Monday, July 31, 2006

We Need To Know Where The Monsters Are Living!

I only heard about the Amber Alert today at around 11, you can bet the minute I heard about it, I drove to the playground I had let my 10 year old go to earlier in the morning, and made him come home. This is a playground that has a supervised playground attendant and is only a block and a half from home, in a great area of Edmonton. It didn't matter, as a Mom, I admit, I panicked! All of my prayers are going out tonight to the two young boys that are in the hands of a sexual predator.

I do wonder why no Amber Alert was issued earlier, even news reports are only reporting the abduction of Zachary Miller and seem to be ignoring that Jordan Bruyere was listed as missing earlier, is this because Jordan is Aboriginal? I sincerely hope that is not the case.

Sexual predators are despicable monsters, but we do not monitor them, we do not know if they are living next door to us, we, as parents have no way to protect our children.

Liberal judges have let this monster live among us, protecting him, not our children. It is time for all of us parents to send a message to these Liberal judges that we are fed up with their bleeding heart mentalities. If they want to release these monsters into society, I suggest that they invite them to live with their children or grandchildren, because that is what they are making us do! They are making us live with monsters, without our knowing they are even there! I bet all judges know where the sexual predators are living, why can't we??

So, today, I kept my 10 year old inside, I can't do that for the rest of the summer. I can't be with him all the time, he would hate Mommy hanging around the playground all day. I have explained to him what has happened, we have a password he will remember, but I fear it is not enough!!

And why was no Amber Alert issued for Jordon?? If it had been, maybe Zachary would still be at home safe. Maybe Zachary's parents would have reacted like I did, and kept him home!

We need a national sexual predator registry, that ANYONE can access. We need to know where the monsters are living.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Messed Up Abortion, Or, Murder?

Okay, I know that a baby is supposedly only a baby once it has been born, before that it is a zygote, or collection of cells. That's what the liberals tell us anyways!

Well this zygote, seems to have been a messed up abortion, that managed to get born, becoming a baby, only to be killed!

Women's choice, or doctors, nurses and women killing babies? Even liberal thinking people must be sickened by this article. If you aren't, better check yourself for a heartbeat, you might be dead, and don't even know it! If you do detect a heartbeat, check for brainwaves, because anyone with even half a brain can understand that a baby was born, and killed.

Don't give me any of that zygote garbage, I have never heard a pregnant woman refer to her baby, wanted or not as a zygote!

It's a baby, plain and simple.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I've Been Thinking About This All Day...

Immigration. So many Lebanese-Canadians arriving here have made me question our immigration policies. Why aren't they Canadian-Lebanese? Nope, all media are calling them Lebanese-Canadians. Can I be a Canadian-Canadian?? Even Stats Canada does not let me label my children as Canadians. They had to be classified as English/Ukrainians, even though their Dad is not sure his people really were from England, they think they are but, mostly they think they are Canadian. My family was from both the Ukraine and Poland, but that was generations ago.

I have always been and always will be a Canadian. Check your census form, that is not an option. You can not check off Canadian as your ethnic choice. It is not there, so there are no Canadians according to Stats Canada.

Until our government starts to acknowledge the fact that people born here are Canadians, we do not exist.

So, is it any wonder that Lebanese-Canadians feel torn because they left parents behind in Lebanon? One of my kids friends is spending the summer in China, because that is where his Father works. Seems his Father only comes back to Canada often enough to get his wife pregnant again. She and the kids live here, the Father lives elsewhere.

Immigration is a great idea, but only if the people coming here become Canadian-Canadians.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Never Again, Unless...

It's Israel being bombed. This is reminding me of the holocaust, when people were bringing pictures of Jewish people being sent to the ovens out of Germany, and no-one cared. People turned a blind eye to 6 million Jews being murdered.

Then Jewish people had no country to go to, not like our "sometimes" Lebanese-Canadians, who got passage on the free ship "Taxpayer". Don't get me wrong, we needed to get all who wanted to get out, out. Now, those we got out should not be marching in protests against our government. Those little Lebanese princesses can get their butts back to Lebanon and start rebuilding that country if they care for it that much, and are so upset with our government.

Israel is defending itself from terrorists, plain and simple. If the world stood by and let 6 million French Canadians be killed by us English Canadians, because they didn't speak English, wouldn't the French Canadians have a reason to want to defend themselves? If Quebec was a nation and we came in and kidnapped 2 of their soldiers, after killing 6 million of them before, wouldn't they fight back?

I'd like to say that left thinking people will wake up, but left and thinking are not terms that go together.

My wholehearted support goes to Israel, my prayers are with them. I see the world, standing by while terrorists kill more innocent people. I also see the world siding with those terrorists. I thank Israel for standing up to these murderers. I Thank God, Canada is standing firm against terrorists!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UN Being Used, Say It Isn't So!

Very interesting view from someone who should know about the UN base that was bombed.

So, it appears that the Hezbollah are using UN positions to bomb Israel. Well, if they are willing to use children and women, why not the UN?

We went to CapitalEx (used to be called Klondike Days) today, the military had some people there. I talked to one soldier who had been in Afghanistan and was expecting to go back, he was positive, and very happy that they were getting new equipment, and that Canadians were showing their support.

I also talked to some soldiers that were sitting in an armor plated ambulance. They explained to me that they seldom went off base with them, because they were targeted when the terrorists saw the Red Cross.

So, my conclusion is that terrorists are cowards, they hide behind women, children, UN observers, and medical personnel. Wow, that sure inspires me to sympathize with their cause.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Promise Made, Promise Kept

Well, you sure can't say the Conservatives make promises to us voters that they don't keep.

One more promise kept!

"Stephen Harper made it very clear during the election campaign that if the Conservatives were elected they would compensate the people who had been left out of an original deal to compensate people who contacted Hepatitis C through blood transfusions in hospitals," CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said earlier this month.

I am enjoying seeing a government keep their election promises. I bet the Hep C people are happy too! Money is not going to bring these people's health back, but it is the least we as Canadians can do to compensate for the failure of our health care system.

Keep this up and people might start believing in politicians again!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Okay, Time For A Rest!

What I saw on the news today, was no more Lebanese Princesses shouting about how hard done by they were, while escaping all those bombs. Guess they couldn't find anymore disgruntled "sometimes" Canadians to interview.

So, I took the time today, to smell the roses. Literally! I stopped watching the news, went outside and worked in my garden. I feel much better tonight for doing it too. We had new potatoes and fresh beans for supper, grown by me, and enjoyed by the whole family!! It made me appreciate Canada, and the simple things, like a carrot pulled out of the ground, washed, and eaten by my kids.

We need to go out and smell the roses more often. But those sparrows making off with my pea leaves are starting to tick me off.... anyone have slingshot?

Just kidding, they can have all the pea leaves they want as long as they leave us the peas!!! Now those rabbits are another story.........

Saturday, July 22, 2006


The CBC has been showing only disgruntled Lebanese arriving into Canada, hoping to make the Conservatives look bad. Sorry, it's not working. It's going to backfire!

Liberals can not understand that Conservatives do not put up with whinny people who got to Canada because of our tax dollars. I am happy to help those people who truely appreciate our help, and I suspect that makes up about 99% of the people who we have rescued. I don't think they all have to bow down and say "Thanks Canada", but, when I hear they get off the taxpayer funded plane and go directly to a protest, sorry, but that ticks me off big time!!!!

Do we really know who we are letting into our country?

If the Lebanese were smart, they would get a rally together, not protesting Israel, but telling us "real" Canadians that they are happy to be home in Canada. Period.

We are smart enough to realize that Lebanon is not the problem, only Hezballah.

I am worried about how many Hezballah terrorists have now arrived in Canada. I am worried for the future of my kids. I am totally in support of "MY" government and I refuse to listen to "sometimes" Canadians who want to change "MY" country into something I do not recognize.

I was born here, this is my country, and I am not going to give in to terrorists, be they real or "sometimes" Canadians trying to change "MY" country into something, I, a "real" Canadian do not want. These "sometimes" Canadians are just like terrorists, they protest, hold rallies, and tell me that I should think the same way they do.

If you are not happy here, GO BACK to wherever you came from, and protest there, if you dare!! Or, become a true Canadian. Work hard, get ahead, and provide a safe environment for your children.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I Thought It Was Jewish Princess, Not Lebanese?

Well, well, these comments make me think spoiled brat. Not one thank you Canada, in the whole bunch!

Evacuees arrive home

Meanwhile, planes carrying the first wave of evacuees arrived in Ottawa and Montreal on Friday, and some had harsh words for the government.

"It was inhuman what they did," said Tania Elia, who arrived in Montreal. "People were on the boat, one over each other. People were vomiting."

Another evacuee said she was "ashamed to be Canadian" and regretted the apparently arduous journey.

"If I knew that it was going to be like this, I would have stayed in Lebanon under the bombs," said Roula Karbash. "It would be easier."

Poor Tania, people were vomiting!!! It's called sea sickness, do you think the government planted vomiters on the ship just to bug you??

If, Roula is so "ashamed to be Canadian" that she wants to be back "under the bombs", I will start passing the hat to raise enough money to send her right back there. I of course can't afford to go to PEI to visit relatives, let alone go overseas. Not, one thank you Canada from those two. Talk about two Lebanese Princesses!!! Shame on you.

Now if you see the person in the picture called "one relieved evacuee", Dan Matheson showed this guy, he was great!!! He was thanking Canada, he was so happy to have been rescued even Samantha Huston said she had a crush on the guy! He really was what I as a Canadian taxpayer wanted to see, someone happy to be going home!!! Not like the prima donnas above!

Too bad the media give the 1% of disgruntled people 99% of the air time.

Kudos to Dan Matheson, he has been very positive in his reporting. Kudos to the people of Turkey who have done a great job helping our Canadians. I love the youngsters greeting our Canadians with flowers. Thank you Turkey!!

Not one word of thanks to Turkey, Cyprus or Canada for our little princesses. Again, all I can say is shame on you.

Media Making Lebanese Look Like Whiners

Well the media should be happy that they are portraying the Lebanese as ungrateful. I was feeling sorry for all the people stranded in Lebanon, until the media showed me the first boat arriving. One person was upset because they had no AIR CONDITIONING, well sorry, the government is trying to get everyone out safely, guess they forgot to ask whether the rescue boat had air conditioning.

The media should look at the coverage because they are making ordinary Canadians think that the Lebanese are ungrateful and are only using Canada to get out of a war torn area.

The Lebanese being rescued should understand that "regular" Canadians are not going to put up with "sometime" Canadians whinning, they should just be happy that Canada got them out, at taxpayer cost.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Edmonton Lebanese Protest Ticks Me OFF!!!

Okay, for years now, everytime I see ethnic groups from other countries protesting on Parliament Hill, or anywhere else, about how things are soooo bad in their countries, I have always yelled at the TV telling them to go back home then. You are either Canadian, or a "sometime" Canadian. If you are some other countries citizen first, Canadian second, go home. Why should my tax dollar pay to bring you back to Canada, when you have never really been Canadian?

So, if the Lebanese are not happy with how the rescue mission is going, go there and save your own people. I am sick and tired of the media coverage that only shows people who are mad at the government. I feel that most Lebanese are great Canadians, but fear is making them scared, I understand that, but don't protest in my country and expect me to support you, especially not when you slam my government and not the real cause of the problem. The Lebanese government has no control over the southern portion of their own country, blame them, not the Canadian government. It is not the Canadian government that is firing missiles at Israel.

STOP protesting against the government and START acting like real Canadians by supporting and helping all efforts that can help ALL people stranded in Lebanon.

Shame on the people who have time to protest, but no time to help. Disgusting.

By the way, WTG Prime Minister Stephen Harper for going to pick up over 100 Canadians!!! A truly great idea, and if the people rescued are not appreciative, send them back!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Clifford Olsen and Manson

Thank goodness Clifford Olsen is still behind bars.

We should put him in with Manson, and let them try to figure out who is the real crazy one!! Maybe the two sadists will torture each other for fun!

Okay, okay, shame on me, but it is fun to think about. Would probably relieve their boredom too.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Small Things Bring Great Pleasure

Here in Edmonton, we have a Front Yards in Bloom contest. I didn't get a sign last year, but today, I got a sign!!!!!!! I started most of my flowers way back in January, so that they would be blooming now, guess it paid off! Small things bring great pleasure!

I can't reconcile my joy in getting a simple sign, with my despair about the Mid East. I just want it all to stop. I think the Israelis are right in protecting themselves, but I am sad that people in Lebanon are suffering along with the Israelis.

My prayers are with all sides, but I feel God weeping. This situation with terrorists is getting out of control. Something is going to snap, and here in safe Canada, I fear for my kids. What will the world look like in 20 years? Are all women going to be wearing black burkas and be restricted from driving or voting? Are my kids going to be punished because they are Christians?

We can not ignore the terrorists. If they keep blowing themselves up, maybe we have a fighting chance! Kind of like all the Liberals aborting their babies. Attrition!!! Oh, and by the way, Alexa, is way past her best buy date!!! The NDP are so out of touch with real Canadians I can't believe anyone votes for them.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well, This Makes Me Proud To Be Canadian

What a wonderful speech by our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper!

Finally, we can hold our heads up, and be proud to be Canadian again.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Get Out If You Can

Only idiots would go to Lebanon now, and if you are already there, try to get out! I guess we will have to rely on the Americans to get our Canadians out.

This report ticks me off. What a bunch of bull****. Do not blame the Canadian government for your families problems. If you want to be a "sometimes" Canadian, don't blame us when you put yourself in harms way. If your family had stayed in Canada, you would not have to worry. Sorry that might be harse, but it is reality. Go to an area that is not stable, don't cry to your "sometimes" government for help.

That said, I really hope that all Canadians get out of Lebanon safely.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Harper Sides Firmly With Israel

This is very refreshing after years of Liberal waffling!

Finally, I can be proud to be Canadian again. WTG Prime Minister Stephen Harper!!

If the US was bombing us daily, would we not be justified in responding? If they kidnapped our soldiers, would we not be justified in going full out to get them back?? If our land or people were being threatened, would we not respond?

Justice appears to be different in the mideast. I fully support Israel's response so far, and I am glad that our Conservative government has now come out to fully support their position as well. The only thing keeping the mideast from war is Israel, they know that Israel will not blink. So, return their soldiers, if this doesn't happen soon, cut all support by all charitable organizations for a few days, see if that helps to make them understand that they survive by the good wishes of the hated west.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evolution, Kyoto, And Naturally Occuring Substances

Okay, had a wonderful holiday, the horseback riding left me with a sore butt, the golfing was great, but it's good to be home!

Now, my point, scientists have still not proved that we evolved. Why are there no halfape-halfhuman's running around? Did the iceage freeze them? Why didn't apes and humans freeze then? Oh, who cares whether we evolved or not, we are here, that's good enough for me.

Now, scientists are trying to convince us that global warning is a threat. I think pollution is a threat, and something that can be measured. Global warming, if you listen to the MSM is a done deal, it's happening, and we better control it or the earth will change dramatically. Hummmm, like the iceage came and went without our help? Did that change the earth dramatically? Well, we aren't having to fight dinosaurs at least, well maybe only liberal dinosaurs. What is the great cause of global warming, CO2.

Now, let's think about naturally occuring substances. Butter is natural, margarine is not. For years, margarine was good, butter was bad. Now, margarine has all those bad trans-fats, butter doesn't. Sugar is natural, artificial sugar substitutes are not. What's with this new milk-to-go that lasts for months? Can that really be good for you? It's sure not natural. So, naturally occuring or artifically manipulated, which would you choose.

To tie it all up, scientists still can't prove evolution, why should we believe them when it comes to global warming? Naturally occuring, last time I checked, CO2 was a naturally occuring substance, pollution is not. So, why are we fighting CO2 and not pollution?