Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary but Fun!

We love Halloween at our house, we have great fun as a family putting together all the displays. BOO!!!

All that work and we only got about 10 kids. Which means about 300 Halloween candies for me!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Even My 14 Year Old Gets The GST Cut!

A few years ago it was my 12 year old who got the first GST cut right, now nearly 2 years later, he is 14 years old, and he still gets it!

Everytime he buys an Xbox game, he pays the GST. A drop in the GST means more money left in his bank account. End of discussion.

So, those 20 G&M economists should come and talk to my kid, he has it right.

Any tax cut, is a good tax cut.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Honourable Or Just A Sleazy Man?

Okay, the Liberals are trying to make Wilson seem honourable for so quickly stepping down.

Something none of the blogs to date have noted, is his lack of morals regarding his marriage.

I read the first article, and one sentence stood out for me:

- Wilson bought extravagant gifts for a girlfriend in Poland while working for a restaurant chain called Pan Smak Pizza Inc.

So, Mr. Wilson was in Poland not only running a business, but buying a girlfriend gifts, while he was still married? And no one comments on that little detail?

Then today the second article gave more details:

But Wayne Taylor, who worked with Wilson in Poland as a Pan Smak consultant, says questions about Wilson's conduct while working for Pan Smak shouldn't be so readily dismissed.

Taylor alleges Wilson was terminated because he was using company money to purchase gifts for his alleged Polish girlfriend, Agnieszka Piskorz.

Taylor told The Province he watched firsthand as Wilson paid for hotels, meals, trips to Italy, Florida and Monte Carlo and other non-business expenses with his company credit card.

"I went over there, I met Agnieszka. Blair had been [with] her for about three years," Taylor said from the home in Arizona he shares with his wife, Monika, Agnieszka's sister.

"They toured around Europe . . . He went to see Agnieszka . . . I have never seen Blair spend his own money. It was all Pan Smak money," Taylor alleged.

So, this was a three year affair? He's over in Poland, cheating on his wife for three years, and spending company money not his own?

He's not honourable as the Liberals would like us to think, he's just a sleazy man.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dalai Lama Speaks.

I really like this guy, he's real.

Listen to his speech by clicking on the right side.

I am very glad that PM Harper has the balls to meet him formally. Let China whine about it, that is getting really old. Let's see if the opposition has anything negative to yelp about, like how it is harming Canada's relationship with China.

Don't think so. The lefty opposition would look stupid if they objected to this move by our PM, then again, who ever accused the opposition of being smart? Chess anyone?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What Did They Do To Canada?

The Natural Ruling Party of Canada, that’s what the Liberals think they are, so they brag about what they have done TO Canada, not FOR Canada.

They helped to grow the separatist movement in Quebec, and Western Canada.

They have stolen taxpayer’s money directly for the Liberal Party. Still waiting for them to return that 40 million that is missing.

They have no morals. Swinger’s clubs anyone? Legalize marijuana, prostitution, and let’s not forget abortion, no limit even up to the time of birth. Oh, also euthanasia, let’s put our sick family members down like we do a sick animal.

They have no vision.
They have no policies.
They have no ethics.
They have no leader.

They have given us multiculturalism. Failed, just look at car burnings in Europe.

The Kyoto Accord. Failed, ecofreaks are falling like flies, even a Nobel Prize can’t help Gore’s money grabbing scheme survive.

The national daycare program, might as well join the communist NDP on that one. Help only 25% of the population when you can help all. Or should I say, help unions with their socialist agendas, not real families.

SSM, well isn’t that progressive, but don’t stop there, put it into our schools so that young minds can be influenced, that’s progressive, but religion is regressive. Ontario showed us how progressive they really are by voting against equal funding for all faith based schools.

What have they done to Canada? Reduced it internationally to a weak sister, holy, even New Zealand got more respect than we did internationally.

Thankfully that has all changed, Canada is back! I am proud to be Canadian again. Slowly, but surely it is sinking into even lefty heads, that the Conservatives are doing right FOR all Canadians, not dictating TO Canadians.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Liberals New Mantra!

I've heard it a few times now, so I guess this is their new mantra:

Fairer, Greener, Richer.

That's it folks, that's their campaign slogan.

Now I know that the Conservatives have recently mentioned the North Star as a slogan, and you know what? Wonkie as it might be, I like it. If you are ever lost and night falls, you can find the North Star, leading you home hopefully. Sailors navigated the oceans by the North Star, and they found Canada.

What is more Canadian than the North Star, a beacon of hope. What star is always shining bright in the night sky? The North Star. Link that to the Conservatives, and you link them to a very Canadian, heart warming image. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Now, let's look at the Liberal slogan;

Fairer, to who, fairer what?
Greener, than Kermit? Than Suzuki, or Gore, or Mo Strong?
Richer, than Martin, Powercorp, Strong? Than the guys who got the money in the brown paper bags? Not an image the Liberals want revived. Are they saying they want to be richer again, by stealing from the taxpayers, again?

Okay, not exactly inspiring is it? My 12 year old could come up with a better slogan for his "Fun Day".

Fairer, greener, richer! I'd like to be fairly rich with the green stuff too, but I hate stealing. Guess the Liberals just don't get it do they?

Monday, October 22, 2007

One Murder, Or Two?

If you murder a pregnant woman, is it one murder or two? I never watch the show "The Verdict", but was pointed to this episode by Suzanne.

Miscarriage of Justice. Click on October 22.

Remind me to never go to Dr. Kerry Bowman, what an unfeeling doctor.

For a prime example of an ambulance chasing lawyer, none other than Steven Skurka will do! What an arrogant ass! His buddy, didn't get her name, but it did say she had something to do with human rights (human rights for who I wonder?), was just as bad. (Oops, I'm probably going to get sued now)

For all you pro-choice people, explain to me how a woman who CHOOSES to have her baby, is not as equal as a woman who CHOOSES not to? That's exactly what the baby killers are saying. A woman who CHOOSES to kill her baby, is not a murderer, therefore a male who shoots a pregnant female 3 times in the belly, must be innocent too. How's that for faulty lefty logic.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let Him Be!

I understand the issue, but I have to side with the parents on this one.

Mountie's parents plead for widow not to move body

LAC LA BICHE, Alta -- The parents of a slain Mountie have issued a last-minute plea to his widow begging her not to have his body dug up so it can be relocated to the national RCMP cemetery in Regina.

CTV Edmonton reported on Saturday night that it had obtained a letter written by Grace and Ron Johnston to their daughter-in-law Kelly Johnston.

"Kelly .... our family and some of yours are appealing to you, your inner sense of goodness, to consider showing your real, pure, true love, honour and respect for Leo and stop the disinterment," reads the letter.

"If you truly believe that you knew Leo as you say you did, you must know Leo's beliefs and faith that he was raised with are being desecrated, as well as his spiritual and ancestral heritage as a Metis - that he must not be disturbed as he lies ... in sacred ground."

Kelly, is young, she is going to move on, and re-marry, but Leo's parents will be left grieving without being able to visit his grave.

I can't understand why Kelly is doing this to Leo's parents, it's spiteful, and uncalled for, it appears that she is trying to gain respect by making Leo's resting place one of honour. She forgets that he is already honoured by all Canadians, no matter where he lies.

Let him be, Kelly, just let him be!


It's amazing how quiet the MSM is about Dion propping up the Conservative government. Nothing to look at here folks, move on!

So what did Dion do? Supported a military mission until 2011, and supported the death of Kyoto. Two election issues now off the table.

Liberals are now going to start rolling out their policies....that should be fun.

1. Get back into power as soon as possible.
2. Allow kids to donate to the party.
3. Grab burka, and join Hezbollah parade.
4. Send Dion to Afghanistan, no matter how dangerous, heck, Coderre made it!
5. Promise tax reductions .5% less than the Conservatives, and call them deep cuts.
6. Pretend you know what you are doing, while chastising Conservatives.
7. Get Liberal Senate to hold up all legislation, no matter how good for the country.
8. Ignore the wishes of your voters, what do they know anyways.
9. Sweat out next confidence vote, hope you have counted correctly.
10. And, watch your back, your own MP's are going to try to make you look like an idiot..........

And don't forget, strip yourself of all "Liberal values", whatever those are, and then follow Rae's example and skinny dip, while showing your fat, white butt to everybody.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Troll Under The Bridge!

Okay, that's not my take but it is funny!

Bricker said the bottom line is that Harper is in an enviable position, regardless of whether an election comes sooner or later.

"It's win, win," Bricker said. "If he goes to the polls now, he wins. And it's a win anyway, because he has a mandate to govern with pretty firm hands.

"He has kind of a minority majority. When you've got the other guy hiding under the bridge like a troll, you're effectively governing as a majority."

So what are the numbers, for the second poll in a row:

Conservatives 40%
Liberals 27%
NDP 14%
Green 8%

Majority territory! Duffy mentioned 60% support for a Conservative Majority, so much for the "scary" Harper Conservatives. Even in Ontario, the Liberals are getting slaughtered:

Conservatives 42%
Liberals 34%
NDP 13%
Greens 10%

Only the Atlantic provinces are supporting the Liberals, but I predict they know what side their bread is buttered on, and will over rule Screaming Williams at election time.

Still, the troll under the bridge quote is priceless!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

OOPS, Another Poll Goes Wrong!

Funny how the media thinks one way, and the public thinks another. Watch for this poll to disappear very quickly!

In your view, has Canada's multiculturalism policy proven successful?

Yes 26%

629 votes

No 74%

1823 votes

Go and vote!

To The Dump...

with the NDP and the Bloq. Now that the Liberals have finally smartened up and supported the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloq have been marginalized.

The Liberals came off looking principled today, just like I predicted in my last post, the big losers were the NDP and the Bloq, they voted down the Throne speech without even hearing it.

So, we have the two major parties in a prime position to wipe out the radical left parties. Will Dion realize that opportunity? Or will he continue to oppose everything Conservative? Guess we have to stay tuned......

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take The High Road Dion!

Photoshopped picture, Thanks to Connie at FD!!

How can Dion come out looking good? Take the high road and support the Throne speech. If the Liberals are true centralists, they should agree with most everything in the Throne speech.

Actually, Layton and Duceppe, coming out and not supporting this speech, look like idiots (okay they are, but they look even MORE like idiots now). What can't they support? They yap, but offer no reason for not supporting the Throne speech. Why don't they?

Dion should not be scared of supporting this Throne speech, it would make him look centre-left instead of far left.

I actually think PM Harper gave Dion an easy out, support the Throne speech, show Canadians you are semi-intelligent and show them that you understand that most of the policies are worthwhile.

Take the high road, Dion, for once in 20 months, vote with the government.

What am I saying????

Don't do it Dion, don't support the Throne speech, go for an election, because my gut tells me, the Conservatives will win a majority!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Only Good Guy, Bites The Dust!

I thought Toronto was stupid for re-electing Miller, but Edmonton has just proved it's just as stupid, no, not for re-electing Mandel, he had no good competition, for not re-electing the only penny pinching counsellor in Edmonton, Mike Nickel.

I'm am truely disappointed, our only Conservative voice has been lost.

In a huge upset, Mike Nickel, council’s penny-pinching fiscal watchdog, lost his Ward 5 seat to newcomer Don Iveson, who mounted an aggressive campaign.

Okay, I'm in Ward five, I had a long talk with Don Iveson, only thing he has done is bring a socialist bus pass to the University. Everybody pays for the passes in their student dues, whether they take the bus or not. That's it, that's all he's done.

Mike Nickel, was often the only one voting against things like a 26% pay hike for themselves, and he doesn't get re-elected? Going to start calling Edmonton, Redmonton again.

It's a shame, the only good guy, bites the dust!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Albertans, Not Happy Campers!

Well, trust the G&M to try and make Alberta the bad guy, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Here's why we are not happy campers: And despite multibillion-dollar budget surpluses and a provincewide construction boom to try to accommodate the teeming inflow of newcomers:

— 24 per cent said the post-secondary education has worsened.

— 28 per cent said grade-school education has deteriorated.

— 51 per cent said their community has not improved or, in some cases, even worsened.

— 70 per cent said there has been no improvement in their family's health and well-being.

The survey, conducted Sept. 10-12, is considered accurate within 2.6 percentage points 19 times out of 20. When just the 350 Alberta respondents are counted, the sampling error is plus or minus 5.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

76% think post-secondary education is better or the same.
72% think grade school education is better or the same.
49% think that their community have improved.
30% have seem an improvement in health and well being.

Also remember this is an online poll.

Mental health counsellor Robert Peters, says: “We need to address this particular road-rage phenomenon more actively and directly in group therapy,” said Mr. Peters.

Oh, it appears Mr. note not DR. Peters wants more clients....enough said. Just more Alberta bashing from the G&M.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Election, NOT!

PM Harper has been doing a great job with his minority government. The media keeps pushing for an election, but it's not going to happen, why would it?

The opposition parties are either broke, fighting amongst themselves, deluded about what Canadians want, have weak leaders, or all of the above.

The opposition have been out manouvered by PM Harper, every step of the way, so why would he want an election? He's having fun. When 67% of Canadians approve of the direction the government is taking, things are good for the PM. Sure if he was a Liberal he would be plotting his downfall so he could go to an election, but he's not a Liberal. This is what the media fails to understand, because they ARE Liberals, so they think like Liberals, bad mistake.

The next budget should be a corker, the opposition will have to support it, because it will give Canadians real benefits that they can understand.

Election? NOT!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Into The Future...2009 Election.

So, the Liberals in 2009 Ontario are half way into their 4 year mandate, how's it going? Not good? Manufacturing jobs leaving, Buzz not happy because the auto sector is bleeding jobs to China? Mayor Miller has run Toronto into the ground?

It doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that Ontario is going to be in the toilet. Even now Ontario is headed towards "have not" status, the Liberal voters just don't know that yet.

So, finally, after all the media speculation about elections being called/caused every day, we get a federal election in 2009, just what PM Harper predicted. Dion, Duceppe, and Layton are still around, so is PM Harper.

How does it go? I predict Ontario is really, really sick and tired of the Provincial Liberals mad spending, and Dion is still not a leader, even though his English has improved.

Back to today, a Liberal majority in Ontario today, is a good thing federally for the Conservatives in 2009.

I might have to dig this out of my archives in 2009, just to rub some noses in it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lost Kid, Dion!

Ummm, have you Liberals lost track of your leader? It appears he somehow wondered into Alberta, and can't find his way home. We have put a Lost Kid sticker on him, and you can come pick him up at the tar, oops oilsands anytime you want.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CTV Bias? Say It Isn't So!

Okay wanted to capture this before they change it.

Harper Tories lead sagging Grits by 7 points: poll
Updated Tue. Oct. 9 2007 3:25 PM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have put some distance between themselves and the sagging Liberal party.

Notice the title, how do you read it?

Harper Tories lead sagging, Grits by 7 points


Harper Tories lead sagging Grits, by 7 points

See the difference a comma can make? But CTV doesn't use comma's in their headlines, so is this biased? You bet. They could have just said:

Harper Tories lead Grits by 7 points

See how easy it is to fix it? Bet they won't.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Security Breach, Coderre

Well, it appears that MP Coderre might be guilty of a breach of security. On Friday's Mike Duffy Live, Coderre talked about Minister Bernier's trip to Afghanistan "at the same time as his". Trips to Afghanistan are kept secret for security reasons, but Coderre as a member of the Privy Council would be given those details, details he obviously blurted out on national TV. Makes me wonder if the Taliban bombed the US convoy (1 US soldier killed)thinking our Ministers were in that convoy?

This is a definite breach of security and he should be called on it when he gets home. Even Craig Oliver was outraged by this. Click on video "Craig Oliver on Coderre's shaky move.

So, not only is Coderre placing himself and our troops in danger, he placed two of our Minister's in danger as well! This is a disgrace, but the media is sadly silent on this issue, they have shown more video of Coderre in Afghanistan, than they have shown of two Ministers there on legitimate government business!

Most of the lefties at the G&M this Thanksgiving are yelping about why are we giving food to the Afghans, oops it appears that story and all the comments have disappeared, humm, now isn't that strange?

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Ice Age Cometh!!!

Put away those swimsuits people, it's coming....

Not by fire, by ICE

This is a photo of my friend Jim Terrell taken on
Mt. Baker, Washington. Jim is more than six feet
tall. See the black line about six feet above his head?
That's where the snow from the winter of 1998/99
stopped melting. Above that, is snow that never
melted from the winter of 1999/2000. Why isn't
the media reporting this sort of thing?

Seeing as Alberta has been in the -3 to +9 range all week, while Ontario has been baking, I have trouble believing that our oilsands are creating global warming. Maybe Ontario is so warm because of all the hot air from Ottawa politicians? Just throwing that out there....

Then we have the alarmists!! Here's one good example.

I've been on the glacier, they show in this picture.

What you are seeing is a finger, of the glacier, NOT the main part of the glacier. The main part is over 365 sq. km. in area.

Columbia Icefield

Straddling the boundary between the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the Columbia Icefield is the largest ice mass in North America, south of the Arctic Circle. Situated in the Canadian Rockies, this ice field covers an area of 130 square miles (365 sq. km.) and has a maximum depth of 1,200 feet (365 m), the height of the Empire State Building in New York City. The average elevation of the ice field is about 10,000 feet (3,000 m). It occupies a high, flat-lying plateau in the form of a huge massif. Its highest points are Mount Columbia at 12,284 feet (3745 m) and Mount Athabasca at 11,452 feet (3,491 m). The average snowfall across the ice field is 23 feet (7 m) per year.

Fear mongering is easy, people are sheep. The Liberals figured that out centuries ago, the Conservatives still need to learn to play on emotions, as facts are only inconvenient, not to be trusted, truths.

Truth of the Columbia Icefields, one little teeny tiny finger is melting back, because we are driving big honking, gas guzzling vehicles on that little speck of ice, what do you think is going to happen? DUH!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Fact Of The Matter Is....

The drug policy is fair and balanced, but the potheads don't think so, well the fact of the matter is... that most potheads can't think anymore.

The fact of the matter is...drugs mess with your mind. They make people who are otherwise rational, into idiots, come on, we've all seen it. Here's a personal story, one of my husbands friends was a big pothead, his job? Lifeguard. He couldn't even remember his name, let alone realize that a child might be drowning.

The fact of the matter is... that drug dealers are coming to the school near your kids, and they have illegal drugs and illegal guns. Some of those kids get killed.

So, ban guns, but make drugs legal? Humm...something isn't quite right with that thinking, OH sorry, I forgot, lefties operate on emotions, not logic.

Why isn't there a big BAN DRUGS movement by lefties? They love banning stuff, like cigarette smokers, guns, the military, and pro-life groups on campuses, religion (Okay they haven't banned that yet, but they are working on it). But they will not ban drugs, swingers clubs, or gay sex. Liberal values!

The fact of the matter is...that lefties have no morals, if it feels good, they do it. Ban guns, but don't you dare ban drugs.

The fact of the matter is...PM Harper is right and Mom's understand this one.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fish or Cut Bait!!!

Wonderful! The opposition now has 2 choices, support our Throne speech or get ready for an election.

If you have only heard bits and pieces of PM Harper's Q and A session, it's all available here! Video on the right.

As I have said before, PM Harper is playing chess, while the opposition and media are playing checkers.

What I took away from the Q and A session was that if the opposition supports the Throne speech, they must support Bills that also support the intent of the Throne speech. No more committees blocking Bills or changing them until the intent is unrecognizable. No more Senate blocking Bills, if they do, it's election time!

I like it! Meanwhile, the media is spinning it to their own liking. Case in point, PM Harper strongly supported General Hillier, but the media refuses to accept it.

Fish or cut bait boys, fish or cut bait!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dionitis, A Fatal Disease.

I'm afraid that dionitis has become a fatal disease. It starts by feelings of life "not being fair" and slowly starts to impact your ability to lead a party of Puffins to cover up your excrement.

Suddenly excrement is showing up all over the barnyard. You can only cover it up if you are in power. When not in power, the stench leads other Puffins to your nest. They then lay one egg, but it's a big one, Dionitis! Unable to hide this huge egg, the Puffin leader, lays the blame on party members. If that doesn't work, the final stage of Dionitis sets in, and Puffins start to leave the nest.

Once the Exodus begins, there is no stopping it. It's like lemmings jumping off cliffs to their deaths. Slow to start, but harder to stop.

The final stage of Dionitis, is a slow lingering death in opposition, with no way for your fellow Puffins to get rid of the disease. That one egg laid a year can't be hatched, because Puffins are unable to co-habitat together anymore. Mrs. Puffin gets an abortion, and so goes the future of the Puffin Party.

It's a sad, slow, lingering death, the Puffins go down fighting, but in the end, they slew themselves.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mercer on Dion!

Okay, I'm not much of a fan of Mercer, although I do appreciate his strong support of our troops, this one is pretty bang on!.

This is an old clip, back in March.

Wow, wonder if he knew something we didn't way back then? What he said in March, is very true today. Funny, a comedian had it pegged, too bad the Liberal party didn't pay attention.