Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Was Cold!

All I can say is that Halloween this year was cold! Usually I walk with my kids from door to door, this year I drove so that they could warm up from time to time.

At least the snow made everything brighter, and therefore safer for the little ones!

Still, it was dang cold here!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Friday - REDmonton, Let's Show We Support Our Troops!

Okay, after the laughable anti-war protests this weekend, we got a whole several dozen protesters out here in Edmonton, let's show the country that Edmonton really "Supports Our Troops"!

Friday, November 3rd at 11:30
Sir Winston Churchill Square

Global Edmonton will be televising it live, if you can't make it in person.

We were called REDmonton because we had elected some Liberal MP's in the past, now it's time to be called REDmonton, because we are supporting our troops! Our Edmonton based troops were the ones in Afghanistan that took the brunt of the fighting, it's time for us to show them that we care, and appreciate what they sacrificed for us.

So, come on out, wear red, and don't let a little cold weather or snow prevent you from showing our troops, especially those stationed here in Edmonton that we SUPPORT THEM!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Too funny, Poilievre, calls what is happening in Ottawa....Gritlock!!! Click on Mike Duffy Panel Discusses

It seems to be warming up for an election, and if the grits keep stopping legislation, they will hear from the public, who so far are liking our new PM. They will see the Liberals as being petty for stopping the tough on crime bills, especially the age of consent bill that the grits have defeated every time the Conservatives have put it before Parliament. This to my recollection is at least the second time the Conservatives have put this bill forward. Defeat this bill for a third time, and people will really wake up to the Liberal intent, destroy the family.

Their first attack on the family, abortion, do you know that we have NO law against abortion in Canada, not even at 40 weeks, which is just before birth?? That we allow partial birth abortions, meaning a mom could be in labour, and as long as the baby still has a foot in the mom, it's head can be crushed.

Second attack on the family, SSM, no longer is marriage defined as one man, one woman. What is it now defined as? Partner one weds partner two. Tragic, but the true idea of marriage will survive because one man and one woman will still commit, tell death do us part.

Third attack on the family, is the most sinister, gays adopting kids. This is the ultimate attack on the family, and the one I worry about the most. Two gays can do whatever they want in their own bedrooms, but, when a child is involved, I draw the line. I don't care if the courts have called SSM legal, it still doesn't and never will make it MORAL!

So, gritlock means that they are stopping legislation that Canadians want to see, we voted for the new government because the old government was so corrupt and distasteful we could not stomach them anymore, we voted them off the island! We do not want them disrupting parliament, blocking good bills because of politics, nothing more. Three extreme lefty parties are holding one right wing party hostage, I really don't think this is what the Canadian people thought would happen!

So, get back to work, pass some good legistation and start behaving like adults!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

SOW's Should Support This Law!

If the SOW's weren't so busy whining about their funding cuts (sorry ladies no new Cadillac for you this year), maybe they could actually fight for women's rights!

More than two-thirds of married women in India aged between 15 and 49 have been beaten, raped or forced to provide sex, according to the UN Population Fund.

One of the most common causes of violence against women is dowry-related. In most of India, women's families are still expected to provide their husbands with dowries when they marry.

Come on you SOW's, here's something you could really impact. You do NOT need a report on this, you need to start really making an issue of women's right's internationally, instead of doing nothing but complain.

Woman killed after refusing sex

Tripla, born in eastern India

Tripla was born in the jungles of eastern India. But she died hundreds of miles from home, in the scrubby fields around Delhi, murdered by her husband because she refused to have sex with his brother.

Do I hear the SOW's yelling about this type of thing happening around the world? NO. The reason your funding got cut is because you are ineffective, inept, incompetent, and bloodsuckers, that's taxpayers blood by the way. Get into the 21st century ladies, equal pay has been largely accomplished in Canada.

How about standing up for your sisters throughout the world, how about you get off your fat butts and actually accomplish something! Solve some problems, instead of whining that the trough for research is empty! Universities do a much better job of researching than you ever could!

If women really united, on an international basis, we could accomplish some real good for women worldwide!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rural Voters Slammed!

I am spitting mad, and I hope all rural/western voters are too! ALL opposition parties today voted against freedom for western farmers. They want to keep them under the yoke of the Canadian Wheat Board, and voted down a bill that would have let farmers sell their wheat directly to western farmer owned/operated value added plants, like one that produces pasta.

As well, the unelected senators, took the Canadian Wheat Board off of the list of corporations that would be open to the public under the privacy act! So, western farmers are not even allowed access to information about what the Canadian Wheat Board is doing, with their money! Now, why would the Liberal senate do that, hummm?

So, western farmers got slammed on two fronts today, and must continue to sell their wheat to ONLY the Canadian Wheat Board, or be JAILED! Yup, that's right, in Canada, western wheat farmers can not sell THEIR wheat as they want, they are ruled by a monopoly.

Eastern farmers are not FORCED to sell their wheat to the Canadian Wheat Board, nope, they can choose who they want to sell it to, without being put in jail. So, why are our western farmers not allowed that same freedom?

The opposition parties are playing politics with the west, I watched the debate about Bill-300 the other day, and their reasons for not supporting it were such baloney it would have been funny, except, our supposed MP's are STIFFLING democracy and freedom. The ones speaking up against it were all from the east or big cities, what the heck do they know about what our western farmers want, what right do they have to jail our farmers, like the Liberal government did when they were in power.

The Liberal government ignored our farmers for 13 years, but now they are interested in them? They hung our farmers out to dry when the borders closed because of BSE, and they are hanging them out to dry again by voting against a bill that would have given them one tiny little freedom to sell their wheat to THEMSELVES and add value as well.

So, swinger's clubs are legal, SSM is legal, but our western farmers selling their own wheat to anyone BUT the Canadian Wheat Board, is illegal? What's wrong with that picture?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Judy, Judy, Judy!! Want A Leash??

Well I would respect Judy, if she had a clue, but, she doesn't. She reminds me of the girl in the exercist that could spin her head around. And her buddy, Tony Martin, thinks it's okay to call REAL women names, because, because, because, well I don't know why, but you are free to listen here! Listen to the weak responses of Martin, listen to how he tries to change the subject, and understand that the NDP have really lost their way! Understand how weak their policies are when they are attacked.

The NDP are not the party of the people anymore, they want our troops out of Afghanistan, so that the taliban can enslave women and children again.

If they really are the party of the people, they should be yelling for fairness to our western farmers, who have been jailed for just trying to sell their own grain to anyone but the Canadian Wheat Board. But, no, they are supporting a monopoly, and anyone with basic knowledge of economics understands that monopolies charge higher prices to the consumers, yup, that's us!! So, our western farmers have to labour under monopoly rules, BUT eastern farmers can sell their grain to anyone they want?? NDP screwball thinking says, that's okay. And people wonder why the west votes for the Conservatives!

I wonder where the NDP are going to get support anymore, it seems that unions are going with the liberals now, the greens are picking up protest voters, so who does the NDP really represent? They are in serious trouble, but they might turn that around if they supported more Conservative bills, like our clean air bill.

This bill goes further than anything the liberals ever did, but for politicial reasons, that bill is going to be killed, in favour of the Kyoto garbage that sends my kids future down the drain, because our taxpayer money leaves Canada to support China, one of the worse polluters in the world.

So, Judy, Judy, Judy, get your head straight, take off those glasses that are making you look at the world with such a distorted view, or your party is going to disappear into lala land.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Just Because It Is A Law, It Doesn't Make It Moral!

I was thinking about many of the laws that the courts have stuck us with, like swinger's clubs are legal. Okay, fine, they are legal, but that doesn't make them moral.

It is law, therefore it is moral! Lefty creed!

According to lefty thinking, the age of consent is 14, so, they can have all the 14 year olds in a swinger's club they want, as long as there is no liquor served? They are breaking no laws, so, they think they are also morally right.

That is the BIG, scary, hidden agenda of the left.

The lefties talk about the scary agenda of Conservatives:

1. They want to take away a "woman's right" to choose to kill their babies.
2. They want to call marriage, one man, one woman. (which the Liberals voted for previously)
3. They want to reduce big government.
4. They want to clean up our air, by not sending taxpayer money overseas, therefore refusing to take money out of my children's future.
5. They want to make our streets safer by putting criminals in jail.
6. They want to reduce taxes.
7. They want to support our troops, by supplying them with the equipment and moral support they need to get the job done.

There is that word again. Moral.

Is it MORAL to kill a baby just because the law says you can?
Is it MORAL for two men to "marry" just because the law says it is okay?
Is it MORAL for an adult to have sex with a 15 year old, because the law says you can?
Is it MORAL to change partners as often as you want because you belong to a legal swinger's club?

The left wants us to believe that because some judge with a liberal agenda, makes something a law, it is now moral.

That is the essence of the lefties "hidden agenda"! They want us to become immoral, because they themselves are immoral. They want us to buy into their immorality, that is why they hate Christians, because frankly, we are not buying their garbage, and they hate that we see through their lies. They attack right thinking people, because they know that we are right and moral.

People are moral, not laws!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

In Support of Families!

Conservatives are all about supporting families, Liberals, not so much!

Liberals talked about some kind of childcare, for 13 years, and even then, all they wanted to do was institutionalize our children. So, just before the last election, they run around to the provinces and promise them money, not the daycare providers, the money would go to the provinces, on top of equalization payments!! Conservatives promised parents, money in their pockets, helping them choose whether they wanted to spend it on daycare, or Grandma who was providing care, and they delivered. Liberals told us we would spend it on beer and popcorn. Which plan supports families best?? Let me see, provinces or Grandma, who can do a better job??? Hands down, Grandma!!

Then we come to the groups “supposedly” supporting the family, the Liberals funded the SOW’s, who funded the gay and lesbian agenda, REAL women, no funding. Conservatives are taking the money that would have gone into researching, and funding real causes that help real people. Here’s the list of useless reports, that don’t help one person who needs it:

Now, how much did all those reports cost the taxpayer, and how does a report help women in need? They can’t serve these reports to their children to eat! Who needs a report to tell us that single Mom’s need support from all of us! Well it appears that Liberal SOW’s do! They are whining now, because their gravy train just ran into a deep gully. May the Conservatives spend the money on REALLY helping the disabled, single Mom’s, and Aboriginal women’s rights!

Of course, I can’t forget to talk about SSM, a clear distortion of the family. One man and one woman, get married, and hopefully have children, this is the family. NOT 2 Dad’s, NOT 2 Mom’s, because, 2 males can’t make a baby, nor can 2 females!

No one is thinking about the children anymore. We are being told that our schools can teach whatever they want to our children, and that we have no say about it, check out what is happening in BChttp://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2006/jun/06060101.html! This forcing us will work until we start to take our money, and put it into private schools where we, as parents, can get the control back that has been taken away from us, by a Liberal agenda, that wants to destroy the family! Heck, it was reported in the media that kids can’t even play TAG anymore. Now that is just sick! Hopscotch is next folks!!

Watch for me to be called a bigot, and a homophobe because I am trying to protect my children. Well, go ahead, I can take a punch, especially from a metrosexual carrying a purse! Be very sure, that I will protect my children from anyone who intends to harm them, in any way, and it seems these days, that means some governments! That is one of the main reasons I support the Conservatives, they clearly support families.

No matter how many gays “marry”, even though it is legal in the courts, it doesn’t mean that it is moral, and that is the problem that they have, legal, but not moral.

The fraud of the liberal agenda is that they try to make us think that bad morals (swinger’s clubs), should be legal. They think that legalizing them makes it okay, and therefore moral!


Friday, October 20, 2006

The Braying Was Heard By .......

the laughing hyenas, oops, media, who immediately jumped to the Liberals bidding, and made a bunch of noise, about a dog. The donkeys in the Liberal party, were so busy heehawing about the dog in the party, that they forgot to actually get anything done today. This made an a$$ out of Parliament.

The real story today, should have been about more porkers at the trough. But, the Senators were busy, covering their own a$$es! They, of course, are good at covering their a$$es, by deflecting the guilt onto anyone they think they can get away with blaming. In this case, the porkers, sorry, Senators, blamed the hyenas, so why aren't the media laughing this story right onto the front page?

The hyenas should have been nipping at the supposed "hot air" bill, but they really can't understand the bill, so they came up with no reporting on this matter whatsoever. I guess "hot air" is hard to interview!

So, the porkers are attacking the hyenas, who are looking for dogs in their pack. All told, it was a feeding frenzy by Liberals, Senators, and the media. They are still busy chasing their own tails!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taxpayers To Pay For Hot Air!!!

The opposition parties are determined that our taxpayer dollars are going to be sent overseas, to buy HOT AIR!!! Yup, they hi-jacked the environmental committee this week because they want the enviroweenies wet dream (Kyoto) to buy hot air for China!!

They are all stating that the Conservatives Clean Air Bill is garbage, because it just makes more sense to send our money over to China!! China can promptly spend that money on more arms and food to North Korea!

Kyoto, the "God of Filling The Pockets of Rich People" is nothing more than a money grab by, who else, the Liberal backers, like Strong.

You think the Green party is any better, because they are well, green?? NOPE. Lizzy May thinks we can meet our Kyoto targets, IF we send billions of dollars to countries that are "supposedly" reducing greenhouse gasses!! Get a clue people, Africa doesn't pollute, because they don't produce!!! So, to keep getting the Kyoto money, guess what, they will produce even less! They are keeping nations from developing and turning them into welfare dependants, that will never grow up and become productive.

So, grab your wallets folks, instead of actually reducing pollution in Canada, we are going to be sending our hard earned dollars to Russia, and China!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Canadian Wheat Board Monopoly Stinks

No monopoly is a good thing. The monopoly will charge a higher price to consumers. So, why does the Liberal/NDP party want to protect it?? They have never cared about agriculture before, so why is Mr. Easter (Liberal PEI) so sure that a monopoly should be saved??

I have no clue!!!!

Why is it okay for farmers east of Manitoba to be able to sell their wheat to anyone they want, but in the west our farmers HAVE to sell their wheat to the Canadian Wheat Board?? We have had farmers arrested and JAILED by the Liberals for trying to sell their wheat to someone other than the Canadian Wheat Board.

Why is it called the Canadian Wheat Board, if only western farmers have to use it?? Why don't Ontario wheat farmers have to sell their wheat to the CANADIAN Wheat Board??

Hey, Mr. Easter, how would all your potato farmers on PEI feel about HAVING to sell only to a Canadian Potato Board??? I've been there, and lots of farmers put up stands to sell their product, can the western wheat growers do that??? NO!!! If you like monopolies so much, Mr. Easter, set up a Potato Board, see how that works!

Talk about hypocrisy!! The east gets free marketing, but not the west!! NEVER the west, we are the knuckle dragging, beer drinking dummies that can't be trusted to sell our own wheat.

Wake up, our farmers need the freedom to sell their wheat to whoever they want to and the east better keep their noses out of our business. Eastern politicians can butt out of our business, they have ruled our farmers for way too long. That means you Mr. Easter, someone's been eating too many potatoes, and not enough Alberta beef!!! Do you even know where Alberta is Mr. Easter??

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Court Of SHHHH!! Or Should That Be BOO, You Are Dead???

The idea of individuals being able to take their case to court is great. The problem is that it is taxpayer’s money that gets spent. Why have a Court Challenges program that basically sues the government, with government money, when most people can go to a human right’s commission and get their case heard.

Why is it that no one even knew about this program?? SHHHHHHH, they can’t tell you what they are doing, it’s confidential, so confidential, even the federal government can’t find out what they are doing with our money! BOO!!

Who’s getting the money?? SHHHHHH, they won’t tell us!!

What is really suspicious is that in teeny tiny writing are these words:

The Coalition to Save Court Challenges thanks the Canadian Union of Public Employees for its generous support for the creation and maintenance of this website.

Now why is CUPE funding and maintaining a website for the Court Challenge?? Do the union members know what their dues are being spent on?? NOT scholarships for their kids, or a fund for injured workers, nope, their dues are going towards a program, that brought us SSM for one thing, but they won’t tell you that. They don’t have to, SHHHH.

Here’s what the financial statements reveal, much as the defenders of this program shout about language rights, the majority of the money was spent on equality rights, language rights spending came in far, far below equality rights. Who’s equality you ask, SHHHH, we can’t tell you that!!
Equality rights:
Litigation $13,878,366
Language rights:
Litigation $4,949,113
This is taken right from their own audited reports. It’s still over $18 million of our money, who did it go too??? SHHHHHHHH, they won’t tell us!!!

ALL of this solely funded by the federal government!! This non-profit organization has never raised a single dime on their own!!!

I especially like this site, proof that taxpayer’s money is NOT needed. Scroll down to see all the organizations supporting the Court Challenge!!!


IF ALL THESE ORGANIZATIONS SUPPORT THE PROGRAM, WELL, FUND IT THEN!!! GET OFF THE PUBLIC TEAT!! I don’t see any lawyers jumping in to say, I, will do this pro bono!!

BOO!!! Your dead, you just don’t know it yet!!!

Write your MP and thank them for getting rid of a program that spent all their time suing the government, with government (taxpayers) money!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

SOW's Strike Out Big Time, In The Toronto Star!!

Well, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this article in the Toronto Star:

Women have every kind of liberty, intellectual, physical and reproductive freedom. Women have the same opportunities as men.

What the Tories have done is cut back funding to some women's groups, notably, Status of Women Canada, or Womenslibesaurus Regina, the great dinosaur of the Trudeau-ic Era.

Much fuss has been made about Status of Women removing the words "to advance equality" from their mandate, as though it were part of Harper's famed secret agenda. The words were replaced with "to facilitate women's participation in Canadian society."

But both options are patronizing, as though women need to be coddled along, like less clever creatures than men.

This attitude is as Jurassic as the feminism behind it.

If the Tories are doing anything to harm women, it is in continuing to fund anything this anachronistic.

WOW!!! I'm speachless!! Maybe the younger generation is finally waking up to the fact that feminism had it's day, like the hippies, but it is now time to move on.

More power for women is created by women who stand up for themselves, not by an organization that tells us, we are weak, and need help!

Excellent article Rondi Adamson, but I hope you are prepared for the firestorm of emails you will get!! You are going to find out pretty quick how nasty feminists really are, but keep in mind that there are lots of us females out there who are glad to hear some straight talk!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Common Sense, Where Did It Go??

The middle income family is disappearing as fast as common sense. I am a firm believer that if we used some common sense for issues, our world would be a much happier place! This is where Conservatives excel, and lefties just don't get it.

Smoking: A perfectly legal pasttime, but now banned from virtually all public places. Common sense says, that a bar should be able to choose to allow smoking?? NO!! Why not?? Second hand smoke. But, what if everyone who works there and goes there smokes?? NO!!! Why?? I don't know but who's smoking that marijuana, give me a hit! (Is that what you say, I'm really out of that loop)

Peanuts: Banned at all ball games here, why, one kid who likes to go to games occasionally, is allergic. Common sense says, make a no peanut section. But, NO, ban all peanuts. Same with schools, no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, even if there are NO kids with peanut allergies in the school!

Abortion: Common sense says, you won't make all people happy, but you should at least have a cutoff point (say 20 weeks) where they absolutely can not be performed. But, NO, we can not mess with a woman's right to choose, even if it means as long as one leg is still in the Mom, the head can be crushed.

SSM: Common sense says, give gays all the same rights as married people, but call it a union. But, NO, let's hijack marriage, because we are just as equal if not more equal than, one man, one woman. Why, because we think so, and so should you, shutup now, you've been told!!

Afghanistan: Common sense says, go in there, blast the bad guys, help rebuild the country, and let Afghanistan people start to look forward to a future. But, NO, let's talk to the terrorists, after all they have the right to behead anyone they want, it's part of their religion!

Okay, guess you get the point. Common sense used to keep the fanatics, of all stripes, in check. Common sense flew out the window when, shrill, special interest, minority groups got funding from the government, so they could dictate to us how we should live, and think!

I want to see a bill in Parliament calling for the return of common sense! While we are at it, we should also ask for morals, respect, and honour to be returned!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Liberals, The All Embracing Party!!!

Okay, that's their line and they are sticking to it!!

So, let's see how All Embracing they really are:

1. Thomas Hubert is 17. He resigned as communications vice-president of the B.C. wing of the Young Liberals of Canada this week over comments that included a reference to Israel as "the most vile nation in human history."

2. Axworthy, now president of the University of Winnipeg, argued that Harper is abandoning the traditional Canadian role of honest broker in the Middle East.

"He's almost at the forefront of a very small group of nations who say whatever Israel does is right. ... We're becoming part of the problem, not part of the solution."

3. Opposition MP Belinda Stronach, the former Minister of Human Resources while the Liberal Government was in power, was quoted in the Toronto Star yesterday suggesting that women's groups which do not support abortion should not receive government funding. Speaking of government funding for women's groups such as REAL Women Canada which are pro-life, Stronach said, "They should be rejected because they're anti-choice and they're also anti-equal rights. They don't support equality."

4. Take Liberal MP Hedy Fry, please. For her, Canada is such a rotten country that, back when she was multiculturalism minister, she said that the KKK were burning crosses on the lawns of Prince George, B.C. This would have been horrible, had it been true. Since it wasn't, we must assume Fry was having a "Lord of the Rings" moment. Remember how the closer Frodo got to the evil land of Mordor, the more dark and disturbing his hallucinations became? Well, for Liberals, Canada is Mordor.

Well, I could spend all night at this, but, I do have a life!

Do you see the trend?? I see the trend, but do you see it??

It's called intolerance! So, the All Embracing party, is only All Embracing, if you agree with them!! If you don't, they get down right nasty!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

PM Harper Gives Them A Black Eye!

I had to laugh today at all the shreaking from the Liberals. If you are unsure about the anti-Israel bias of the Liberals, here is a good starting point. I like this site because it has lots of links to actual articles.

Have we forgotten so soon about my favorite, Liberal MP??

AITAROUN, LEBANON—The Canadian government must begin direct talks with militant groups such as Hezbollah to effectively bring a peaceful end to conflicts like the one that has ravaged Lebanon this summer, Toronto Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj says.

Standing at the spot where an Israeli air strike killed several members of a Montreal family last month, Wrzesnewskyj said Israel's summer offensive against Lebanon was nothing less than "state terrorism."

"Over 1,200 dead and counting. Over 40,000 apartments and houses flattened. A country's infrastructure dismembered. You look around here," said Wrzesnewskyj (Etobicoke Centre). "I believe what's happened is absolutely criminal."

Well, Rae, Liberal MP's want to chat with the Hezbollah and they call Israel, "state terrorists", and your party is not anti-Israel??? Give me a break, your defence of Israel comes way too late to change my opinion of your party, and especially of you, an opportunist if I've ever seen one! Get stuffed!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Families In A Fight, For Their Rights!

You know, it really is getting so that families, and family values are frowned on, in our world.

Stay at home Mom's are looked down on, as not contributing to society, because they prefer to raise their own children, as opposed to putting them into institutionalized daycare. The sacrifices their families make, only one salary, in our two salary world, are made to seem selfish, because the woman is wasting her abilities. What ever happened to Motherhood? Mom's should be valued, not sneered at by society.

Marriage, I know there is that whole SSM thing, but even without that issue, marriage is not respected anymore. Marriage is not a life time committment, it's not until death do us part, it's until I'm not "happy" anymore. If you think marriage is not a bond that binds you, that marriage is easy, that you don't have to work at it, and that you can walk away from it anytime you want, well, it's not going to work! Marriage is hard work, but worth it!

Children, the glue of any marriage! You get married, first because you love the person, and think you are happy together, then children arrive, and your life changes, absolutely and forever, happy takes on a whole new meaning! One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life was to give birth to my two sons! They are our world, work means nothing to me, if my little ones need me. I envy the stay at home Mom's that can be there for their children, all the time.

So, it is very sad to see, feminists degrading stay at home Mom's, divorce and SSM degrading marriage, and schools degrading our children with their teaching.

Families are in a fight, for their rights, and parents better wake up to what is happening in the schools! Once curriculum in schools gets changed, it's just about impossible to get it changed back! So, pay attention parents, your family is being assulted from all angles, by people who have only one goal, to destroy the family!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feminists VS Real Women

I applauded the feminists of days gone by, they had a plan, and they had a mission. Good for them, they made a difference for women.

Now, I see them as abandoning their goals for purely political reasons, which is really too bad. They had a great idea that has now been perverted because they like their $80,000+ salaries too much to care about the women of Afghanistan. They are actively supporting pulling our troops out of Afghanistan, KNOWING that the Taliban will come back in and kill/behead/stone all those women that dared to vote, and their female children!! Sick!

Feminists are against choice and for socialist programs that make females less than equal, they spit on any woman wanting to stay home with her child, telling us that we are not capable of teaching our own children.

How would they know, most of these feminists can't find a husband and won't have any children even if they are lucky enough to find a husband. And if that sounds mean, well, it's about time real women set the feminists in their place. Until now, all the feminists have had to do is squeal loud enough and they get their way.

No more, the internet is a great way to alert/inform people to what others are up to. And the feminists, mark my words, are going to go after Rona Ambrose, with a vengence!! Why? She is a no nonsense, in your face, secure, confident, dynamic woman, and she is a Minister, oh and by the way did I mention she is classy??

Feminists can't stand to see a woman achieve anything, unless it is shrill Annie McBeth, the Liberal dummy, or a proven lesbian! Don't let our real woman, with real ideas, and real dedication to our country, get run over by the feminists! Quality is always better than shreaking, useless, opponents of everything female!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Metrosexual VS Real Men!

Okay, I laughed at my husband because he held my purse while I tried on some jeans. He looked very uncomfortable, but he did it for me. I laughingly told him that soon he would be a "metrosexual", he said, "Huh?"

So, what is a metrosexual? Here's a site that might help you. A sampling if want it means:

“Metrosexual (MET.roh.sek.shoo.ul) n. A dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side” (McFedries).

metrosexual: “a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis – because that’s where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are. He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference”

Okay, I think you get the picture, basically, it's a wimp who will have sex with anyone or anything.

So what do real men think about metrosexuals??

On conservative on-line forums such as Free Republic and Free Dominion, I found discussions, about the metrosexual concept and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, that mirror these traditional masculine norms. The discussion participants took a fiercely negative stand against the metrosexual and countless times I read the word faggot and exclamations like “the queer guy who tries to remake me will have his face rearranged” (Free Republic).

Well, as a female, if I see some guy mincing up to me with his purse, I might rearrange his face, by taking his mascara and lipgloss away!

If my husband ever wanted to wear mascara, or my panties, you can bet that this conservative girl, would straighten him out with a boot in the butt!!

Metrosexuals are pathetic excuses for REAL men. Give me a firefighter, policeman or soldier any day!! Let the feminists go for the metrosexuals, and leave those of us who what to marry, have kids and lead a productive life alone! But, they can't because they want us to be as sick as they are, well I will not fall for their preverted thinking.

I have a very non-metrosexual husband, who cares emotionally for me, and our kids, would never think of cheating on me (I do have a gun, just kidding), with either another female or a male.

It's called family values, and just because you live in a city doesn't mean that you can not respect the family. Metrosexual is just another invented term to allow perverts to get away with having no morals!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Am Thankful For Our Wonderful Country!

It's a beautiful day here, cool, but the sun is shining brightly. I put the turkey in the oven, and the family went for a walk in the river valley. It's quiet and peaceful there, right in the middle of the city. It made me think about how lucky we are to live in this great country.

So, things I am thanking God for today:

My wonderful country, a peaceful place where people can live without fear.
My family, always supportive, always loving.
My joy at being a woman, with noone telling me I can't do something because of my gender.
My husband, even though I have to prod him into my way of thinking sometimes, he's my love.
My kids, even though I have to prod them into my way of thinking sometimes, they are my heart.

That's alot of my's, but I have alot to be thankful for, thanks to God!

So, take a moment today, think of all the things you can be thankful for, and rejoice in your life!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mom's Need To Stand Together!!

This is when we thank God for all he has given us, and I am truly grateful for my life! I am especially happy that my children are growing up here in Canada! I feel so sorry for those Mom's in Africa that can do nothing to save their babies from starvation and disease.

I see the ads on TV, see the babies dying for no good reason. Reasons that we could prevent, if we really cared. Why is it that an African Mom losing a child, seems like no big deal, but if one of us loses one, it's a tragedy? A Mom losing a child has to be just as heart wrenching to the Mom, whether they are African or Canadian.

I don't see the lefties lobbying Parliament to improve the lot of African women. All I see is whining about the SOW's, and how they are going to suffer because they can't lobby the government anymore to promote a national daycare. Shame on them!! If they truly cared about women, they would stop funding gays and start funding women who really need the support.

You can dress it up anyway you want, call people bigots if they don't support gays, but in the end (no pun intended) womens groups like the SOW's are doing nothing to actually support women.

Here's an inspiring idea, let's send our excess milk, and eggs over to an impoverished country, instead of forcing our producers to garbage(dump) it. It won't effect the producers or the price, here in Canada, as our marketing boards regulate the market.

Where are the SOW's on this?? Snouts are firmly planted in the now empty trough!! Stop that shrill squealing, try raising your own funds. If you support ALL women like you say you do, it should be easy to get some money to support........ what is it you support?? Thought so!! It's hard to raise money for nothing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Chat With Someone Just Back From Afghanistan

I wore red today, and met someone else wearing red, I heard her talking about Afghanistan, so I asked her if she was wearing red today because of "Red Friday". She said yes, she had just returned from there.

So, I talked to her for awhile about her experience.

She was there when PM Stephen Harper came to visit, she was impressed with his being there!

She was there when soldiers with her company died. You could see the sadness in her eyes.

She thought the message wasn't getting out enough about how the military are really helping Afghanistans. The MSM is totally biased and to presenting a true picture.

She thinks "Taliban" Jack is a total idiot. I have to agree!!!

It was a wonderful experience for me, because I could finally talk to someone who had been there. She gave an honest picture of what the troops were doing and how much they were helping all Afghanistans.

More of us should talk to the troops, especially our MP's! I think the NDP made a big mistake calling for the troops to be withdrawn. Think of all the military families that will never vote for them again, it's kind of like when the Liberals raped Alberta with the NEP, but this time it's nation wide!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

SOWS Squealing At The Empty Trough!!

My ears are hurting from all that high pitched squealing as the SOWS find their money trough empty.

No more protests using daycare kids on Parliament, no more reports that do nothing to actually help women, no more bellying up to the endless liberal trough to get funding for nothing.

Bleat away, most women are insulted by your insistance that we are the "weaker" sex. Why don't you feminists start helping people who really need it, like aboriginal women. Oh, you won't go near them, never been on a reserve?? Okay, how about helping the disabled by giving up your high paying salaries to help them survive, try living on less than $1000 a month.

No, the feminists are more interested in funding the gay and lesbian population, all 3% of them, then they are in helping real women at risk. How many safe houses did the SOWS give money to? How many researchers sucked up funds and did nothing more than write a "paper" about women's issues.

Conservatives are more interested in real results for women than the opposition. The opposition is so out of touch with real women that they can't get their snouts out of the trough!

Keep squealing, middle class, taxpaying Canadians are hearing you, and most of them like bacon with breakfast!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Senators, Falling On Their Swords...

and committing hari kari! Okay, I have never seen such an out of touch, greedy bunch as our Senators! And, I don't mean the hockey team!!!

Here is what they are up to:

Liberal Senator Marie-P. Poulin has almost managed to complete her full-time law degree while still sitting in the Senate.
"Well, you know, it's that some people go to the gym, but I go to the university to get the little gray cells in shape," said Poulin.
But so far, the Chamber has sat for just 34 days this year.
"If that pace continues, the number of sitting days will be one of the lowest since 1960," reported CTV's Graham Richardson.

So, aside from holding up the Accountability Act, what are the Senators up to? Demanding more money, for less work, that's what!!!

Do these people not know how to get their snouts out of the trough? Are they all senile?? Do they think we are stupid?? They want more money, for less work??

As if we can't vote them off the island?? All they are doing is waking the Canadian public up, we have been snoring like the Senators, well, I hope we snore no more!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Despicable Act Of Violence

I am shocked to my core about the killing of innocent Amish children. Lambs to the slaughter. For the peaceful Amish to have to suffer this horrific tragedy, is beyond me, my prayers go out to them now, in their hour of need. I know they won't hear me because they don't have the internet, but I'm sure God will hear our prayers.

For all the yelling and protesting about Islam being a religion of peace, all I see them do is kill, mainly each other. The Amish really are peaceful. The Muslims should look to the Amish, a truely peaceful people, living a peaceful life here in Canada and the US.

This only makes me realize that, as a society we need to protect our innocents, be they our children, or the Amish. This solidifies my support of our troops in Afghanistan, who are trying to protect more innocent women and children.

To the NDP and Taliban Jack, see, being pacifists will not protect you if an evil person or organization really wants to get to you. We need to step up and show these evil people that we will win, we will not cut and run.

My prayers are with the Amish community.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Abortion, A Woman's Choice or Murder?

We are constantly told that it's a "women's choice" to kill a baby, oops to be politically correct I should say fetus.

Now, back in the day when it was considered bad by society for an unwed girl to get pregnant, many resorted to the "backstreet" abortionist.

This is not the case anymore, society does not point fingers at unwed Mothers, it's not a big deal. So why are 93% of abortions those of convenience, why have moral women become immoral? It is obvious that they have bought into the whole "choice" propaganda. Why is it that if you are going to abort it, it's a fetus, but if you want the baby, it's a baby? Do women have two wombs??

Any woman who feels her baby kick, sees the ultrasound, and hears the heartbeating, KNOWS that she has a life within her, that is totally dependent on her. So, how can a woman, with forethought, kill her baby? What reason is valid? Too young, not married, can't support a baby, hates the Daddy, or doesn't want to give up a career? Are these valid reasons to kill a life, kill a baby?

Feminists call it "choice", well, I choose to call it murder. May God save their souls.