Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Beautiful Autumn Day

I love autumn, the crisp morning air, leaves falling, birds grabbing the berries off the trees, and flower seeds to be collected!

I pickled some beets today, made some banana bread, and thought about how glad I am that my kids can grow up in a country like Canada. They have never heard a gun shot, never seen anyone killed, and have never even been picked on by a bully. How lucky we are, here in Canada.

So, I thank our Prime Minister for leading the way in making other countries see that fairness is a good thing, and showing us, and the world, that politicians can be principled. That statesmen can be more than a bunch of political monkeys only interested in their own agendas. That countries can band together, not just for their own interests, but for the interests of all people who must live in this world together. Yes, the delegates had to "save face" because Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointed out to them, very calmly, that balanced and fair, was better than prejudiced and biased.

You made me very proud to be a Canadian, thank you, Mr. Prime Minister!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Why Are Muslim Lands Poor?

Here's a list of Muslim countries, with the exception of a few, they are the poorest, most backward countries in the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina *
Burkina Faso *
Chad *
Côte d'Ivoire *
Eritrea *
Kazakhstan *
Nigeria *
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
United Arab Emirates

The only Muslim countries doing okay are those that have oil.

So, why are these countries so poor? Is it because they have no resources? Nothing to sell the world?

NO, it's because the religion of peace, is killing all who oppose them.

Well, the masks are off, and the world is starting to see this religion for what it is. When the Pope can't even make a comment, without being threatened by the Muslims, it's time for Christians to wake up!!

Look at Palestine for example, they got some land, and what did they do with it?? Plant crops, build houses, and open businesses?? Nope, they use this new land to launch attacks at Israel. Then they wonder why they are starving?

I can't understand liberal thinking, but mostly I can just laugh at their lack of values, Belinda comes to mind. These Muslim countries are a whole different story, they are violent, they fight and kill mostly their own people, they protest at the drop of the hat, because they have no jobs.

I am getting SOOOOOOOOOO sick of this constant protesting, threatening, killing and bombing, any sympathy I once had for Muslims, is gone! This is clearly not a religion of peace. Moderates are silent, maybe from fear, or maybe from agreement!

They might think that the west is weak because they are getting away with all sorts of torture and murder, but when the west awakes, BEWARE!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Have A Saying In Alberta....

Wait five minutes, the weather will change! My boys laughed at me when I first said it, but, they agree with me now! So, if you can't even predict the weather accurately for 5 minutes, or days, how do we know the climate is changing??

The climate change issue is a socialists WET DREAM, all they had to do was get the leftist media bleating about it, and presto, it's happening!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I think we have to clear our air, water, and land from pollutants, but isn't CO2 naturally occuring? It's like for years everyone was telling me that butter was bad and I should use margarine. I stuck with butter, because it was natural. NOW, lo and behold, margarine is bad (trans fats) and butter is good!!!

Here's an interesting article on the science (or lack there of) of global warming.

When the public comes to understand that there is no "consensus" among climate scientists about the relative importance of the various causes of global climate change, the government will be in a far better position to develop plans that reflect reality and so benefit both the environment and the economy.

"Climate change is real" is a meaningless phrase used repeatedly by activists to convince the public that a climate catastrophe is looming and humanity is the cause. Neither of these fears is justified. Global climate changes all the time due to natural causes and the human impact still remains impossible to distinguish from this natural "noise."

So, do we clean up real pollution (smog) or pay billions of our tax dollars (Kyoto) to developing countries for made up "credits", to fight made up "global warming". Thirty years ago they were warning us of "global cooling". Pollution is real, let's fight that and see what happens!

And in Alberta, if I want to know if it is going to rain, I watch what the ants are doing. My Grandfather taught me that, and it didn't take socialist scientists looking to keep their jobs, for him to figure that one out!! Want to know if it will be a wet summer, watch the ducks and where they nest!! NOW, that's real science!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Martin No Match For PM Harper!

Well, Martin just couldn't keep his yap shut. Martin is such a lame brain, I can't believe he is still in parliament, couldn't he just quietly retire??

WTG PM Harper, you nailed it: "The fact that Mr. Martin is unable to do that, in this and so many other cases, illustrates why he is no longer prime minister of our country.''

Dithers, is dithering again, and only the Liberals can't see what an as$ he really is. By the way, I want him to pay us Canadians back for all the taxes he evaded with his shipping company.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why Feminists Screwed Up Women's Management Chances

Way back when feminists still had a cause, they wanted more women in upper management, I agreed! Problem was that companies were forced by the feminists to promote women that were not suited to upper management. They promoted women who had been secretaries into management jobs. This would have worked if they had trained the women first, but nope, they didn't. Many of those women were fired and companies still use them as an excuse to not promote anymore females. So, the feminists set the female cause BACK, not forward by pushing promotion.

I remember sitting in my classes, 300 males, 17 females, and it wasn't the males that were unfriendly, it was the other 16 females!

Now, my program is 50/50, thanks not so much to the feminists, but to the females that stuck it out, won their degrees and showed other females it was possible!

Did the feminists ever help me? NO. Did I want their help? NO. I still can't stand bleating!! I remember all those useless classes I took on the sociology of women! This was back in the 70's, but the feminists still have not learned, females are different from males, and most of us actually like it!!!!

So, time for all women to stop buying into this, women are weak, unfortunate, creatures that need help in surviving. If the feminists really believed that, they would be over in Afghanistan.

Monday, September 25, 2006

SOW's Wake Up Call!!

Thanks to Suzanne, we got some action today from the Conservatives. The SOW's were put on serious notice! They now know that they are being watched, and need to become very careful.

They need to understand that not all women are feminists! We do not all need to bond with other women, by having endless meetings about how hard done by us females are, and how all men are bad. Some of us even like males!! We like being married, having children, heck, I even enjoyed making homemade pickles, pasta sauce, and perogies this weekend!

Do not make the mistake of thinking I am only a "housewife", as feminists like to classify women. I work full-time, make more than double that of my husband, I cook, and clean (only when necessary). I care for my family, I garden, I read, I do jigsaw puzzles in the winter, in other words, I have absolutely no time to sit around, and whine about how us women are so hard done by, and why males are the bane of females existance.

So, to the SOW's, WAKE UP!!! Dinosaurs are extinct, if you don't start to get with the program, well, BYE!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Belinda, The Ultimate Feminist!!

Just last week Belinda stood up in the House and told us all that REAL women were anti-choice and did not deserve to be funded by SOW's.

Typical feminist intolerance. If you don't agree with their position, you are not a REAL female!

Now, it appears that Belinda is showing how far feminists will go to support choice. She has been named in a divorce action. Clearly, she believes that SSM marriage is okay because marriage, well, it just really means nothing to her! Her's or anyone else's. So, if her values, or lack thereof, are Liberal values, she really is in the right party now!

Feminists are all about "ME", not about families, or family values. Belinda is the ultimate feminist, "ME" first, my kids second. I pity her kids. What a role model she is for our children, especially our young girls! It's clear that SOW's support feminists, not families!!

It's time for families and Mom's to matter!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

PM Harper Needs His Own TV!!!

Okay, I worked all day, so I had to rely on CBC and CTV to give me the news today.

What disgusting coverage! They are showing Taliban Jack more than our Prime Minister!

CBC I can understand, but CTV should be positioning themselves to gain viewers who realize that the CBC is so biased that most people can't watch them. Yet, many times I find CTV more biased than CBC.

So, my solution would be for the Prime Minister to have his own camera person with him at all times to record what is really happening. It should then be posted on the government site, that way I might be able to hear his whole speech to the people who gathered for the "Red Friday" rally.

Utube could be a great source for the government. One camera person could document the Prime Minister's position without CBC/CTV's bias.

I would love to go to the government site, to hear the whole speech, not just the slop that our TV stations give us!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


All the lefty moonbats are out in support of the SOW's! Belinda called REAL women anti-choice and anti-gay, made it sound like they were getting government money for their cause, just like the SOW's. Sorry Belinda, no federal money goes to REAL women, but it does flow into feminist groups. So, why did the Toronto Star omit most of Belinda's rant? Probably because they realized that women are not dumb, much as they would like us to be.

Time for the taps to be turned off!! SOW's will only fund organizations that support their feminists views, dare you say that you do not support abortion on demand, even partial birth abortions (that means that a nine month old baby can be killed as long as it still has a foot in the mother).

Belinda, just because you are a female, does not mean that you have the support of females. As a Mother who has felt your baby kicking in the womb, you of all people should be supporting Mom's. Obviously you are such a political whore, you can't remember what being a Mom is all about.

All I have to say, is that MOM's are coming for all you useless feminists, we are not anti-male, anti-family, anti-marriage, nor are we anti-women, like feminists.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SOW's Should Get Trough Removed!!!

Well, if the SOW's really supported women, they would not be worried right now. It seems that they have whined to the liberal and ndp women to try and rally support. Neither party mentioned the money flowing to Egale and other useless organizations, that's our tax dollars funding a useless organization folks.

Conservatives are noted for their support of organizations that make a difference in the world, but we are not idiots, we do not support useless organizations that take our money and do nothing!

“By not responding to funding applications, the Conservatives are allowing programs to shut down, one by one,” New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen said.

“What’s next? . . . It looks like Bev Oda is spoiling to dismantle the Status of Women Department.”

Well this woman says, GO BEV GO!!!!

For too long the Status of Women has been funding anyone but Mom's. They fund Egale but will not fund a group that wants to preserve the family.

Time for the SOW's to go, most women are not helped by this agency, because this agency is so corrupt, as most liberals are, that they help noone but themselves.

It's time to replace the SOW's with MOM's!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Religion Of Peace" Kills Nun!

Well, if moderate Muslims don't start to control the extremists, they really will all get tarred with the same brush.

This is a disgusting reminder of how violent Muslims really are! Shooting a Nun in the back, what cowards the Muslims really are!!!!

Protests by Muslims are getting a lot of news coverage, but, this coverage is also waking non-Muslims up to the fact that Muslims are anything but tolerant. A peaceful religion does not protest for no reason, the Pope was quoting from a 14th Century text, and this is a reason for protesting and killing a Nun??

Christians are starting to realize that Muslims are out to kill all infidels, they have told us this, we just can't believe they will try to do it. Wake up folks!! Let's not be politically correct here, they want to kill all non-believers, that's you, me, and most frightening, our kids!

If you don't think kids are being targeted, what about our latest 4 soldier's killed? They were giving gifts to kids. Did the suicide bomber care that kids were involved? That shows the despicable nature of these Muslim terrorists.

Okay, say it all together now: Muslim terrorists, Muslim terrorists, Muslim getting a clue yet??? Is liberal thinking so ingrained in our thinking now that we believe that Islam is the "religion of peace"????

God protect us!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It All Started With Banning Booze!!

Why do lefties want to BAN everything in an attempt to solve all their problems?

It started with the banning of booze, during prohibition, no drinking allowed. Yah right that worked, as I sip my beer!

Then feminists tried banning and burning the bra, for freedom! Bet those ladies are sorry at age 60/70, not even bras will help them now!

Then it progressed to banning people from smoking in offices, and restaurants.

Banning pitbulls!

Banning peanuts at football games!

Banning perfume.

Banning GUNS! (You can bet that's going to be front and center when Parliament resumes)

Banning greenhouse gases? Well with the Liberal record, not so much!

Lefties love BANNING, it's so much easier than actually accomplishing anything! They have found out that it is easy to spout off about BANNING something than to actually do anything about the problem.

So many things to ban, so little time to do it in. So, what are the lefties real values? What do the Liberals, NDP and Greens really support?

Ban trans-fats, guns, military, smokes, dogs, stay at home Mom's, business, Christians, guns, home schoolers. Did I mention guns?

What not to ban? What is on the we should keep it list with lefties?

Marijuana, prostitution, swingers clubs, Kyoto, drug injection sites, national daycare, and of course terrorists! And dare I forget abortion!

Well we should start our own movement, let's BAN lefties!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Most Powerful Of All Women, MOM

I was going to blog about U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visiting Atlantic Canada, it was a feather in Canada's cap that she spent 2 days here. As a female, my relationship antenna are twitching, BIG step up from Belinda IF there is anything going on. If Condoleeza Rice just needed a break, then Altantic Canada was a great place for her to go.

While searching for MSM reports on her visit, I came across this very biased example of what life under the Liberal rule used to be like. Was it only a few months ago?

Anyways, I was going to blog about how Condoleezza Rice is the most powerful woman right now, then my kids came to hug me good night, and I realized, that no, she's important as the Secretary of State, but, it's MOM's that are the leader's in this world!

Mom's shape the next generation, they establish the values and morals of their family, they keep families together, even if the father's have left. Mom's are the most powerful women we have, they are the backbone of society. ALL Mom's, not just some like the SOW's think.

That's why the feminist SOW's are so very wrong, they are not for families. They are against REAL women and for Egale, what's wrong with that picture? They support daycares, but not stay at home Mom's. We need both, what we don't need is a taxpayer funded department that ignores some MOM's.

The day of the feminist is over, it is now the day of the MOM's!!

Get used to it you SOW's!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Soldiers Can't Say It, So I Will. The NDP Are Scum!

I'm sure that soldiers still on active duty can not tell Layton and the NDP what they really think, so it is up to us to get their message out!

They are trained to go into dangerous situations, to fight and to win.

I was talking to an American soldier who had nothing but praise for our soldiers. He said he would fight with them anytime! That's ultimate praise from another soldier.

A retired Canadian soldier told me that our soldiers are one of the most respected by many countries, not only for our fighting skills, but for how MORAL our troops are in the face of great power over usually powerless people.

That is a very important point, our soldiers can be counted on not to rape and pillage. They are trusted by the locals because of this very fact. Why are the RCMP respected thoughout the world? Their high moral values shine through by their actions, same as our soldiers.

For the NDP to call our soldiers terrorists was despicable and should not be whitewashed by simply rewriting the proposal. I did not see Taliban Layton apologize for his NDP people who wrote it, whether it was adopted or not. The NDP have shown all Canadians what scum they really are, and we will not forget!

We now have an anti-war party? So, if Layton truly wants to negotiate with the terrorists, more power to him, can't wait to see you in Afghanistan and don't count on military support while you are there. No, that's not true, our, military would protect you, but only because they have morals, the same can not be said about you or the NDP! SHAME!!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well, OINK, Seems To Cover IT

The SOW's are at the trough as usual. The big push is the diversity of women, but NOT if you are a stay at home Mom.

I am not a stay at home Mom, but, I am a Mom, who believes that diversity should mean all women, hey, you SOW's, that includes stay at home Mom's!!!

Here is their latest If you can get through all the gibberish, and don't feel bad if you can't, it states that women are so mentally challenged that they need SOW's to help them.

Sorry SOW's, I was in university in the 70's, I listened to your baloney, I didn't believe it then, I don't believe it now!

So, be good little girls, and let me make my own way in life. Women are not idiots, we are perfectly capable of making our own way in the world. You have never helped me, you are not helping most women, so, be gone!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

So, Any Support for Senate Reform?

Here's a poll by Globe and Mail:

Do you support Prime Minister Harper's proposals to elect Senators and to limit new Senators to eight-year terms?

Yes, I like both of his ideas
(58%) 20565 votes
Yes to an elected Senate but no to 8-year term limits.
(6%) 2022 votes
Yes to 8-year term limits but no to an elected Senate.
(9%) 3014 votes
No, I prefer the current appointment process
(28%) 9805 votes
Total votes: 35406

So, who are the 9805 idiots that like the current process??

Thursday, September 07, 2006

PM Harper Says "Make My Day" to Senate

I loved it, PM Harper very nicely told the Senate that they either passed the bill, or faced a public that thinks the gravy train of useless Senators should end!!

Liberal Senator Jim Munson questioned Harper about the possibility that he would "fight an election on the backs of the Senate."

"Well, don't give me the opportunity," Harper replied. He said there would be political consequences if Canadians become convinced that any kind of Senate reform became impossible.

Munson said Harper sounded like Pierre Trudeau when the former prime minister uttered the line: "Just watch me," in regards to dealing with the FLQ during the October Crisis.

Munson also questioned if Harper's proposals would lead to the "Americanization" of the Senate, which is elected in the United States.

"I don't think the Americans have particular monopoly on democracy," Harper said.

Munson, now red faced, and an ex-journalist looked like the fool, not PM Harper!

Hey, Munson, PM Harper just told you to "make his day" and you were to dense to understand that!

Then this guy tries to look better by going in front of the news reporters and make it an Afghanstan issue?? So much for the chamber of sober second thought!! They are neither sober nor can they think for a second! Most of them have that old person smell. My dog smells better!

If they won't even support a small little step like limiting their stay in the Senate for 8 years, they should face the public next election, most of us want them gone anyways, I would love to vote them off the island!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NDP Love Their Terrorists!

Okay, the NDP seem to be pulling for the terrorists, the hamas, hezbollah and now the taliban!

Here's some examples:




Okay Jack, we get the picture, terrorists need a good talking to, then they will respect people rights, and all will be right with the world!!!

Jack, baby, you are one sick puppy. Terrorists, are, well, terrorists, they do not negotiate, but if you think they will, get your butt on over to Afghanistan and negotiate!!

If something goes wrong, like, ummmmmmm, they don't want to negotiate, and maybe kidnap you, unfortunately the military would have to go in and save your sorry butt!!

No words from Jack-o-lemon about how brave our military are, especially those who worked to find and help, James Loney (Looney), no respect for our troops who are giving their lives to make Afghanistan a better place to live, no comments about how women will suffer AGAIN if Canada withdraws it's troops!

Most importantly, no mention that this is now a NATO mission, that over 30 countries have sent troops to help the Afghans, no mention that 80% of Afghanistan is now peaceful, and rebuilding.

No mention that a majority of Canadians do not want this debated again:

Given the intensifying combat role for Canada, should Parliament hold a new debate on the Afghanistan mission?

Yes 3898 votes (45 %)

No 4839 votes (55 %)

Total Votes: 8737

Jack, how you sleep, now that you seem to be determined to make our military into whimps, is really beyond me! Soldiers fight, unfortunately some die, to pull out now is to make those sacrifices in vain, and will make the lives of Afghans unbearable again.

You want peace, go over there and talk to the taliban, get us a non-violent solution to the problem, you do that, I can guarantee that you will get more seats than the Liberals, so, for the sake of your party, go get us peace!! Oh, but do it without the military supporting you, because you see, if you don't support them, why should they support or help you?? Get the picture yet??

Sunday, September 03, 2006

All Of A Sudden, It's Harper's Mission

Have the lefties forgotten that the LIBERALS got us into Afghanistan??

I am proud to support our troops, I am very sorry that 4 more have died, I pray that our God is watching. Our God, doesn't promise 72 virgins if you kill innocent people, what guy could handle 72 women of any type??

Guys, get a grip, do you seriously want to put up with 72 women fighting for the bathroom? Can you really keep 72 women happy?? Most men have problems keeping one woman happy, but 72??? Good luck!!

We are making a difference in Afghanistan, we need to stay.

Layton should go there to build a school, without military protection. Hey Layton, put your ideals to work, go help the people you should be helping, you can negotiate with the taliban. Help those women who would be stoned to death because they were raped.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Future Guide Dogs Need You!

Okay, if you are in Edmonton, if you have a heart, and someone who stays home during the day, you have to help these babies!

It is hard to let them go, but when you see the good they do, it's like your kids going off to university. They still come home to get their laundry done, but they are not really yours anymore.

Same with these guide/assistance dogs, they live with you for a short while, you love them dearly, but then you have to let them go, but you know they are still around, bringing joy to many handicapped people.

If you can't help by taking a dog, please donate, they get no government funding like the SOW's do, they are always just one step away from going under. In my books this charity deserves government funding way more than all the liberal feel good organisations like Egale that get funding from the SOW's!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Guide Dog Banned From Calgary School!

Okay, I volunteer with Western Guide Dog in Edmonton, we have had 2 dog live with us while they were in training, one went to a blind person, the other to a disabled lady, both dogs were awesome in how they helped these people regain their independence.

I took both dogs into my sons school, and never had a problem, the kids that had alergies, knew enough not to pet the dogs, which isn't allowed anyways.

We also have a child in grade four that has a service dog, the kids know that they can't pet him, the kids are smarter than the adults.

This issue with the Calgary school board is a disgusting display of discrimination.

It is a sickening display of how gays should be welcomed into our classrooms, but don't you dare allow a dog that could help a child into that same classroom.

So, gay literature, GOOD, guide dog, BAD.

OHHHHHHHHHH this makes me sooooooooooooo mad I could spit!!!

I have seen how these dogs change the lives of the people they help, first hand. I will be there to protest against those liberal idiots in Calgary.