Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BS Liberal Judge!

If I am so ticked off with this ruling, I can't imagine how our farmers feel! I will applaud them if they stop all traffic on the QE2 until Premier Stelmach brings in emergency legislation that allows farmers to sell to whoever they want to, without fear of being thrown in jail! The Canadian Wheat Board is a non-natural monopoly, it is a dinosaur. We got rid of the phone monopoly, the gas monopoly, and even the food monopoly (Safeway, years ago)here in Edmonton, next the CWB.

Federal Court Judge Dolores Hansen said the government overstepped its authority in trying to end the monopoly through a simple cabinet order.

The decision is a victory for supporters of the wheat board, who argue that having all barley sales handled through the board gives farmers better prices.

Judge Judy, oops Dolores, might be out of her depth with this ruling. But never mind, if no farmers sell their barley or wheat to the CWB, what can happen? More Canadian farmers thrown in jail? What power do farmers have? They have the power to shut down our roads, trains and ports by simply not sending any product from their farms to the CWB. Maybe the meat producers can join in the fun.

Heck, let's all start growing corn, forget wheat and barley, corn prices are sky rocketing because of bio-fuels. Alberta can grow corn just as easily as wheat, or does the CWB have a monopoly on corn too?

This monopoly should have been declared illegal, not propped up by a judge, who obviously ignored the will of farmers to market their own product (they had a FREE vote), or she should have made all farmers in Canada sell their product to the CWB, not just western farmers. Did Dolores, nope. She made sure that western farmers were put in their place, and made them second class citizens again. Thanks to Trudeau, we have no property rights, and judges like this one can dictate how we live.

Makes me want to separate, we can start fresh, no Liberal Senate, no federal government picking my pocket to send the money to have not provinces, no CWB telling us we have to sell to them, but Ontario farmers don't have the same rules, no Liberal judges letting murderers free, no one coming to take my guns (okay I don't have any, but the issue is individual freedom), no more SSM, no more abortion at 40 weeks, no universal every child in daycare money sucking pit, no more bleating lefties who want the government to support them for life. (Okay, I know it's just a dream, but dang this ruling has ticked me off big time.)

Farmers, unite, protest, get those tractors onto major roads, if the First Nations can do it without being arrested, you can too. Take your wheat across the border, sell it to the highest bidder, get arrested and make big noise about it. Why can Ontario farmers sell to anyone they want, but western farmers are FORCED to sell to the CWB? Audit their books, what they haven't shreaded.

I hate anything that is un-democratic, this ruling might have been made in Russia, not Canada. Shame on judge Dolores.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cue The Crickets!

Okay, I know Layton wants us to negotiate with the Taliban, here's his chance to show us how it's done. Come on Jack, fly over there and get those hostages released. Where are Layton and Dion, they should be on TV telling us that we should get out of Afghanistan, NOW! If it's too dangerous for medical workers, it must be too dangerous for our troops.

Where's Dion? Where's Layton? The Useless Bloq? Why aren't they marching in parades to free the hostages? Where have all the lefties gone? Listen, you can here the crickets!

Why is it okay for Liberal Coderre to march with the Hezbollah, but no-one is marching for our Korean friends? Is it because they are Christians? Are the lefties blaming the Christians for getting themselves into a position to be killed? Yes, some are, read the comments with the G&M article I posted. Here's some examples:

Fred B from Toronto, Canada writes: Christian missionary work is dangerous in Afghanistan. The missionaries and church leaders knew this from the get go. The Koreans are stupid!! They don't deserve to die though.
Posted 30/07/07 at 2:41 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

Gordon Biddy from Vancouver, Canada writes: Korean Christian Missionaries trouncing around Afghanistan in search of an opportunity to do God's work or become martyrs in the process. At least accomplished one of their objectives...


But the solution seems to simple: just pray harder. Surely YOUR God will answer your prayers, save you, restore order etc., before THEIR God will? No?

Hmm. Odd that...
Posted 30/07/07 at 3:10 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

J Billins from TO, Canada writes: The Taliban should declare them enemy combatants and hold them indefinitely.
Posted 30/07/07 at 4:45 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

Mark Orr from Toronto, Canada writes: Yeah, we are doing so much good there. We arrest locals and hand them over to the US and the Afghans so they can be tortured to death, then, when they act with ruthless barbarism to free their prisoners from our torture chambers, all of a sudden we're say 'oh boo hoo you brutes' How many Afghan children have we maimed and incinerated. I would like nothing more then to see the South Koreans freed, but they were VERY foolish to go into a situation where they have become pawns, their lives meaning less to either side in a sick battle of wills.
Posted 30/07/07 at 6:17 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

Sick minds, they blame the Christian Koreans, not the Taliban. A very sad statement about the lefty mindset.

And some voices crying out in the wilderness:

J. Smith from Canada writes: What really makes me wonder are these people who denounce accidental civilian casualities in Afghanastan (i.e leftist media editorials and such, Jack Layton etc.) yet they say nothing when the Taliban are murdering helpless church workers.

The Liberals sent our troops to Afghanastan under equipped but supporting them at the time. Now they try to undermine the CF and their mission whenever they get the chance.

You can't help but think that Jack Layton, Dion and such are actually cheering for the Taliban for their own politcal gain. It makes me sick.
Posted 30/07/07 at 7:02 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

Mark Stone from Detroit, United States writes: Both of those incredibly courageous and loving Korean Christian lambs are martyrs. The Taliban captures lambs to free their bretheren. What cowards. Rather than storm the prison themselves, they use the lambs. They are less than women. Men would have the guts, singleness of mind and courage to storm the prison. They are afraid of getting killed by prison guards; better to capture the lambs and use them as leverage. Worms.
Posted 30/07/07 at 11:51 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment

Worms, I think the worms are the lefties. Where's your protest parade lefties, where's your outrage against innocent Christians being murdered? Nope, nothing but silence from the lefties. Don't want to upset your voters?

Innocent people are being killed by terrorists, cue the crickets.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

G&M Poll, Gone Wrong!

As taxpayers we already support the CBC to the tune of $1 BILLION a year. On top of that, Shaw, and now Telus have to give money to keep CBC alive.

Understand that, we pay Shaw, who then sends money to the CRTC, who then gives it to the CBC. So, we give to the CBC at least twice.

Well, here's a poll that shows how sick and tired we are of this double dipping.

Poll Results
Do you agree with Shaw Communications Inc. CEO Jim Shaw that the that the $265-million Canadian Television Fund mostly props up “shows nobody watches.”

(70%) 401 votes
(30%) 174 votes
Total votes: 575

In this day of global communications, why do we still fund, and double fund the CBC with our tax dollars? Enough already!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Front Yards In Bloom.

I'm really excited because someone I know has been nominated as one of the six best yards in Edmonton! Here are some pictures of her yard, even though pictures can't capture the real work that has gone into her yard, they give you an idea of how much work she has done to get into the top six!

Not a weed to be seen! The side of her house is great too.

It would be wonderful if my readers would vote for her to win, no money is involved, just the pride of knowing that all that work has paid off. Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to turn all those hops she has into beer!

You can vote at www.edmontonjournal.com, go to front yards in bloom, and vote for 10916 37th Ave. I would love for her to get first prize, and every vote counts, no matter from what part of the country!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Everyone Needs A Holiday!

Okay, back, tanned and relaxed! Had no access to a computer, and enjoyed the break, for a short time it was nice, but boy am I out of touch with what went on last week.

So, here's some pictures of what I was up to:

A deer right in my sister's yard, eating the apricots! Since the fire in Kelowna, the deer have moved into peoples yards to survive, and noone is kicking them out, the deer will move back into the wilderness when everything has grown back, but until then, they are welcome even to the apricots, after all, you can only make so much apricot jam.

Next, go-carts, you can't go on vacation and not race around a track pretending you are in the Indy 500.

Yup, every golf course has that one little par 3 over water, I actually made it across the water, but my ball is below those pink petunias.

No matter how many times we go through the Rockies, I am just awed at the majestic mountains, around every corner is a more beautiful sight. We were lucky that they had cleared up the mudslide at Golden, so there were no delays.

One final picture of the Rockies, near Banff. Notice that clear blue sky, no pollution. Notice all those trees, turning CO2 into oxygen. Miles and miles, upon miles (okay kilometers)of trees, no factories, just wide open nature, mostly untouched by humans.

Tired from the 10 hour drive, will catch up with things after a good sleep. All in all, a very rewarding holiday, but it's always good to get back home, and sleep in your own bed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going Golfing!

Yahoo, it's holiday time! That wonderful time when you step out of your everyday world, and do all the stuff you wanted to do all winter, but it was too cold to do, like swim in a lake.

So, I'm going to swim in Lake Okanagon, hopefully the Ogopogo will appear. I'm going to pick cherries, go on a wine tour or two, and soak up the rays.

I'm going to forget about mortgages, bills and global warming. I'm going to forget that I have to come back to work, raising kids, and blogging.

Only sour spot is that my boys want me to go horseback riding, last time we did that my horse bounced me around so bad that my butt was sore for days, maybe I will try to get them to do some white water rafting instead. Oh, what am I thinking, that's even worse! Okay, golf is nice and safe, it's relaxing, and you don't have to get a beast four times bigger than you to obey.

Got my swimsuit, sunscreen, and golf clubs, going to have some fine times, and will be back soon. Enjoy your summer!

Going golfing!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sloppy Editing, No-one Notices!

Okay, here's the headline, anyone notice a problem?

RCMP cheif picks veteran as his No.2

Nobody has commented on the cheif thingy yet, did no-one else notice the spelling, or was it just me?

Funny, just as I copied it to word, it changed!

Shame G&M, sloppy editing!

UPDATE: I just happenened to have an old window open when I posted this, so I did capture the mistake, here it is:

RCMP cheif picks veteran as his No.2

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Latest comment posted at 11:28 PM EDT 16/07/07

Wearing a dark suit instead of the red serge, Elliot is sworn in behind closed doors and quickly reaches out to the rank and file ...Read the full article

NEW Title: Notice the times!

RCMP chief picks veteran as his No.2

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

Latest comment posted at 12:43 AM EDT 17/07/07

Wearing a dark suit instead of the red serge, Elliot is sworn in behind closed doors and quickly reaches out to the rank and file ...Read the full article

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vandoos Are Not Cowards!

The sounds of children crying, spouses and parents sobbing could be heard throughout the vast hall where 200 soldiers from the Valcartier military base gathered for their departure to Afghanistan.

They are the first contingent from a group of 2,500 mostly Quebec-based soldiers, many from the famed Royal 22nd Regiment, or Vandoos, being deployed for their Afghan tour of duty at a time when the mission has become increasingly unpopular among Quebeckers.

Hold it right there! The same thing happens every time our troops ship out, what makes the Vandoos special?

I have been to Quebec, they are an arrogant and ignorant (they wouldn't accept an American Express travellers cheque, because they had no clue what it was, and don't even try any high school French to make them understand what you want)people, with a serious "me" problem, so it's not hard to believe that they won't support any troops from their province going into danger. I feel sorry for those troops from Quebec, they are getting no support, but they deserve it just as much as the Edmonton based Patricia Pats. Add Layton into the mix, and watch the Taliban target these troops. What a heavy burden the Quebecois have placed on their own troops, they go into battle knowing that the people in their own province don't support what they are doing. Shame Quebec.

I know the Vandoos want to pull their weight in Afghanistan, just like all the other troops have been doing, so Quebeckers can snivel all they want, but I'm sure the Vandoos will make all of Canada proud! If Quebec can't take it, if they won't show their support and respect for their own troops, I hope they know that the rest of Canada, will support them, and cheer for their success.

The Vandoos are not cowards, only Quebeckers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lefties Are Sickies!

I know the NDP guy who ran to win a seat as an MPP last election, his kid was in school with mine, that kid is not allowed in my house anymore, because I caught him stealing some money. I feel sorry for the kid, he's a nice kid, but he is out roaming the streets at all hours, he's an accident just waiting to happen, he's a kid drug dealers will latch onto, and I worry my kids will be impacted by this kid who is allowed to roam free.

His father, has no clue where his kid is, and he could care less what he is doing, it's only the fact that we have a safe neighbourhood that keeps that kid from being a drug dealer. The father is a bottom feeder, his wife does all the work managing an apartment building, he sits around drinking coffee, spouting off about how he will solve all of Canada's problems, and sucks up taxpayers money because he got injured on a job.

So, look carefully at the person you are voting for, don't just vote for a party, make sure you know who should get your vote.

I volunteer to take in guide dogs in training, I have seen people who really need our help, but bottom feeders like this guy are taking money the really disabled should get. The real misfits are the ones who run for the NDP, supposedly the party of the people, but the ones I have met are more interested in getting the most out of taxpayers for their own benefit than they are in actually helping the real needful! Case in point, this Lefty thought there was oil in Afghanistan, and that was why we were there. Sad really, but that is the caliber of talent the NDP attracts, and lately the Liberals don't seem to be doing any better, but when someone like Hedy Fry keeps getting elected, you have to wonder how smart the average voter really is, and why voters are so disengaged from the whole process.

Just as the Conservatives have made the military relevent again, maybe they can make voting relevent again.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thank Goodness For Basements!

Okay, I'm hiding in my basement because here in Alberta very few people actually have air conditioned homes, so quit slagging us, as being big energy pigs. Hello Toronto, how many of you are sitting in your air conditioned apartments/homes blogging about how bad the oil sands are! Nice thing is that even at 32C today, it was a dry heat. In other words, we actually weren't sweating like pigs, and you can shower here, and actually feel refreshed! Oh, and the skies were blue, and clear, no smog here.

I was talking to my neighbour today as she was frantically trying to water all her plants, we are both hoping to place/win in the "Front Yards In Bloom" contest in Edmonton, she was heading for her basement. I actually hope she wins, her yard is outstanding! Okay, secretly, I hope I win something too!

Back to heat and energy...

My last car actually had air conditioning, I used it once or twice. My new car has air conditioning and we preferred to just roll the windows down today and enjoy the breeze, and the heat.

All winter we stay in the basement, and fire up the gas fireplace, waiting for the summer to come, now in the summer we stay in the basement, and try to keep cool.

Thank goodness for basements!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Four Year Old Sexually Abused, Mother Gets House Arrest!

Okay I've had it with house arrests for murderers because they are young offenders. I have had it with house arrests for Mothers who allow their children to be sexually abused.

Acton found she had systematically assaulted her daughter by repeatedly hitting and slapping her.

Acton also convicted the woman of common assault in relation to two incidents in which she punched her child on the leg and slapped her so hard the girl fell to the ground.

The woman's former boyfriend, Darcy Don Bannert, 25, has been found guilty on nine of 11 charges, including sexual assault, sexual interference, unlawful confinement, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. He will be sentenced July 31.

Acton found that Bannert sexually assaulted the little girl, shackled her to furniture "for his own amusement" and unlawfully confined her in the basement.

Acton said the young mother has already been substantially punished and will suffer for the rest of her life.

This is a four year old baby that was sexually assaulted, and because the Mother came from an abusive background, she gets house arrest? What about that little four year old baby?

Disgusting ruling, disgusting Mother! The Mother should be shackled to a bed in a cell for the 2 years, see how she likes it. The one who has been substantially punished is a little 4 year old girl.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

9 Point Lead by Conservatives!

It seems Layton is popular in Montreal, okay but when you read the actual article, they contort the statistics so badly that you would actually think the Conservatives were in trouble, not the Liberals.

In Quebec, the Bloc was at 31 per cent, down a healthy 11 percentage points from its level of support in the January 2006 federal election. The Liberals were pegged at 17 per cent in Quebec, down three from the last Environics poll conducted in March, while the Tories sat at 28 per cent, up two percentage points from the last poll and 3 points higher than they scored in the election. The NDP nudged up to 12 per cent from 11 in the last poll and the Green Party moved up 2 percentage points to 11 in Quebec. The undecided rate was pegged at 10 per cent.

Okay, it's not clear from the article, but here are the results:

Bloc 31%
Cons 28%
Libs 17%
NDP 12%
Greens 11%

But, the article headline is "Layton on a roll"??? How about the Bloc tanking (11% down)? Or Conservatives grabbing Liberal voters? Wow the NDP is at 12%, yup up 1%, that's a huge roll, NOT!

Standings were as follows: Conservatives, 37 per cent; Liberals, 28; NDP, 17; Greens, 11 and Bloc Quebecois slipping to 7 per cent.

Okay, in a survey with 2,021 Canadians across the country for a margin of error of 2.2 percentage points 95 times out of 100, in other words twice as big as normal for a survey, the Conservatives are 9 points ahead of the Liberals, but still they yak about the Conservatives not being above the 40% level for a majority. Well, more interesting is that the Liberals are below 30%. Ouch, that has to hurt, and with Dion as their leader, I don't see it getting any better for the Liberals.

A 9% lead during the summer, is huge, but SHHH, don't tell the media, they will only shrill even harder for the Liberals, OH wait, they already do! They can't shrill much harder, and still try to appear non-partisan, that 9% must burn their butts, because I have not heard the survey results reported by either CBC or CTV, not even a whisper. Funny, if the Liberals were at 37% we would be hearing about it every 15 minutes. No bias in our media, nope.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slush Breakers!

Well I know who coined that one, one CBC reporter named Terry Milewski, you can find it here: CTV Newsnet: Harper speaks from CFB Esquimalt 9:54

Funny, I had to really dig that link out of CTV, usually a story will stay on the site for at least two days, but this one disappeared overnight.

Overall, Fife said the plan is a step in the right direction, because any patrols will mean improved defence in the region.

"Right now we have no capability whatsoever to assert our sovereignty in the Arctic," he said.

"The coast guard is not able to go up into the areas where the new vessels will go, and we have long-range aircraft that rarely goes up to that part of the Arctic to do any surveillance."

Huebert echoed Fife's approval -- he said if Harper keeps his commitment, he'll be the first Canadian leader to address the pressing issue.

"The fact that we're actually getting to the stage where we might be spending money on defending the arctic is ... of a magnitude that I just simply haven't seen before," Huebert said.

"Traditionally, we've seen all Canadian parties saying yes, this is important -- until they're actually asked to put money forward ... the fact that Harper actually raised this as an election issue is probably the first time I heard (of it) since Diefenbaker."

I watched the announcement, and heard Milewski state: how do you justify the wide gap between what you promised and what you delivered, 2 Billion short and not the 3 ice breakers you promised, only slush breakers, why did you cop out? (delivered from memory, not a direct quote, but you can listen to the link I have provided.) His tone was very aggressive, positively dripping with sarcasm, total disrespect for the Prime Minister.

Then watching Global News, hours later, their reporter said some people were already calling the ships, slush breakers. Global made it seem that some expert had called them slush breakers, when in fact, it was CBC reporter Milewski. So, the media is creating the news, not reporting it!

It's very dangerous when reporters are quoting other reporters, and stating it as fact. What, are we living in China now, where all news is created, not reported? Shame on CTV, and shame on CBC and Global, report the news, don't try to make it.

Watch who uses this phrase, "slush breakers", it's an indication of their intelligence, sort of like monkeys throwing darts, they don't know why they are doing it, but heck, everyone else is, so follow the crowd.

Stop making the news, start reporting it instead, it would probably raise viewer ratings if it was ever to happen!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Poll On Pot.

The Globe and Mail had a poll on pot:

Should Canada decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana?
Yes (35%) 1425 votes
No (65%) 2636 votes
Total votes: 4061
Time: 11:40 PM Alberta

Final Poll Results
Should Canada decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana?
Yes (44%) 9012 votes
No (56%) 11468 votes
Total votes: 20480
Time: 8:00 PM Alberta

Interesting, when I first started watching the results 65% were against, the final result was 56%, and remember this is the very Liberal Globe, so the results are interesting.

CTV also had a poll:

Should the feds decriminalize simple possession of marijuana?

Yes 5946 votes (61 %)

No 3864 votes (39 %)

Total Votes: 9810

Not as many votes, and the same Liberal crowd. Now the CTV poll is still on going so results might change yet.

No matter what the final poll results on either poll, I have some questions for those who voted to decriminalize pot.

Can we have bars that serve pot if it becomes legal?
Will we have combo liqour/pot bars?
How about liquor/pot/smoking bars?
Will pot smokers be allowed to smoke indoors or will they have to stand outside in the cold like smokers?
If you can have a pot bar, can you then have a smokers bar?
If I do not want to get high from second hand pot smoke, can I lobby government so that no-one can smoke pot in public areas, including parks and public patios?

Okay, I have many more questions about how it would all work, but the very people who are yelling about smokers should be against legalizing pot, but where are they? Sitting in a corner, high on pot I guess, cause they sure aren't out there protesting.

I think the legalize pot people, have created a huge problem for themselves, because they are also the same people who want to ban smoking, a perfectly legal substance.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

RCMP Get Their Men.

I wasn't expecting this, but it's good news, just short on details.

RCMP charge two in Mayerthorpe officer murders
Updated Sun. Jul. 8 2007 8:56 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

The RCMP have charged two Alberta men with first-degree murder in connection with the 2005 shooting deaths of four Mounties.

The two accused are Dennis Keegan Rodney Chesman, 23, and and Shawn William Hennesey, 28. Both men are from Barrhead, Alta. They will appear in provincial court there on July 12, which is Thursday.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Bill Sweeney said the two men are charged with being a party to the offence in what he called the "darkest day in RCMP history."

According to the Criminal Code, a person can be a party to an offence if they do something, either by omission or commission, to assist someone else commit an offence. Alternatively, if some people join in common cause and one of them commits an offence, the others are a party if they "knew or ought to have known that the commission of the offence would be a probable consequence of carrying out the common purpose."

I bet those 2 thought they were home free by now. I am still saddened by the murder of our 4 Mounties, hopefully the families will be able to get some closure.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Garage Sales, Got To Love Them!

Okay while hubby and bro were taking out the old furnace and putting in the new one, us girls went garage sailing. We sailed from 10 to 4, I got lots of baskets for next years flowers, it's funny how every garage sale has at least one basket I can buy for 50 cents. Like the one above, get a basket, fill it with soil, plant some plants, and you get a beautiful outdoor vase!

The best buy of the day was my neighbours, who came with us, she got a $400 jogging baby stroller, for $35!!! (No the baby doesn't jog, but how else do you describe it?)

So, I'm down $30, but I'm up 15 baskets, one antique lamp, a pre-50's camera, one elephant, and best of all a never used pasta maker! Lot's of loot for $30.

I also got a 1940 Singer sewing machine for $75, my hubby wasn't sure it was a good buy, until he saw it, it works and even has the operating manual.

I few weeks ago I got an old LP/radio for $2, it's worth way more than that because it still works, but that's not the reason I bought it, I bought it because I liked it, that's what's most important.

So, all you garage sale junkies already know what I'm talking about, the rest, well, your missing out on really good junk! Garage sales, you got to love them!!

Okay, I Bought Into The Global Warming Thing!

Yup, I got myself a new 92% energy efficient furnace, and thanks to my brother, it's only going to cost me $800, and all the beer he can drink.

Conservatives are NOT supposed to want to save our environment, that's supposedly the Dion thingy, but contrary to media opinion, and, should the media have an opinion, or just report the news, conservatives, have the word conserve in their name, should tell you something.

Us big bad polluting Albertans, are more interested in gopher shooting with our high powered rifles than saving the planet, but wait, it's Edmonton's recycling plant one of the best in the country?

The centre is especially famous for the Edmonton Composting Facility, the destination of Edmonton's residential waste and one of the largest composting facilities in the world.

Is this a Liberal? I know it's dated, but interesting.

"TransAlta's Vision Quest is to be congratulated for having the foresight and leadership to enter the new energy era," said the Honourable Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre. "This facility reflects the desire of Albertans and all Canadians to protect our environment, address climate change and lead the world in the development and use of renewable energy technologies."

I protect my environment by recycling, composting, and using no chemicals. So, when my kids want a carrot, they just go into the garden, pick one, and wash it in the rain barrel. How sweet is that!

I must have bought into the global warming thing because I bought a more efficient furnace, sorry but it doesn't mean I believe in global warming, just that I believe in lower gas bills.

If I could have a little windmill powering all the gadgets I need, great, problem is, have you seen the size of those wind turbines? They are huge!!!!

So, a newer furnace, does not make me a global warming cheerleader, just a smart homeowner. Got to run, wonderful thunderstorm I need to watch!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

'clarion call'

I am so disgusted with the opposition, what a lack of class both Dion and Layton have shown, using the murder of 6 of our troops for crass political announcements.

Thankfully, the military called them on it, asking for a 'clarion call'.

So, what is a clarion call?

An old kind of trumpet with a shrill sound, used to call men to arms, etc.
Example: a clarion call

Used to call men to arms. Used to call Canadians to arms, to support our troops, to let the families of our newest fallen know that we grieve with them, that we are sending prayers out daily to all our troops.

"I would encourage all of you that at this point in time, that the focus must be on repatriating these valiant soldiers and ensuring their families hear a clarion call of love and support from Canada," said Col. Jon Vance.

"The families are well aware that there is debate on this mission. Nonetheless, at this particular point in time, the most sensitive and, I think, mature approach, would be to show them ... love and support. These soldiers died in a mission that they believed in, and saw progress occurring."

Can it be any clearer? Can Dion and Layton, not stop being political long enough to hear the clarion call? Are they so politically motivated that they will use the deaths of 6 more of our valiant troops as a political weapon?

A 'clarion call', will Canadians answer?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ask The Troops!

I am so sad about the loss of 6 more Canadian troops, my heart aches for those troops and especially their families, a very sad day, for all Canadians.

I want Layton to shut his mouth, he is doing more damage with everything he spouts out of his mouth. I just want to shout at him to SHUT THE F(*& UP!!! Does he think this is going to win him votes? I might vote for him if he would actually go over to Afghanistan and talk to the Taliban.

I grew up in an army town, Wainwright, never did I worry about getting attacked by our troops, but I worry that our politicians are so wimpy that they will stop all of the good work our troops are doing.

Layton is disgusting, he claims to "support our troops", but everything he does and says shows us what a hypocrite he and his whole party really are.

Dion, because of pressure from some of his radical MP's killed a bill that his own party and the Supreme judges supported, why? They helped him get elected. So now he is a bat boy, not a leader. He has bowed down to the extreme elements once, what would happen if he actually formed the government, this is too scary to even contemplate.

The Bloq is useless.

So, I ask Canadians, to ask the troops. They are in every small town and big city, they are the ones risking their lives, if they want to stay, stay we should! Don't let politicians make this decision, let the troops speak! Ask the troops!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Comments Are Like Manna!

I try to blog everyday, hoping for someone to comment, give some feedback, let me know that I am reaching someone, on some level. Comments are like manna, it's why people blog.

I will often read a blog, agree or disagree totally, but don't comment. Why not? I'm just not that interested in the subject matter, or I agree, nod my head, and move on. So, in order for someone to comment on a blog, you have to have hit a nerve, made someone think about an issue, and get them to respond. Whether they agree or not, your thoughts have provoked a response, every comment is like a jewel, to be read, and taken into consideration, to be mauled over.

If you only have 30 readers a day, tops, why continue to blog? I ask myself that all the time, but then you get that one comment that makes you think about your position on an issue, or verifies your position, and that's all it takes to continue blogging. It's like golf, you get that one absolutely beautiful drive, and you come back for more, because you know next game, you will get better. (I'm hoping to break 120 this year.) It's kind of like when you send your resume out to 50 companies, and get 4 responses, those 4 are gold!

So, thanks to all those people reading blogs, for actually taking the time to comment on issues you care about, it matters.

To a blogger, comments are like manna!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Babies Win!

It's not just a win for pro-life, it's a win for honesty, truth, and common sense. The facebook competition was interesting in that the pro-abortion crowd mobilized all their people, and still came up short.

The power of this win is that the wish wasn't just abolish abortion after 20, or 22 weeks, it was a clear statement to abolish abortion, full stop, period!

Why is it a win for honesty? Because people have to stop hiding behind phrases like "a women's choice" and honestly face the fact that babies die.

Why is it a win for truth? Because people must face the truth of the issue, babies are torn apart, and disposed of like garbage.

Why is it a win for common sense? Because people voted for life and not against it, those people had the sense to understand that this is an issue that must be taken out of the backrooms and brought into the light of day.

So, one small step forward, much more work still to be done. Most importantly this win should open the eyes of Canadians who actually think that we have a law against abortion. We don't, a 38 week baby can be killed, if the mother decides to do so. What mother or I should say non-mother could carry a baby to near term, and then kill it? Did she not hear the heartbeat? Did she not feel those tiny little butterfly movements of the baby? Did she not wake up because her baby had kicked her a good one?

God had to be smiling over this win, for babies, not choice! Babies win!