Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How Do We Get Beer To Our Soldiers For Oilers Games

I think there must be some way we can get beer sent to our soldiers in Afghanistan so they too can have fun cheering on the Oilers! Many of the soldiers deployed are our beloved Patricia Pats from Edmonton, who have lately been taking the brunt of the Taliban attacks.

Who here knows how we can get them some beer for at least one game of the series?? Molson's you hear me? One tiny little Herc, full of cheer, and I will even buy beer instead of wine next time!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CBC 100% Canadian Content! Why Not?

Okay, with the opposition parties worried that the Conservatives will not respect the CBC's right to exist, they ganged up and passed the "Protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression" bill in parliament today.

Well, okay then, I agree that our culture needs to be preserved, so as noone is watching CBC anyways, except for hockey, let's make the CBC, 100% Canadian content, so us taxpayers can protect and promote the diversity of cultural expression! That's cheap for a cool billion dollars, and it will satisfy all the parameters of the new bill. Canada can keep it's beloved CBC and it's cultural identity by making sure that the CBC only has Canadian content on it's radio and TV stations. It's a win, win solution! CBC wins because it gets to stay around, and we win, because we are preserving our Canadian identity.

When I want to know what the people in Quebec are doing, I can switch to CBC. Not sure what the city is doing about the potholes in my area? CBC. Want to know who is having a garage sale in my area, yup, you guessed it, CBC. Works for me!!!

It would preserve our cultural identity, we can call it the station of Much Culture, "All Culture, All the Time", kind of like, Much Music, "All Music, All the Time".

I tell you, I'm starting to get attached to this idea. I'm sure our Canadian artists will love this, they can all have their own show!

Paint by Numbers for Idiots!

Activists, great, give them their own show.

Why Stay at Home Parents are Raising Criminals!

The opportunity for Canadian only shows is endless.

Tamal Tigers in Canada, a Canadian fund raising telethon! Sure hit!

Okay, my brain is buzzing with so many ideas, I have to stop before it overloads.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I Want To Scrum The Media

Here’s my thinking, if the Prime Minister calls a press conference, and wants to be in control of who asks questions, it’s his party, so if you don’t want to play, don’t accept the invite. Go find some opposition buddy to hang out with, and get your story that way.

If you, the media, are representing the people, then, we, the people, should get an opportunity to question you, and the stories that you write. But we don’t get that opportunity. Sure, we can email you, your papers, or the network that you work for anytime we want. The problem with that, and I have tried it, is that you get back a standard response that simple says something like: Thank you we have received your message.

Thanks for that wonderful feedback!! Makes me feel like my opinion has been heard, NOT!

So, my question is. Who is holding the media to account? They are all over PM Harper and his Ministers, but if you, as a private citizen make a comment about the media performance, or lack thereof, you get a nice little we got your email. Or you can send a letter to the editor, and hope it gets printed, unedited. So, they can edit your letters, and emails, even ignore them if they want, they the media, have that power, as a matter of fact, they think it is their RIGHT. Bet if PM Harper ignored one of their questions they would go ballistic……….oh, wait, they have gone ballistic, because, well, the Prime Minister MIGHT not allow one of them to ask a question!

If the PPG are available everyday, doing nothing as they are not asking questions of the Prime Minister, let’s make Friday a PPG scrum day! I will even line up at the microphone like they would want me to, I assume, because that is what they want to do with the Prime Minister. Let the public fire a few unscripted questions at the media and see how they would handle the pressure!

Like can I ask Jane Taber why she feels she has the right to call someone a bigot? Would she respond? Would she even have the nerve to be there? How about Duffy? Can I ask him about his diet or lack of it? Let’s find out!

I want to scrum the media! Should be fun!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

All Quiet On the Daycare Front??

Where have all the protesters gone? Did the opposition parties finally get some feedback that told them to shut up about this issue? Do they finally realize that parents count? That families count? One can only hope.

So, now that the budget gives families that $100 a month, for beer and popcorn, burp, can the opposition finally realize that, Mom and Dad, are the best people to raise their own children? We do not want the unionized daycares, we want true choice, and that's what we got with the Conservatives.

Just wait until those cheques start rolling out, all the opposition parties are going to see how badly they misjudged the average working Canadian. They have no clue what we think is important.

And, when the GST gets lowered from 7% to 6%, lookout........Conservative rating are going to soar.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That about sums up how I feel right now. Was an awesome win and bring on the next one!!

Okay, been an Oiler fan since they became Oilers, drank champagne out of the REAL Stanley, and I am glad we have at least one Canadian team still in the running.


GO OILERS GO!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye, Nichola Goddard

As a female, I feel that Nichola's death brings us into a new era. Females can do a dangerous job, but, they can also be killed. That is the new reality.

If I was Nichola's father, I would be really ticked off that the media picked only the few sentences that he made about the Trenton issue and how the government has reduced access to the family crying and being overcome by their grief. There were much better statements made by Nichola's husband, mostly ignored by the press. That is just sad.

The press shows only what they want to show, they slanted this story, and they made Nichola's sacrifice into a political issue. SHAME on them. Her family is clear that they supported her military career, but the media made it into a slam Harper issue. I'm sure that Nichola's family did not mean this to happen, they just wanted their girl to be given a true military sendoff.

SHAME on the press for making this political, you did not respect Nichola, you made her death a political issue, and that is just not right. SHAME

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Opposition Bill Pushing For Kyoto

Believe it or not the Liberals have a bill in Parliament that will force us to legally meet the Liberal Kyoto goals. Now that the Liberals are 35% over our Kyoto targets, they are bringing in a bill that will FORCE us to meet those targets??? They did nothing for over 13 years, our greenhouse gases increased by 29% under the Liberal watch, but now it's the Conservatives that need to clean up the mess?

They have the support of the Bloc and NDP on this bill, so, get ready folks, you will be walking or biking to work if they have their way. As Rona has told us, all transportation will have to be closed down to meet our Kyoto targets. Will the opposition MP's ride bikes to work?? NOT!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Klein: Muckers Off Our Resources!!!!

I will be sorry to see Klein go. I can at least be sure he won't sell Alberta out. He is also tough enough to stand up to Ontario and Quebec.

Klein says Alberta has "control" and "authorization" over its resources under the Constitution, and he's seeking a legal opinion to see if there's a way he can pull his province out of the revenue-sharing deal.

Klein is promising a fight unless the federal Conservatives live up to their election promise to not include resource revenues in the equalization formula.

"They made a campaign promise, the federal Conservatives, that they wouldn't include resource revenues in the equalization formula," Klein told reporters in Edmonton Wednesday. "And I would hope they live up to that, because otherwise they're going to have a battle on their hands."

Now, let's see, if Alberta refuses to send it's 11B to other provinces, what can those provinces do?? Beg, cry, maybe stop sucking off the government t--?

Don't get me wrong, my husband is from PEI and I realize that they need help, and as an Albertan, I am more than willing to help other provinces. But we got our debt in control by taking 20% cuts when oil prices were in the tank. No-one helped us then, and believe me, we still remember the NEP out here. Including resource revenues in the equalization equation will be and is a revenue grab just like the NEP. Alberta votes Conservative, because we remember what the Liberals did to our province with the NEP, and we will not put up with that ever again.

Provinces need to stop over spending just because they can, Quebec should have been a have province a long time ago, but they rely on handouts to keep expensive programs like their daycare plan going, and have the nerve to tell the rest of us that they have it right. Sure they do, they understand that for years they have been threatening to leave Canada so they can suck more money out of the federal government, or in other words, our taxpayers money.

So, with Klein and our Edmonton Oilers (sorry Flames), Alberta is the place to be. The west is rising to power and if you don't like it, sorry, but we will not be second class Canadians ever again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Justice Committee, Or No Justice

Watched CPAC coverage today, Bloq was okay, but all of a sudden Liberals do not support being tougher on crimes. DUH. As if they really wanted to get tough on criminals. Dang, politicans are dumb. Liberals should have supported Afghanistan, but no, they can't see beyond their partisian goals, or noses.

All the talk was about STATISTICS, well, I know all about how you can manipulate those data banks. Every party can quote/slant it anyway they want. Is crime up?? Do the stats support it?? I could care less about statistics, when a little girl gets sexually assualted in Armstrong BC by a deranged homeless person, who I am told, I should feel sorry for, because they are homeless, gag me. I am amazed by the control the police showed by only arresting this sicko. But Liberals will whine that he has rights. He has no rights. He is a blight on society and needs to spend the rest of his life in jail. Put him in the general population, he will not last long. Will I feel sorry, NO.

Derek Lee, an Ontario Liberal, went totally ballistic today, yelling while other members were asking questions to Minister Toews. He said the Conservatives were "fear mongering" about crime! DUH! Drugies are robbing us of $1000 a day per drugie, they are beating up our older people for less than $300, but, we are "fear mongering"?? You need to get a grip Lee, you need to understand that the average Canadian is sick and tired of you, and your soft position on crime.

Don't even get me started on the laws that protect juveniles. Most important are the proposed laws that will finally raise the age of consent from 14 to 16. My God, how can you vote against this law???

I will be taking note of who votes against this, and if you think that ONE person can't make a difference, think again. I have over 700 young minds to talk to, to show who is right, to influence like all the university professors do on a regular basis, without fear, thinking they are superior, thinking they actually have a right to influence young minds. What is scary, is the liberal mind set, the "I am entitled to my entitlements", this will stop, and soon.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Grits Trying To Take The High Road, Sheesh!!!

Okay the Grits got us into this mess, now they are trying to appear to be the heros of the environment??

Does 35% above the Kyoto quota mean anything to the Liberals? Are they sorry for what they have done? Were they ever serious about the Kyoto quotas, or were they planning on sending BILLIONS of our taxpayers dollars to huge pollutors like China, to keep up our international reputation.

Now, this one, has me fuming!!!!!!!

The nerve of the Grits, they sign on to an agreement that they had no intention of keeping, and are calling for Rona's resignation???

Get real! At least Minister Rona Ambrose is being truthful in stating that we will not be able to meet our quotas. But, I guess the Liberals wouldn't know truthful, if it bit them in the butt.

And speaking of butt, I love this one. You go get em PM Harper!

I like this one too!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

PPP - Petty Political Politics

Well, it's good to know that Toronto is taking some action against gangs.

See here for the report.

Now, what bugs me is that, Communist Peggy Nash from the NDP, skewered Gwyn Morgan because he dared to say that gangs, some of them refugees, were a problem.

Now we see in Toronto, that the Jamestown Crew, a gang, has been arrested by over 600 police in a sweeping raid.

Okay, I'm not dumb, but the only ones I saw in handcuffs, were, excuse me if saying "black" is "racist", but the media sure didn't say it, but they were all black, and terrorizing their own neighbourhood.

I don't know if they are refugees, but I do know that they are bad guys, can't say they are "criminals" yet, need to be politically correct here.

So, Peggy Nash, Volpe, and the other people who smeared a very honourable man, are worse than scum in my eyes. They let us know that petty political politics are more important than getting a good man to work for our government.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on the Morgan five, who I hope will not be back in Parliament next time, talk about slimy politicians.

Good job by the Toronto Police, keep it up!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some Politicians Are Just Plain Dumb.

How can you say you support our troops, but then vote against supporting Afghanistan.

The NDP females are totally screwed up, especially Alexis, they cry about daycare, but can't support women in Afghanistan, who were being beheaded and stoned to death.

So, if you are the party for the underdog, why, why, why, would you vote against the Afghanistan mission?? It makes me sick that the NDP did not support helping women who are being killed for nothing more than going outside without a male escort.

SHAME, SHAME, on you.............expect your members to be decreased in the next election, especially Peggy Nash, the communist. Disgusting behaviour, disgusting party.

This vote should not have even been close, but if you vote against the countries best, our military, you are just sad, no reason I heard tonight was a good reason to not vote for our mission in Afghanistan.

Believe me, no one will remember the Emerson crossing, but they will remember that the NDP, does not support our troops.

It's too bad, because the NDP should have been able to take votes from the Liberals, but with their position on Afghanistan, they just gave the Liberals a hand up.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Opposition Gives Harper Election Ammo

Well, the opposition parties are falling apart or they want an election. That's the only thing I can figure is happening. These moves make no sense otherwise:

1. Opposition parties oust Gwyn Morgan

Okay, that is just playing politics in the worse way. Now, what respectable person, like Morgan, named top CEO in Canada, is going to apply for any position that has to go before a party of opposition MP's and get shot down! So much for getting good people for those jobs. But what a nice gift for the Conservatives during an election! Major oops for the opposition.

2. Opposition irate over snap Afghan mission vote

Make up your minds, day in, day out, the opposition has been harping on when they are going to get a vote on Afghanistan, now they get it and they whine!! The opposition hasn't figured it out yet, they get what they ask for, just not on their schedule. Another score for Harper, the opposition doesn't dare not support this vote, they do and they send a clear message to Canadians that they are not willing to be leaders on the international scene.

3. Liberals want a RCMP probe into AG report leak.

Okay, that's just rich!! The Liberals, who leaked 7 of her former reports, want the RCMP to check this leak out?? See, what did I say, they are falling apart.

The opposition is so out of it, that they passed a bill in Parliament today supporting the Kyoto Protocol??? Now, that's just going to bite them big time politically when the Conservatives actually come up with a great plan, and the opposition will not be able to support it because no plan can meet the Kyoto limits. I smell more election material for the Conservatives on this one.

Even Duffy today alluded to the fact that the opposition has not clued into Harper and how he is masterminding things.......well if they think they had a good day today, Conservatives are going to have a great time will this come election time.

Keep it coming.........MAJORITY in sight!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

100 Days Of Bright Light, We Are Climbing Out Of The Dark

I never thought I would feel as proud to be a Canadian as I am now. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are Kicking Butt.

My favorite is the Choice for Childcare plan that makes ALL parents equal to daycare parents. Poor daycare union workers are in quite a snit, good, maybe they will start thinking about our babies and not just themselves.

Next in line is Rona Ambrose. Is she going to kick some opposition butt soon!!! Kyoto is bad, bad, bad, for Canada, you go girl, get us something that will actually work!!

Softwood Lumber, DONE!!! After over 20 years, we have a GOOD deal on this issue!!!

GST reduced by 1%, awesome, my 13 year old understands what that means to him, can the NDP understand?? Not likely.

Tough on crime, can't wait for them to raise the age of consent to 16, any party that votes against protecting our children will feel it in the next election.

The list goes on, and on. 100 days, so much done we can't keep count. Where are those farmers??? Happy now.

The Conservatives are silencing all their critics by doing what they promised during the election campaigne. What an idea, actually doing what you say you will.

As far as the judges go, well, just see what they are responsible for. Partner-swapping on the upswing since court ruling
Isn't that inspiring and family building. These judges need to remember that they are human, they are not Gods, as they like to think. Swapping, gag me!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Education Costs, Poor Babies

I can't believe post secondary students who complain about their tuition and books. They actually think they are paying full price for their education.


They are paying for maybe 10% of their education. So, after 4 years of post-secondary education, they are maybe $30,000 in debt. They are going to get a $70,000+ job when they graduate, but they whine about their student loans.

Sorry, you want to rake in $70,000+ a year, $30,000 is less than the car you are going to buy.

Taxpayers are subsidizing all education, you never hear them whining, and now we need to fund early learning?

Sorry, but as a parent, I think I can read a book to my child at bedtime. Are the social engineers going to be there to tuck my children into bed? NOT! Are they going to change the diapers and help them when they have chicken pocks? NO. You can't have a sick kid in daycare.

So, suck it up, you want the big bucks, you pay for it. Noone gets a free ride.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

March For Life, No NDP/Bloc

Some brave Conservative and Liberal MP's came out in support of the March For Life. Good for them!! Joanne's Journey has more on this.

I am totally disgusted that not one FEMALE MP or Senator stood up for us females. An abortion is not something that a female will ever forget. If you have ever been pregnant, you know that it is NOT a matter of choice, it is a matter of LIFE! I feel for any woman who has been pressured into having an abortion.

I wonder where the NDP, the protectors of the weak and underprivileged were today? Who is weaker than a teenager who is pregnant, her choice is often to kill her baby, so she can stay home, or keep her boyfriend.

Let's be realistic, the phrase "taking away a woman's right to choose" is political speak for "women should be able to KILL their babies if they want too".

It is totally appalling that Canada has no abortion law at all! Women can request a late term abortion where they crush the head so the baby does not take a breath and is therefore not viable. Baby seals are treated better than human babies.

Even Morgentaler is against late term abortions.

Choice for women means being able to kill your baby. Now, isn't that a nice choice to make, and live with for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Win For Families!!

The budget being approved was a win for parents, kids, students, working folk, everyone, except special interest groups!

Why do we send taxpayer dollars to special interest groups, who are now lobbying against the government....which means they are lobbying against me, the taxpayer.

Take the money these groups get and fund the really needy. One activist's salary will keep a low income family of four clothed and fed for a year.

If these activists are soooooo concerned about the single Mom's out there, why don't they start a non-profit society that helps support those Mom's? Too much work I think! Easier to get government funding than to actually go raise some funds. The YWCA is a good example of this thinking. They are spending government funds to fight the Conservatives on their choice in childcare plan. Thank goodness parents now have the choice, not provinces and activists.

If there is a true need for help, charities step in, and Canadians step up by donating to those charities.

Can't survive without government funding, guess you do not need to exist!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two Most Seperatist Provinces Like Harper's Approach

While talking to my very Liberal parents before the election, I tried to impress on them how close Alberta was to going with a seperatist party if the Liberals got back into power. They wouldn't believe me, cause, well, they are Liberals! How I ever turned out to be a Conservative, is still beyond me!

Luckily the Conservatives won, and we can rest easier here in Alberta. From the poll here, it appears that Quebec is feeling the same sense of relief that we here in Alberta are feeling.

The Leger poll suggested 62 per cent of Canadians were satisfied with the Harper government, while 27 per cent were dissatisfied — and that the highest satisfaction levels were in Alberta (77 per cent) and Quebec (72 per cent).

So, what turned Quebec and Alberta away from seperatism? I think, very simply, Harper wants to return powers to the provinces. His government is going to butt out of our business and let provinces solve their own problems, in their own way.

Provinces now become important again!

Provinces need to realize that they are now responsible for their actions and that the federal government is not going to pander to every pet project they want funded. No more hands in the federal pockets. No more national daycare, no more funding non-profit groups that can't raise their own funds.

So, provinces are going to have to live within their means, and not expect help if they overspend. Should be a shock to some, like Ontario, or, I should say Toronto, because most of Ontario is just like all the other provinces.

Talk about marginalized, the Liberals have Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, and welcome to them! Oh, and they have one province, PEI!

For now, Quebec and Alberta rule!! For you Liberals, that's two provinces, not cities!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

NDP Do Not Support NORAD

Okay, I have no life! Was watching the vote today on CPAC, which explains the no life comment! What struck me, was when it came to the vote on NORAD, the only ones who did not support it were, yup, you guessed, the NDP!

SHAME on you Layton, getting in the governments face about support for Darfur, but you vote against NORAD??

Okay, I admit, I really can't understand lefties, but, if you are trying to win votes, how does not supporting NORAD help you? Even my kids know that NORAD tracks SANTA!

Does the NDP not support SANTA either?? What's next the Easter Bunny??

Okay, all joking aside, not supporting NORAD is a very bad move on the NDP's part. Another bad move they have made is saying that we should take troops from Afghanistan to send to Darfur. I support both missions, but we need to uphold our duty to the Afghanistan mission first, I do not want our troups in Afghanistan being compromised because they do not have the resources to fight.

Layton could have taken the high road, instead he took what he thinks is the popular road, it's going to bite back when he least expects it.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Criminals Shouldn't Be In Jail.

Well, that's what I heard the opposition parties say this week.

This week the Conservatives tabled some tough legislation on crime. None of the opposition appeared to support it, even though they all talked tough during the election.

Now, we have had a police officer killed in Windsor. My prayers go out to the family.

He was doing his job and got killed for it. I will not say "made the ultimate sacrifice" because that is Liberal speak, for got KILLED. He got KILLED!! No other way to put it, no sugar coating, he is dead because of punks with guns, who think they can get away with murder, because they are juveniles, therefore too young to pay for their actions. Even if we find out they are adults under the law, they are still KILLERS.

My 10 year old understands right from wrong. We will probably find out that these kids were brought up in troubled families, and that should therefore negate the crime they committed. WRONG!

You have to understand that these kids know that the liberal mindframe works in their favour. As an example, we hear, we should be building more basketball courts, that will keep them occupied. Not likely!

When a kid gets involved in drugs, they are making $1000 a DAY and up. So, do you really think they care if they KILL someone to protect their turf? Do, you think that teaching them carpentry while they are in jail, for all of 18 months, will make them go out and get a job that pays them peanuts compared to what they can make on the streets??

If you do, give your head a shake, a hard shake so your brains get realigned.

This week we saw some great bills put before the house, but if you want tougher sentences, you need to call your MP, especially those of you in ridings that are held by Liberals/NDP/Bloc MP's, let them know you want criminals to pay for their acts.

Crime does pay, ask any criminal!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dalton, No Photo Op?

So, Prime Minster Stephen Harper meets with Dalton, but, no photo op?? Get the picture yet Dalton, Toronto is not the centre of the universe, and Toronto is not the centre of Canada, and Toronto is not even the centre of Ontario!

So, we seem to have the Liberals surrounded, we have circled the wagons around Toronto, and will not let any of those Liberals out into the rest of Canada to pollute our environment.

In the mean time Quebec is getting special treatment, but so far nothing that has ticked me off as an Albertan. I am getting a hugh kick out of Toronto being ignored, poor Dalton, poor Toronto. At least the rest of Ontario knows who can really deliver the goods.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Am Raising Criminals!

Check out Choice in Childcare

This statement:

SO its a good job there putting more money for prisons in the budget because we're gonna need them if we don't get this early childhood right.

By none other than, Carolyn Bennet, this should be the end of her leadership hopes.

As a parent, I am totally disgusted by the feminists who think the unionist daycare workers are better than, Mom and Dad.

This should be headline news, but no, it's a Liberal leadership candidate, can't show them in any bad light now can the media? Why is every other clip from Duffy Live on the CTV site but this one? Bias maybe??

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Money INTO Our Pockets!

Finally a government that gets it's hands out of our pockets and gives us back some of our hard earned dough!

GST reduction, excellent!

$1200 for parents of children 6 and younger, Great if it prevents a NATIONAL (socialist) daycare...notice how all the daycare supporters have changed the language they have been using? It used to be DAYcare, now it's childcare or early education. GAG me!! Let the crying begin! Finally parents can make their own choices.

Students and tradespeople get a break! But, of course it won't be enough, nope according to the lefties, only FREE tuition and NO DEBT will be enough. Double GAG me. Students of post secondary have no clue that taxpayers already pay more than 80% of the cost of their education. They whine about being $20,000 in debt after 4 years of superior education, when they will be making $60,000 and up on graduating. Sorry, glad you get some help with your books and tools, but that's enough, we taxpayers deserve the breaks not you. I worked 2 jobs to put myself though university, so can you, if you have the brains.

Kyoto, gone bye bye, GOOD!! Junk science at it's worse.

Kelowna Accord, piece of garbage, GONE! I can't blame the First Nations for wanting 5+B more than the already 9B they get, but why do they still have bad water, housing and education? Is the money getting through to the right people? The Conservatives will make sure that money spent on the First Nations is well spent, not just thrown at a problem.

More money for agriculture, military, police, to build prisons, it's all positive!

So many other cuts that I can't list them all! Only thing I can think wasn't mentioned was the gun registry, but I suspect we will hear about that one very soon. They need to cut money, hummmmmm, maybe the registry??

All in all, a very good day again for the Conservative government.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Emergency Debates, A Waste Of Time

First, who posted the Eagle Eye Cam It's addicting and more interesting than the emergency debates!

I have now watched the emergency debate on; agriculture, Afghanistan and now Durfur. I fail to see what the purpose of them are when no-one shows up?

The opposition whines and cries until they get their emergency debate, then they forget to show up! The Conservatives seem to be the only party that has some people there the whole time.

If these debates are such an emergency, all parties and all MP's should have to be there to debate! Why am I sitting there watching the whole thing on CPAC when MP's are out having dinner? You want this debate, you better be there or you will get a smaller paycheque next month!

What gets accomplished? Nothing. What is the purpose? Make the Conservatives look bad if they do not agree to an emergency debate on whatever is the flavour of the day.

We know that the government is busy, well, governing, but what does the opposition do all day? Hang around in their offices discussing what emergency should be debated next? Plotting election strategies? These debates just stop the flow of government without helping solve any of the problems.