Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blue vs Red

Okay, I know this is silly, but....I was switching between CBC and CTV News the other day during the questioning of PM Harper and the Japanese PM, both stations were covering it live, so they were identical, but one bugged me for some reason. I thought maybe one had a crisper image, but, no, that didn't seem to be the problem, both stations were sending out clear images. It held true the next day during the live coverage of President Bush and the Japanese PM as well, I preferred one station over the other for some reason.

As I continued to flip between the two, I finally saw it, and now I can't stop seeing it!!!

It's all in the colour!!!

One station is predominently red, the other blue!!! See, I told you it was silly, but I kept wanting to watch CTV over CBC, and couldn't figure it out, until I realized I liked the blue, even their ticker tape is blue, while CBC has red all over it's broadcast.

I'm not saying that CTV is more Conservative because they use blue, as a matter of fact, alot of the time I find them more left than CBC, but, our new government sites are blue, why isn't CBC?? Don't we pay $1 Billion a year for a government run and taxpayer paid for TV station?? Is it too much to ask for some blue on CBC??

Okay, I bet you are going to see it now too!!! All that red and all that blue.

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