamster for 3 years, that I actually got attached to, even though I told my boys, I wouldn't allow one in the house, but what I find disturbing about the pet food scare, is that it's making more news than the spinach scare.

Humans are dying because of bacteria, the bird flu is killing humans, people are dying for the lack of clean water, and we are more concerned about pets dying?

An ad on the radio talks about how you can clean your CAR with fresh water. Does no-one think about what some people would do to get fresh water to drink? Now, I know us Conservatives are not supposed to be interested in helping the poor and starving in this world, but that's not true. We keep our promises, and care deeply for people. The Liberals/NDP talk a good game, but they are premature ejaculators, they never get the job done because they are so busy, talking about doing something.

So, yes something needs to be done to protect our pets, but, can we protect people too?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rational Thought Is A Hate Crime!

An interesting speech by Evan Sayet, "How Modern Liberals Think".

Some things that struck me;

Rational thought is a hate crime to modern Liberals.
Modern Liberals have the mindset of a 5 year old.
Common sense is rejected by modern Liberals.
The term liberalism is now considered bad, so they have become progressives instead.
Global warming is an attack on America in an attempt to make it evil.

What was funny is that I went to the Globe and Mail site and read some of the lefties comments on sanctions for Iran, and everything he said was true, from the 5 year old level of arguments, to the supporting of terrorists, to the making of America into the "bad" guy.

Clearly Liberals do use a 5 year olds thinking, and never, ever, ever, present a fact to a Liberal, they can't handle the truth.

So, for an interesting perspective on modern Liberals, Watch it now.

Enjoy, I did!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Checkers Or Chess?

It seems to me that the opposition parties are playing checkers, while PM Harper is playing chess.

So, the opposition are busy jumping Kyoto and Kelowna checkers, while PM Harper has moved away from socialist programs, to programs that stamp an inprint on this land. Even the SOW's have undergone a transformation, NO more activists get any funding, only programs that actually help females get funding. Wow us redneck, prairie dog shooting, knuckle dragging, illiterate, hillbillies, actually care about the disabled and women, who would have thunk?

PM Harper is so many steps ahead of the opposition, it's like shooting gophers on the prairie, lot's of splatter, and a whole lot of fun!

YAH, YAH, email me with your outraged protests about killing those rodents. But, I must protest against the greenpeace, environmentalists, suzukified, hippy protesters who want to kill a sweet, lovable polar bear baby, called Knut. WHERE ARE YOUR HEADS? GORE SAYS POLAR BEARS ARE AT RISK, THEY ARE DROWNING, BUT YOU WANT TO KILL KNUT? This is totally stupid, it shows everyone how moronic the enviroweenies actually are, and forces us to send them to the prairies, where we can watch for them to poke their heads out of their holes, and smack them so they get some common sense.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

PM Accused Of Hate Mongering!

Alexa, NDP MP, called PM Harpers comment, hate mongering. She did, I'm not lying.

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners,'' Harper replied.
"I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers.''

That's the statement that Alexa calls hate mongering. Well, Alexa, you are the one who wants to talk to the Taliban, your party should all head right over there, and talk to the guys who behead teachers who dare to teach girls, yup, you should volunteer to teach those girls, seeing as you are the party of the people.

It's time to get off the pot and show what the NDP are really all about. NO? You are good at spouting about families, but when the budget supports families, you vote against it, bad move. I will be happy to keep $620 more of my tax money because of this budget, that only leaves me $16,000+ in the hole.

As an aside, John Reynolds ripped Martha Hall a new one by telling the Liberals to grow up, I laughed so hard that my son came to check on me.

Just as I was recovering from that one, Duffy commented to a reporter (click on Mike Duffy live, go to talk radio panel) he was interviewing who lives in Hedi Fry's riding about crosses to burn!!! My son was ready to dial 911 I was laughing so hard.

So, all in all, a great day to be Conservative.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Majority In Sight, Poll!

Interesting that this poll has been ignored, or maybe I'm asleep at the wheel, but being a statistics junky, I doubt I've missed this one being discussed in the media. So, why aren't we hearing about this poll?

Majority in sight, so the media does a shhhhh, don't tell the voters.

Okay, I hear you all yelling that it was an online poll, but, this is not a click and vote poll like most online polls, go to page 6 of the report, this is a carefully conducted poll.

So, what are the highlights?

-PM Harper is at 35% for preferred PM, Dion is at 19%. Ouch!
-29% say their opinion of Dion is worse, only 9% say it's better. Ouch, ouch.
- In Ontario 41% would vote Conservative, 36% Liberal, triple ouch!
-38% would vote Conservative, 28% Liberal. Too may ouchs to count!

Oh dear, I think the Liberals are in serious trouble.

Just today, PM Harper smacked down Dion and all whimpy "make peace" opposition parties!

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners," Harper said Wednesday during Parliament's question period.
"I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers."
As his MPs jeered the prime minister's remarks, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion called the statement shocking and asked for an apology.
He didn't get one.
"I would like to see more support in the House of Commons from all sides for Canadian men and women in uniform," Harper said.
"I think Canadians expect that from parliamentarians in every party. They have not been getting it, and they deserve it."

Outstanding! Truly outstanding.

I hope the media runs with this story for days, people need to know how "soft on terrorism" the Liberals and other opposition parties really are. A few more zingers like this from PM Harper, the Liberals are going to force an election to get rid of Dion!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Their Greed Knows No Bounds!

Provinces don't want to raise their tax rates, so they blame the federal government for not giving them enough money. What a bunch of babies they look like, especially Newfoundland, somebody should give Williams a serious talking to, he is destroying his province by shear pigheadedness. He won't negotiate with the oil companies, but he wants extra federal dollars, he wants to be more than equal with other provinces, sorry that dog don't hunt! He is not a leader, if he is the best Newfoundland has to offer, I feel sorry for that province. Same goes for Calvert in Saskatchewan. I say, if those provinces don't like the choices, give them another choice, NO transfer payment money.

So is Quebec happy? Nope, but they will take our money. I actually heard a Quebec MP say that it was their money, are they that dumb? Do they not realize that Ontario and Alberta are sending them money, over and above what Quebecors send to Ottawa? Is there something in their water that makes them stupid? Or they just so arrogant that they believe they deserve the money, just because they are French? Quebec needs to get off their butts and try working for a living, they have the lowest participation rate in all of Canada. If they aren't willing to work, I hope there is a vote to separate, and I hope they actually vote to leave Canada. I used to think differently, I wanted them to stay, but they are so socialist now, that I hope they leave so they don't pull the rest of Canada into that big socialist hole that we would never get out of, no matter how hard we try. I blame Trudeau for leading our country down the path of socialism. I will not let my children suffer because Quebec wants the government to support them, for life.

Their greed knows no bounds, nothing will satisfy them. Watch Alberta....something is brewing in that province that the rest of Canada might not like!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tax Havens Gone! That Is Just Too Funny!

Okay, I know everyone is japping about the budget was too conservatives, or not conservative enough, but what had me and my office mate laughing out loud, was they ended tax havens.

Yup, you won't see it in the media, no-one will know about it's implications, so allow me to enlighten you, if I may.

Martin also came under fire from former Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark, who charged that the former finance minister was in direct conflict of interest when he did not close Canadian tax loopholes for firms like CSL that do business in Barbados. Barbados is a tax haven for foreign companies where they can avoid paying their country's taxes and wages. Some of CSL's subsidiaries are registered in Barbados and pay almost no tax on their profits.

So, this budget is priceless for no other reason than the Conservatives, with straight faces I might add, did away with the tax haven used by exPM Martin, you know, the one he would not close, for unknown reasons. So, exPM Martin and his company now finally will get to pay taxes here in Canada. If they would also stop dumping sewage into the Great Lakes, and smuggling cocaine into the country, I'd be happy!

How the Liberals get away with that garbage, and the Conservatives can't even make an honest mistake, like Gordon O'Connor, who is protecting some civil servants who gave him bad information about a liberal agreement, by apologizing to Parliament, is totally beyond me, because honestly, I think liberalism is a mental illness.

Thank goodness we no longer have a millionaire, cocaine supporting, oil dumping PM.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Someone Turned Up The Heat!

Was thinking about what to post about all day. After considering the anti-war protests, Kyoto, and the lint in my belly button, there was only one outstanding item to post on.

The awesome speech PM Harper gave to 5,000 party faithful! Could CTV have picked a sillier picture for their story? It doesn't matter though, this speech is my second favourite, my first is still PM Harper's acceptance speech that was so late in the evening that not many people got to see it.

The people who were there have stated how hot it was, and judging by PM Harper's wiping of the brow, guess that's true. The Liberals seriously need to send Scott Reid back into hiding, his comments on the speech lacked any class, and made him look like the crybaby that he is. Wait, maybe they should keep him, he is the perfect example of the Liberal mindset. Beer and popcorn! HA

Someone turned up the heat, and it was definitely the Conservatives. Even Craig Oliver called PM Harper a "powerful campaigner". All this and no election call yet, what fun!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Steaming Mad!

I blogged yesterday about how the Liberals somehow missed including the auto industry in the 700 big polluters. Guess that producing cars isn't very polluting, so the oil pipelines should be exempted as well, hummm? They don't pollute, they just carry the polluting oil.

Here's something that has been simmering in my brain since I heard it. PM Harper was in BC talking about the hydrogen highway, sounds good, except for something PM Harper said, he said something about how hydrogen cars are non-polluting because they only emit water vapour. Having read up about GHG's, this struck my as funny because, water vapour is the BIGGEST GHG.

The major natural greenhouse gases are water vapor, which causes about 36-70% of the greenhouse effect on Earth (not including clouds);

So 36% to 70% of GHG's are caused by water vapour, CO2, not so much (9-26%). So, why aren't the environmentalists screaming about how bad hydrogen cars are because they increase GHG's? What am I missing here? Are hydrogen cars good because they don't run on gas? Why aren't they insisting that we reduce water vapour?

This stinks to high heaven, environmentalists are ignoring the worse offender of GHG's, water vapour, and they are actually encouraging more water vapour by staying silent about hydrogen cars. Anyone else see a pattern here? Liberals will not punish the auto industry, and environmentalists will not say anything about hydrogen cars. Hummm!

All those water vapours, are making me steaming mad!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Auto Sector Is Still Exempted Under The Liberal Plan!

Dion and the Liberals are just helping the Conservatives win a majority! With Dion's latest Kyoto money grabbing (it's not a tax) announcement, more Canadians are grabbing their wallets and holding on tight. Thank goodness the Conservatives are in power. Keep it up, I'm enjoying the media trying to spin his announcement into something good for the economy and jobs.

One thing I noticed of the 700 big polluters, the auto industry is still exempt. Now, I know you are going to want proof, so, here it is, click on the link and go to Friday, at about 7:00, David McGuinty clearly states that the auto sector is exempted! Buzz will be happy, little Liberal Stronach puppy that he has become, too bad he can't get an interview with PM Harper, or not!

Alberta oil and gas, was mentioned a zillion times, those nasty Albertans, who never vote for Liberals, bad, bad, Albertans, but the auto sector aren't polluting! I had someone from Toronto in my office yesterday, he couldn't believe how clear our skies are, right here in big bad polluting oil country. Never had a smog day, but no-one will believe us nasty polluting Albertans.

So, just for you Dion, it's that big yellow ball up in the sky, called the SUN, not CO2. I know it's a lot of English words, but give it a try, you might learn something.

Today’s global warming is part of a natural 1,500-year, plus or minus 500-year, solar cycle operating for at least a million years. The Earth’s climate has warmed and cooled nine times in the past 12,000 years, in lock step with the waxing and waning of the sun’s magnetic activity (Science 2001;294[7 December]:2130-2136). Over the last 1,200 years there has been a "Medieval Warming" (900-1300), when Greenland was green; a "Little Ice Age" (1300-1850), when New York harbor froze, and people could walk from Manhattan across the ice to Staten Island a mile away (in 1780); and the current global warming (1850-?). Rather than "global warming," a better term for this phase of the solar cycle is "Modern Warming." Since 1850, temperatures have risen 0.8 degrees C, most rapidly in 1850-1870 and 1920-1940. Temperatures in the 1,500-year solar cycle fluctuate within a 4 degree C range – two degrees above and two degrees below the norm.

So, can we stop trying to kill our economy Dion, and start spending that Kyoto money, on cancer research instead? You know something that is really killing people? Or do you buy your carbon guilt credits from Gore and Chairman Mo?

Follow the money people, follow the money. The Liberals are infested with people like Chairman Mo, Martin Steamship Lines, and Stronach's . Money grabbers, all, in the first degree.

If you are stupid enough to think that a carbon tax will not be paid by consumers, go read any economics text.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For The Kids Sake, Well Done Canada!

I feel for the two kids stuck living in an airport for 9 months, no wonder the Mom fainted, what a relief it must be for her to know that finally their ordeal is over. As a Mom, I can't imagine having to go through what she did. It might have been funny when Tom Hanks was portraying it in a movie, but I'm sure she was at her wits end. I would have been.

"Now I see freedom," a visibly shaken Zahra Kamalfar told reporters. "I can see again the sky, the moon, the sun."
Overcome by emotion, she collapsed on her way out of the Vancouver airport.

If any family deserved our help it was this family. So, thank you Canada, for showing compassion and caring enough to help out some fellow human beings, who were truly in need of our help. This is a big country, with a big heart, and we just showed we do care about more than just ourselves.

Zahra Kamalfar, is one brave woman, who did everything a Mom could do to get her kids to a save place.

For the kids sake, well done Canada. Welcome to our country Kamalfar family, may your life be brighter, safer, and more secure. Don't look back, look forward.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Strong Gore, Or Mo Gore? Or Just Follow The Money?

Sick as I am about talking about the global warming religion, I feel we can't leave it lie. If we do, the money changers win.

So, if we continue to follow the money, what do we find? Here's a hint of why the Liberals are still beating the dead horse called Kyoto!

This duo has done more than anyone else to advance the alarmism of man-made global warming.
With little media monitoring, both Strong and Gore are cashing in on the lucrative cottage industry known as man-made global warming.
Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as "the world's first and North America's only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil."
Gore buys his carbon off-sets from himself--the Generation Investment Management LLP, "an independent,
private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C." of which he is both chairman and founding partner.

So, we have Chairman Mo and Gore, teaming up to bilk billions out of taxpayers pockets to put those dollars into their retirement funds. Disgusting.

So, Cretian, Martin and now Dion continue to bleat about Kyoto, why? One guy, Mo Strong, the guy who wrote the Kyoto rules, the same guy hiding out in China, one of the worse polluters in the world, but with hot air credits coming their way, potentially huge winners. The EU has bought into the madness, hopefully the Conservatives will hold firm, so far they have, but big money usually gets their way. We will see, PM Harper owes no big players like Magna, or Chairman Mo any favours, not like the Liberals, who are owned by big business.

Oh, by the way is EX PM Paul Martin's company still avoiding Canadian taxes?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Capital One Ads, Liberals = Rodents!

Last election everytime I saw the Capital One ads about hands in my pockets, I laughed because it was Liberals with their hands in our pockets for 13 years. Their ads helped us win a minority. I was at a town hall meeting and someone got up and hummed hands in my pockets, before they asked a question, everyone laughed. Annie, get your guns, just frowned. She knew she was toast.

Now, their new ads are just as funny, bankers are infesting homes, except everytime I see the ads, it's Liberals that are the infestation.

Here's some of their new ads, enjoy!

I swear these guys are Conservatives, or at least their ad company is, maybe the Conservatives should be talking to them about ads for the next election.

Excellent marketing, excellent ads! I also like the AIC commercials, you know the ones with the baby cooing, or the puppy chewing the slipper? People watch whose ads and smile. I watch those Capital One ads, and see Liberals scurrying out of the light into the dark. Seeing as my blog is the total opposite, Climbing out of the dark, into the Conservative light, these ads trigger my funny bone.

Oh, I know us Conservatives aren't supposed to have funny bones, but lately, even stern, no nonsense Conservatives are finding theirs, it's easy when the Liberals are the target, they are just so shrill lately. Coderre on Duffy last night was hysterical, about a meeting by O'Connor that hadn't happened that day due to bad scheduling, he actually called for his resignation as Minister of Defence. What an idiot. Liberal Whip Karen Redman looked just as bad calling for O'Connors resignation today, basically the Liberals are falling apart, they have the spin down pat, but don't realize that no-one is believing them anymore.

Looks good on them!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hillier, A True Soldier.

One thing that the Liberals actually got right, appointing Hillier as Chief of Defence Staff. He's a straight shooter, a real soldier's soldier. Keep up the good work! Watching some of the coverage on CTV, he's obviously right at home with his troops.

He is actually smiling and relaxed, in a war zone! Doesn't say much about Ottawa, does it?

Glad he went to Afghanistan, I'm sure he's happy to get out of the poisoned atmosphere in Ottawa, with Liberals calling him a "prop to the Conservatives". What a joke the Liberals have become with their Conservatives behind every door, in every judical committee, next, it will be soldiers in our cities, oops, I guess they've already done that one!

I like Minister O'Connor too, he's another straight shooter, I laughed so hard the other day when he got up and called Coderre, a bottom feeder! That was classic!

Maybe Liberals should leave our military to do the job, or are tough minded, troops scary? Heck, maybe the troops are the ones with the "scary hidden agenda" like, helping Afghanistan. If you are soft on crime and soft on terrorism, what's to stop you from being soft on the military? Guess that's why they are attacking a true Canadian, General Hillier, he must scare them silly!

Someone getting things done for Canada, wow, now that's scary, kind of like our PM.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

You Could Smell Spring Today!

Okay, I've been itching to start my seeds, but I have held off, until today, I just couldn't wait anymore. So, my tomato seeds and various flowers are now started. I am fortunate enough to have a south facing big picture window, and Alberta gets so much sun that I don't need special lighting, just a $50 Canadian Tire four tier mobile greenhouse.

Lefties yell about CO2, and greenhouse gases, while their God Suzuki spews from his diesel bus, guess I'm not helping there, but my plants sure love CO2!

Here is the mistake lefties make, they think that anyone not on board with them about global warming, must not be concerned about the environment, this is a huge mistake. Most people truly concerned about the environment tend to be conservatives. Most farmers are conservatives, why would they destroy their livelihoods by not conserving their lands?

We recycle most garbage here in Edmonton, we actually have one of the most advanced recycling plants in all of North America. Wind power, we have more turbines than all of Canada combined, yup, those Conservatives, really like to conserve, fancy that.

I recycle, I compost (even in winter), I have 4 rain barrels to use on my garden and flowers, I grow veggies without chemicals, I pickle and preserve, I start my flowers from seeds I collect in the fall, I keep my heat at 16, I do everything I can to help preserve this earth.

I talked to a lefty in Toronto, they out and out stated that they would never recycle, it would be too much of a time waster to rinse a can and put it in a recycle bin. Toronto sends their unsorted garbage to the US for disposal. Victoria (Suzuki country) dumps raw sewage into the ocean, that's right, raw sewage, but lefties are the saviours of the environment? Not so much!

The lefties yap about the environment and GHG's, Conservatives actually do something about it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle!

If you haven't watched it yet, it's worth your time!

Here's the link, enjoy!

Finally the other side is getting some exposure. Spread it around.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Conservative Women, Tough Minded!

I was at the Conservative rally in Edmonton on Thursday, and I really enjoyed the experience. I had never been to a political rally, I only became politically active last election, because I was so sick of the Liberals lack of values and morals.

So, some of us were asked to stand in a line so we might be able to shake PM Harper's hand. I wanted my 13 year old to get that chance, so we went up into the line, where I met a true Conservative woman. She came up with her stroller and stood beside us, as the PM was late, we naturally started talking to pass the time.

Don't know how old she was, but she told me that they came to Edmonton in 1950, before I was born! She is what built Alberta into the province it is today. Some of the things we talked about really got me thinking.

1. A true woman of action!
She was tired of renting a place, so, during the day she went out and bought a house, then showed it to her husband. He asked, are we going to buy it, she told him she already had!

2. Calls a spade a spade!
She thinks PM Harper needs to lose weight! She feels it's not healthy for him to weigh so much.

3. Knows her kids aren't perfect.
No wilting violet, she told me one of her sons was useless! She wasn't whining, she was just being realistic, bet she whips him into shape.

She is a true gem, a real Conservative woman!

Straight talking, common sense, and most importantly tough minded! I don't care how old she gets, you can't pull the wool over her eyes, she sees just as clearly today as she did when she was first married.

So, I totally enjoyed my conversation with her, but it got me thinking, what is a Conservative woman?

It's her! A pioneer at heart, out lived her husband probably by shear will power, rules her family with an iron hand, and has no time for fools (Liberals).

I started thinking about all the Conservative women I know, and came to the conclusion that all of them are tough minded.

They all know where they are going, and how to get there.
They don't complain, they act.
They don't demand equality, they make people understand that they are more than equal.
They don't want handouts, they want to help people who truly need help.
They take no guff from anyone, male or female.

Conservative women, tough minded, ready to change our country, for the betterment of their children, and most importantly, they drag their husbands into the fight and make them excel.

Conservative women, tough minded!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poor English Causes Quebecer Suncor Job.

A Quebec ironworker is accusing Suncor of discrimination after he was fired for poor English, but a spokesman for the oil giant says poor communication can be dangerous.
The dismissal prompted a second Quebecer to quit Suncor in protest and has incensed the local ironworkers union, which is demanding Suncor do more to accommodate French-speaking tradesmen.

Well, I can hear the howling about this one! Maybe if Quebec allowed signs in both French and English, instead of French only, this wouldn't have happened!

"If they'd have just given him the tests in French he'd have passed with flying colours," he said

Last fall, he said, Suncor hired 30 non-unionized Filipino tradesmen to work at their Firebag site farther north.
"They hired translators for them," Anderson said, although Suncor spokesman Patti Lewis said the Filipinos all passed English-language testing.

I think the whole issue is not about language, it's about union versus non-union workers.

So, Quebec, hows that French only law working out? It's the province of Quebec that is discriminating, not Suncor. If I go to a doctor, and he only speaks French, it's not going to do me any good now is it?

The English test is there to protect workers, but don't let the safety of workers get in the way of French language rights. It's sad that Filipino tradesmen can pass the test, but a Canadian can not!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will Anyone Support This Bill?

Here's a way to get the opposition to vote against a bill and then use it to call an election.

The Conservatives, we are told endlessly by the media, are swimming in money, as if that's a bad thing. Well it is when all the other parties are scrambling for funds.

The opposition have been playing games, passing a Kyoto bill, the Kelowna bill, just about passing an anti-scab bill, and worse of all voting against the anti-terrorist bill. You see, the lefties actually hold the majority in Parliament and are using that power to their advantage in committees, and in the Senate. It's amazing that the Conservatives have managed to get anything done in this Parliament. No law and order bills are being passed, because they know that the Conservatives hold the high ground on that issue. So, it's all about stall, stall, stall, and if stalling doesn't work, past a useless bill.

I'm getting sick of this lack of cooperation, and I think a lot of other people are as well, so the question is, how do the Conservatives get the opposition to vote down a confidence bill? Here's the answer.

The government puts forward a confidence vote on a bill that would cancel the $1.75 per vote of taxpayers money every political party now gets.

Only the Conservatives are in a position to win on this bill, all other parties are too broke to be able to vote with the government on a bill like that, so the opposition brings down the government on a bill that saves taxpayers millions.

It not a big issue, but it could be the final straw that broke the Parliaments back, plus it makes the opposition parties look greedy!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Predisposed To Polls.

Okay just a quick post because it is late, and I have to be at work real early tomorrow.

We have all seen online polls go bad, like the poll that just got unSuzukified, also lots of Globe and Mail polls seem to get freeped overnight. That's to be expected, given the chance, someone will try to corrupt an online poll to reflect their opinion. Personally I think it's a big waste of time, but hey, if you have nothing better to do with your life, go ahead.

What I really want to point out is that the latest Angus Reid poll showing the Conservatives at 40% and the Liberals at 26%, has been called an online poll, and therefore everyone is saying it's not accurate, but it was an email poll, not an online poll. It's actually no worse than a phone poll. Here's some reasons why:

1. Most people will not take the time to answer a phone poll, those same people will not answer an email about a poll.

In my household, I love answering polls of all kinds, my hubby hates them, so when a polling firm calls, he hands the phone right to me. So, we are already biasing the poll, only a person predisposed to answering polls will agree, all others will say no and hang up.

2. I get all sorts of email invitations to answer polls, my name is on a whole list of polling firms, I even go to focus groups (mainly because they pay money). So, if I get an email asking me to participate in a poll, I am predisposed to do so, even though I don't know what the survey is about. This is the same thing that Angus Reid would have done, does it bias the survey? No more than a phone poll.

3. Email polls reach more people at a lower cost to the company.

Phone poll, you need people calling, email poll, all you need is an email address.

Now, just because I am Conservative, does that mean that I am more likely to answer either an email poll or a phone poll? Nope, I'm just predisposed to answering surveys.

So, a phone poll, or an email poll have their biases. Online polls are a totally different matter, they can be freeped, and therefore are not reliable.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Alberta Bashing, Again!

All right, this Liberal/Bloq/NDP trick of bashing Alberta to win votes in the rest of Canada is going to come back to bite them.

Watching question period sure opens your eyes about the Bloq. They do not support the war in Afghanistan, but when a contract for military equipment gets awarded, they start yelling about how they DESERVE 60% of that contract work. Well, okay, you can have 60% of a 3 billion contract, if Alberta doesn't have to send you 11 billion in return, just to keep your sorry, non-working butts in Canada.

The NDP, they want tougher restrictions on the oil sands, if they would just think about that (I know that's a foreign concept), they would realize that means fewer tax dollars to get spent on their favorite special interest groups, or that wonder of a healthcare system, they support.

The Liberals, are just about as bad as the Bloq, all they want is to raid Alberta's resources, NEP II on the way folks.

"In particular, greenhouse gas emissions from oil sands activities are of increasing concern and have yet to be tackled head on. As one witness from the Pembina Institute put it, Canada risks becoming known 'not as an energy superpower but as a superpolluter'."
It says the Alberta government owns the oil sands and should determine the pace of their development, but Ottawa also has jurisdiction to intervene through legislation such as the Fisheries Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.
"The committee recommends that the federal government, specifically the Department of Natural Resources, base all of its actions in the area of oil sands development on sustainable development and polluter pays principles."
It recommends a firm limit on greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands, saying they should be developed in a way that doesn't jeopardize Canada's obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.
The Alberta government is likely to react strongly to any suggestion of a stronger federal role in the development of the oil resources.

The Alberta government is likely to react strongly? Are you kidding, the Alberta people are likely to revolt and separate!

Why will all this energy grabbing and Kyoto garbage fail? Well, Newfoundland/Sask/Ab, all have oil, so if they see a tax grab happening in AB, they have to know it will happen to them too. Next, if oil subsidies have to go, so do all the government subsidies, so, Ontario with the auto sector gets hurt, and Quebec with Bombardier gets hit. That leaves only BC as a have province, until they come after their forestry and mining industries.

Why would the Liberals want to kill off the golden goose? They know we will never vote for them, EVER, so they have nothing to lose by Alberta bashing. The Bloq, same deal. The NDP, well they just have their heads on backwards, and they actually think they are going forward.

Added to all the lefty political parties bashing us, we get Suzuki, coming to an ELEMENTARY school and bashing our Prime Minister. They are all doing such a good job of isolating Alberta, that we just might isolate from the rest of Canada, the only thing keeping Alberta from doing that, is that the Conservatives are in power, and Albertans are stronger supporters of Canada, than any other province.

None of these parties mention that Alberta is the only debt free province (not deficit free, DEBT free), and that we got there by taking a 20% reduction in jobs. We sucked it up, and got it done. We should be the shining example of how to make a province work, yet all we get is Alberta bashing.

But, beware, we will only be raped for so long in the name of Canada.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Conservatives And Common Sense

I went to meet some people I had only known on-line by posting at Free Dominion, it was an interesting experience.

The very first thing I felt was a level of comfort, knowing I was with like thinkers. There were no ackward lags in the conversation, because we had politics to talk about, and we were all on the same page, or mostly on the same page, but Conservatives like free thinkers who can support their arguments, that's what makes us interesting, and better people.

More Conservatives should do exactly the same thing, it helps you realize that Conservatives come in all shapes and sizes, but at heart, deep down, they are real people with real concerns about our country, not some made up, neo-con knuckle dragging fire, and brimstone breathing Liberal created monster.

Real people with real concerns, and a real desire to help make our country a better place to live for everyone.

We met over beer and chicken wings, not champagne and cavier. We are the hard working middle class, concerned about our families, not the global warming myth. We want safe streets and cities, not gay parades. We want our taxes spent on healthcare and helping the disabled, not special interest groups who suck off the government teat and accomplish nothing for real people.

It finally hit me tonight, it's all about common sense.

That's what Conservatives have that the lefties don't, plain and simple, common sense!

Friday, March 02, 2007

I Feel Sorry For Ralph

No, not Klein, he's doing fine, I mean Goodale. I know I shouldn't feel sorry for him, but I do.

He's the only Liberal left with any hint of personal integrity, and he's fighting hard for his party. He has had to step in and defend Dion's positions, and the only way he can do it is by bluster. It's really shameful to see what Dion has reduced him to doing. He's probably the only Liberal who should get re-elected. Dion and Iggy are so weak, it's really been left to him to try and fight the whole Conservative party.

He's been reduced to an old wind bag, and I wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't run again, but his loyalty to his party might make him try, just one more time. It's like an old hockey player playing one season too many instead of going out on the top of the heap.

One man alone can not save the Liberal party, but Ralph is putting up a good fight. Too bad he's looking like a shrill housewife (fishperson, houseperson, dang not sure what the politically correct term is, but you get the idea, right?) and it makes me sad that his party has reduced him to this level.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Scary Thought!

I'm starting to think that the NDP are actually a better option than the Liberals! Now, that's a scary thought!

Liberals remind me of a fish out of water, flip-flopping to get back into the water (power), not understanding that their days are numbered.

The NDP, might be wrong on most issues, but at least they take a position and stick to it. They have also honestly been trying to make this minority work.

So, if I was a lefty (perish the thought) who would I vote for next election? NDP or maybe even the Greens.

Not the Liberals, mainly because they have no position on major policies, their leader is a joke, Bill Graham actually did a better job than the 1-2 Dion, Iggy punch so far, and they are so busy pandering to the ethnic voters they are leaving the center wide open for the Conservatives, and if they are smart the NDP.

How far can the Liberals actually fall? The NDP need to start attacking the Liberals, hard. They need to work with the Conservatives on the Clean Air Act, and position themselves as a true alternative to the Liberals. Jack, you're a smart guy, get your party singing the same tune.

Hope I don't have nightmares tonight, but actually the Liberals are the nightmare, can the NDP capitalize?