Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Year's Resolution....

get more active to help stop abortions.

Suzanne has posted a very nice video on YouTube, no dismembered baby parts.

Why do we as a society allow this to happen? I have heard all the lefties arguements on this issue. So, let's look at the two main arguements:

1. It's a women's choice, take that away and we will be back to the back street abortions of old, with women dying.

Okay let's look at those bad old days. Society frowned on young unmarried girls who got pregnant, yet most opted to have their babies and were better for it. Society now finds nothing wrong with unwed Mothers, it was the unwed Mothers who changed societies opinion, not the women who killed their babies by having an abortion. You see, noone knew that those girls had killed their babies, but they did see the unwed Mothers with their children. It is the courageous unwed Mothers that we should be applauding, not the women who killed their babies because they were afraid of what society might say about them. Feminists can't see that, they think they are the ones that changed things, they did not.

Today, we have something that the women back then didn't have, it's called birth control. Why do 100,000 babies still need to be killed in Canada in this day and age? Stop funding abortions, watch the numbers decrease.

2. A women who is raped should be able to have an abortion.

Okay, let's look at that oft used feminist point. How many women are raped in Canada in a year? Looking at some StatsCan numbers, sexual assaults are 70 in 100,000. Of those how many would actually get pregnant?? That's the number noone mentions. So, let's say 700 women who get raped, also get pregnant, that sure doesn't add up to the 100,000 babies killed in Canada.

Let's just face the facts, people who believe abortions are okay, are immoral, and they want the rest of us to be dragged down to their level. It's funny how when a feminist wants to be pregnant, they call it a baby, when they don't it's a blob or fetus. Also, forget about the rights of the father, they do not exist.

We need to stop funding abortions. Why should I as a taxpayer be forced to pay for the killing of babies?

It's funny, the lefties are yelling about the hanging of a butcher like Saddam, saying he didn't have a fair trial, but it's okay by them to murder innocent babies.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Best!

It's been the best year, because the Conservatives are in government and doing a great job.

We have a Prime Minister who is going to go down as the very best PM in our history. The opposition can not even come close to our PM, even my Liberal Mom thinks Dion stinks.

We have a man of principle, morals and he's tough enough to do what needs to be done, not for votes, but because it's the right thing to do, for Canada.

All the Conservative MP's are doing a great job, but they would be doing even better with a majority.

Let me be the first to predict a majority for the Conservatives next election. That's not just my New Year Eve's wish, it's the smell in the air, it's true Canadians feeling proud of our government, it's Canadians who voted for change, liking that change. It's a government who is listening to real Canadians about their very real concerns.

Go Prime Minister Stephen Harper, you have my support, your doing a great job and people are sitting up and taking notice. Even my Liberal Mom!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

What A Year It Has Been!!

We are climbing out of the dark into the Conservative light, and even some Liberals are liking it!!

Well except maybe Robert Fife at CTV. I thought PM Harper did a great job of being positive without making the opposition look like the cry babies they really are, so, good interview, very strong message by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Now, I know that CBC did an interview with our PM, but, can't find it anywhere on their website. Has it not aired yet? I was busy with Christmas, so I either missed it, or it is yet to come, not sure which, but in any event, CBC's website sucks big time.

How do I know that some Liberals are liking what the Conservatives are doing? Well, it's a small sample, but my VERY Liberal parents are going to vote Conservative next election, why, they thought that Catholic Cretien and Martin would stop SSM and put something in place to stop abortion, that's why they voted for them, only to be very disappointed. They love income splitting, and they like the fact that Day has booted some questionable characters out of the country. Most importantly, they do not like the idea of billions of Canadian dollars leaving Canada to help China with building factories, all in the name of the god called Kyoto. They might be in their 80's, but they realize how stupid that would be for their grandchildren.

So, 2 Liberals, will now vote Conservative, that's 2 more than we had last time, how many more are going our way?

All in all, Conservatives had a great year, and I am very proud of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet Ministers and MP's. Keep up the good work!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rights Of The Child, UN Resolution

I was looking to blog on Human Rights Tribunals, and how out of control these semi-legal witch hunts are getting, and stumbled across this resolution from the UN.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child What struck me most was this part of the resolution:

Whereas the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth,

Does that not mean a fetus? So, according to my limited understanding of this resolution, babies in the womb deserve to be protected, legally.

Further to that:

Principle 4
The child shall enjoy the benefits of social security. He shall be entitled to grow and develop in health; to this end, special care and protection shall be provided both to him and to his mother, including adequate pre-natal and post-natal care. The child shall have the right to adequate nutrition, housing, recreation and medical services.

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but pre-natal means, in the womb, he shall be entitled to grow and develop.

This is a UN resolution, it seems to me that it is protecting the rights of a baby, in the womb. So, why don't we hear about this? Nowhere does it state that women have the right to choose, nowhere does it say that partial birth abortions are a good thing and should be allowed. What it does say, is that children, in and out of the womb, should be "entitled to grow and develop". So, abortions deprive the child of the ability to grow and develop, therefore, they are not allowed under this resolution.

Much as I usually disagree with the UN, I agree with this resolution, wholeheartedly. Here come the lawyers, I'm sure, telling me that's not what the resolution really means....blah, blah, blah.

Legal protection before birth, that's very clear to me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Your Fired!

Well a step in the right direction.

"It's time for the wheat board to make a buck for Canadian farmers and to quit fiddling around in the political game," Strahl said.
The minister made his announcement at a staged rally west of Winnipeg. Farmers who oppose the wheat board's current monopoly on international wheat and barley sales surrounded him.

I liked the STAGED comment. Duhhh, maybe it was just farmer's who actually agree with the decision coming out to show their SUPPORT?

"You either have single-desk selling or you have don't have a CWB and they have presented no evidence that would counter that contention," said Mark Wartman, Saskatchewan's agriculture minister, in the vote's wake.
"Clearly, the majority of farmers are not buying that nonsense about dual-marketing."

Is Saskatchewan's agriculture minister really that much of a communist that he truly believes a monopoly, is a good thing? If the CWB is such a good thing, make it mandatory for eastern farmers to sell only to the CWB too. So, it's okay to throw western Canadian farmers into jail but eastern Canadian farmers can sell to who ever they want? One farmer went to jail for GIVING some of HIS grain to a 4H club in Montana.

"This issue is probably bigger than the Canadian Wheat Board, when you step back and look at it. And if you aren't free to speak out, what kind of country do we have?" Measner told CTV Winnipeg.

Hello, do you not even see the hypocrisy? Force farmers to jail for not selling to the CWB, but, when you get fired, it's a freedom of speech issue???? Come on, no wonder you were fired.

What about farmer's freedom to sell the wheat they produce on their own farms, to whoever they want to sell it to?

Communism, right here in Canada, I'm not making it up, I'm not allowed to!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Spirit Or Just Genuine Caring?

My boys made me proud today, they showed me they understand what the Christmas spirit is really all about, for all people.

I picked my boys up from school today and we headed to Tim Horton's so they could buy their teachers Christmas presents. I had preset the gift limit at $15 each. They were more interested in getting a donut as an after school snack as they were "starved". I have found that growing boys think with their stomachs, bless them, and thank God for my garden in the summer.

As I got out of the car at Tim Horton's, an old man standing near the door said something I couldn't hear, so I got closer and he was asking me for money for food. I dug around in my purse for awhile, but didn't have enough to give him, so I told him I would be back. He said sure as it was a nice day today.

When we got into Tim's my boys asked my what the old guy had wanted. I explained that he had asked me for money for food. I guess their "starved" stomachs told them that they really weren't so hungry, because they picked the cheapest gift each (sorry teachers) and then said they would prefer for the rest of the money to go to the old guy outside.

This was the first time they had ever been that close to a homeless person, and their compassion was instant. Christmas spirit, or just genuine caring? I'm hoping it's genuine caring, year round, and for life.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Six Million Dead, Or Not!

I can not believe in this day and age that people are still denying the Holocaust ever happened. Worse is that the media is making it seem like it's no big thing.

In those days, the daily news was filled with the Rwandan genocide and ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia. On the day that my half-sister visited me, my head was reeling from what happened to 6 million Jews in Germany, Holland, France and Eastern Europe. I learned that innocent men, women and children were separated from each other. Stars pinned to their shoulders, transported by train to camps, they were gassed for no other reason than for being Jewish.

I saw pictures of masses of skeletons, even of kids. I heard horrifying accounts of some of the people who had survived the terror of Auschwitz and Sobibor. I told my half-sister all this and showed her the pictures in my history book. What she said was as awful as the information in my book. With great conviction, my half-sister cried: "It's a lie! Jews have a way of blinding people. They were not killed, gassed or massacred. But I pray to Allah that one day all the Jews in the world will be destroyed."

I pray to God that one day all religions will work towards peace.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Spring Election? Bring It On!!

Okay, newly elected Liberal leader Dion, is joining with the Bloq to bring down the Conservative government. Go ahead boys, bring it on!! Hey, didn't the Conservatives get accused of being in bed with the separatists anytime they voted the same way? Now it's okay because it's the Liberals joining with the separatists. Hypocrites.

So, wishy-washy boy wants an election, on what issue?

Environment, oh that's going to be fun, Dion was the minister of hot air that allowed our CO2 emissions to grow to over 35% above the Kyoto targets. He wants to bring NEP II to Alberta, oh well he can't lose there, we don't allow Liberals in redneck Alberta. Come see us Dion, we will clue you in pretty quick. The only good thing he did for the environment was to name his beautiful dog, Kyoto.

Afghanistan, wasn't it the Liberals that put us there, and shifted our troops into the dangerous province of Kandahar? Now, Dion wants us to turn tail and run? I think Dion should go visit Afghanistan and sleep out in the desert like PM Harper did, see what you think then, oh wait, he's French, do I see a white flag waving?

Social issues, right Dion, you were in Cabinet for 10 years, but no daycare spaces were created, the GST did not get reduced to zero, poverty did not get wiped out. Hey what did you Liberals do for 13 years, oh I remember now, little brown bags filled with cash going directly to the Liberal Party of Canada. Hey Dion, where's the 40 million still missing, we are still waiting for the cheque.

The new Liberals, with an old party Cretin puppet, yup they are renewed. NOT.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who Are Your Senators And Why Are They Mostly Liberals?

Okay, all this elected senate debate made me think back to a provincial election where we had senate candidates on the ballot. I remember thinking, finally provinces will get some control over who we send to the senate. Sadly that was not to be. Martin did not appoint any of Alberta's senators in waiting. He thumbed his nose at us, and our senator elects.

So, I figure if senate reform is going to be an election issue, I should know who my senators are and who elected them.

Check out your province, see who your senators are, and what party they support, also take a look at who appointed them.

So, for Alberta, of 6 senators, 5 are Liberals, how did that happen in Alberta? Well, they were all appointed by Liberal PM's. Tommy Banks, a guy with a band, wow, I'm impressed with him as a politician, he will know all about policy in our government. As for the other 5, never heard of them, except Grant Mitchell, wasn't he a failed Alberta Liberal leader? Hey we didn't want him then, but now we are stuck with him in the senate? How he can hold his head up and say he is representing Alberta is unbelievable. We didn't want him as a Liberal leader, we sure don't want him as a senator. We are stuck with him, and all of the other liberal appointees.

Trudeau is dead, but we still have two senators in Alberta appointed by him (11 in total for the country). How is that fair, how is that democracy?

Bring on the vote for the senators to serve only 8 years, let all provinces do what Alberta did, choose their own senators. What a waste of taxpayers money the senate is. Get those senators away from the trough. If they don't like it, replace them.

We should start a petition to fire all the senators, and replace them with people we really wanted, not those former PM's appointed. We should have 5 senators per province and territory, to pass bills, and support what the provinces want. If they don't like that, then heck, let's just abolish this useless excuse of fake democracy.

Accountability at the least should mean that my Albertan senators should have a town hall every three months, so I can grill them on why they are not doing anything for Alberta, just for the Liberal party. Senators are supposed to represent their provinces, not their parties.

Hey, Mitchell, you sucked at being a liberal party leader, you suck even worse as a senator. I would love to say, YOUR FIRED!!! And take the rest of the no good liberal senators from Alberta, we haven't elected a Liberal party here in over 50 years, but we are stuck with you and 5 other hypocrites. OINK, OINK!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Charter Right, For Babies!

Okay, if it is now a Charter right to protect the minority rights of gays to marry, I have an even more important Charter right, for an even more helpless minority, that is being killed in the thousands right here in Canada, by the majority.


Oh, you can call them fetuses all you like, try to make it sound like something other than killing babies, but, plain and simple, it's baby killing. Right here in our country, I'm not making it up, I'm not allowed to.

Choice or rights? Women's choice, or a babies rights?

A woman decides to have unprotected sex with a male, she gets pregnant, which happens to be inconvenient. It is now her choice to kill that baby. In Canada, she can have that baby killed even at nine months.

Now, funny they call gay marriage a right, but they call abortion a choice. Why aren't women calling for abortion to be a right? Well, they would turn off a lot of supporters if they went around saying, it is my right to kill my baby.

So, the feminists are using language that is acceptable to people. It's a women's body, it's her choice, they don't even call it abortion anymore. And, they have the male population so cowered, that they don't DARE disagree, because after all, it's their body. Only another woman can call them on it, and when they do, they are called bible thumping, dumb, uneducated females, who are substandard beings because they actually want to have babies. That whole "barefoot and in the kitchen" thingy. As if!

Well, this highly educated female is sick and tired of feminist SOW's. They claim that they have the right to kill their babies just because they happened to have unprotected sex, and unfortunately babies need to grow in their bodies, and they don't want them. So, off with their heads, arms, and legs. Suck their brains out? Sure. It's not killing, it's not a baby.

What a sick society we live in when gays can get married, and babies can get killed, and we the people, can do nothing about it. It's interesting, AIDS and abortion, both about death, both about reducing the ones who want their point of view to rule, yet they are killing themselves off.

There really is a God, and he is crying.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Out West, It's Dion Who??

Maybe it's because liberals are not a threat out here, or maybe it's just that Albertans are too busy working to pay attention, but all I heard this week was, "Dion who?"

So far, those of us in the west who are paying attention, are not impressed. From his lack of English, to his dual citizenship, to his call for Kyoto and "sustainable development" aimed at the oil sands, to his support of the Canadian Wheat Board, it seems that Dion has written Alberta off as a no win province, so it's okay to bash it. Guess he thinks that will get him votes in Ont. and Que. , and it probably will, to some extent.

My question is, if he is such a federalist, why is he thumbing his nose at the province that is sending more money to Ottawa than any other province? Is he trying to make us so ticked off that we will separate? How does that make him a federalist.

I think it's time Albertans thumbed their noses at these liberal elitists. They think we are rednecked, knuckle dragging troglodytes, who drag women around by their hair. They also forget that we are the ones who are supporting the rest of Canada. We might only have 28 MP's, but we have all the big business coming here, we have no debt, and we have annual surplusses bigger than the federal government has for all of Canada, and Dion wants to tick us off? Is he on drugs?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Tree For Our Troops!

What a wonderful show of support for our troops!

Excellent idea! Bet it makes the troops feel uplifted, but homesick.

Click on the video: Harper attends tree lighting. Way down the page. Shouldn't that be PM Harper attends tree lighting?

Prime Minister Harper and his daughter, Rachel attended this very special tree lighting.

Again our Prime Minister shows his support for the troops, and military families. What a class act this Prime Minister is, what a family man. He mentions Christmas about 6 times, no whimpy, politically correct, happy holidays for this PM. Good for him, good for Canada.

Meanwhile, what are the Liberals up to? Calling Conservatives, Nazis, and keeping their allegiance to the French flag flying. How lacking in class.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Honour The Family.

So, marriage is between two people of any sex. Okay, fine our MP's voted on it again, and again they didn't listen to us, you know, the voter. Why no vote on this next election?

So, now that the 70% or more of people who honour families have been reduced to having marriage mean partner one, marries partner two, kids optional, or should I say mission impossible, I want to take back the family.

I want a law that says that a family is one man, one woman who are capable of having children naturally. All right, that's not going to happen now either is it? How about gays not being able to adopt? Okay, no, that's discrimination now.

So, how did the majority get hi-jacked by the minority?

-Politicians who can't even say Merry Christmas anymore for fear of loosing a vote.
-A loud vocal, usually naked, parading gay community, who want to appear normal, but no matter what, the majority is not buying it.
-And this whole BS about political correctness gone wrong.

So, what can the average middle class working family do about it? Usually we are too busy to really care about the gay community, that's how they managed to take over marriage. Why wasn't "union" enough for gays? Because they want us to believe they are normal. Okay let them distort marriage, do you notice how it's called SSM? It's still not Church sanctioned marriage, but that's next.

Churches need to fight back, with two words, Holy Matrimony. Holy Matrimony is both Church sanctioned and government sanctioned, it is legal. Churches should now make the distinction between marriage and Holy Matrimony. Marriage can stay at two partners of any sex.

Holy Matrimony should be exclusively, one man and one woman.

So, if the united church wants to marry gays, okay. If other churches want to unite a couple, one man and one woman, in Holy Matrimony, okay. Both couples are legally "married", neither couple is less in the eyes of the law.

Problem solved.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Women Have Choice, Farmer's Not So Much!

Well, we hear the lefties yelling about abortion being a women's choice. It's her body, we hear.

Now, how come it's a choice for women and it's their body, their right, but not for our farmer's?

It's their land, their grain, why isn't it their right to sell it to whoever they want?

So, you think the lefties would be shouting about the injustice of farmer's being thrown in jail for trying to sell their own grain. Not so much.

The New leader of the old party, wants to protect the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly.

Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion promised Wednesday to fight to protect the Canadian Wheat Board should the Tory government succeed in dismantling it.

Oh great, so far, Dion has threatened our oil sands projects, and now he's threatening to not allow farmer's any choice.

Why is it called the Canadian Wheat Board when it's only western farmers that are FORCED to sell their wheat to the board? Maybe they should rename it the Western Wheat Monopoly Board.

Now, why would the Liberals be so intent on keeping the monopoly? Anyone who has taken an introductory economics course knows that monopolies are bad for consumers. Why does the Liberal Senate NOT want the CWB books opened up to the public? Why did the Liberal party keep appointing (OINK) 5 out of 15 board members? Why are they scared that some farmers might sell their wheat on their own?

If we told women that they had no choice, the screaming would be deafening. That's what the Liberals are telling our farmers. Does anyone wonder why the Liberals suck in rural areas?

I think all farmers need to band together, and start yelling:

Our Grain, Our Choice.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This Isn't Going To Loosen My Wallet.

I understand that some First Nations People are truly having problems. The Indian Act is clearly NOT working. It never works when you give different rights and privileges to any group.

Protest if you want to get your issue heard, but when a Minister has the courage to come out and try to talk to you, booing them, is just disrespectful. You should be ashamed of yourselves. From what I understand of your culture, respect is very important. If you give none, you will get none.

It sure doesn't make me think I should loosen my wallet anymore than I already have to help. Show some respect to the people who pay billions to your nations, we might listen harder, and you might gain some respect from us for your cause. By booing our elected representatives, you are booing all Canadians.

Show NO respect for the Minister that is trying to help you, than you will get no respect, and our hearts will be hardened to your cause. Listen to your elders, you will not be led astray. Listen to a politically motivated leader that lives better than any of you can hope to, your cause is lost.

My grandfather used to say that you could achieve more by getting the community together to build the barn, that still holds true today. Booing just divides the community.

What would your ancestors think about your behaviour lately?

Monday, December 04, 2006

The New Feminist, Not What The Old Feminists Want

I often come into contact with young ladies, and I have started to notice a trend when talking to them.

They are strongly pro-life, or as I prefer, for life.

I talked to three young ladies today who were deeply disturbed to learn that Canada had no abortion law. They thought that there was a cut off for when abortions were legally permitted.

They were also very upset that taxpayers were paying for the killing of babies. They all agreed that any woman could use birth control, and were careless if they didn't. They also all agreed that it would be no big deal if they got pregnant without being married, they would be supported by their families and would have the baby rather than abort it.

None of them called the baby a fetus, none of them mentioned "choice". None of them were fooled by the feminist language, they all knew abortion was killing a baby. Why can't our judges understand that, why do they insist on thinking that women are so stupid that they do not realize they are killing a baby? Why do feminists think they are fooling anyone.

Why aren't the SOW's standing up against the killing of babies? Nope, they want equal pay, how trivial.

Old feminists, meet the new feminists, women who care about babies, who are educated, and SHOCK, want to actually have babies and a career. Some of them, even though they have a career, want to be stay at home Mom's.

Watch out, the new feminists are waking up to the fact that Canada has no abortion law, and they are not liking it, not one little bit.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Liberal Leader For One Day, And He Ticks Off Alberta!

WOW, it sure didn't take Dion long to tick off all of Alberta, less than a day.

I don't see him saying anything about the auto industry? He could have ticked Ontario off too!! Oh, forgive me, voters count there.

Guess he figures he can't get any votes here in Alberta, so he might as well just go ahead and start talking about NEP II right away, that way when the Liberals get back into power, Albertan's will already be conditioned to just bend over.

Next, he will start talking about Carbon Credits, the Liberal plan to steal from our kids futures, to help Communist China.

Green groups also say the massive amounts of superheated steam used in the process of separating oil from the tar are putting local water supplies are at risk.
"We have a very good plan for Alberta, precisely because there are so many things to do in Alberta. We have a golden opportunity," said Dion, giving few specific details.
"If we succeed in Fort McMurray, perhaps sustainable development will succeed everywhere in the world and we will export our know-how and we'll make megatons of money," the French-speaking politician said in English.
"Certainly it will mean to revisit the system, but not to put the money out of Alberta, (but) to help to save their water, to save their development," he said.

Let me tell you this, you can take your plan for Alberta, and shove it where the sun don't shine! You want "sustainable development"? Go to Africa, they need lots of development there, if not Africa, try the Yukon, your dog Kyoto will love living there. Maybe going there will help you figure out, why Canada uses so much energy in the winter!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Why Do Only Lefties Protest?

It amazes me that lefties have so much time on their hands that they can protest at the drop of a hat.

Mexico, lefties protesting that they didn't win!
Lebanon, lefties protesting that they don't like their government.
Canada, lefties produce a pink book, protesting against women.

Muslims, well, they just protest anything, anytime, anywhere, YAWN.

SOW's, they bring daycare kids to protest on Parliament Hill, shouldn't those kids be in a safe, caring, loving, environment? That sure isn't Parliament Hill last time I watched Question Period!!

When is the last time you can think of when righties protested? Anything? I have been trying to think of the last time, maybe they do protest, we just don't see it on the MSM, as it's not news when righties protest something.

Now, I do remember the Red Friday rally on Parliament Hill, but that wasn't a protest, it was a celebration of our troops.

Maybe if lefties got real jobs, you know, ones that really helped women, or the disabled, they wouldn't have time to protest.

Get a real job!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Supportin, Ted Morton

When Annie, get your guns, supports Dinning, it's a clear signal to grab your guns, and get voting Ted Morton. Others supporting Dinning, the arts community, gays/lesbians, and every eastern Liberal they could contact.

I am positive Paul Martin, yuck, is supporting him, why wouldn't he, he's $25,000 richer because Dinning sent him a cheque. $0, to Stephen Harper, an actual Conservative.

Well, that was money lost, Martin is a has been, no brown bag for Dinning now. Poor investment Dinning, lost all your investment, and got no interest in return. If that's what we can expect from Dinning running Alberta, no thanks.

The only ones voting for Dinning are Liberals and unions who have signed up for membership. True Conservatives can smell a Liberal from miles away.

If Dinning wins, grab onto your wallets, because Liberal spending is going to cost you dearly.

So, I'm supportin Morton, it's the only thing a true Conservative can do!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SOW's In Distress!

Oh those nasty, wrongheaded, Conservatives, closing down all the SOW's offices, except for four. Well, I am spitting mad at Bev Oda for daring to do this.

How, I ask you, could she have left four open? That is just totally upsetting!

Okay, I never knew the SOW's had an office here in Edmonton, how could this poor woman have missed them, in my time of need? I am paid the same wages as a male, for the same job, and that is just wrong! I am superior after all, and deserve to be paid more than that nasty male, because, I AM A WOMAN, therefore I deserve better treatment than only equal wages. I am going to march down to their office and demand they stand up for more wages for me for equal work, this is only what I, as a female, deserve.

This just will not do, saving money, well, well, that's just too Conservative, they are showing their true colours now, cutting funding for activists, what are those activists going to do? They might even have to fund raise, to survive, the horror of it all!

Oda insisted that women will be better served despite the budget cuts and the office closings.
"I'm very surprised that the opposition would say, "Put money back into inefficiencies," when you can find inefficiencies and streamline the operations.
"What these offices don't necessarily provide is the help directly to women. There was a lot of lobbying groups, there was a lot of advocacy.
"We don't need to separate the men from the women in this country. . . This government as a whole is responsible to develop policies and programs that address the needs of both men and women."
Oda said the closures will save on unnecessary rent and utility bills and she claimed that even with $5 million in cuts, there will be $700,000 more for women's programming.
She also said women in regions will be able to get service from office of the Canadian Heritage Department.

No more sucking up taxpayers money at the trough! Finally the money might actually make it into the hands of women who really need the help, instead of lefty advocates pulling in $80,000 a year, just to tell us that single Mom's need help. Well DUH, I'm not blonde like Belinda, oh dang, she just dyed her hair brown didn't she, did that make her smarter? If she likes her pink book soooo much, maybe she should dye her hair pink!

The opposition mentioned "equality" for women, not one of them talked about helping single Mom's. Hypocrites, they talk about job losses, would those jobs lost be the ones your lefty friends are holding right now with the SOW's? Is that what all the shrilling is really about?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mom's Against the Pinks.

I'm one of the lucky ones, I still have my Mom. To those who don't, I can't imagine how painful it is to lose your Mom. Well, I can, sort of, but it's not something I like to even think about, or imagine.

Now, I wish to address this to the Pink Stinkers, because, they should be glad that their Mom's didn't feel that being "barefoot and pregnant" with them was a bad thing. If they had, an easy abortion would have solved that problem. It would have been their "choice".

We as a society have carried this "choice" too far, and it has to stop. If this "choice" keeps up, no universal daycare program will be needed.

Choice in where I want to live, work and play is a good thing.
Choice in what I want to be when I grow up, is a good thing.
Choice in who I vote for, is a right.
Choice in who I marry, well, I was lucky, after 21 years, I would make that same choice.

Choice to kill a baby, when did that become a right?

God must be looking down in disgust. Not only are we killing babies, we are experimenting on their cells, and we think the Nazi's were bad? This pales in comparison to their crimes, because abortion, in Canada, is not a crime.

Everyone is upset about the Quebecois being declared a nation, they are asking what does a nation mean?

Well, I'm asking you, what does "choice" mean, why isn't anyone asking that question? Why do we buy the feminist bullshit that "It's their choice"? It is never a "choice" to kill a baby, NEVER.

In this day and age, with even a new male contraceptive pill, why are there still abortions? If both the male and female, take those little pills, we should not have any unplanned pregnancies. Also, if I am morally opposed to abortions, why do I have to, as a taxpayer, pay for them? Pay for the killing of your baby all by yourself, don't make ask me to support killing.

Abortion is death. The lefties cry about the 45 soldiers who have been killed in service to this country, and I am truly sorry that they died for us, but not a whisper about the THOUSANDS of babies killed every year, right here in Canada, because having a baby would be "inconvenient", at this time! SICK!

So, all Mom's should email their MP's and tell them why being "barefoot and pregnant" is not a bad thing, like the sicko pinko's want to make us believe. It's a celebration of life.

Warning to all you lefties who love abortion, if you are aborting your children, who wins? Yup, us Conservative women, you know, the ones who are "barefoot and pregnant"?

Mom's were disrespected by those Liberal MP's that used their positions in Parliament to produce that Pink book, disgusting display.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pinko Stinko's!!

Well, I hate to tell the Pink Stinkers, but, I'm not barefoot, nor am I pregnant. What an idiotic statement for them to make! They just disrespected their own Mom's, and every Mom out there.

Listen you extreme feminists, being pregnant is NOT a disease! I can honestly say that it was the most rewarding time of my life! This might shock you, but, even better than my career! OOPS, us Conservative women aren't supposed to be able to work, we're to busy being pregnant and in the kitchen.

Guess Pink Stinkers can only do one thing at a time, and even that takes a whole committee of Pink Stinkers. Their report, yup, you guessed it, a stinker. Don't bother printing it out, save some trees.

Here's what this Conservative women does;
Works full time
Published author
Board member
Loves cooking, I also do my own pasta sauce, pickles, pickled beets, and just made perogies on Sunday
Gardening, start my own flowers from seed in the winter, have a vegetable garden
Makes homemade raspberry wine, that is potent and yummy

Oh and I clean house too, but not dusting, I make my kids dust, and that knuckle dragging red neck husband of mine, does the laundry.

All Mom's need to take these pinko's to task, send them to their rooms without supper, no going out at recess and take their credit cards away.

We have SOW's, now we have Pink Stinker's, or is that Pinko Stinko SOW's?

On top of everything else, they want to take away the $100 a month per child that parents are already getting, and instead spend the money on institutionalized daycare. Well that will go over big with the voters, they are liking their beer and popcorn by now!

One final hint to those pink stinkers, read this item, those scary Conservative women! Not only are we barefoot and pregnant, but we are also capable of feeding our families, by hunting and liking it!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Income Splitting, I Love It!!!

Better than the next GST cut, this is a real middle class cut that is overdue. It is a huge vote getter, that's why the opposition will get hysterical about it being "social engineering". So, I looked at how it would help my family, and sure enough, all of us will gain from income splitting.

My family:

Mom has no pension, Dad has a good one, they are now able to split their income and save at least $2,000 a year.

Sister doesn't work, husband can now split income with her, they would save thousands.

Brother, wife works but is in a lower income bracket, income splitting will save them hundreds a year.

I make more than my husband, we will save in the $1,000-2,000 dollar range.

So, everyone in my family wins with income splitting.

Now to those who will say, but in won't help the poorest of them all, the single Mom's. Well, maybe not, but they don't pay taxes, and they get lots of subsidies, for example daycare, they pay $80 a month. Don't expect to hear about that in the MSM. Also, they get child benefits, I don't, because as a family, we make too much. Fair enough, I don't want money because I had children, they are my responsibility.

How come they can take my family income into account when it comes to child benefits, but not when it comes to income taxes? Example, we had a nanny, we could claim child care expenses, but only for the lowest earner, so every year, we could only claim a portion of those expenses.

So, let's make daycare free for all single Mom's who are enrolled in post secondary education, that's a win-win. That's how you help single Mom's, not by giving them more money, but by giving them a chance to raise themselves above poverty. I will never forget hearing two welfare Mom's talking about a course they were supposed to be taking, they were insulted that they would be expected to get out of bed, and make it to class by 9:00am, it cut into their evening drinking time!

It's about time that the productive people in society got a break, everyone else does, like single Mom's, and aboriginals.

Let couples income split, that encourages marriage and families. When over 40% of your salary goes to taxes, isn't it time for the real backbone of this country, the middle class, to get some relief?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Alberta Advantage, Morton!

If we Albertans want to keep the Alberta Advantage going, we need to vote for Morton!

I love Klein, he's the only politician who ever got elected by telling Albertans he was going to cut jobs by 20 percent. We elected him, and look where we are now. Debt free, a healthy surplus, and a roaring economy. Yes, those years of 20% reduction in workers were hard, but they gave our children a very bright future. Thank you Ralph!

If we want to keep it that way, do not vote for Dinning. He sat back for years, not even bothering to run as an MP. He sent cheques to Paul Martin, but none to Stephen Harper, how Conservative is this guy? He's a metrosexual stuck in a cowboy/oil province. He belongs in Toronto, with all the other Liberals, not here in Conservative country.

We know that Klein lately has become liberal lite, what did that get us except more actual Liberals elected as MP's, do we really need another liberal lite Premier? NO!

We are always yapping about how Alberta is different because of our hard working population and our individualism. Now is the time to assert it.

We might have a Conservative government federally, but do not let that guide your vote, be aware that Albertans are the targets of the opposition, they are drooling, and plotting as we vote. Carbon tax anyone? Privatizing the oil industry? I have heard those mentioned by various opposition parties. I hope that the federal Conservatives would never impose measures that would hurt Alberta, but they might be out of power in a few months.

So, how do we best protect Alberta's interests? How do we best protect of children's future?

We vote for Morton.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Murder Capital of Canada, Oh Great!

Edmonton is now the murder capital of Canada, isn't that nice!

So, here's how it plays out:

A gang of teens get kicked out of a party, they go get bats, and golf clubs, they switch licence plates on their car, and they go kill a teen.

So, is that premeditated? Did they plan it? Appears not, 3 of the offenders were given sentences of house arrest, for murder. So, what happens, are teens cowering, are they worried about what may happen to them if they too murdered someone?

Nope, read the article above, we get two more teens killed, murdered, slaughtered. Why, no punishment.

Our judges should have to pay for the sentences they dole out. So, the 3 youths who got house arrest, should have to spend their time in the judges houses, living with their sons and daughters and wives.

If that happened, watch how quickly house arrest would disappear from judges little bag of liberal tools.

Next, real time for killers, spent, you guessed it, with our liberal judges.

Why do we have to make laws for minimum sentences for gun crimes, why are the opposition parties stopping those laws?

Liberal thinking, it's killing our kids!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quit Messing With My Family!

I really wish the feminist SOW's would include all families, not just daycare families in their program. Why do they only support daycare? Could it be the daycare activists protecting their jobs? Do private daycare operators realize that the feminists have just closed their businesses down?

I want to use a nanny, not a daycare. I will work nights to afford it.
I want my Mom/Dad/niece/nephew/neighbour to care for my children when I have to work.

I like having choice, I am sickened by the opposition parties limiting my choice, with my children, I will not be forced to support a national daycare, I HATE the idea. It reminds me of the Germany in WW2, it is social engineering at it's very worse.

Quit messing with my family, I am able to make my own choices for what is best for my children. Lefties tell us to keep out of the bedroom, well they should stay out of my family life! I know what is best for my children, not some MP's I have never met.

DON'T you dare tell me how to raise my children.

Lefties think it's okay to abort babies, but if you don't, they also think it's okay to tell parents how to best raise those babies that weren't aborted. Hypocrites

Quit messing with my family, I do not need any help raising my children, I want to choose what is best for my family, I do not need the opposition parties telling me my children should be in daycare, how would they know what's best for children, they abort them more often then they have them!

I will now undertake to find out how many of the kids, scarce though they might be, the opposition parties actually had in daycare. How many MP's actually use daycare for their own kids? Now that is going to be an interesting quest.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Am Sick Of Socialists.

I really can not take the whining anymore from everyone wanting more of my tax money, for services I never use!

My tax rate when you include CPP and EI, is over 40%. So, what do I get for giving up 40% of my salary?

Health Care, I pay extra for Blue Cross.
Dental, nope
Daycare, have kids, never used it, never will, I want well adjusted children, not daycare maladjusted bullies.
Housing for the homeless, never been homeless, never plan to be.
Drug injection sites, never did drugs, never plan to. (Okay I have the odd beer, but they are still legal)
Prostitution, very, very, unlikely even in my darkest days would I ever sell my body.
SSM, no, never have thought that's quite right.
Kyoto, send my children's future over to China by buying carbon credits from Power Corp, a definite NO.
SOW's, what the heck do they do for me as a woman? Nothing, they never have, they never will.
EI, okay, I admit in my 32+ years of contributing to EI, I took 4 months off for my first child, and 9 months off for my second.
The Arts, I like going to the museum, so I say keep it, but, lesbian plays at the Banff Centre for Arts, not so much!

Roads, snow cleaning, etc., Guess what those are extra, they don't include my 40%+, those are all paid for by my propery taxes.

Oh so now, I'm paying probably 50% in taxes, did I include GST? Wow, I'm glad Alberta has no PST, I wonder how those people in Ontario make ends meet.

So, what is the federal government doing to support me, the middle income earner? Socialists, are like a cold you can't get rid of, you need to feed them more and more, and they still won't go away. Look at Quebec, their $7 a day daycare is a disaster, people want more EI, they are getting fat and lazy, on my tax dollar, and still they want more programs, more money, without doing anything for it.

Show me why I should be happy to give more than 40% of my salary to everyone but me.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Liberal Media Slap Down, By A Reporter!

You sure don't see this often, are they waking up?


It should have been a good week for the Harper government, with Environment Minister Rona Ambrose talking honestly about the Kyoto accord, and the PM insisting human rights are more important to Canadians than “the almighty dollar.”
You’d think that’s the sort of stuff Canadians want from their government and would strongly support. And maybe they would, if the message wasn’t filtered through dysfunctional media coverage.
That’s a serious charge, and as a reporter and editor for 35 years I take no pleasure in making it. Some of my colleagues will inevitably suggest it shows my own bias, but I’ll let you make up your own mind on that score.

It's refreshing for a respected editor to call out the MSM on their bias. He also calls out some politicians on their hypocritical behaviour:

In a neck-jarring about-face, most media suddenly argued that trade is what really matters in our relations with a country that remains a totalitarian dictatorship. What supreme hypocrisy!
But it’s on par with Liberal environmental critic John Godfrey and the various Canadian environmental lobbyists who spent last week dumping on Ambrose, and then had the cheek to complain she’d used an international meeting for “partisan” purposes after she rather demurely alluded to the failures of “previous governments” to do much of anything on Kyoto.
A fair shake from the media? Only if your definition of fair is a kick in the head.

Thank you, Paul Stanway, I know it must have been hard to do, but it was honest, something that seems to be gaining ground here in Canada!

Our Prime Minister is pulling us up out of the dark, into the light, and finally we are getting a flicker, tiny as it may be, of what great leadership and good governance is really all about! Canada can pull above it's weight, we did it doing all the military conflicts we have fought, we can do it now, when the threat of terrorism is a major problem. We can do it, because we finally have a real leader as Prime Minister, and he has some awesome people helping and watching his back!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Dogs!

I love dogs, not only are they loving companions, they are helpful. We have seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, seizure dogs, service dogs, police dogs, drug sniffing dogs, and bomb dogs. They are heros in my eyes.

Bomb dogs ease workload, widen safety margin for troops in Afghanistan

Handler Susan Flinders tosses Barek a treat after finishing a search of a vehicle entering Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan, Sunday. (CP PHOTO/Bill Graveland)
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - Man's best friend? Maybe that should be a soldiers best friend as specially trained 'bomb dogs' are taking on bigger roles in security in this war-torn country.
"We've been using the dogs both here in camp to avoid any explosives getting on to the camp as well as we have them embedded in all of our Canadian companies out in the field," said Maj. Jeff Harvey, provost marshal for the Canadians in Afghanistan.

Now, what other animal is as helpful as those bomb dogs! So, to the 40 bomb dogs in Afghanistan, I salute you!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Common Sense Has Died.

I am in mourning for Common Sense, it was a friend that served me well.

Smoking is legal, but if a bar wants to permit it, nope, not allowed. Tiny minded governments will not allow smoking, even if you own the property. So much for property rights, which we do not had in the charter of rights.

So why is this okay?

The use of medical marijuana has given two Toronto professors the right to something that many students could only dream of -- access to specially ventilated rooms where they can indulge in peace.
The two, at the esteemed University of Toronto and at York University to the north of the city, suffer from chronic medical conditions that some doctors say can be eased by smoking marijuana. They are among nearly 1,500 Canadians who have won the right to use the drug for health reasons.

Common sense was last seen in Newfoundland, near a cliff. We have not seen it since then. I am hopeful that it will reappear, but so far it seems to be in hiding. Since common sense has gone into hiding, we have seen:

1. Kyoto bowed down to as if it is a God. Environmentalists are trying to make us think that CO2, the air we breath out, and what plants need to live, is bad. Not pollution, not CO, carbon monoxide, you know the stuff spewing from your vehicle, nope that doesn't seem to be the problem. No common sense.

2. Income trusts, companies stealing from the taxpayers.

3. SOW's, feminists helping feminists, but not doing anything for women who really need help.

4. Tax cuts, no brainer

5. SSM, well all people deserve to have the freedom to love who they want, just don't call it marriage. Marriage is one man and one woman. What's wrong with calling a gay relationship, a union?

6. Abortion, this is a big one, supporters call it pro-choice, and think partial birth abortions are okay, but don't expect to hear them talk about it. Those nasty, brain crushing, killing a baby pro- choice people can live with themselves, because, well, it's not a baby until they say it is. Have you every felt your baby kick you?

Common sense, come back, we need you!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kyoto Dies, Carbon Credits Live.

Well you might think I'm prejudiced because I am from Alberta, land of oil, but Kyoto is a fools game. Or should I say a lefties game?

So, if we don't actually reduce GHG's, we should use taxpayers money and buy some carbon credits. Right, let's send our children's future to China, one of the biggest polluters around so that we aren't embarrassed on the international stage.

As the Kyoto Protocol comes into force this month, a carbon rush is gaining steam in the financial industry. Investors predict that the carbon trade could become one of the largest markets in the world with a trading volume of US$60-$250 billion by 2008 and some unlikely actors are gearing up to profit from this new, invisible market. Foremost among them is the World Bank.

Yup, an invisable market being created by none other than the World Bank.

I prefer to be embarrassed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Media Gone Wild!

The MSM is out in full cry against, yup, you guessed it, the Conservatives. I know you've heard that before, but here are some examples:

Harper uncompromising despite China's snub

Key word, China's snob.............those bad Conservatives are ticking China off. The human rights organizations are coming out in full support of PM Harper's stance on China, or not.

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose tossed in a few jarring shots at her critics on Wednesday as she addressed the annual United Nations climate change conference, with a pledge that her government would achieve better results to fight global warming than its predecessor.

How dare the Conservatives blame the Liberals for 13 years of doing nothing! The opposition parties came to the conference and YELLED about how they loved the Kyoto GOD, but the truth is that the Liberals signed the agreement, and did nothing. The Conservatives came to power, and found out that Canada was over 30% above our Kyoto targets. You can bow down all you want to the Kyoto gods, but when it comes to action, count on the Conservatives, that's what has the media and especially the environmentalists in full cry.

Ask a true environmentalist about the Conservative plan, they can't say anything bad about it because they haven't read it!! If they would, they might like some of the clean air ideas, but don't let solid plans get in the way of your political agenda. Liberals do nothing on the environment, good, Conservatives set real targets, bad.

By the way, look at that picture of Rona, how did they manage to make a beautiful woman look so bad.

Cda. won't appease China on human rights: Harper
Updated Wed. Nov. 15 2006 11:52 PM ET News Staff
Canada won't "sell out" on human rights to promote trade and investment with China, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says

Key words: sell out, appease
Those hard hearted Conservatives, caring about human rights.

I could find more examples of those bad Conservatives (Garth I Love Myself) comes to mind.

But nothing is being said about a horrific crime, a total failure of our justice system. Victims are crying out to be heard, but the opposition are deaf. They are refusing to pass the Conservatives tough crime bills, because.........well it's politics. SHAME on them! The Canadian public is getting spitting mad and they should. Think about losing a child, or having one of them sexually assaulted, is that okay? Could you live with someone walking away after they sexually assaulted your child? I think not.

Outrage at sentences
Family flays duo's punishment for sex crimes

A Winnipeg man was sentenced to seven years in prison and his common-law wife to time served yesterday in a shocking case that has drawn comparisons to Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Judges And Bad Judgements

Is it just me, or are judges behaving especially badly these days?

In the last week we have had these "wonderful" judgements handed down by our judges:

The outrage continues over the sentencing given to three of the boys involved in the beating of 17 year old Shane Rolston. Originally charged with murder, they were allowed to bargain their crime down to assault with a weapon. As you know, they got community service, house arrest, and a curfew. A young man is dead, and they were sent to their rooms.

Family members of victims sexually assaulted by a Winnipeg couple cursed and sobbed in court Tuesday, upset at what they felt were lenient penalties handed down to the husband and wife.
The 25-year-old woman was released after Justice Gerald Jewers gave her a sentence equal to the approximately two years she had already spent in pretrial custody. Her 39-year-old common-law husband was given another seven years behind bars.

Those are only two of many cases where the criminals are walking away, and laughing. This "hug a thug" liberal sentencing has got to stop. What message are the judges sending to our youth? Kill someone and get house arrest. Sexually abuse a youngster, walk out of court. Want to be a swinger, with a 14 year old, perfectly legal.

I am totally disgusted with our judges.

Let them take these wonderful criminals into their own homes whenever they rule in favour of house arrest, see how long it takes for them to stop ordering it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Kyoto God, Robbing Our Children

We hear all this, global warming, climate change, the sky is falling, leftist wailing, but, what does Kyoto really mean to our future?

We have two options to meet our targets, and not get embarassed (im bare assed)on the world stage.

1. Shut down the oilsands, shut down the auto industry, get all vehicles off the road, and plant more trees.
2. Send taxpayer money to other countries so we can continue to pollute.

Well, it appears that the opposition wants door number 2! So, let's send billions to China so that we don't have to do anything at home. Even if we did that, bought carbon credits, how does that actually reduce green house gasses? Ask the environmental groups how this works, you get the standard, Kyoto is a global agreement, therefore it must be right. Kyoto has become the environmentalists God, they bow down to it, because it is responsible for........, for.........., okay I give up, it 's responsible for them having jobs.

They aren't even pretending that they care about the environment anymore, they have become so political that they can't even say the Liberals did nothing to help our environment. They can't even admit that it was the Liberals that failed everyone in Canada on the environment. What did the Liberals do, they signed us up for Kyoto, with unrealistic targets, and then they did nothing, no bills, no plan.

The Conservatives tell the world that Canada can not meet the Liberal's commitments, because the Liberals did nothing for 13 years, and it's the Conservatives fault? How does that work? It works because the enviroweenies have been lying to everyone about their God, Kyoto.

Now for the truth:

Sending taxpayers dollars, in the form on carbon credits, OUT of Canada, does nothing to reduce pollution or green house gasses, IN Canada. What it does, is make your children, and grand children poorer, because that money can not be used to put them through university, it can not be used to hire more police to protect them, it can not pay for better hospitals when they are sick.

Do not buy into the Kyoto God, he is a false God, that will rob your children of their futures.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feminist MP's Ignoring Plight Of Women

I see red when our pampered feminist MP's yell about the SOW's being necessary. What a load of horse manure. The SOW's would be relevant if they actually did anything for women, like provide safe houses for abused women. I would be in full support of any organization that helped abused women and kids. How about them standing up for disabled women who have to survive on less than people on welfare.

Instead they are producing such reports as ,"Women and Homework", or the always relevant, "Women's Movements and State Feminism", to just name two useless reports, courtesy of the SOW's, paid for by, you guessed it, the taxpayer.

Now, I have a great project for all those feminist MP's, something they can really get their teeth into, something that they can support 100%, something that will raise the awareness of all Canadians about the plight of women, worldwide.

Over 1400 years ago, Islam demanded that men and women be equal before God, and gave them various rights such the right to inheritance, the right to vote, the right to work, and even choose their own partners in marriage. For centuries now in Afghanistan, women have been denied these rights either by official government decree or by their own husbands, fathers, and brothers. During the rule of the Taliban (1996 - 2001), women were treated worse than in any other time or by any other society. They were forbidden to work, leave the house without a male escort, not allowed to seek medical help from a male doctor, and forced to cover themselves from head to toe, even covering their eyes. Women who were doctors and teachers before, suddenly were forced to be beggars and even prostitutes in order to feed their families.

So, all you feminist SOW supporting MP's, if you really support the status of women, maybe you could help real women in need, instead of writing useless reports? Or is that not radical enough for you ladies? Is the stoning of women not important?

NOPE! Not a peep from them about real issues that impact women. All they can do is yell about how parents can't be trusted to raise their own children without institutionalized daycare. Stay at home Mom's bad, daycare good. Gag me! They want choice in killing their babies, but choice in childcare is not allowed. Do they seriously wonder why we think they are SOWS?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

66,655 Versus 42

It's an unbelievable number, 66,655 Canadians died in the Great War. How could our country have survived those terrible losses? Canada was barely a country, but we sent more young men per capita than any other country in the world.

We did not draft them, they volunteered, many as young as 16, they did our country so proud.

We are now watching more young Canadians fighting, and dying for a cause. Many people say, what cause, why are our troops there? They want our troops to come home, well so do I, but not at the risk of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan again.

Canadians showed today that they really do support our troops, I have hope that Canadians have got their priorities right, that they understand that we must fight terrorists where they live, before they come to where we live.

I sincerely thank all of our veterans from all the wars, for giving me freedom of thought, speech, and action. I can not even begin to fathom the horrors of war, thank you, dear soldiers, you have protected me from that. I can not even think about living with no water, no electricity, could our young people ever survive the hardships that the Afghanistan people go through everyday.

How can we not help these people, especially when they are begging for our help. Fight the good fight Canada!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Nation Was Born, Thanks To Our Soldiers!

Do they even teach about this in school? I took a poll of my two boys, nope.

The fight to take Vimy Ridge cost Canada dearly, but it would become the cornerstone of the nation's image of its place in the world. In four days, 3,600 Canadian soldiers died, another 5,000 were wounded. But the ridge was taken, much of it in the first day. The valour of the troops, the originality of the plan, the success where larger, more established armies had failed, all contributed to a new nation's pride.
The battle was hailed as the first allied success of the long war, achieved mostly due to the innovation of using a creeping, continuous massive artillery barrage to protect squads of advancing troops. Both sides used the tactic in future battles.

I remember standing before memorials when I was growing up, cold, but proud of my country, Canada. Where has that country gone? Most kids got today off, why I don't know, guess the teacher's contract said so. Why weren't they in school learning about our soldiers and their sacrifices?

Our country was born, on the backs of our soldiers, and their families. In four days we lost 3,600 Canadian soldiers on Vimy Ridge, yet today we whine about our losses in Afghanistan. Our soldiers deserve better from us, they deserve true support, not false words, by false politicians.

So, remember who built our country into what it is today, our soldiers, every single one of them, those who died for us and future generations, those who are still living, those who are still fighting.

The media mocked Laureen Harper for crying at the grave of her relative, when she and PM Harper visited Vimy. Dare they mock all of us true Canadians, who cry for what our country was, the courage, bravery and love of country that allowed all those young men to take Vimy Ridge still lives in many Canadian hearts.

God bless our soldiers who sacrificed so much for our country. Oh Canada!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

They Are Coming For Your SUV!

Yup, the opposition wants the Kyoto targets to be met, today! Not 13 years ago, but today. It doesn't matter that the Liberals did nothing but sign the Kyoto agreement, they allowed our greenhouse gasses to increase by over 30%, not reduce them by 6%.

So, if the opposition gets their way, and they might because it is a minority government, get ready to walk to work! I figured if I leave every morning by 2:30, I can walk to work in time for 9:00. Now think of the savings if you don't have to buy a car! BUZZ BUZZ, oh, right Buzz Hargrove will like that, no cars, no jobs, and have you seen that Belinda's company is going downhill? They saw that the Conservatives were not going to protect the auto industry like the Liberals did, and killed the bill. Buzz is yelling loudly about job losses. Is he really that dense that he doesn't see what enviroweenies want to do to the auto industry? He should be fighting the environmentalists not the Conservatives, but he appears to have been bought by Belinda's daddy.

As a matter of fact, the environmentalists have been silent on the Clean Air Act, why, well, it's a good bill, but their little lefty souls can't say that, it might mean they lose their jobs. Kind of like the SOW's, who did nothing about helping women, but sure liked their big paychecks!

I've got my dog sled ready to go, my greyhound isn't too pleased, but, if we must meet those phoney Kyoto targets, we must. MUSH

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Klein Is Too Funny! Got To Love The Guy!

Okay this has to be one of Klein's best so far!

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph: Will you ever learn?
by Bill Doskoch on Wed 08 Nov 2006 09:15 PM EST
On Tuesday, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein pronounced himself offended that Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson implied that Klein was a bozo.

Later that day at a roast, Klein had this to say about Tory turncoat Belinda Stronach:

I wasn't suprised that she crossed over to the Liberals. I don't think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body.

Well, maybe one

Stronach once dated Peter MacKay, the current foreign affairs minister in the federal Conservative government.

CTV Edmonton reported a few chuckles, but lots of moans and some jeers from the crowd. It further reported that the premier's office said the remark was intended to be light-hearted humour.

The charity event was to benefit the Calgary Homeless Society.

Okay, maybe I needed a laugh today, but dang, that's funny!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don Cherry Just Gave Us A Majority!

In a hockey country when a hockey icon comes to visit Parliament, you do not boo him!

Bloc and Liberal MP's actually booed Don Cherry. The Liberals protested on a point of order, saying that he should not had been acknowledged in the House! Are they NUTS????

This is bigger than Adscam, this is a total insult to all Canadians! Except maybe the French Canadians, who obviously, can't take any hits into the boards on language rights. SHAME on them!

Don Cherry is a great Canadian, love him or hate him, you never boo him, and not in Parliament! And if booing isn't enough, to protest like the Liberals did that he shouldn't have been recognized, that's just plain disgusting!

Well, Don Cherry gave Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the troops, a big thumbs up, and quite possibily scored a goal for Conservatives, a majority!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I Am Coming Out...... support of Dr. Ted Morton! First vote is 19 days away, I have my membership card ready to go, never done this before so it should be fun!

Why Morton? Because I can!!

Independent Albertans need a tough guy to keep us on track. I love Klein for his in your face attitude, but not for his liberal ways. It's time to choose a strong leader who will put Albertans first, fight for us with Ottawa, and please can we get someone who will reduce our taxes? I don't want more social programs, unless they raise the money that disabled people are getting, not for people on welfare, in this economic climate, if you can't find work, your not looking very hard.

I know Alberta is booming, but, I only got a 2% increase in my wages this year, my property taxes are going to jump by 6 to 9%, so I don't know who is benefiting but it sure isn't me.

True, born, and bred Albertans need a leader that understands where they are coming from, who will support our farmers, and our industry.

A Morton Government will…

Guide and manage Alberta’s full growth potential with our own pension plan and police force and made-in-Alberta immigration priorities
Defend non-renewable resource revenues from federal raids
Place curbs on harmful judicial activism
Protect freedom of speech and religion via Bill 208 for those who support traditional marriage

I can't argue with any of those points, I like them all, so my vote goes to Morton.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Ran across this quote, and it's so true.

Scholar R.J. White once put it this way:

"To put conservatism in a bottle with a label is like trying to liquefy the atmosphere … The difficulty arises from the nature of the thing. For conservatism is less a political doctrine than a habit of mind, a mode of feeling, a way of living."

It truely is a way of thinking, feeling and living. Liberals are a political party, Conservatives are a way of life! It's in your bones, in your very essence.

My husband gets mad at me because he thinks I just support the Conservatives no matter what they do. That's not it, I support the Conservatives because their policies are right. I actually feel sorry for our Conservative MP's because we are harder on them than we would ever be on liberals. We expect more of our Conservatives.

The liberals talk about their values, they never explain what those values are. Conservatives act on their values, and do not apoligize for making hard choices. Everyone knows what Conservatives stand for, you might not agree with them, but they are clear in their objectives. Work hard. That's what liberals can't understand, we do not change our minds because a poll tells us we should, we do not waffle because someone might not like it.

Principled conservatism, it's in your blood, it's the way you think, it's not a political party, it's just how you feel, right down to your toes!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why I Wear A Poppy!

Here is a wonderful reminder to all of us why we wear poppies!

I thank all our Veterans for the sacrifices they made so that we can have the freedom that we have today!

I thank all of our soldiers who are fighting and dying for us today, so that Canada can be safe.

Soldier on. Soldier on.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Horse Rescue!

As thinking rational people our hearts get tugged when animals are in danger. I always cry more for the innocent pets that get hurt, then the humans, unless it's kids. I watched Bambi once, and I have never been able to watch Old Yellow. So, this is a great ending to what could have been a very bad outcome.

Notice that it was 4 women that rescued these horses!

People who care about animals, will also care about their kids, and they will care about humanity. We need more of them today.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lie Or Principled Decision?

Now that I've thawed out from Halloween, I can type on my keyboard again.

So, is it a lie or a principled decision?

The Liberal repair didn't completely eliminate the pressure on corporations to bend to the wonky tax system. But now, with Flaherty's move to tax trust payouts directly, Canadian investors will have the best of all worlds.

First, all Canadian businesses are now on the same tax footing. Better still, Canadians now have a dividend tax system that treats dividend income at one rate through to the end. The overall corporate tax rate may be too high, but at least dividends will not be taxed twice.

With this cleaner corporate tax system in place, the Tories are in a position to begin the next phase of tax reform: reduced rates that can be applied simultaneously at the personal and corporate level.

My take, it's a principled decision that had to be taken, even at the risk of losing voters. As we are finding out quickly, the Conservatives are willing to "take a punch", to do the right thing. This was the right thing to do!

Now, why would PM Harper have changed his mind on the income trusts? Well, at the time the party made the policy, the income trust sector was small, with Telus wanting to morph into a trust and many other companies not far behind, income trusts were set to blossom way out of control. So, the Conservatives took a look at the NEW situation, and formed a NEW policy on the matter. So, call it a lie if you want to, I prefer to call it a principled decision taken by a government concerned about ALL Canadians.

So, to you crybabies, yelling, the sky is falling.......... GROW UP!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Was Cold!

All I can say is that Halloween this year was cold! Usually I walk with my kids from door to door, this year I drove so that they could warm up from time to time.

At least the snow made everything brighter, and therefore safer for the little ones!

Still, it was dang cold here!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Friday - REDmonton, Let's Show We Support Our Troops!

Okay, after the laughable anti-war protests this weekend, we got a whole several dozen protesters out here in Edmonton, let's show the country that Edmonton really "Supports Our Troops"!

Friday, November 3rd at 11:30
Sir Winston Churchill Square

Global Edmonton will be televising it live, if you can't make it in person.

We were called REDmonton because we had elected some Liberal MP's in the past, now it's time to be called REDmonton, because we are supporting our troops! Our Edmonton based troops were the ones in Afghanistan that took the brunt of the fighting, it's time for us to show them that we care, and appreciate what they sacrificed for us.

So, come on out, wear red, and don't let a little cold weather or snow prevent you from showing our troops, especially those stationed here in Edmonton that we SUPPORT THEM!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Too funny, Poilievre, calls what is happening in Ottawa....Gritlock!!! Click on Mike Duffy Panel Discusses

It seems to be warming up for an election, and if the grits keep stopping legislation, they will hear from the public, who so far are liking our new PM. They will see the Liberals as being petty for stopping the tough on crime bills, especially the age of consent bill that the grits have defeated every time the Conservatives have put it before Parliament. This to my recollection is at least the second time the Conservatives have put this bill forward. Defeat this bill for a third time, and people will really wake up to the Liberal intent, destroy the family.

Their first attack on the family, abortion, do you know that we have NO law against abortion in Canada, not even at 40 weeks, which is just before birth?? That we allow partial birth abortions, meaning a mom could be in labour, and as long as the baby still has a foot in the mom, it's head can be crushed.

Second attack on the family, SSM, no longer is marriage defined as one man, one woman. What is it now defined as? Partner one weds partner two. Tragic, but the true idea of marriage will survive because one man and one woman will still commit, tell death do us part.

Third attack on the family, is the most sinister, gays adopting kids. This is the ultimate attack on the family, and the one I worry about the most. Two gays can do whatever they want in their own bedrooms, but, when a child is involved, I draw the line. I don't care if the courts have called SSM legal, it still doesn't and never will make it MORAL!

So, gritlock means that they are stopping legislation that Canadians want to see, we voted for the new government because the old government was so corrupt and distasteful we could not stomach them anymore, we voted them off the island! We do not want them disrupting parliament, blocking good bills because of politics, nothing more. Three extreme lefty parties are holding one right wing party hostage, I really don't think this is what the Canadian people thought would happen!

So, get back to work, pass some good legistation and start behaving like adults!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

SOW's Should Support This Law!

If the SOW's weren't so busy whining about their funding cuts (sorry ladies no new Cadillac for you this year), maybe they could actually fight for women's rights!

More than two-thirds of married women in India aged between 15 and 49 have been beaten, raped or forced to provide sex, according to the UN Population Fund.

One of the most common causes of violence against women is dowry-related. In most of India, women's families are still expected to provide their husbands with dowries when they marry.

Come on you SOW's, here's something you could really impact. You do NOT need a report on this, you need to start really making an issue of women's right's internationally, instead of doing nothing but complain.

Woman killed after refusing sex

Tripla, born in eastern India

Tripla was born in the jungles of eastern India. But she died hundreds of miles from home, in the scrubby fields around Delhi, murdered by her husband because she refused to have sex with his brother.

Do I hear the SOW's yelling about this type of thing happening around the world? NO. The reason your funding got cut is because you are ineffective, inept, incompetent, and bloodsuckers, that's taxpayers blood by the way. Get into the 21st century ladies, equal pay has been largely accomplished in Canada.

How about standing up for your sisters throughout the world, how about you get off your fat butts and actually accomplish something! Solve some problems, instead of whining that the trough for research is empty! Universities do a much better job of researching than you ever could!

If women really united, on an international basis, we could accomplish some real good for women worldwide!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rural Voters Slammed!

I am spitting mad, and I hope all rural/western voters are too! ALL opposition parties today voted against freedom for western farmers. They want to keep them under the yoke of the Canadian Wheat Board, and voted down a bill that would have let farmers sell their wheat directly to western farmer owned/operated value added plants, like one that produces pasta.

As well, the unelected senators, took the Canadian Wheat Board off of the list of corporations that would be open to the public under the privacy act! So, western farmers are not even allowed access to information about what the Canadian Wheat Board is doing, with their money! Now, why would the Liberal senate do that, hummm?

So, western farmers got slammed on two fronts today, and must continue to sell their wheat to ONLY the Canadian Wheat Board, or be JAILED! Yup, that's right, in Canada, western wheat farmers can not sell THEIR wheat as they want, they are ruled by a monopoly.

Eastern farmers are not FORCED to sell their wheat to the Canadian Wheat Board, nope, they can choose who they want to sell it to, without being put in jail. So, why are our western farmers not allowed that same freedom?

The opposition parties are playing politics with the west, I watched the debate about Bill-300 the other day, and their reasons for not supporting it were such baloney it would have been funny, except, our supposed MP's are STIFFLING democracy and freedom. The ones speaking up against it were all from the east or big cities, what the heck do they know about what our western farmers want, what right do they have to jail our farmers, like the Liberal government did when they were in power.

The Liberal government ignored our farmers for 13 years, but now they are interested in them? They hung our farmers out to dry when the borders closed because of BSE, and they are hanging them out to dry again by voting against a bill that would have given them one tiny little freedom to sell their wheat to THEMSELVES and add value as well.

So, swinger's clubs are legal, SSM is legal, but our western farmers selling their own wheat to anyone BUT the Canadian Wheat Board, is illegal? What's wrong with that picture?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Judy, Judy, Judy!! Want A Leash??

Well I would respect Judy, if she had a clue, but, she doesn't. She reminds me of the girl in the exercist that could spin her head around. And her buddy, Tony Martin, thinks it's okay to call REAL women names, because, because, because, well I don't know why, but you are free to listen here! Listen to the weak responses of Martin, listen to how he tries to change the subject, and understand that the NDP have really lost their way! Understand how weak their policies are when they are attacked.

The NDP are not the party of the people anymore, they want our troops out of Afghanistan, so that the taliban can enslave women and children again.

If they really are the party of the people, they should be yelling for fairness to our western farmers, who have been jailed for just trying to sell their own grain to anyone but the Canadian Wheat Board. But, no, they are supporting a monopoly, and anyone with basic knowledge of economics understands that monopolies charge higher prices to the consumers, yup, that's us!! So, our western farmers have to labour under monopoly rules, BUT eastern farmers can sell their grain to anyone they want?? NDP screwball thinking says, that's okay. And people wonder why the west votes for the Conservatives!

I wonder where the NDP are going to get support anymore, it seems that unions are going with the liberals now, the greens are picking up protest voters, so who does the NDP really represent? They are in serious trouble, but they might turn that around if they supported more Conservative bills, like our clean air bill.

This bill goes further than anything the liberals ever did, but for politicial reasons, that bill is going to be killed, in favour of the Kyoto garbage that sends my kids future down the drain, because our taxpayer money leaves Canada to support China, one of the worse polluters in the world.

So, Judy, Judy, Judy, get your head straight, take off those glasses that are making you look at the world with such a distorted view, or your party is going to disappear into lala land.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Just Because It Is A Law, It Doesn't Make It Moral!

I was thinking about many of the laws that the courts have stuck us with, like swinger's clubs are legal. Okay, fine, they are legal, but that doesn't make them moral.

It is law, therefore it is moral! Lefty creed!

According to lefty thinking, the age of consent is 14, so, they can have all the 14 year olds in a swinger's club they want, as long as there is no liquor served? They are breaking no laws, so, they think they are also morally right.

That is the BIG, scary, hidden agenda of the left.

The lefties talk about the scary agenda of Conservatives:

1. They want to take away a "woman's right" to choose to kill their babies.
2. They want to call marriage, one man, one woman. (which the Liberals voted for previously)
3. They want to reduce big government.
4. They want to clean up our air, by not sending taxpayer money overseas, therefore refusing to take money out of my children's future.
5. They want to make our streets safer by putting criminals in jail.
6. They want to reduce taxes.
7. They want to support our troops, by supplying them with the equipment and moral support they need to get the job done.

There is that word again. Moral.

Is it MORAL to kill a baby just because the law says you can?
Is it MORAL for two men to "marry" just because the law says it is okay?
Is it MORAL for an adult to have sex with a 15 year old, because the law says you can?
Is it MORAL to change partners as often as you want because you belong to a legal swinger's club?

The left wants us to believe that because some judge with a liberal agenda, makes something a law, it is now moral.

That is the essence of the lefties "hidden agenda"! They want us to become immoral, because they themselves are immoral. They want us to buy into their immorality, that is why they hate Christians, because frankly, we are not buying their garbage, and they hate that we see through their lies. They attack right thinking people, because they know that we are right and moral.

People are moral, not laws!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Support of Families!

Conservatives are all about supporting families, Liberals, not so much!

Liberals talked about some kind of childcare, for 13 years, and even then, all they wanted to do was institutionalize our children. So, just before the last election, they run around to the provinces and promise them money, not the daycare providers, the money would go to the provinces, on top of equalization payments!! Conservatives promised parents, money in their pockets, helping them choose whether they wanted to spend it on daycare, or Grandma who was providing care, and they delivered. Liberals told us we would spend it on beer and popcorn. Which plan supports families best?? Let me see, provinces or Grandma, who can do a better job??? Hands down, Grandma!!

Then we come to the groups “supposedly” supporting the family, the Liberals funded the SOW’s, who funded the gay and lesbian agenda, REAL women, no funding. Conservatives are taking the money that would have gone into researching, and funding real causes that help real people. Here’s the list of useless reports, that don’t help one person who needs it:

Now, how much did all those reports cost the taxpayer, and how does a report help women in need? They can’t serve these reports to their children to eat! Who needs a report to tell us that single Mom’s need support from all of us! Well it appears that Liberal SOW’s do! They are whining now, because their gravy train just ran into a deep gully. May the Conservatives spend the money on REALLY helping the disabled, single Mom’s, and Aboriginal women’s rights!

Of course, I can’t forget to talk about SSM, a clear distortion of the family. One man and one woman, get married, and hopefully have children, this is the family. NOT 2 Dad’s, NOT 2 Mom’s, because, 2 males can’t make a baby, nor can 2 females!

No one is thinking about the children anymore. We are being told that our schools can teach whatever they want to our children, and that we have no say about it, check out what is happening in BC! This forcing us will work until we start to take our money, and put it into private schools where we, as parents, can get the control back that has been taken away from us, by a Liberal agenda, that wants to destroy the family! Heck, it was reported in the media that kids can’t even play TAG anymore. Now that is just sick! Hopscotch is next folks!!

Watch for me to be called a bigot, and a homophobe because I am trying to protect my children. Well, go ahead, I can take a punch, especially from a metrosexual carrying a purse! Be very sure, that I will protect my children from anyone who intends to harm them, in any way, and it seems these days, that means some governments! That is one of the main reasons I support the Conservatives, they clearly support families.

No matter how many gays “marry”, even though it is legal in the courts, it doesn’t mean that it is moral, and that is the problem that they have, legal, but not moral.

The fraud of the liberal agenda is that they try to make us think that bad morals (swinger’s clubs), should be legal. They think that legalizing them makes it okay, and therefore moral!


Friday, October 20, 2006

The Braying Was Heard By .......

the laughing hyenas, oops, media, who immediately jumped to the Liberals bidding, and made a bunch of noise, about a dog. The donkeys in the Liberal party, were so busy heehawing about the dog in the party, that they forgot to actually get anything done today. This made an a$$ out of Parliament.

The real story today, should have been about more porkers at the trough. But, the Senators were busy, covering their own a$$es! They, of course, are good at covering their a$$es, by deflecting the guilt onto anyone they think they can get away with blaming. In this case, the porkers, sorry, Senators, blamed the hyenas, so why aren't the media laughing this story right onto the front page?

The hyenas should have been nipping at the supposed "hot air" bill, but they really can't understand the bill, so they came up with no reporting on this matter whatsoever. I guess "hot air" is hard to interview!

So, the porkers are attacking the hyenas, who are looking for dogs in their pack. All told, it was a feeding frenzy by Liberals, Senators, and the media. They are still busy chasing their own tails!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taxpayers To Pay For Hot Air!!!

The opposition parties are determined that our taxpayer dollars are going to be sent overseas, to buy HOT AIR!!! Yup, they hi-jacked the environmental committee this week because they want the enviroweenies wet dream (Kyoto) to buy hot air for China!!

They are all stating that the Conservatives Clean Air Bill is garbage, because it just makes more sense to send our money over to China!! China can promptly spend that money on more arms and food to North Korea!

Kyoto, the "God of Filling The Pockets of Rich People" is nothing more than a money grab by, who else, the Liberal backers, like Strong.

You think the Green party is any better, because they are well, green?? NOPE. Lizzy May thinks we can meet our Kyoto targets, IF we send billions of dollars to countries that are "supposedly" reducing greenhouse gasses!! Get a clue people, Africa doesn't pollute, because they don't produce!!! So, to keep getting the Kyoto money, guess what, they will produce even less! They are keeping nations from developing and turning them into welfare dependants, that will never grow up and become productive.

So, grab your wallets folks, instead of actually reducing pollution in Canada, we are going to be sending our hard earned dollars to Russia, and China!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Canadian Wheat Board Monopoly Stinks

No monopoly is a good thing. The monopoly will charge a higher price to consumers. So, why does the Liberal/NDP party want to protect it?? They have never cared about agriculture before, so why is Mr. Easter (Liberal PEI) so sure that a monopoly should be saved??

I have no clue!!!!

Why is it okay for farmers east of Manitoba to be able to sell their wheat to anyone they want, but in the west our farmers HAVE to sell their wheat to the Canadian Wheat Board?? We have had farmers arrested and JAILED by the Liberals for trying to sell their wheat to someone other than the Canadian Wheat Board.

Why is it called the Canadian Wheat Board, if only western farmers have to use it?? Why don't Ontario wheat farmers have to sell their wheat to the CANADIAN Wheat Board??

Hey, Mr. Easter, how would all your potato farmers on PEI feel about HAVING to sell only to a Canadian Potato Board??? I've been there, and lots of farmers put up stands to sell their product, can the western wheat growers do that??? NO!!! If you like monopolies so much, Mr. Easter, set up a Potato Board, see how that works!

Talk about hypocrisy!! The east gets free marketing, but not the west!! NEVER the west, we are the knuckle dragging, beer drinking dummies that can't be trusted to sell our own wheat.

Wake up, our farmers need the freedom to sell their wheat to whoever they want to and the east better keep their noses out of our business. Eastern politicians can butt out of our business, they have ruled our farmers for way too long. That means you Mr. Easter, someone's been eating too many potatoes, and not enough Alberta beef!!! Do you even know where Alberta is Mr. Easter??