Wednesday, June 21, 2006

RONA Is Not Blonde

Okay, when I heard that Rona Ambrose was made the environment Minister, I actually laughed out loud, not because she is lacking in her ability to do the job, but because I knew that she was one tough cookie that would get the job done.

It seems that the NDP are scared of just that, they wanted her "booted", but the Liberals backed down (duh, no leader).

What I think is that the opposition has no idea of what the Conservatives are going to do on the environment and have been trying very hard to find out, but no-one is talking.

I will bet anyone that the environment will be one of the next 5 priorities of the Government, that's why the opposition has been trying so hard to find out what the Conservatives are up to, but mark my words, this fall, the environment will be front and center, and the opposition will not like it, because, the Conservatives are going to have a plan that will blow the opposition out of the water. Kyoto will be a thing of the past I hope, China/Russia should not get my hard earned tax dollars for doing nothing.

We all care about the environment, but we do not need to be raped by other countries of our hard earned tax dollars. Any party still supporting the failed Kyoto Accord, needs to look again, be careful, be very careful, voters are not idiots. Don't you dare vote to send my hard earned dollars overseas. Clean up our environment, yes, but keep our dollars here to do it. What part of that doesn't the opposition understand??

The Liberals made a big show of supporting the Kyoto Agreement, but had no plan. Same with Kelowna, didn't even sign the Kelowna accord, but Liberals still don't get the fact that, THEY ARE THE OPPOSITION!!!

So, Rona is not blonde (sorry all real blondes out there, I mean no harm), not like Belinda, the oh so glassy eyed MP(what the heck was her Ministry? Did she even do anything? Oh, I guess we didn't expect that of a faux blonde).

As a side note, our Conservative ladies are way classier than any other party.

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