Sunday, March 30, 2008

You're A Joke Tom!

Well, I didn't say it, Ralph Goodale did. Jane Taber shows her Liberal bias by letting Ralph get into a pi*sing match with Thomas Mulclair. I really think Ralph should be put out to pasture. It was funny, Peter Van Loan, just sat back and didn't interfere. Lefties fighting against lefties is a good thing for the Conservatives.

I know many of you will not click the link, but you really should, it's near the end of the clip, but well worth the listen. Right hand side "CTV's Question Period".

The article is total propaganda, not worth the read, and says nothing about the dust up between Goodale and Mulclair.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The election guessing game resumes Monday with Stephane Dion continuing to hold out the possibility that he'll finally pull the plug on Stephen Harper's minority government.

The Liberal leader's threat rings increasingly hollow, coming in the wake of disappointing by election results and a new round of internecine sniping among party militants in Dion's home province of Quebec.

Indeed, some top Liberals have urged Dion to cut the incessant sabre rattling and frankly admit the party is in no position to fight an election this spring. They fear that repeatedly threatening an election and backing down -- a pattern that Dion has followed throughout the fall and winter -- is only making him look indecisive and exposing the party to ridicule.

This has nothing to do with the Goodale/Mulclair fight. At the very end of the clip, Goodale says "You're a joke Tom", before that he was calling him Thomas. Guess the Liberals are moving even further left and fighting the NDP for the scraps. Works for me! HA!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

If She Dies In This Prison... will be on the burden of the Canadian government.

Funny less than 50 people showed up for the Brenda Martin protest. There were more reporters there than protesters, but that didn't stop the reporters. They swarmed the one Conservative MP, Rick Norlock, who showed up, grilled him, judged him, and found him wanting. Guilty of being a Conservative.

Liberal MP, Dan McTeague, is seen supporting Brenda's Mother, and surprise surprise, Brenda phones, watch his grin. He knew and arranged for it to happen. Wow that's some mean old Mexican jail she's in, letting her phone her Mom during the rally. I wonder if Brenda won that beauty pageant she was in.

Now, my quote is from a supposedly neutral reporter, go to this site and click on the report by Roger Smith, watch McTeague, and then watch the supposed neutral blond bimbo state this "If she dies in this prison, it will be on the burden of the Canadian government".

Anyone know who this bimbo is? I suspect CBC, but CTV is just as bad so I'm not sure. Put your Sherlock Holmes hats on and see if we can't figure out who blondie is.

Buy My CO2 Eating Carbon Credits

The hour of darkness is fast approaching Alberta, some of you in eastern Canada are already experiencing it's effects. I'm here to help. Before you get sucked into the dark vortex of Earth Hour, you can save yourself by buying some of my carbon credits.

This is a CO2 sucking operation, right in my home, creating more oxygen than we can use. So I am willing to sell you some of this oxygen. It's a complex operation, taking hours of sunshine, organic earth, and H2O. Here's what you can buy to relieve yourself of guilt:

Greenhouse stage plants:

These little babies are well on their way to adulthood, as they grow, they will suck more CO2 out of the atmosphere. These are cheap only a million credits per plant.

Kindergarten Stage:

These babies are just out of the greenhouse and ready to be transplanted, so they can grow up to be CO2 sucking adults. These are more expensive 8 million credits per litre of CO2 sucked up.

Full grown CO2 sucking adult:

This is the ultimate CO2 eating machine. Each leaf alone sucks more CO2 out of the atmosphere than any light that has been turned off. It is worth every light that gets turned off tonight in Toronto. Want to know why no-one in my family is ever sick? These CO2 eating, oxygen producing plants work day and night to keep the air in our house clean.

So, will my lights be turned off at eight, sure, it's still light out here at eight, why would I waste electricity on lights, but my 3 computers, TV, dishwasher, dryer and BBQ will all be fired up, along with the gas fireplace.

Point? I recycle, compost year round, grow my own plants, have a big vegetable garden, collect rainwater in 4 giant containers, use no chemicals, so turning off my lights for one hour is stupid. It does nothing to actually reduce CO2, as if that's even the problem. HINT: CO2 is NOT a pollutant. The problem is all the dim watt bulbs who believe in this garbage.

So, lefties, buy my CO2 eating carbon credits, and I promise to plant all those plants this spring. If not, I might go on a rampage and kill them all!!!

Liberals, When The Fruit Is Ripe!

So voters are fruit, ripe for the picking, according to Dion.

Is there a risk of eating poisonous berries?
According to How to Survive in the Woods for 3 Days: "white and yellow berries are poisonous 90% of the time, blue and black berries are good to eat 90% of the time (however, deadly nightshade berries [see photo] are dark blue or black and they taste sweet, but a couple can kill you fairly quickly)

Liberals to assess best odds, Dion says

The Liberals will judge coming confidence votes in Parliament on their own self-interest and their shot at victory in the ensuing election, leader St├ęphane Dion said yesterday.

"We will determine the timing of the election when we will have the best odds of winning," he said in an interview that will run on the French-language TVA network tomorrow.

"It's rare that the population wants an election, but we can feel it when the fruit is ripe. And at that time - it's not up to me to tell you when; it's part of the strategy that we keep close to our chest - there will be an election."

Can it be any clearer that the Liberals are not interested in what is best for Canadians, just best for them? Dion might as well have said they are, "entitled to their entitlements". I predict that we won't be going to an election anytime soon.

Living with Poisonous Plants

Some plants found in our yards and gardens produce fall berries that look tempting, especially to small children, but are dangerous to eat.

Unfortunately, the words POISON and TOXIC too often create fear when they should suggest a warning.

Pick your fruit carefully Dion.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Still Friday Night Here, So, I Present: McCain Sings

I have this wonderful American friend who sends me the funniest videos, here's another one of her video picks. McCain takes on Streisand.

I like McCain, he's normal compared to the Democrat candidates. Hillary, is a weak woman, she should have kicked Billy Boy to the curb but didn't, (Someone should talk to Belinda about him) how will she handle another attack on US soil?

Obama, is all bluster and no policy. He also failed to distance himself from his wacko Minister, how will he react to another attack on America?

McCain is not only a war hero, he knows what evil exists in our world, he has been a prisoner of war, he has been tortured (not sissy water boarding), yet, he still has a sense of humour as you can clearly see in this video.

So, while the Democrats are tearing themselves up trying to pick their candidate for President, the Republicans are done. Typical Liberals, lots of talk no action.

Friday Night Funny: Job Market If The Democrats Win!

Okay, the work week is over, it's time to kick back and enjoy this little video. Imagine what the work environment will look like if the Democrats win the presidency. I can't say anymore because I might give the plot away....

HA. Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deeply Disturbing On Many Levels

I came home from work and watched the deeply disturbing clip Fatna posted on SDA's and numerous other sites. It made me sick to my very soul. Evil people, with evil purposes, are running amok in our society today.

Fanatics must be stopped. They are harming millions of people. The Muslims I know, are gentle people who just want the same respect for their religion that anyone else here in Canada gets. I fear that all who practice their religion, will be tarred with the same brush as the extremists. That should not happen, and only Muslims can make sure it doesn't.

It is time for Muslims to stand up and condemn the radicals, to report the fanatics, to take their religion back from the dark warriors and give it back to Muslims. If there are to be riots, let it be riots against the radicals. I fear that's too much to hope for.

I have not read the Quran, so I can not condemn it. Muslims MUST explain it. They must explain how it is the religion of peace, not just tell us it is.

I fear most for the gentle women who cover up their hair, just like devout Jews do, just like our Nuns used to, they more than Muslim men will be targets of ridicule. Funny how the men can blend with others, but their women are made to stick out.

Religion through the centuries, has been used as the excuse for wars, witch hunts, and the destruction of societies, that should never happen again.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wimp versus Warrior

I couldn't help myself, the mention of a wedgie in this article made me remember this picture. I hate to kick a guy when he's down, but it's not Dion who's the problem, it's the whole Liberal organization!

Of course, appearances count. But Mr. Dion's new more assertive-looking glasses hardly overcome an ivory tower tan and passive demeanor, which create the impression of someone who, like me, was the favourite wedgie target for elementary school bullies.

As one party insider noted hopefully when asked for image advice: "Mr. Dion is a great fly fisher, so maybe we could do more photo-ops in a boat?"

Um, Stockwell Day on a jet ski ring any bells?

A male-friendly image makeover that allows the wimp to thump the warrior will be one tough transformation for this Liberal leader.

So males identify with PM Harper. How about women?

But what's even more sobering for Liberals is that Mr. Harper's negatives are concentrated in young to middle-aged women of lower to middle incomes.

Those approaching retirement or enjoying a $60,000-plus salary tend to side with
Mr. Harper, a split decision that keeps Conservatives in a dead heat with Liberals among women voters nationwide.

Mr. Dion, by unfortunate contrast, suffers an "ubiquitous" thumbs-down from men spanning all ages and earning levels, says Mr. Bricker.

Now, that's interesting, women who are older, wiser and richer support PM Harper. Hey, that's ME!

Don't they always say that nice guys finish last? As a woman I look at the two, and think about which one I would be more likely to date. (I know I'm happily married, but it's how women's minds work.) Remember, first impressions/thoughts are important during a job interview, why not when choosing a Prime Minister?

I also respect PM Harper for being a family man, honest, and strong. What woman would not appreciate those qualities? Right, the feminists who are so insecure about being females, that they feel threatened by any male, unless it's a metrosexual, purse wearing male, those they like, bet they are voting for backpack wearing Dion!

This woman picks the warrior over the wimp!

Buzz CAWing

So Ontario releases it's budget, and everyone is so busy bashing each other, no one notices that CAW talks tough. No concessions, let's strike!

CAW vows no concessions in contract talks

Concessions by the Canadian Auto Workers union won't save the Detroit Three auto makers or restore their market share losses, but the costs of a strike would be high, the union said Tuesday as it gears up a public relations campaign before this summer's critical set of contract negotiations.

The CAW will not agree to the two-tiered wage structure that the United Auto Workers negotiated last year or to concessions, but it is prepared to consider cost-saving alternatives on such items as retiree health benefits, the union said in a presentation to analysts and reporters.

The union will redouble efforts to protect existing investment and attract new projects by maintaining the superior productivity and quality of Canadian plants and continuing its flexibility on work rules.

Let me get this straight, Ontario taxpayers are going to subsidize the auto industry so that CAW can increase it's demands, and strike if that doesn't work. Is Buzz on drugs? Or, is he so sure that the Liberal McGuinty government will continue to throw taxpayers money at his industry that he doesn't care.

The cost of a strike will be high? Sure Buzz, for your workers, especially those who do not have seniority. They are already losing their jobs, and you are still talking tough.

Add to that the fact that Democrats are protectionist, and won't care whether your plants are profitable or not, they are in election mode and will promote jobs for Americans over those for Canadians.

The solution from the McGuinty government? Re-training, for what job? No Walmart I know, even here in Alberta, pays $30/hour for an employee. If automotive employees are laid off, they won't be spending money.

The centrepiece of the government's balanced spending plan is a “skills-to-jobs” scheme that will see $1.5-billion over three years poured into training and apprenticeships. It includes a $355-million second-career strategy that will offer as many as 20,000 unemployed workers job counselling, living expenses and needs-based tuition grants so they can attend college programs.

Thanks Ontario, great idea, you spend the money to train the workers, who won't be able to find a job in Ontario, so the West will benefit. Works for me.

I met a guy from Quebec, who moved to Alberta because the union in Quebec was all about who you knew, not what your skills were, he couldn't get a job in Quebec because of the stranglehold unions have there. He got one instantly in Alberta.

Given the level of Alberta bashing that goes on from the Bloq, and Liberals in general, maybe they should thank us for the $16 Billion a year we send to Ottawa, and that doesn't include gas taxes that ALL provinces reap.

CAW needs to get real, and realize that most of the big honking trucks they produce end up in the West, and soon all their workers will be here too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Forget CO2, It's All About H2O Now!

Water should be a human right! Yes, you heard me, a human right, so says Maude Barlow, Chairperson, of the Council for Canadians. So forget about global warming. H2O is the new flavour of the month/century.

Not content to rely on the global warming scare tactics, the lefties are protesting water. I've searched their site to see what they are doing about it, other than bleating to the UN trying to get a resolution passed, I can't find any evidence that they have actually dug one well in Africa.

What the site seems to promote, is well, Maude Barlow. It's all Maude, all the time.

Here's one of their campaigns, against flower growers in Kenya.

“The farms surround Lake Naivasha. They deplete its waters and poison them with pesticides,” said Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “They are sowing the seeds of economic and environmental devastation that, unless stopped, inevitably will yield a harvest of poverty, water deprivation, and violence.

So right, let's target businesses who are employing people, who can then feed their families. She has help.

Access to clean, fresh water is essential for people and nature, and the UN is starting to take note. In September 2007, at the 6th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Canadian Louise Arbour, presented her report outlining states’ obligations under the right to water.

Madame Arbour’s report called for stronger regulations governing water companies, including penalties for corporations that commit human rights abuses and restrict people’s right to water.

Maybe Maude should look closer to home. Oh wait, she has!

This is what they want to do to Alberta!

Nationalize Oil - Gordon Laxer, Parkland Institute Director and member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Canadians. The Current for May 3, 2007 (CBC Radio)(scroll down the page to "Listen to The Current: Part 1")

Well that should go over well with Albertans, a NEP II, lovely.

How about food for people? With global warming, they must be really concerned about food, nope, last news release about food was in January of 2006. Guess they are too busy advocating about water to care that people are starving.

Is your grocery bill going up? You're not alone

MEXICO CITY - If you’re seeing your grocery bill go up, you’re not alone.

From subsistence farmers eating rice in Ecuador to gourmets feasting on escargot in France, consumers worldwide face rising food prices in what analysts call a perfect storm of conditions. Freak weather is a factor. But so are dramatic changes in the global economy, including higher oil prices, lower food reserves and growing consumer demand in China and India.

Here's a suggestion lefties, go up to the Arctic, harness that melting polar ice, maybe the polar bears can help you, and send it to Africa, problem solved. What's that? You only advocate, you don't actually DO anything? How about signing petitions?

Like this one:

Right, that's what I thought! Try finding out who the Council of Canadians get their money from, it's sure not in their Annual Report, which reads more like a press release than financial statements. Guess lefties know nothing about accounting, only advocating. Oh, they do has lessons for teachers, so they can brainwash our kids. Nice.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Wedding Ring Coffin!

So, on Easter, CTV runs with this story:

Divorce parties help achieve post-marital bliss

Maritime divorce lawyer Terry Shepperd says attitudes are shifting around how people deal with divorce because marriages aren't lasting as long as they used to. He says some young people have an easier time letting go of their past than their older counterparts.

"Generally, the younger the client, they're happy it's done and over with," he says.

"If they're older they tend to be more upset, tearful that their relationship has broken down."

For those in the mood to celebrate their newfound freedom, there's no shortage of ideas on how to throw the perfect divorce party.

There are party planning books that outline suggestions about selecting themes, invitations, and entertainment ideas. Recently divorced people can even purchase plates and napkins with slogans to let everyone know they're "single again." There's even a website with suggestions on what to do with wedding rings, once they're not needed.

"Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place," says a selling point on

"The Wedding Ring Coffin is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one for bringing closure after a divorce."

Post marital BLISS? Hey, why not hold the divorce party at a swingers club, really show how "progressive" you are, it's a perfect match. Bury the ring, a symbol of love, and celebrate the end of a relationship while switching partners. Win/Win!

I understand that some marriages should end, but this is getting ridiculous. Maybe Heather Mills should hold a party, she has the money.

Heather Mills is on the offensive again after her $53 million divorce settlement with ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

She has posted a sign outside her mansion threatening the press with legal action for trespassing, reports say.

The 40-year-old former model placed a sign outside her Peans Wood Mansion in Robertsbridge, East Sussex that read "Private - legal action maybe taken against unauthorised persons found on this property.", Britain's Telegraph reported.

Oop's guess she's not in the mood to party.

The family unit is the most important component to the success of our society. A stable family life helps our children become well adjusted adults. A breakdown of the family unit makes it much harder for our children to succeed. To celebrate the failure of that family is wrong.

From the comment section at CTV:

As one who has come through a divorce that was not my desire to have, I can only attest to the grief, pain and horror of having half of your life suddenly ripped away from you. I continue to live through the hardships the children who, through no fault of their own, are forced to encounter. There IS healing available and, yes, new beginnings are possible - but divorce: something to celebrate? How ridiculous!

So, as one party celebrates, the other tries to adjust to their new reality. Someone is always hurt in the breakup of a marriage, always. "Progressives" are fooling themselves if they think a failed relationship is something to celebrate, but hey, "progressives" seem to think, if it feels good do it. This article, especially on Easter Sunday, is downright disgusting.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Is Going To Bug The Lefties

Easter is a very joyful time for Christians. It seems that others agree.

Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim

VATICAN CITY -- Italy's most prominent Muslim commentator, a journalist with iconoclastic views such as support for Israel, converted to Roman Catholicism Saturday when the pope baptized him at an Easter service.

As a choir sang, Pope Benedict XVI poured holy water over Magdi Allam's head and said a brief prayer in Latin.

"We no longer stand alongside or in opposition to one another," Benedict said in a homily reflecting on the meaning of baptism. "Thus faith is a force for peace and reconciliation in the world: distances between people are overcome, in the Lord we have become close."

Christians and Muslims are not far apart in their beliefs, as this baptism shows. It is interesting that he converted at Easter, a time of renewal. May he finally find a true home with the Catholic Church.

Why is his conversion more believable than Obama's? I guess for me it is because he was baptized by the Pope. I am sure many do not respect the Pope as much as I do, but compare him to Obama's preacher, then decide.

Happy Easter, and God Bless.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday, A Small Bit Of Torture.

Good Friday has always been the day I remember more from my childhood than Easter or even Christmas. Easter was egg hunts and Christmas was gifts, both were joyous days. Not so Good Friday, it was always the day of sacrifice, and sadness. Mostly, as a child, it was a day of torture.

The day started with getting up early to go to Church, and listen to a sad, and very long sermon, but that wasn't the torture. The torture began when we got home.

Before Church, my Mom would start the dough for buns. We would work all day, baking buns, making cabbage rolls, and perogies. The smells were amazing, my tastebuds were primed, and my stomach was growling all day. The torture was that we fasted, not because the Church demanded it, but because it was a family tradition. We were allowed all the water we wanted, and one bun, fresh out of the oven. If we really whined, Mom let us put some butter on the bun. Believe me, we savoured every single, slow bite of that bun, nothing in life had ever tasted so good, so sweet.

Nothing in life, no sermon, no lecture, no book, has ever made me understand the meaning of the sacrifice Jesus made on Good Friday, like fasting on Good Friday, surrounded by food, delicious smells and not being able to have any of it. From a childs perspective, this clarified what suffering meant, what others go through day after day.

Sure it was a small thing to do, fast for one day, but this small bit of torture, was a big lesson on the true meaning of Good Friday.

Now, I have to get that last batch of cinnamon buns out of the oven, and yes, my mouth is watering, but it's a small bit of torture.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Soldiers In My City...Something Is Happening!

Yesterday, I saw military equipment suddenly appear in Edmonton, right next to the city airport. They looked like military jeeps, and had Canada license plates. They were similar to these:

But not as fancy. I took pictures today, but I had a major computer melt down and the pictures are on that computer. (If you are wondering, this house has more computers than we can count, so I'm on a back-up computer.)

With this build up of equipment (6 jeeps, and one ambulance, no soldiers that I could see) only minutes from downtown, near an airport, I fear Edmonton is at risk of some kind of action. Something is happening, right here, in Edmonton, with soldiers and equipment.

And then, when I read about the "classified" blueprints found in the garbage in Ottawa, well I knew we were doomed. Obviously the blueprints pointed to our city, and now the military is moving in to control the situation. I suspect that city hall will be the first target, as that is where you find most of the lefties in Edmonton. After that West Edmonton Mall, with it's submarines, trained dolphins, and pirate ships, third targets, likely all Walmarts, and Timmies.

I'm sure it's all in the blueprints that the DND threw out. Looking out the window, I see the moon is full, and the army will be able to carry out their mission with the help of moonlight.

If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, either the blueprint targeted my house, or my backup computer crapped out too! My husband says that he hears helicopters........

How Liberals Vote!

The Liberals have been very creative lately in how they don't vote!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike Duffy BIG OOPS!

It appears that CTV and Mike Duffy have elected a new Liberal leader, and forgot to tell Dion!

Look carefully at the second interview being done.

Mike Duffy Live: One-on-one with Liberal leader Bob Rae

Then go to the segment, and on the bottom screen, what do you see? Yup,

Mike Duffy Live: One on One with Liberal LEADER Bob Rae!!!!! OUCH!

Someone's head is going to roll at CTV! So Rae is not just a new MP, now he's the Liberal leader!

Big Oops!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Have Sex, Then Kill Yourself!

I am disgusted by this teacher that had sex with a teenager, told him to stay quiet about it, and then that poor kid killed himself. She is a perfect example of someone in a position of authority who oversteps the bounds.

Teacher guilty of sexual relationship with student

EDMONTON — An Alberta high school teacher was found guilty Monday of unprofessional conduct for having a sexual and romantic relationship with a student who killed himself when their affair ended.

Lori-Lee Simard was found guilty on five out of six charges under the Teaching Profession Act.

The hearing was told that Simard, who taught drama and French at Georges P. Vanier High School in Donnelly, Alta., was involved with Riley Aubin, 18, between September 2005 and April 2006. (That's 8 months folks, not a one night stand!)

Aubin died on April 9, 2006, of a gunshot wound to the head after he allegedly sent an affectionate text message to Simard that her husband ended up reading.
The kid shot himself because of the relationship. He was still a baby, and this witch is responsible for his death.

Unprofessional conduct?????? No Kidding! If this had been a male, he would have been run out of town, but because it is a female, she gets let off lightly. She MIGHT get her teaching certificate revoked. MIGHT??? Are you kidding me?

An Alberta Teachers’ Association panel has stripped Simard of her membership to the association and will recommend that the province revoke her teaching certificate.

“I don’t know that there’s much more that we can do,” Robert Bisson of the teachers’ association told CTV Edmonton. “Other than to ... make it known to teachers and to the public that this kind of behaviour will not be condoned.”

Not condoned? We send our kids to the schools thinking they are safe from predators, and then we find out that the predators are in our schools, and they are called teachers.

Mexico Not Bowing To Pressure.

I feel for Brenda Martin and what is happening to her, BUT, she made the choice to challenge the Mexican courts, and is losing. Basically, I think she made the mistake of thinking that Mexico was as liberal as Canada, and that she had the same human rights there as she would have here.

Bernier to discuss jailed Canadian with Mexico

National media attention has thrown Martin's case into the spotlight and the Canadian government reacted to public scrutiny last week by issuing a diplomatic note of protest to Mexico. The note was issued days after Martin learned her constitutional challenge -- which stated her human rights had been violated -- was rejected by the Mexican courts.

According to the judge's ruling, Martin's human rights -- including access to a translator while being interviewed by police and during court appearances -- had not been violated. The judge also stated Martin had confessed to her crimes.
(From what I understand she has been in Mexico for ten years, does she not know the language yet?)

So, not only is she involved in a criminal trial, she has also initiated a constitutional challenge. It was the constitutional challenge that was denied. Right or wrong, the judge ruled on the matter, and if she persists, she will spend more time behind bars.

Martin's lawyer, Guillermo Cruz Rico, said Sunday her case is something new for him as he has never seen a constitutional challenge handled in such a way.

After reviewing the judge's ruling, he said only evidence from one side was considered in the decision.

"After we reviewed the ruling we decided to appeal the decision," Cruz said, adding Martin had given him permission to do so despite proclaiming last week she would not.

Maybe some lawyer out there can help me understand how appealing the decision is going to get her released from prison sooner. Either she is getting bad advise, or she is naive, or both.

Finally, why is one hysterical women important enough for the Prime Minister to intervene with the President of Mexico?

However, Martin's friend and advocate, Deb Tieleman, said she believes the only way the former resident of Trenton, Ont., is going to be released is if Prime Minister Stephen Harper intervenes.

This might be harse, but you go to another country, you better abide by their laws, and just because you have a Canadian passport, do not expect to get rescued, expect help, but don't expect our laws and human rights to apply in other countries.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Standing Up For Human Right's

On Friday, Conservative MP Ken Epp and Maurice Vellacott used their Member's Statements to highlight two issues, the Unborn Victim's of Crime Act, and Christians being kidnapped and murdered in Iraq.

I thought Palm Sunday would be a good day to highlight both of these issues. A poll done by Angus Reid shows 70% of Canadians support the Unborn Victim's of Crime Act. Will our MP's, from all parties support it too, or will the rabid feminists, blinded by their desire to keep killing babies, try to defeat this bill?

Women (74%) are slightly more in favour of the proposed legislation than men (66%). Female respondents (19%) are also less likely than male respondents (29%) to perceive the Unborn Victims of Crime Act as an attempt to recriminalize abortion in Canada.

So will the feminists support the 74% of women who want this bill passed, or will they somehow justify voting against it, by stating it has something to do with preserving a women's right to choose?

H/T to Suzanne who's comment on SDA's alerted me to the Angus Reid poll.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Protest The Seal Hunt....Oops

This is a great indication of how dedicated protesters are to their "cause".

And what began as an anti-seal hunt protest in Calgary quickly transformed into a rally against Canada's troops being in Afghanistan.

Fifteen minutes before the anti-war rally was scheduled to begin, a line of protesters held placards calling for an end to the seal hunt. Moments later, they swapped their signs and spoke out against the war.

Wow, what dedication to your cause! What idiots! A line, notice no numbers mentioned, is that like the line of protesters in Halifax? All six of them?

Halifax protesters rally against seal hunt

Seal hunt opponents in Nova Scotia say the federal Fisheries Department is lying when it says the annual practice is humane and sustainable.

Shouting “DFO, stop the lies,” a small group of protesters rallied at a busy street corner in downtown Halifax today to mark the International Day of Action Against Seal Hunting.

A small group of protesters? Let me see, if I look closely, I see six protesters. Wow that's news worthy.

So, we have 6 seal protesters in Halifax, and 6 seal protesters turned anti-Afghanistan protesters in Calgary, that's huge! We should listen to them, they obviously know what we should think, and with those numbers, soon to be inflated in tomorrows papers, who can argue?

The funniest thing about this is that both articles are from the Globe and Mail, seems one hand doesn't know what the other is doing!

Dysfunctional Parliament

First the Speaker of the House gets up and admonishes all MP's, then Conservative MP Betty Hinton does the same, following her, none other than Liberal MP Holland complaining that HE has been smeared. Guess he didn't listen to Betty Hinton's heartfelt appeal to all MP's. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Dion's lack of leadership means that the Liberal MP's are running wild, like Holland, they are making accusations that are getting them sued, not just by the Prime Minister of Canada, but by regular citizens, and no-one is stopping it. Thibault is getting sued by Mulroney, Holland by Frogger, the Liberal Party of Canada by Stephen Harper, will someone please get some control over the Liberal MP's? If it was Conservative MP's misbehaving, the media would be all over it, endlessly, like they are about a maybe, supposedly, money offer to Cadman. The Liberals are so steeped in dishonesty, they think all other parties are just like them, they wouldn't know a good clean government, like the Conservative government, if it hit them in the face, they just can't see it because they think everyone is just like them. Even lawsuits are not a concern to them, they are so arrogant, they know they are never wrong, and anyone who disagrees with their point of view, is beneath them.

You can clearly see the passion Betty Hinton has in her speech, then in contrast you see the phoney Holland, who cares only about himself. Such a contrast between the Conservatives and the Liberals. One is asking for some decorum to return to the House, the other totally ignores her and the Speaker, and rants about HIS problems.

Dion, get some control over your MP's, they are making Parliament dysfunctional, even the NDP have realized that Liberals are going too far at committees, but Liberals are stuck on stupid.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Friday...Find The Canadian!

From my American friend:

A favorite game in Florida
It's time to play "Find the Canadian!"
This week's challenge is especially difficult. View the attached candid photograph and use logic to locate the clues that will let you 'Find the Canadian!'
Do you have the skill?
Do you have the ability?
Do you know enough about your Northern Cousins?
Taking notes is permissible but try to limit your time to no more than 5 minutes!

Good luck!

Okay, wipe the beer/coffee off your screen guys! HA!!! Only a female blogger could get away with that joke! You guys would get crucified if you tried that.

Ladies, I'm looking high and low for a comparable picture of a Canadian male, it will take hours of research, maybe even days, or weeks, but I think I'm ready for the task, even if my eyes blur from looking at too many pictures.

Now it's still Friday here, but it's Saturday in Newfoundland, so enjoy this as your late night joke, or your early morning joke.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

PM Harper Teaches Dion About ABC's

I saw this on Question Period yesterday (March 12) and then Dr Roy posted an article about it.

Not since the days when Jean Chr├ętien was prime minister and Stockwell Day the leader of the opposition has there been such a mismatch in the House of Commons. Reading through Question Period each day presents ongoing examples of Mr. Harper rising to the challenge presented by Mr. Dion and soundly making him look foolish.

One commenter is obviously delusional:

by Ambrose99
Mar 12 2008
10:25 PM A minor point regarding wit that hardly justifies the headline. No doubt the robotic Stephen Harper had his speech writers dredge up this witticism. Don't wet your pants, Mr. Turley-Ewart.

So Ambrose99, PM Harper had 2 minutes to get his speech writers into the House, and they wrote this response for him?

Wednesday is the day all parties get together to plot strategy, and the Liberals came up with a multiple choice quiz for PM Harper. Dion, from a script, written by his speech writers, and agreed to by his fellow Liberals, starts the game. PM Harper quickly turns it against the Liberals. Watch the Liberals trying not to laugh at something the Conservatives said while Dion is speaking, even they don't believe what Dion is saying. MP Karen Redman has to take a sip of water to hide her face.

What's next puppets? Oh, wait....the NDP already did that one!

Compare Dion, his shouting, arm waving, and failure to make a point, with PM Harper, calm, relaxed, and capable of thinking on his feet.

If anyone can make out on the tape what was so funny, please comment. It appears the Conservatives were teaching Dion the ABC's.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holland, Crying Like A Baby!

So, in my post yesterday, I had seen something about Liberal MP Mark Holland getting sued for letting his mouth erupt, before he engaged his brain. Watch and see for yourselves.

For the full version, go to view this clip and fast forward to 5:05:18.

Holland goes on CTV and makes allegations against a public servant, and then whines to the Speaker about Parliamentary privilege. He wants to say anything he cares to, against anyone he wants to, anywhere he wants to. Peter Van Loan rips his argument to shreds, and if the Liberals had any shame at all, they would apologize.

So, what happens today? Liberal MP Holland gets up in the House and makes the same allegations. Are the Liberals stuck on stupid? Oh, never mind, I already know the answer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Liberal MP Holland, Foot In Mouth Disease!

I just caught the tail end of this on CPAC today, (will post video tomorrow when it becomes available), but it appears Liberal MP Holland received a letter from a lawyer, telling him to stop going on TV and making false allegations, or he would be sued for liable. What does Holland do?

Holland got up in the House today, trying to invoke Parlimentary privilege over remarks he made on a TV/radio show. He basically wanted everything he says, anywhere, at any time, to be covered by Parliamentary privilege. The Speaker of the House told him that anything outside of the House is actionable. He didn't say suck it up, tinhead boy, but that's what he meant.

Holland is fine with slandering, fear mongering, and making up stuff, but when someone calls him on it, he whines to the Speaker about his privilege to say anything he wants about anyone, because he's an MP.

The Conservatives told him to loosen his tinfoil hat, and grow up. I agree, the guy is a disgrace. If he's the best Liberals have, they are in big trouble.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming To Canada. We're Coming To Canada!

Why do immigrants come to Canada? In the last few months I've had the opportunity to ask that very question. Three different immigrants, from three different countries, asked the same question at three different times, and all three answered the same way.

Safety. Canada is safe. It's a safe place to raise your children.

Now, I understand that this is a very small sample, but I think it shows why people will leave their homes, and come here. Safety.

Rule of law. These immigrants understood that Canada strongly supports the rule of law. They respect that, they want it, they left behind mayham, now they want a strong society that supports fair but strong rules.

You come here, you don't break our laws. Simple and easy for 2 of the immigrants I talked to, because they both came from former Communist countries. They loved the fact that they could vote, without being told how to vote, or who to vote for. They loved being able to tell me they were going to vote Liberal, and I just laughed. They questioned me about politics, and they couldn't believe that they could voice their opinion without someone telling them they were wrong.

Seeing the joy, watching them debate, they were like kids who had built their first fort, or had seen their first snowfall. They understand what having a vote means, more than any Canadian born kid can ever imagine.

Sometimes I think our immigrants understand what it means to be Canadian, better than we Canadians. Safety, that's all they want. A safe place to raise their families. The majority don't want to change our laws, they want the security of knowing our laws will protect them. They want to know that they will not be thrown in jail for no reason. They want peace.

They fight hard to get here, they want to be here, they want their children to have a better life, just like Canadians want for our kids. They sacrifice everything they have to get here, no wonder the majority of immigrants appreciate Canada, more than our children do. We are spoiled, it only takes a few minutes of talking to someone from another country, to understand just how spoiled we are.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Think Beer.

Really, who can accuse the CWB of being sexy, and who cares about farmers. I mean really, they grow food, we eat it. Simple.

What if the barley growers switch to wheat, or corn because they can get better prices? Who cares?

Think beer.

Reaction to the CashPlus Program for Malting Barley Click on the interview with Greg Porozni, he basically states that other crops are looking good to him and other farmers.

You think the price of gas is high, think about what would happen if western barley farmers switched to canola. No barley, no beer.

Think of yourself as a farmer, I know it’s hard for you urban folks, but just imagine, its spring, time to determine what crop to plant, wheat, peas and canola are all higher than barley, what do you plant? The CWB has total control of the price you can get for barley, and they are offering a dollar less than Montana producers will get. Because of the “single desk” monopsony of the CWB, you have to sell your barley and wheat to them, but not canola. So what do you plant this spring? Think it won't impact you? Think again.

Wheat shortfall costing consumers more bread

Buying bread is starting to cost more dough these days. That's because the price of wheat has been steadily on the rise.

In developing countries, people are eating more of it, and farmers worldwide are growing less. Many of them are lured by high prices for crops like corn and sunflower that feed the growing demand for alternative fuels like Ethanol.

The result: wheat stockpiles are at a sixty-year low, and prices have never been higher.
I just paid $3.50 for 12 hamburger buns, and it's going to get worse.

If the CWB is to survive, they must allow farmers choice or suffer from having no farmers planting either wheat or barley. What can the CWB do if that happens? What would they have to sell? Can they throw western farmers into jail for not planting wheat or barley?

It's time for the opposition MP's to free our western farmers! If they do not, if they vote against "choice" for western farmers, you better stock up on pasta, and beer, because they could stop producing wheat and barley, and start producing crops for ethanol fuel. Or maybe they will just produce potatoes, that should get Liberal MP Wayne Easter in a snit. The greenies will love more ethanol fuel, but we sure won't.

Think beer.

Feminists: Eyes Wide Shut!!

This is what all those radical feminist MP’s voted for when they voted against Bill C-484.

Pregnant Woman Attacked! You need to watch the video. No, there are no disturbing photos of cut up babies, but it is disturbing none the less. Feminists will not see it that way, their eyes are wide shut!

So, the way feminists see it, it’s perfectly okay for someone to kidnap a pregnant lady, knock her unconscious and try to cut the baby out. You see, feminists don’t think that’s a baby in there, so it definitely can’t be an offence. It’s all about “choice”, not life.

Just like the debate “is over” on global warming, so too is it “over” when it comes to abortion. Who says so?

Abortion Debate Cancelled by York University Student Union

Margaret Fung, President of Students for Bioethical Awareness (SBA), one of the hosting clubs, describes what happened: "I was told in a meeting by members of the York Federation of Students that debating abortion is comparable to debating whether a man should be allowed to beat his wife. They said that there is freedom of speech to a limit, and that abortion is not an issue to debate. They demanded that the event not take place and shut us down."

It's always a sign that you are losing the debate, when you have to shut it down. When you can not stand and defend your position, you do not have a valid position to defend. When your only argument is that it's a women's "choice", you have no argument. When you have to suspend the right to free speech on an issue, you have lost.

Canadian University Bans Pro-life Club after Farcical Vote
Only those opposed to the club were allowed to post flyers about meeting to decide fate of club

Bartram told that he tried at the meeting to emphasize the issue of freedom of speech, but was shouted down. Two microphones were set up and students asked questions and debated but “derogatory remarks” against the pro-life group prevailed in the discussion. “It deteriorated into a pro-lifers vs. pro-choicers meeting,” said Bartram.

In a media release, Bartram said, “While left wing groups such as this speak eloquently of freedom of expression, tolerance, and diversity, those virtues are quick to go out the window when someone who expresses pro life values comes along.”

So true! The sad thing is that this is happening in our Parliament and our universities, two places that should embrace debate, not gag it.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Someone Needs Anger Management!

Question period is interesting, but most gems can be found just before with Member's Statements, or just after with Points of Order.

Here's NDP MP Mulcair raising a ruckus!

You can't see what is happening, but you sure can hear it. The NDP, the party of the people, unless the people disagree with them, then they climb over tables and chairs to confront you.

What happened to the peace, love, non-violence party? Tisk, tisk, maybe they should go get some anger management training.

Yeah Women!

International Women's Day, is a day for women to rally. CTVNews is complaining about how few companies have female CEO's, while women in Afghanistan rally for peace. For me, everyday is women's day. While we complain about equal pay, Afghanistan women just want their children to be safe to play.

Young, old: over 1,000 Afghan women mark International Women's Day in Kandahar

Young women know a different Afghanistan than generations past - they can go to school and find work.

But neither they nor their elders know peace yet, and many said Saturday that is the only thing holding back the full advancement of women in Afghan society.

"When security becomes good, when it becomes safe and we feel we can leave our children outside, no bomb blasts, no kidnapping, nothing, that's when things will be better for women," said Rangina Farescshta, one of the women who attended a rally organized by the provincial women's council in Kandahar.

Funny how PM Harper welcomed female Afghan Parliamentarians to Canada, and not one article about it. Wonder why? HA! (there is no media bias, there is no media bias, there ....)

Meanwhile, back at home, what are our Canadian lefty female MP's busy doing? Voting against Bill C-484 to Protect the rights of the unborn. The threat of not being able to freely kill babies is more important to these rabid feminists than protecting them. Maybe they should switch places with the women in Afghanistan, might give them a bit of a different prospective on what is important. Not holding my breath on that one.

Those MP's are upset that the SOW's funding was increased, but only for real programs that deliver real results. No more advocates, researchers, or useless groups that produce papers and do nothing for actual women. If these groups are so important to women, let them fund raise, stop sucking off the public teat.

What have the feminists accomplished? What are they celebrating today? What can they be proud of doing for women?

The right of all women to have an abortion for any reason, at any time in their pregnancy. Wow, that's impressive. NOT!

Friday, March 07, 2008

NDP Gone Wild!

I saw it, but I wasn't sure what the heck was going on. NDP MP Mulcair went wild during Members Statements.

Then I read this post:

Civilized Dialogue - The Thomas Mulcair Story
Thomas Mulcair, the lone NDP MP from Quebec, probably has his days numbered after this incident. This is one of those *where to begin* cases for me, and it really looks badly on all parties in the House.

I went looking for the tape of the incident, and here it is:

You can't see much of what is happening, but you can hear the disruption, and finally the Speaker of the House, tells the Member from Outremont to settle down. It's pretty clear Mulcair lost it big time.

Call it our sixth sense, but women need it to sniff out who might be just a little bit "off", and Mulcair has never passed my sniff test.

What is clear is that Mulcair might have been passionate about what he was talking about, but anger management should be a required course for some MP's, from all parties.

It's Friday, Relax, Have a Chuckle!

PREGNANCY Q & A & more!

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.

Q : I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q : What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A: Childbirth.

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational.
A: So what's your question?

! ! Q : My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q : When is the best time to get an epidural ?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q : Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A: Yes, pregnancy.

Q : Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.

Q : Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.
But, before the kids go to college, or even kindegarten, you must handle this little obstacle. For all you Dad's, this one is for you:

Once you get though that stage, be ready for the next one:
A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading, keep in mind that these are first-graders, 6-year-olds, because the last one is a classic!

1. Don't change horses ........... until they stop running.
2. Strike while the ............... bug is close.
3. It's always darkest before..... Daylight Saving Time.
4. Never underestimate the power of...... termites.
5. You can lead a horse to water but ..... How?
6. Don't bite the hand that ....... looks dirty.
7. No news is..................... impossible
8. A miss is as good as a......... Mr.
9. You can't teach an old dog new.. Math
10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll.... stink in the morning.
11. Love all, trust................. Me.
12. The pen is mightier than the .... pigs.
13. An idle mind is ................ the best way to relax.
14. Where there's smoke there's ..... pollution.
15. Happy the bride who ............ gets all the presents.
16. A penny saved is ............... not much.
17. Two's company, three's......... the Musketeers.
18. Don't put off till tomorrow what .... you put on to go to bed.
19. Laugh and the whole world laughs
with you, cry and .............. You have to blow your nose.
20. There are none so blind as ...... Stevie Wonder.
21. Children should be seen and not.... spanked or grounded.
22. If at first you don't succeed... get new batteries.
23. You get out of something only what you See in the picture on the box
24. When the blind lead the blind... get out of the way.
25. A bird in the hand ............. is going to poop on you.
And the WINNER and last one!
26. Better late than ............... Pregnant

Now, go out and have some fun, it's Friday!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sister? You Are Not My Sister!

Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act had some help in passing into committee, Liberals 27, NDP 1, Bloq 0, Ind 1, Conservatives 120. Not one of those Liberals, NDP or Independents were female, NOT ONE!

ALL Liberal, Bloq and NDP Females voted AGAINST, and one Conservative female. SHAME! They cry about having more women as MP's, well if this is what we get, no thanks.

These hardline feminists disgust me. Have they never had children of their own, never felt their baby kicking them late at night, never worried about the baby they were carrying, never had an ultrasound, never felt the pure joy of bringing a new little being to life? They have turned their backs on women who honour motherhood to support those that would kill their own babies. They are scared, shrill, and like to inform us that the debate is over. I pity their kids, if they have any.

If they were pregnant and attacked by some thug, and he stabbed and killed the baby they choose to carry, would they not mourn for that baby? Would they not want that little life to be acknowledged as a victim of crime? Are they so insecure in their own womenhood that they can not support women who have suffered horrible crimes against them and their babies? Are they so intent on killing babies that they can only see abortion as the issue? Why are they threathened by a bill that supports Mothers to be, and their choices? I thought it was my body, my choice? Where is the women's choice, when a man attacks her, and kills the baby she wanted.

How can all those female MP's justify voting against women who have suffered the worse crime they could ever suffer, having their baby killed, when they had made the choice to keep, nuture and love that baby. This is not about the sacred abortion cow, as clearly stated in the bill.

Termination of pregnancy and acts in good faith excluded

(7) For greater certainty, this section does not apply in respect of

(a) conduct relating to the lawful termination of the pregnancy of the mother of the child to which the mother has consented;

(b) an act or omission that a person acting in good faith considers necessary to preserve the life of the mother of the child or the life of the child; or

(c) any act or omission by the mother of the child.

This is about insecure feminists, who think they are the only ones who are right, and that choice is only allowed to women who choose abortion. Don't give me any of that going back to the days of coat hangers garbage, either, truely independent women have progressed beyond the 60's, it's time for the feminists to get a new message, the one they have isn't working anymore, and they know it.

Sisters? Not likely, when you only support some women, and not others, when you try to close down discussion on this bill because you FEAR it might lead to a restriction of abortion. Seeing as we have NO abortion law, and women can kill their babies even at 40 weeks, what are you scared of? SHAME on those female MP's who refuse to support ALL women, and their choices! You are not my Sister, you are not promoting equality, you are stiffling it.

Federal Court Goes "Green"

Great it's bad enough that we have to put up with envionuts like Suzuki, but now the courts are getting into the battle! Green activist Judges, now that's scary!

Federal court orders review of oilsands project

EDMONTON -- The panel that gave the green light to a massive Imperial Oil oilsands project must explain how intensity-based targets will control greenhouse-gas emissions, a federal court judge has ordered.

....A coalition of environmental groups challenged the project in federal court in Edmonton earlier this year, saying the environmental assessment was inadequate on several fronts, including regarding greenhouse-gas emissions.

Justice Daniele Tremblay-Lamer said the panel must explain how it concluded that intensity-based targets will reduce the potentially damaging effects of the project's greenhouse-gas emissions to a level of insignificance.

Maybe the Judge should make the environment groups PROVE how CO2 is harmful first! Where are their facts that prove that intensity-based targets won't work? What gives a judge the right to even hear a case like this one? If the province of Alberta owns the resources, and supports intensity-based targets, who is this judge to tell Albertans what we can or can't do to develop our resources. Notice it's a FEDERAL judge poking her nose into Alberta jurisdiction. NEPII coming at you through the federal courts.

If you can't close down projects, and the oilsands through protests, try the courts? Nice, now I've got to go select the tree I'm going to be living in.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Release The Hounds!

The media is in full cry, they have released the hounds (themselves) on the fox, (Conservatives), and are chasing them down. What happens when the media realizes they are baying at this?

Might this happen?

During the Alberta election, the media was yapping about how the Liberals were going to win way more seats, how Stelmach was a hick farmer, how Albertans wanted change. Well how did that work out? HA. It only ticked off Conservatives who were going to stay home and not vote, and made them get out and vote.

Now, the media is trying that approach again with federal Conservatives. Here's a sample:

Liberals accuse Tories of ducking long gun fight
PMO denies life insurance offered to Cadman
Tory troubles don't boost Liberals: poll
Ottawa agrees to delay Schreiber extradition
PM's top aide set off storm with Obama NAFTA leak
Tories 'categorically' deny Cadman life insurance offer Oh, I like those quotes Glob, very sneaky.

Anyone notice a pattern? This is just today, only two media outlets. Is there one article that is favourable to the Conservatives? You find one, post the link. CTV News in particular today was howling to help the Liberals. They had Szabo and Holland on, both yipping about something the Conservatives had supposedly done. Not one mention about how the Liberals failed to show up for a vote again, this one the budget vote. Not one question to Szabo about Pablo asking CBC questions during committee, corrupting the whole committee process.

Hey media, your bias is showing. Or should I say stripes?

How The West Was Lost!

Lefties cry about women's rights, gay rights, the right to taxpayer paid abortions, homeless rights,....rights, how about rights for western farmers?

I can't understand the opposition MP's who want only freedom for eastern farmers, while our western farmers are crying to be treated the same as those same eastern farmers. Why are the eastern farmer's not sticking up for our western farmers? Silence.

More at the National Post:

Marni Soupcoff posts a Manitoba farmer's plea: Please let me sell my own barley

One commentor in particular shows his/her ignorance about the power of the CWB.

by umcrouc0
Mar 05 2008
2:18 PM If the majority of farmers want to get rid of the CWB they should be able to. I personally think it's the worse economic decision imaginable but that's only because monopolies are so effective in maximizing profits that they have been outlawed in nearly every other sector of business so that consumers don't get ripped off. If farmers decide they want to do what is best for consumers and worst for producers that's their decision. Just don't be surprised when the basic rules of economics come into play. Have fun with those 80,000 new competitors you'll be pricing against.

The worse economic decision imaginable? Sure monopolies maximize profits, but the CWB is NOT a monopoly, it competes in a world market, it's influence on world prices is close to zip! They only control the price western farmers get, so who is sucking up profits if it isn't the farmers? Let's get a look at the CWB books.

I grew up in a farming community, and this injustice to our western farmers needs to be stopped, it's a disgrace. No government agency should have total control over individuals, like the CWB does, it can jail our farmers for trying to sell their own product, and they have done so in the past.

So much for lefties supporting minorities. So much for fairness. This is a perfect example of socialism at work, and it isn't pretty.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who are You? WHO? WHO?

A prime example of the press making up the news, not reporting it. Why am I surprised about this little tidbit, posted under politics at CTV?

PMO won't answer key questions in Cadman affairUpdated Tue. Mar. 4 2008 4:08 PM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- Repeated appeals to the Prime Minister's Office since the Chuck Cadman affair surfaced last week have failed to yield direct answers to the following queries:

1. Did anyone from the Conservative party, or connected to the Tories, offer Cadman a million-dollar life-insurance policy?

2. If Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley offered Cadman a repayable loan, what was the amount and what were the terms of repayment?

3. What did Stephen Harper mean when he said in a 2005 interview that "an offer'' that included "financial considerations'' was made to Cadman?

4. Why didn't Harper say last week that he told Dona Cadman more than two years ago that he didn't know about the alleged life-insurance offer?

5. Why did the Prime Minister's Office and the Conservatives first deny an offer had been made, only to later say a repayable loan was offered?

6. What motivation would Dona Cadman, a Tory candidate in her husband's former riding, have to fabricate a story about the life-insurance offer?

This was reported by the Canadian Press, for the Canadian press, and CTV ran it as an actual article. My question to you is, who's repeated appeals? The Canadian Press? CTV? The Liberal party? Dion? WHO? It's a mystery, but it's also masquerading as a "story".

Nope, not even any "unidentified sources" have been quoted. So, what was the MSM's motivation in running this "story"? HA.

Here's a helpful chart for the media to use for their next "made-up" story:

Now, kids, pay attention, one of the 5 W's is WHO!!! This "story" is missing the most important element in our little star, the WHO! See it right up there at the top of our star, in the gold?

"Who are you? WHO? WHO?", I'd really like to know!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Alberta Goes BLUE!

Conservatives come out of hiding, and vote PC! My riding was the last to be announced, and I'm pleased we booted a Liberal and elected a PC.

Final results:

PC 73
Liberal 8

What happened? Calgary was supposed to go red, didn't happen. Edmonton was supposed to go blue, it happened.

Guess Steady Eddie, really is a leader, his results are the same as Ralph got in his best election. Hopefully the media will stop with the snide remarks about a farmer running this province.

We voted, the PC got over 52% of the vote. Now, we shall see what the next 4 years brings.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf...Once Too Often

The Liberals weren't happy with the way the Mulroney/Schreiber episode worked out, so they try the Cadman affair on for size, and get burned. Here we see Dryden getting owned by Moore!

So, did Dryden repeat what he said outside the house? Nope, he disappeared faster than a Greyhound after a rabbit.

It sounds like the ethics committee will NOT be looking into this matter, thanks to the NDP. Finally the NDP realize the golden opportunity they have been offered by all of this, and are taking the high road. The Liberals are looking very bad in Question Period. Dion yells, screams and just about stomps his foot, PM Harper calmly tells it like it is. Pretty soon, the Liberals are going to have to sleep in the House to avoid saying something slanderous outside of it! HA.

Like in the boy who cried wolf, once too often, no-one is believing the Liberals anymore, no-one is listening.

To Be Fair...Apology

I hammered Liberal MP Shawn Murphy pretty hard on the weekend, because he deserved it. He has now apologized, so it is only fair that I post the video of that apology.

Hope this ends that disgraceful episode.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mister Speaker, Point of Order!

Further to my "Hang Him High" posts, comes this new creation. (crossing fingers, hoping this works)

Actually, I'm so confident it will work, I'm not even supplying a link. (Link Here HA)

Here's the problem, a Liberal MP calls for the hanging of a former PM, and the media, except for Mike Duffy, doesn't cover it. Not a peep. I understand he wasn't serious about hanging Mulroney, but when McKay allegedly called Belinda a dog, no video was available to verify it, but it was headline news for days. Double standard? Yup.

I've been fooling with video editing software all weekend. Learning how to edit long tapes into short segments has been fun. More importantly, it allows me the ability to bring you segments of Question Period, that the media will never show. This evens the field and allows bloggers to show you what really was said, not just what the MSM wants you to think was said. The opposition uses Question Period, and Parliamentary immunity to say anything they want, it's our turn to call them on it.

Shawn Murphy, SHAME! If all my PEI relatives would vote Conservative, we would have 4 Conservative MP's in Parliament. Checking PEI voting patterns, if they have Liberals provincially, they elect Conservative MP's, so watch next election.

Hang Him High II - Trying to get Video to work.

Hang Him, Hang Him High, put a noose around his neck, rang out in the House of Commons the other day. No, not in Cuba, or Venezuela, or Afghanistan, or Iran, in Canada. Shocked, me too.

Only Mike Duffy dared to air it. This disgusting display isn't even on the radar map of the media. Have no fear, I'm learning how to post Parliamentary segments (with all copyrights acknowledged and posted, I hope, but you never know with the witchhunters at the Human Rights Commissions.) Freedom, freedom of speech!

Hey, I'm only using public media to make my point, I'm not making stuff up. So, I will post this segment from question period, all copyrights respected.

Can't view it? Try here. It's only a minute of your time.

The Liberals have been using Parliamentary immunity to make points in question period, knowing that the media will run with anything against the Conservatives, so it's only fair that I, as a voter, can use that very tape against them.

Reid, from Canadian Blue Lemons, alerted me to the response of PEI'ers, and after 23 years in Alberta, my husband is still longing for PEI, the land of lobster, beaches and the best potatoes in the world!

Read the comments, it shows they are just as disgusted by this MP as I am. Here is a sample of the comments:

Denis P. from Sherwoodpark, AB writes: And everyone in eastern Canada thinks Alberta has the red necks.


Bill from pei writes: Murphy and Easter need to go - they have overstayed their welcome long, long ago. They add nothing except getting their picture in the paper, and that is not helpful to PEI.....they are indeed a disgrace..............AND I'M A LIBERAL!!!

Oh, by the way, Wayne Easter, is no bunny rabbit, he's just plain embarrassing, ask the potato farmers in PEI to join the CWB, bet they won't, but Easter is demanding that western farmers remain shackled to the CWB, and potentially jailed.

Will PEI wake up? Or do they like being represented by Hang 'Em High Murphy, and the Easter Bunny? I know many people from PEI, and they are wonderful, surely they can elect better representatives to Parliament.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Garth Gets Owned!

Joanne, had this post up on Friday. So, I played around with some programs today, here you have my first attempt at video making. James Moore positively owns Garth in question period.

Try this link, if the other doesn't work.

Copyrights belong to the Library of Parliament and ParlVU. My slicing is not up to par, so forgive the repeats in the video. If the video doesn't work, go to view this clip and fast forward to 1:41:40, it's all there.

Moore: We kicked him back into the Liberal party where he belongs.....We want nothing to do with Garth Turner! Funny thing is, it sounded like all parties were clapping at one point. So, who really wants Garth?