Friday, June 30, 2006

For Life Or For Death

Pro this, anti that, let me make it clear, because I get confused at the terms used by both sides. It boils down to this, you are for the life of babies, or you are for the death of babies.

A Liberal has put a bill before Parliament, hoping to make abortions after 20 weeks illegal, various groups are saying this would restrict a "women's right to choose". This is such a tired phrase that I can't believe the baby killers are still using it.

As a female, my right to choose, is not to have sex, or to take various pills that will prevent pregnancy, once I become pregnant, my rights should not superceed those of my baby. We both have the right to life. A baby is not something to be dismembered and discarded just because it is not wanted. Women need to stop using abortions as birth control.

It is totally disgusting that Canada has no abortion law at all. This means that as long as the baby still has a foot in the womb, a doctor can suck it's brains out and call it justified.

I cry for those babies, who have no rights under Canadian law.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blue vs Red

Okay, I know this is silly, but....I was switching between CBC and CTV News the other day during the questioning of PM Harper and the Japanese PM, both stations were covering it live, so they were identical, but one bugged me for some reason. I thought maybe one had a crisper image, but, no, that didn't seem to be the problem, both stations were sending out clear images. It held true the next day during the live coverage of President Bush and the Japanese PM as well, I preferred one station over the other for some reason.

As I continued to flip between the two, I finally saw it, and now I can't stop seeing it!!!

It's all in the colour!!!

One station is predominently red, the other blue!!! See, I told you it was silly, but I kept wanting to watch CTV over CBC, and couldn't figure it out, until I realized I liked the blue, even their ticker tape is blue, while CBC has red all over it's broadcast.

I'm not saying that CTV is more Conservative because they use blue, as a matter of fact, alot of the time I find them more left than CBC, but, our new government sites are blue, why isn't CBC?? Don't we pay $1 Billion a year for a government run and taxpayer paid for TV station?? Is it too much to ask for some blue on CBC??

Okay, I bet you are going to see it now too!!! All that red and all that blue.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alberta Week in Washington

Well, if the federal government won't market us, we will do it for them!! Klein is in Washington and he is getting our message out to the US. A safe secure source of energy is right next door! This benefits all of Canada, not just Alberta.

Rains in Washington might dampen our reception, but Klein will get attention, he has already met with VP Cheney.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Should Be An Interesting Summer

Okay, it's my first day of holiday, and I've been busy watering flowers and weeding the garden, between weeds, I was thinking about what the 5 new priorities are going to be, so, what would yours be for this government? Maybe we can determine what they should be and help the new government.

One for sure will be the environment. I felt sorry for Rona because the opposition were working soooooooo hard to get an idea of what they are planning. She hung in though, despite scuzzy NDP tactics, she's going to have fun this fall I predict. She is a terrific role model for our young ladies.

I want lower taxes, less government, and way fewer social programs. I want the money from useless social programs diverted to disabled/elderly people, directly, not through some agency that only gives money to it's friends. Finally, I want to see less of my taxes going to support the CBC, not more, like the Liberal senators would like to see happen. Transfer hockey to TSN and I have absolutely no reason to watch CBC, that $1 Billion would go a long way towards wheelchairs for the disabled.

So, what else? Indian affairs? Fiscal balance?? Lower taxes? Cutting bogus social programs? What would make your life as a Canadian taxpayer better? What policy do you want to see implemented?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bill to Raise Age of Consent for Sex from 14 to 16 Introduced, Gay Activists Opposed

Well, why would gays oppose protecting our children?? Is it because they can't have any themselves so they don't understand how serious this is? Why does planned parenthood disagree with this? Does it mean fewer abortions for them? Does it mean that they have to get parental consent before they can make a 14 year old get an abortion? Is that why they are scared?

As a parent of a 13 year old, I think this is a great bill and I will be watching who votes for and who votes against this bill. Liberal degradation of our society must end. Swingers clubs are legal now thanks to our supreme court justices, that also means that a 14 year old can legally be in that club. That's just sick!!!!

I hope that people who care about their children will email their MP's and get them to support this bill.

Our babies need to be protected.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

RONA Is Not Blonde

Okay, when I heard that Rona Ambrose was made the environment Minister, I actually laughed out loud, not because she is lacking in her ability to do the job, but because I knew that she was one tough cookie that would get the job done.

It seems that the NDP are scared of just that, they wanted her "booted", but the Liberals backed down (duh, no leader).

What I think is that the opposition has no idea of what the Conservatives are going to do on the environment and have been trying very hard to find out, but no-one is talking.

I will bet anyone that the environment will be one of the next 5 priorities of the Government, that's why the opposition has been trying so hard to find out what the Conservatives are up to, but mark my words, this fall, the environment will be front and center, and the opposition will not like it, because, the Conservatives are going to have a plan that will blow the opposition out of the water. Kyoto will be a thing of the past I hope, China/Russia should not get my hard earned tax dollars for doing nothing.

We all care about the environment, but we do not need to be raped by other countries of our hard earned tax dollars. Any party still supporting the failed Kyoto Accord, needs to look again, be careful, be very careful, voters are not idiots. Don't you dare vote to send my hard earned dollars overseas. Clean up our environment, yes, but keep our dollars here to do it. What part of that doesn't the opposition understand??

The Liberals made a big show of supporting the Kyoto Agreement, but had no plan. Same with Kelowna, didn't even sign the Kelowna accord, but Liberals still don't get the fact that, THEY ARE THE OPPOSITION!!!

So, Rona is not blonde (sorry all real blondes out there, I mean no harm), not like Belinda, the oh so glassy eyed MP(what the heck was her Ministry? Did she even do anything? Oh, I guess we didn't expect that of a faux blonde).

As a side note, our Conservative ladies are way classier than any other party.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Supreme Court Judges To Make More Than The Prime Minister

Well, opposition is not happy that the Conservatives only want to increase judges salaries by 7.25%, instead of the recommended 10.8%.

Okay, can any of you out there remember the last time you got a 7.25% increase in your salaries, let alone a 10.8% increase?? The judges salaries are already indexed to the rate of inflation, so this raise would be on top of that automatic increase.

Under the Conservative plan, which must secure enough votes to pass in the minority Parliament, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, would receive an immediate salary increase to $298,500, instead of the $308,400 the commission recommended.

The other eight judges on the court would earn $276,400, instead of $285,600.

Chief justices and associate chief justices on the Federal Court, Tax Court of Canada, and superior courts in each province would earn $254,600, rather than $263,000 and all other judges would see salary gains to $232,300, instead of the commission's recommendation of $240,000.

So, the chief justice and other justices will earn more than the Prime Minister!!!

It appears that judges is more worthy than the Prime Minister, who has to run this country?? This is unacceptable, especially when those same judges are giving us such wonderful things as swingers clubs, and reducing sentences of baby rapists, because that's not violent?

Maybe those poor, underpaid judges will just go back into private practice and we can get some that are willing to uphold the law, instead of making it!!!!

I also think the MP's that are protesting are doing so because they want a 10.8% increase in their own salaries. Hang on to your pockets folks, we are about to be robbed once again!!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

PM Just An Average Guy Moneywise

Well, as if we didn't already know it, the PM is no millionaire, like many former PM's. How Martin got away with keeping his business interests, setting them up as tax free havens, paying non-Canadians slave wages and polluting our waters, is really beyond me, except that Liberal friendly media never really mentioned any of those "little" items.

Seeing Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Oilers game, in the cheap seats, surrounded by regular fans, not in some private box, did my heart good. Yup, so far he really is an average guy, with an average family, but he is doing an exceptional job as PM. Maybe he can do that because he has had to budget his families expenditures, say no to his kids sometimes because they couldn't afford something, and make do with what they already have, instead of getting the newer, better model. Sounds like my family!

Sounds like it is slim pickings for the Liberal party to harp on, and Ruby Dhalla is sounding more shrill, and idiotic everytime she questions Minister Clements 25% share in a drug company. Get a brain Ruby, look at your own ex-PM before you open your mouth. And, maybe your own investments should be looked at:

She now co-owns a chain of chiropractic clinics in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Aurora with her brother, Neil Dhalla.[2] Dhalla has also worked as an actress, and played a leading role in "Kyon? Kis Liye?" (translated as "Why? And For Whom?"), a Bollywood-inspired Hindi-language film shot in Ontario.[3] She finished second in the Miss India Canada pageant in 1993.[4]

Oh, but wait, your not a Minister, heck, your not even in power, your in opposition!

The Liberals still don't and never will understand the average working person, cause, well, they are not the average working person, most of them have been born with little silver spoons in their mouths. They have never had to say to one of their kids that Santa's Elves couldn't build enough X-Boxes in time for them to get one. They just don't get it, because they have never heard the word "NO".

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Canada's playoff heaven for Japanese couple

Well, good for this couple, wish someone would have given them better tickets for the game, but, heck, I'm right here in Edmonton and we can't afford to go.

Hope they show the Prime Minister at the game tonight, singing "Oh Canada" with as much gusto as Joey Moss shows! I think it's awesome that the Prime Minister will be there, hope he has Ben with him!


Friday, June 16, 2006

Protect Incombents Or Not??

This article is interesting because it goes to the heart of democracy.

One argument is that MPs in a minority government are busy enough without having to fend off rivals in their ridings who have the luxury of time to organize a nomination challenge.

"I've always believed personally that duly elected MPs should be protected from challenges," said Nova Scotia MP Gerald Keddy. "The reason behind that is because it allows us to do our job in Ottawa.

"We already went through a nomination process, chosen by our electorate to represent them, and it's very disconcerting and distracting to have to do your job here...and to have to worry about what's going on in the riding."

Saskatchewan colleague Gerry Ritz, who said he isn't concerned about his own seat, said he has some sympathy for the protection argument. There have been many cases of contenders enrolling thousands of "instant" party members - sometimes from ethnic communities - to scoop a nomination.

Well, I was at an annual board meeting of a charity, where the president got totally hi-jacked by a swarm of new members who elected a new president.

There was nothing democratic about that election. It was a total misuse of the democratic process.

If you want to challenge for a position, you should have to relay that intention at least 3 months in advance. Then it becomes a fair fight.

Hundreds of before unregistered people just showing up at the meeting is showing a total lack of respect for democracy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quebec Goes After Oil Companies - NEP2?

The dreaded carbon TAX is raising it's ugly head in Quebec!

Quebec plans to tax oil and gas companies to finance its plan to implement the Kyoto protocol but also says it needs money from Ottawa to fight climate change, Premier Jean Charest said Thursday.

"The Kyoto protocol isn't perfect but currently it's the best thing on the table," Charest told a news conference. The tax is expected to raise $200 million a year that Quebec will spend on its 2006-2012 action plan to curb emissions.

A spokesman for the petroleum industry said the tax will end up passed on to consumers. Environmental groups welcomed Quebec's move.

Wake up Quebec, get your bikes out, because gas prices are about to rise.

Simple economics, if an oil company can sell gas anywhere in the world without paying a carbon tax, why would they pay for it in Quebec? They will pass it on to the consumer, or not sell it there. Those are the options.

So, Quebec, enjoy Kyoto. Biking in the winter will really clear the greenhouse gases and make you all healthier!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Scary Statistics

Interesting poll, disturbing results.

What amazes me is that Quebec has the highest statistics against pedophiles (91%), but it was one of their judges that just reduced the sentence of a pedophile, because repeatedly raping his 2 year old daughter and posting the pictures on the internet was not violent!

We as a society are buying into the liberal mind set that we must pity and help the criminals because they were somehow disadvantaged growing up. BULL-Turdies.

You do the crime, you do the time. And judges better start getting with the system, or, they will start feeling the heat from ordinary people, who are getting tired of the light sentences they keep dishing out. Most people feel that judges are somehow better and more knowledgeable than average people, but us average people understand that the judge was wrong in this case. Too often we forget about the VICTIMS of crime, and judges are clearly out of touch with us "average" people.

What ever happened to VICTIMS RIGHTS? I say, we need tougher sentences and a place on Hans Island to house them. We wouldn't even need guards! They could learn survival skills and because Canadians are living on Hans Island, we retain our rights to the Island.

Monday, June 12, 2006

NBC Has Better Coverage Of Hockey

It's totally shameful when we get better coverage on NBC than on CBC when it comes to hockey. Cole and Neale are total wipeouts and drove me to watch NBC to get a better prospective on the game. CBC needs to wake up, we can watch other channels now!!!!!!!!! I can think of better ways to spend $1 Billion per year than on the CBC.

Why Is Quebec Still A Have Not Province??

Yes, Quebec is different, but they suck up BILLIONS of dollars that other provinces could use. They brag about their $7 a day daycare, but who is paying for it? WE the taxpayers of Canada, not Quebec. They have all these fancy programs that they don't have to pay for, because the Feds will fund them. I heard the Bloq yap about employment insurance benefits for older workers who get layed off, okay, I can support helping them, but why do we have to support every socialist program Quebec wants, just because they are Quebec.

Get working Quebec, stop sucking on the teat of Canada and become a productive province in Canada for once in your life. Grow some balls and stop depending on the rest of Canada to support your welfare habit. We are sick and tired of hearing your politicians bashing Alberta, because we actually work for a living. And no, you will not get your muckers on our resources that we have worked so hard to develop. Go develop your own resources and leave ours alone. We send the Feds 11B, and you suck up 11B, well, tick us off enough, and you will be importing oil from???? Iraq??

Being French is great, but being leeches on our society has to stop. Grow up, get a job and contribute to our country.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Okay, This Is Going Too Far!

All right, that's it, egg salad sandwiches are now under attack!

Please, give those little old ladies a break! So, they boiled some eggs at home! This inspector is obviously the Nazi of egg salad sandwiches. Pouring bleach on those sandwiches is an example of a petty individual, who was given way too much power.

What's next, no more apple pies for sale at the farmer's markets???

Sunday, June 04, 2006

On The Lighter Side, GO OILERS GO!!

Okay, I know it's trivial compared to the Canadian born terrorists, who wanted to blow Canadians away, but, Go Oilers Go!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we should take a page from hockey, the zamboni clears the ice, makes it nice and new, this should be what happens with terrorists. Put them in jail for life, clear the rink of rats, make anyone else think twice.

My prediction, Oilers in 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ontario jury finds Linklater guilty of murder

Justice Harry LaForme cited a federal government directive to reduce the number of native Canadians in jail.

"It is my duty to endeavour to remedy this crisis of drastic over-representation of aboriginal people in our penal institutions," LaForme said.

Now, is it just me, or could the drastic over-representation of aboriginal people, maybe, just maybe, be because they are the ones doing the crimes???

During question period, Liberals and NDP get up and complain that tougher sentences are going to mean more aboriginals in jail! You think?? Do we now have to balance our jails so that we are politically correct? We need to have 50% whites balanced by 50% others?

The left just doesn't seem to get it, do the crime, do the time!!

Now, it should be interesting to see the lefties spin the 17 terrorists, who had 3 tons of bomb material, into victims. And, of course, blame it all on Afghanistan and PM Harper, even though the police had been observing them for YEARS. They have already begun to do that at CTV, every talking head is asking every "expert", whether Afghanistan is to blame.

But, to get back to this article, 57 criminal convictions, and the judge gives him a conditional sentence, to be served in the community?? Who is protecting the community, certainly not the judge.

I feel for the victims, but listen to the NDP/Liberals, they never mention the victims. We need a website that tracks decisions by judges. Let's start getting their names out there, let's start making judges accountable, to us, the taxpayers, for their decisions.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Robin Hood, What A Bad Idea!!!

Okay, we all love the idea of taking from the rich to give to the poor. Back in the olden days, it was a necessity. The rich were truly taking advantage of the poor. Is it still, the case today, or are we just loving our Robin Hood while blindly ignoring what an example it is setting, especially for the poor.

How does the average Canadian get rich?? Education, work, innovation, and maybe some good investments, can get you ahead. Is education universal? Yes. Work, can we all work? Yes. Invest? Yes. If I create something innovative, like Velcro, should I be rewarded? Yes. So, if I do all those things and “happen” to get rich, must I share? NO. Will I share? Yes. Do I pay way more in taxes than the average person? Yes. Does this benefit the economy? Yes.

Contrast that with the drug addicted individual. Do they do anything to get ahead, support their family, and help create a better society? NO. Do they need help? For sure! Does guaranteeing people an income, no matter what they do, or do not do, make them more productive members of society? No. Should we support single Mom’s, of course! Should we be forced, by our taxes to support people who can work, but refuse to? No.

Let’s go bigger here; should provinces be able to spend without fear of the consequences because, they know the federal government will bail them out, or municipalities, or non-profit organizations? Should the First Nations, get revenues from their land, without a reduction of their benefits? Should provinces create a daycare system, that is available to only 25% of people in the province, but expect the whole province to pay for it? Third world countries, are they getting better because of our monetary support? Or, do they rely on our support while killing their own people because they are not the right faith, or colour? What is happening to the Hamas, now that they have no money?

A culture of entitlement, only leads to more hands in our pockets. Remember, all levels of government have only one revenue generator, US, the taxpayers. So, we the productive workers, pay municipal, provincial and federal taxes, guess we get hit 3 times, batter out! Also remember, that the corporate taxes paid, are because of what we have purchased from those companies, so, again, the corporate taxes, are our taxes. Depressed yet?

So, Robin Hood, an idea who’s time has come and gone, kind of like unions. You give someone freebies, they just want more and more freebies. Stop the freebies, stop Robin Hood!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Age Of Consent, Might Just Pass

One of the main reasons, as a female, I voted for the Conservatives was that they said in their election platform that they would raise the age of consent from 14 to 16.

Seems they are about to do that, and seems the NDP might support this bill.

So, for two different points of view on this issue, contrast these two:


A Christian Group, picked by google search

But, I don't care what either group says, I care about protecting my children from dangers like pedophiles. It has been shown that pedophiles are not curable, here's one under oath giving a glimpse into what they do.

Any member of any party that does not vote for this bill is not listening to the mothers and fathers that have to deal will a 14 year old child who can legally have sex with anyone. They are not old enough to smoke, drive a car, or vote, but they are old enough to consent to SEX???????????

Canada is becoming a haven for perverts that want sex with children, and don't tell me that 14 is an adult. We need to protect our most valuable resource, our children. If this bill does not pass, it will show how sick our society has become.