Friday, November 30, 2007

Global Warming Anonymous

Hi, my name is Hunter, and I am a global warming denier.

I believe the climate is changing, but with -20C weather in November, I can not believe in global warming. I am how ever working on the 5 step plan.

1. Acknowledge you are a denier. (Done)
2. Bow down to the Goracle and believe everything a bug guy called Suzuki says. (Not going to happen).
3. Understand that cold weather is just more evidence that the globe is warming. (HA)
4. Ignore common sense, and just believe what the slanted UN climate change guys/gals are telling you. (I'm not stupid)
5. Watch "An Impossible To Believe Truth" over, and over, and over, until you are reprogrammed. (Waiting for "You Better Believe Us, Or You Will Die, Part Two.)

Now, can I get my Starbucks coffee, and blow this joint?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Killing Off Lefties!

No, not us Conservatives, it's the lefties killing their own, but don't make them look at the evidence of what they do. That's not allowed!

"If these images are so awful that we don't want to see them, perhaps we shouldn't tolerate the act of abortion," said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. He said the graphic images on Operation Rescue "Truth Trucks" drive home the group's message about the horrors of abortion.....After someone called police to report "gory" images, officers jailed the driver on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. They cited a provision that refers to "the display of obscene and vulgar images visible to persons under age 14."

I don't know if the images work, they did for me, seeing them woke me out of a deep sleep about what abortion really is, baby killing. Lefties problem is that if just pictures of abortion are obscene and vulgar, how much more vulgar and obscene is the actual act?

What I have noticed is this simple fact. We have a Catholic school and a Public school right next to each other, the Catholic school needs three big buses everyday for their students, the Public school, one small bus. The Catholic school is full, adding portables every year. The Public school, they have room for a big day/after school care program. Who is going there after school? Yup, you guessed it, lots of Catholic school kids.

My boys have asked me how come the other school is so empty, my response? Catholics put families above all else, and we are rewarded by God, with many children for us to love. Soon will come the day I need to explain to them why parents can legally kill their children, it's not a day I am looking forward to, but I know it is coming. Hopefully they will forgive those non-parents, for they know not what they do.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How About Video's Of Beheadings?

If the video of the Dziekanski incident, which is still being shown repeatedly on TV, got such a public outcry, mainly against the RCMP, maybe the same could work if videos of the Taliban beheading young children and women were shown, repeatedly.

The public is calling for those officers to be charged with murder, when that was clearly never the intent. Those officers were doing their jobs, and an unfortunate and totally unexpected result occurred. Yet we has a massive uproar over this innocent man's death.

Well, okay, I see the point, it bothers me too, it shouldn't have happened, and we should do everything we can to prevent anything like that happening again. Just like we should do everything we can to prevent another kid walking into a school and deliberately killing fellow students.

Just like we should do everything we can to prevent the Taliban from killing more innocent women and children, so maybe, a few beheading/hanging videos would do the trick. Seems that one innocent man dying can motivate the Canadian public, so let's motivate them to help innocents in Afghanistan.

Or, how about showing video of the teacher getting her 40 lashes for naming a bear Muhammad, might that motive women's groups to rally and protest? ***Cue the crickets***.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

God Appears To Be Laughing!

As I sit in my basement, wearing double socks and layered clothing, I get the feeling that God is laughing.

If he created everything, why didn't he create a thermostat for this world? Or did he?

How is it that Alberta and Saskatchewan have all that natural gas and oil? Could it be that millions of years ago, God knew we would need it to survive our winters? Did he create the natural hole in the ozone so that all those nasty CO2 non-polluting fumes, had a way to leave earth's atmosphere? Just asking. I'm sure some well versed scientist will enlighten me.

Why is it that China is a developing country when they have been around for thousands of years more than Canada and the US? How many more centuries are they going to need to develop?

God must surely be laughing. Environmentalists are trying to predict what he has in store for us 50 years into the future, and nobody is calling them on it. Even a first year statistics course tells you never to predict beyond the data you are using, meaning if you are studying yearly data, you can accurately predict the next year, but no further. Look at the hurricane predictions, for two years they have predicted a very intense hurricane season, for two years in a row they have been wrong. So, how can bug guys like Suzuki, know what's in store for us 10/20/50 years from now? They can't, that's why God is laughing.

Don't get me wrong, I am a denier! That does not mean that I do nothing to conserve this earth, remember Conservatives have the word conserve in their name.

I recycle, compost, use no chemicals in my yard, and only have to go 20 steps to get fresh strawberries, raspberries, and vegetables from my garden (in season, right now everything is hibernating, like me in my basement). I have 4 rain barrels to catch water to feed my plants, those nasty CO2 eating plants keep my family healthy by clearing our stale house air in the winter, we have just installed a 92% efficient furnace, and I never drink lattes, or line up at Timmies, but I do start my car early in minus 20 weather, so sue me.

I am sick and tired of the eco-nuts, flying all over the world spewing carbon to tell us how we should live our lives. I suspect God is laughing, and will show us this winter, that only he has control of our earth, get those long johns out, it's going to be a cold one!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Saskatchewan Rising!

It's not just them winning the Grey Cup, and congrats on that. It's not just them booting out the NDP, after years of bad policy. It's got a gold rush feel to it. An excitement that is starting to make the whole province vibrate. Like Alberta did when Leduc #1 came in as a gusher.

Alberta has been feeling it for years, we are getting quite jaded about our success now, too bad. We've lost that excitement, that vision of what COULD be, and settled into complacency. Not so Saskatchewan, the foot has been lifted off their necks, they are rising to the challenge of fresh (okay, I know it was down right cold today)new days ahead.

People are going to start returning, young people, with young families, not the geriatric crowd.

Get ready for success Saskatchewan, it's your time. Enjoy, and welcome to the have crowd, it's a sweet place to be!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

That Bully Harper Is At It Again!

Yup, somehow he managed to convince 52 other Commonwealth nations that every country must work towards reducing "climate change".

How do I know PM Harper is a bully? Well the media and Dion have told me this. How does Dion, stuck back in Canada know this? Well, the media told him, who else.

Stephen Harper forces amendment to climate deal

"I have seen reports that Canada was isolated on this position," Harper said to journalists. "That's not remotely true."

Harper claimed that, on a range of issues, Canada was a consensus-builder.
"For the first time in a very long time, Canada's voice is being heard and the consequence of our voice being heard is we're getting the changes we want to see," he said.

Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon says that, although that may be the case for Canada, it isn't as much for smaller countries, such as Tuvalu, Maldives and Singapore.

"For three countries, maybe four, it is survival," said McKinnon. "Survival that your country will still be there."

This at the same time that Dion is quoted:

Dion blasts Tories over Commonwealth climate deal

"We want our country to be part of the solution, not part of the problem," Dion said.

"With Mr. Harper, we will not be part of the solution, it is clear."

No, what is clear Mr. Dion, is that you did nothing, and wouldn't have the balls that PM Harper has to stand up to little dictators, be they environmentalists or dictators of small Commonwealth countries. The eco-nuts will never be happy until we are living in trees like monkeys. The developing countries see Canada as a teat to suck off our wealth.

My respect for our Prime Minister is growing daily, everything he does is principled and designed to make Canada a better place to live, for ALL Canadians. Too bad the media only shows the PM in a bad light, because hard as they try to make him into a bully, the average Canadian is seeing their hopes and desires in him. He is an average hockey Dad, who happens to be running Canada, and doing an excellent job I might add.

Keep at it PM Harper, I sense the tide is rising.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Media Uses Lethal Weapon...!

....My Mother voted for you.... Absolutely hilarious.

The lefties are pulling out all stops against PM Harper, they have now brought their Mother's into the climate change debate. You heard me, their Mother's.

Listen to the second Quebec reporter, it's down right funny!

Oh, I bet PM Harper is shaking in his boots now.

Interesting that the media is trying to portray PM Harper as isolated, when in fact he just got all 53 countries to agree with his position. PM Harper 1, Media 0.

If this had been a Liberal PM, they would be singing his praises, and talking about real leadership...BLAH, blah. Notice that Dion has been on Question Period every week for weeks, this never happened when Harper was in opposition, talk about pushing your agenda. The media is getting frantic, along with the Liberals, they see their gravy train disappearing, and are pulling out all the stops.

Come on, bringing your Mother into the fight? That's really low.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Cooling...No Global Warming...No Climate Change

I'm confused, first it was global cooling, they were going to put ashes on the glaciers to stop the reflection to keep the heat in, then it was global warming, but people just laughed at that one, so now we have climate change.

I can live with that. I agree that the climate changes. So does PM Harper. Listen carefully to him, never does he say he supports global warming, not once has he said Kyoto is good. Listen to Baird, he talks about climate change, pollution and cleaning up our air, land, and water. Never once have I heard him talk about global warming, only climate change.

It's a tiny distinction, but a very important one. Conservatives have conserve in their name, so it is easy to understand why the government has just created the largest national park, in the world. We Conservatives, like to conserve. Did the media cover that announcement? Nope, you see Liberals, have the word lie in their name. Conserve versus lie, easy choice.

Now to this media created "scandal".

Canada is reportedly holding up a resolution at the Commonwealth summit in Uganda which calls for binding climate change targets, sources have confirmed.

Environmentalists and Commonwealth sources claim Canada has problems with the resolution despite virtually all other countries in attendance, except Australia, supporting it.

Bad, bad PM Harper, holding up third world countries from getting their goodies. Oh, environmentalists claim? Let's see, they have mental in their name...I'm starting to detect a pattern here. Conserve, lie, mental...hummm, whom should I believe?

How desperate are our liberal media, not one good thing said on air about PM Harper. Does anyone wonder why he doesn't talk to them? If I knew that I was going to talk to a hostile group, why would I go there?

Global cooling, global warming, now climate change, make up your minds lefties, your spin is getting old.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hands In My Pockets!

No, it's not our poor, our homeless, or disabled, with their hands out! It's our cities!

Canada needs to spend $123 billion to shore up the aging infrastructure of its towns and cities, warns the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

"These findings, combined with the evidence of deterioration Canadians see in their own communities, suggest that much of our aging municipal infrastructure is on the brink of failure," said the report released Tuesday in Ottawa.

You see, CANADA needs to spend..., not the cities, not the provinces, but CANADA.

Ontario is sitting on a surplus, are the cities asking them for money? Nope. Why not? Political allies join together to make their enemies look bad, that would be the Conservative federal government. Why don't the provinces raise their PST, they have 2% to work with now? Oh, it would look bad for them to do that? I see!

Cities are raising property taxes by double digits, just to maintain the services we have, not to improve them. Victoria still spews raw sewage into the ocean, is that a priority with them, nope. All provinces could solve their problems by increasing their PST (excluding Alberta). Didn't the feds just transfer extra money to all provinces to fix the fiscal imbalance? Where did that money go?

The heart of the problem is who runs in municipal elections. All lefties, all the time. Edmonton kicks out the only conservative voice on our city board, and I have it from a Nickels worker, that the lefties all combined their resources to defeat our only right leaning councilor. Now, Edmonton in the heart of Conservative country has a Liberal/NDP city board, how does that happen? Power from the bottom up.

"We can see the consequences in every community," the report said "Potholes and crumbling bridges, water-treatment and transit systems that cannot keep up with demand, traffic gridlock, poor air quality and a lack of affordable housing."

First they take over our cities, then our provinces, then our country. We sit quietly by thinking, it doesn't matter that our municipal councillors are voting themselves 10 to 20% raises, are using our funds to build 40 million dollar art galleries we will never visit, but when the streets need cleaning, our cupboards are bare. It doesn't matter because we have a Conservative federal government who will now protect us from the money grabbers.

Wake up, our cities and provinces need to be called on their spending. If the various levels of government would just do their jobs, maybe, just maybe, we would actually be able to help the disabled.

Hands in my pockets, politicians in my wallet, everyone wants a piece, until there is nothing left for me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dion Would Like Someone To Steal His Identity.

The way his numbers are looking, bet he would welcome someone else taking his place.

The Identity Theft Bill, is a bill that I can easily support, it's a no brainer, so I expect the opposition to support it. In our house, we have a shredder, and everything with our name goes into it, including those credit card company applications that get sent out to me on a regular basis. I buy a lot of items on Ebay, and never use my credit card, I go to the bank and get a money order, my bank doesn't charge extra for them, so it's a good deal. So why should I have a credit card if I'm afraid to use it?

The federal Tories tabled a bill Tuesday that would give authorities the power to arrest, charge, and convict people who intend to sell personal information as part of an identity theft scheme.

Currently, the law makes it illegal to misuse someone's personal information to create false identification or for other fraudulent purposes.

However, it is not against the law to collect, possess, or traffic another person's identity information.

So, now they can go after the identity theft rings BEFORE they use your stolen identity. Bet this bill passes before the age of consent bill.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quebec Might Save Canada!

Quebec and Alberta are natural partners, we both want the feds to stay out of our business. We both want our provincial powers respected.

So why does the Bloq party constantly attack Alberta because we have oil? Envy? Every time I watch question period, the Bloqheads are attacking Alberta. Do they not realize that our tax dollars are supporting them, and their socialist province? They have hydro, a nice clean power, good for them, but why does the Bloq in every question have to bring Alberta oil into the equation? We don't slag Quebec, our tax dollars support that have not province.

Guess it's good politically for the Bloq to make Alberta into the enemy, us rich westerners are somehow suppressing Quebec from reaching it's glory. Have they ever stopped to think that Alberta is great because we do not suppress our industries? Has Quebec ever thought that their unions are killing their province?

Yet, Quebec might be our saviour, they are starting to realize before other provinces that accommodating other cultures will kill the culture they treasure. They are starting to realize that multiculturalism is a farce. They of all our provinces might be able to save us from immigrants demanding we accommodate their cultures.

Quebec might save Canada.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Liberals think that they can divide Conservatives over this Mulroney issue. Are they really that dense?

Why do the Liberals think they can create some sort of rift between Conservatives? That's just how they think, they use hints, and insinuation. They are great illusionists.

Here's my take on the situation. I didn't much like Mulroney, but he is a Conservative, and the Liberals are trying to drag him through the mud, again. I do really like Harper, and he is a Conservative. Now, the Liberals are trying to tie the two together over this inquiry. This ticks ALL Conservatives off.

We were out in the wilderness too long to give up what we have worked so hard to build. You see, Liberals attacking a former PM and the present PM, is starting to make Conservatives of all colours, MAD.

I saw it on Goldhawk on Sunday, when everyone else was watching the football game. Callers were livid, they were not taking any excuses from the smug journalists. I thought about it all day today. It was interesting, journalists are used to coming on Duffy Live and spouting their opinions, without having to face the public. They can pontificate at will in the papers, on TV, and on to a lesser extent radio. Finally the public got a chance to blast the media, and boy did they ever give them both barrels! The journalists were shocked that they weren't being allowed to just spout their garbage. It should happen more often. Maybe then the media will see how PM Harper feels.

I have noticed more Conservatives on media comment pages not letting Lefties get away with posting lies and smears. The lefties use emotions, the Conservatives tend to use facts. Even last year I would have never posted to any of those sites, nor written a letter to the editor, I have now. Why? Lefties are ticking me off with their "Canadian values" (they never really tell us what those are), and their "Conservatives are just wrong headed" comments.

It's all about smear and innuendo. Get a rumour started and it takes on a life of it's own. Liberals know this, it has worked before with the "hidden agenda", very effectively. That's why they hate the "Dion is not a leader" ads.

This smearing will not work anymore, they have pissed Conservatives off, and Conservatives are starting to fight back.

No more, just going to the polls and voting for me. No more, listening to Liberals at work and not saying anything, not letting anyone know that I am a Conservative. No more, hiding the fact that I think abortion is baby killing. No more, being silent about the fact that I think "global warming", and Kyoto in particular, are just money grabbing schemes. No more, accepting Liberal judges bad decisions.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Watched Goldhawk Live...It Was A Slaughter!

Not for Mulroney, for the journalists. Stevie Cameron was on, talking about how Mulroney had a safe as big as a fridge at Sussex Drive and how he loved dealing in cash, how did she know that? The former chef told her! Wow, I'm impressed, her informant was the chef (I always thought that it was the butler that did it). That's the first time I have ever seen this lady, but, wow, does she have an agenda. She got called on it too! The callers were not believing the journalist's hype.

The fun part was the callers, they were really seriously MAD that PM Harper was being dragged into this whole issue. They were really MAD that the journalists were so biased against Mulroney. I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, but from what I saw, people don't care about the $300,000, they care about a former PM not getting the respect they think he deserves.

One caller went after Goldhawk and the journalists, he was livid. Good for him!

Funny, when asked about reporters being called before the inquiry, Stevie Cameron could not see why they should be called. Obviously she has done no wrong, in her own mind. Yet she had just strongly implied that Mulroney was taking cash while in office. No proof except a safe in the kitchen, and a chef who saw it.

All the journalists did agree that PM Harper would not feel any big impact from this, although L. Martin did hint a few times that it might hurt the Conservative brand. So, who do I think it will hurt?

Honestly, maybe it's only a gut feeling, or that famous six sense that us females have, but there is a shift happening, not just in Quebec, but everywhere, you can just about smell it in the air (oops, that's the snow I'm smelling), people are liking the job the Conservatives are doing.

More than that, they are starting to feel that PM Harper is THEIR guy, and they are getting protective. Those callers were a good indication of the mood of the people. They clearly were sick and tired of the spin by journalists, one guy wanted the CBC to pay for the inquiry. Goldhawk and his guests were clearly taken aback by caller after caller calling THEM out. Frankly, it looked good on them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Media Bias, I'm Shocked!

Here is a classic example of reporters making up the news.

Don Martin, National Post
Published: Saturday, November 17, 2007
in Montreal

Brian Mulroney huddled with wife Mila and a few faithful in a hotel suite on Thursday evening. When the dinner bell rang, the former prime minister shook hands with his "true friends" before heading for his first Quebec appearance as a Conservative outcast.

Please! "huddled", "few faithful", "true friends" "outcast", this is reporting? More like juvenile story telling. But there's more:

The only Conservative of any parliamentary stripe recognized from the podium was former party bagman Senator David Angus. When Mulroney loyalists tried without success to cajole a few words of praise from him for the record, he looked like he'd been confronted by a drill-armed dentist with a pain fetish.

Even Grits seemed squeamish about getting caught in the same physical space as Mr. Mulroney. Former Liberal Cabinet minister Martin Cauchon ran for the washroom at the sight of a reporter waving a notebook in the air.

So, now we get, "bagman", "loyalists", "cajole", "drill-armed", and "fetish". Oh, I forgot, the one Liberal mentioned gets to be "squeamish". Wait there's more:

That's undoubtedly the queasy optic that convinced Mr. Harper to put a barge pole between his Cabinet and the former prime minister, even though the allegations come from a story-changing, probable deportee sitting in a Toronto jail.

In only one sentence we get, "queasy" (goes nicely with squeamish), "barge pole", and "allegations". Shall we continue?

But Stephen Harper's no-talk, no-touch has infuriated Mr. Mulroney, who believes he has been betrayed and found guilty despite the expected presumption of innocence.

Okay, this whole sentence is the writers opinion, you notice, he is NOT quoting Mulroney, he's making this up! Oh, wait, there's more:

Oops In a column on Tuesday I wrongly wrote that Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon said Mr. Mulroney should have been the subject of an inquiry during Jean Chretien's term of office. Mr. Cannon only said questions on the Mulroney legal settlement should be directed at Mr. Chretien, not Mr. Harper.

I think this is a true picture of this writers motivation, he fits in real well on CBC's Politics, watch Fridays segment starting at around 44 if you doubt my word. This guy wrote a story, WITHOUT checking his source??? Nice, and all he can say is "Oops"? All this garbage was spewed (see I can do it too)in one story, from one supposedly unbiased reporter.

Bet you can all find examples like this "story", Key members of Progressive Canadians to join federal Liberals
What, is her high ranking Liberal husband writing her stories for her now, or did she get this from the Liberal site?

Media, making up the news, not reporting it. Who would have guessed. By the way, try to find one single good story about the Conservatives, or the Prime Minister this week, I dare you! Okay, make it this month. Thought so!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Guns, Guns, Everywhere, There's Guns, Shooting Up The Innocent...

Okay, it's Friday, I've had a beer or two (yes us rednecked girls drink beer), but can we kill the gun registry already?

The lefties are aghast, or is it they just have gas. (HA, I've solved the sour lefty face mystery...that's why Layton looks like he does all the time...pent up gas). Okay, I digressed, (sips beer)but really can all us gun toting hillbillies, have a gun registry killing party and shoot it up? Please? Can we?

Liberals are going after Mulroney because he got paid $300,000 of NON-taxpayer money, but, it's okay that Liberals spent 2 BILLION dollars on a registry that has not helped jail one criminal? This would be funny if it wasn't such a waste of taxpayers money. Yah, yah, I know the gun registry gets over 5,000 to 10,000 (soon we will hear it's closer to 20,000) hits a day, (dang that's a lot of speeders) and the liberal police captains love it (talk to real on the street officers for the real story, reporters won't. Those big guys in uniform with guns, in our cities, are scary),lefty agruments are all about emotion not logic.

I do not own a gun, I went ducking hunting one time with my brother, he forgot to tell me to hold the gun firmly on my shoulder, I think I still have a bruise there, and my butt is still sore over 20 years later, that was the beginning and the end of my duck hunting career. I do love deer jerky though, and moose roasts are awesome, when I can beg them from hunters.

Why don't lefties understand that the $2 Billion would have put more boots on our streets, and saved more people from being victims of crime, than a stupid gun registry that no criminal will ever use?

Guns, guns, everywhere there's guns, shooting up the innocent... used by the gangs.

Go after the criminals, leave the law abiding duck (ex-duck)hunters alone.

Ban criminals, not guns!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Nothings working for the Liberals. They call for a review of tazers, Day get's up in Question Period, and says he started one, 4 days after the death in Vancouver, over a month ago.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day told the Commons Thursday about the review of tasers, something he had ordered days after a Polish immigrant died following shocks from a taser at the Vancouver airport.

The day after media outlets around the world aired the dramatic video of Robert Dziekanski being tasered by the RCMP, Mr. Day said he had already asked for the review about four days after Mr. Dziekanski's death.

They try to tie PM Harper with Mulroney, because Mulroney visited the Harper's for supper once? Meanwhile PM Harper calls a full public inquiry. Dion doesn't clue into it after three questions, and the Liberals tote how smart Dion is? HA. Now we know the meaning of dumb as a brick.

Meanwhile Mulroney sues Liberal MP Thibault for libel, this is not reported in the Globe and Mail, but they are up in arms about a former PM taking $300,000 to lobby government, which was perfectly legal back then in 1993. Thibault has also been consorting with the criminal Schreiber since the spring, is that when they came up with their little plot against Mulroney? Nothing about this in the Globe and Mail, funny that.

Meanwhile, back at home, I asked hubby what he thinks of all this, as a very non-political guy, he says, it's a waste of time and money. I agree. Nobody is discussing this at the watercooler, or even on talk radio, it's old. Liberals are in full cry, but soon they will be crying. Why was PM Harper so quick to call a full public inquiry, are the Liberals even asking themselves that one? Is CBC?

It's funny how they think they are winning, are they really that clueless? This might last for a week, what will they do after that? Or are they just so arrogant that even faced with another $2 million lawsuit because of slandering Mulroney, they think they are going to win this time? With the massive help of the MSM, they shot their load early, but they had to try and save Schreiber, what did he promise them I wonder?

What do they have? They have one criminal desperately trying to stay in Canada, who has now changed his tune for the 10Th time, and said that 3 days before Mulroney retired he made arrangements for the $300,000, not even that he paid him the money then, just that they made arrangements. And the proof of this? HIS WORD!

My, my, that's an airtight case if I've ever seen one. Liberals, all smear, all the time (with media help), that's how they think, what can you expect from people without morals. A clear case of lust for power corrupting totally.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Tier Outhouse!

Okay this is just a funny political statement! Judge for yourself.

Going with the theme, I think the Liberals pissed away their chance to make the Mulroney thingy an issue, because they have pooped in their own nest too often, and tried to cover it up (Puffins anyone?).

They should also be scared because of the crap that Chretien pulled on Mulroney, this full public inquiry might just catch some big Liberals sitting on the toilet, with they pants down!

HA! (Washing hands now, this is a Gritty topic!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Deport Schreiber!

Here's the rub for the Liberals, no-one remembers that Mulroney was a Prime Minister, let alone a PC. Most people who know who he was, understand the the PC's are a dead party, they do not exist anymore. In every article, it's about Mulroney/Schreiber, and people go so what? They don't care. They don't watch question period. They are more interested in their families and their jobs then politics.

Liberals are dirt digging, they thought they had a winner with this "in/out" thingy with elections funds, except today we hear that the opposition walked out on a committee vote (Pierre Poliverre talked about this just before question period) to stop having to reveal their elections expenses. The Conservatives filed their report in court and ALL parties were shown to have done the exact same thing as the Conservatives.

The question now is, why did Elections Canada allow all the other parties to claim their expenses for advertising, but disallowed the same Conservative claims? Of course we will not see this reported in the MSM.

The Liberals jumped the scandal gun because they are trying to save Schreiber from jail in Germany, what deal did they make with him? How is it possible that the Liberals after 8 years never deported the guy? Ralph Goodale asked twice in question period whether Schreiber would now be deported. Why is Ralphie so concerned about a criminal? He can be beamed into any courtroom from jail in Germany, he doesn't have to be here in Canada to testify. Deport him! Look into who visited Schreiber in jail, how many Liberals were talking to him?

Question period today, was a total wash for the Liberals, Dion's guns backfired when PM Harper got up, and calmly stated he would call a full public inquiry. Dion kept reading off of his pre-written question, and Harper made him look like a total fool, again.

Jack Layton was caught out on CPAC, stating that his MP Pat Martin received a letter from Schreiber months ago but did not react until a sworn affidavit was issued, which by the way, is exactly what PM Harper did. I think Layton actually blushed! Never seen Layton at a loss for words before, it was too funny!

Now the opposition are crying that PM Harper didn't act fast enough? Hello Liberals Air India? Airbus...oops forgot you paid Mulroney 2+M for that one.

Keep rooting around in the dirt Liberals, it's raining, and the mud is all sticking to you!

Deport Schreiber.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mulroney Calls For Full Blown Public Inquiry!

So, who's scared of the facts? It appears the Mulroney isn't. He has basically just given PM Harper full permission to hold an inquiry.

Mulroney said he will meet with the adviser but he will come to that meeting with a message.

"I have come to the conclusion that in order to finally put this matter to rest and expose all the facts and the role played by all the people involved, from public servants to elected officials, from lobbyists to police authorities, as well as journalists, the only solution is for the government to launch a full-fledged public commission of inquiry,'' he said in a statement.

Interesting, what will Cretien's puppet, Dion do about this move? Chess and checkers, folks, chess and checkers.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

PM Harpers Vimy Ridge Speech

This is worth watching again. It's an awesome speech that PM Harper gave at the 90th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge, the place that served to forge Canada as a nation.

If that doesn't work, try going here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army
IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Remember our troops of yesterday . Do not break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep.

The youngsters of today, are the leaders of tomorrow, make sure they know what Canadians sacrificed to keep our country "Strong and Free".

Do not forget our troops of today. From

Don't forget that........

It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us
Freedom of the Press.
It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us
Freedom of Speech.
It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the
Freedom to Demonstrate.
It's the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the
Right to a Fair Trial.
It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and
whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.
~Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC

Do not make our troops a political football. They serve for our greater good.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sad Day

Had to make the decision to release my 15 year old puppy from her pain. It was very quick and painless, for her, me, not so much. Love you Brindle! Best dog I've ever had, may you join Lucky, Tash, Tiger, Tex, Tara and Champ, and romp with them until I arrive to hug you all.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Barking Up The Wrong Tree, Again!

Hello Liberals, I know your mindset is corruption, as you are famous for it, but a 20 year old scandal, has no traction, no matter how hard the MSM bleat your cause.

Read my lips, NO ONE IS LISTENING!

The PC's are gone, the Conservatives are new, especially since they got rid of Garth. Without any scandal from them, you are desperately trying to make something stick to them, so you reach back more than 20 years to try to find something? Ahem, Adscam was only 10 years ago, and you constantly tell us that it is ancient history, that the Liberals are renewed, BLAH. Dion was in cabinet at the time of Adscam, is he such a non-entity that he knew nothing?

So, keep it up, I hear that Mulroney has some very powerful lawyers, question is, does the Liberal party have the money to fight both Mulroney and an election?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who Is Soiling Our Country?

So Vancouver has had two more people killed in a gang related killing. People are calling for tougher immigration laws but some of these criminals are Canadian born, so even if we wanted to we couldn't deport them, except to Hans Island maybe.

Remember the 17 arrested for wanting to behead the Prime Minister? Well the ring leader just got let out on bail, how long before all 17 are out?

All the immigrants I have met are happy to be in Canada, they are law abiding and are teaching their children to be the same way. We have a Russian couple across the lane from us, and their 2 boys speak excellent English (after 1 year here), they know right from wrong and they will be/are excellent Canadians. My neighbours next door, were in a refugee camp and picked Canada, because they loved the maple leaf, they have raised two children, one is an engineer, the other an economist, neither one was ever in any trouble growing up. So, don't blame ALL immigrants, most are moving here to raise their children in a peaceful country.

So, who is soiling our country? Think about it, think about it, REAL hard.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Save A Killer, Or A Baby!

The left are howling again, about how the Conservatives are going to let an admitted double murderer get the needle.

Yet they love needles for druggies, all the faster to help them kill themselves.
They have no problem with babies being killed as it is a "women's right".

So, let me try to get this lefty thinking straight.

Capital punishment, bad.
Abortion, good.
Euthanasia good.

Can they not see the hypocrisy?

Save confessed killers and druggies, but PROUDLY kill babies, elders, disabled, and the sick.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

She Said, Then He Said!

She, being me said on my blog on November 1st:

Mulroney, Liberals calling for an investigation. Didn't Mulroney win 2 million last time the Liberals tried this one? Careful where you go with this Liberals, the RCMP are still investigating Adscam. No-one cares about Mulroney anymore. Push the Conservatives enough and they might forget about the Parliamentary Protocol that says you do not go after former PM's. I think Chretien would be a big target.

Then he said, on November 2nd:

While taking questions from reporters, Harper suggested that if the Liberal Party wanted him to launch politically charged investigations, he could theoretically start with past Liberal dealings -- including former prime minister Jean Chretien's involvement in the controversial sale of golf courses and Paul Martin's involvement with Canada Steamship Lines while he was prime minister.

"This is not a route that I want to go down, and I don't think if the Liberal Party thought twice about it, it is a power they would want to give me," Harper said.

I know PM Harper is not reading my blog, but we obviously think alike!

Careful how you tread lefties, didn't Jesus say, let those of you without sin cast the first stone? (Okay, it's not an exact quote, but the message is clear.) So, how did the "in out" thingy work for you Liberals? Oh, one of your MP's is under investigation by Election Canada for serious misrepresentation of expenses? See what happens when you cast the first stone? Doesn't work very well does it?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Liberal's Being Liberal!

I have watched Question Period a few times lately during my lunch hour. I have read the G&M online, and luckily I have never seen a Toronto Star in Alberta. So, what's going on with the Liberals?

They don't seem to understand that trying to attack the Conservatives by making up scandals is not working. Since they have been back, they have done nothing but attack on false/phoney/imagined Conservative wrong doings.

1. Elections Canada being sued by Conservative party - the Liberals finally comment outside the House, and Conservative members threaten to sue for libel. Then one of their own members gets into hot water about his cash payments (brown bags folks!) during the last election. Silence on this issue now.

2. Mulroney, Liberals calling for an investigation. Didn't Mulroney win 2 million last time the Liberals tried this one? Careful where you go with this Liberals, the RCMP are still investigating Adscam. No-one cares about Mulroney anymore. Push the Conservatives enough and they might forget about the Parliamentary Protocol that says you do not go after former PM's. I think Chretien would be a big target.

3. Afghanistan and detainees, good one Liberals, make sure Denis Coderre doesn't march in the next Hezbollah march and you might have some credibility.

4. Send murderers home to Canada because they might face the death penalty in a democratic country. Then they can advocate to get them released into society because Canada is a freedom loving country, and criminals are more important than victims. This one will go over really well with the "guns should be banned" crowd!

Liberals are just being liberal. They think because they are immoral, the Conservatives must be too. Brown bags, 40 million missing, no big deal, they crow about how not one MP has been convicted of any wrong doing. Have they ever apologized for taking 40 million of taxpayers money? Nope, they think it's no big deal. BUT let the Conservatives dismiss two potential candidates, IT'S HEADLINE NEWS, thanks to the MSM.

A sitting Liberal MP is accused of breaking Elections Canada rules and Liberals think they are principled because they kicked the guy out of the Liberal party? Right, once it made the papers they kick the guy out, even though they knew about his problems a long time ago. BUT let the Conservatives do not support Casey for re-election because he voted against the Conservatives on a confidence vote, that is way worse! Are you starting to get the picture?

Liberals being Liberal, means they can lack all the morals they want, but Conservatives had better watch every word, they MUST be squeaky clean, because the Liberals would love to bring them down into the swamp they live in.

No wonder PM Harper won't give the press an inch. I wouldn't either.