Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year, New Hope!

While we raise our glasses to the New Year, may we also remember those not as privileged as we are. Let's make 2008 a better year for all people.

For hopeful Iraqis, New Year's parties at last

BAGHDAD, Dec 31 (Reuters) - Iraqis were out all day on New Year's Eve buying cakes, balloons, party decorations and new clothes to celebrate the holiday in the hope of a more peaceful 2008.

Many Baghdad residents said they planned to celebrate New Year's Eve properly for the first time in years as violence subsides in the capital after years of sectarian war.

And what are the troops up to?

Afghan marathon to mark New Year

The 16 officers from 52 Brigade, based at Edinburgh Castle, hope to raise £5,000 for the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association (Blesma).

The male and female runners, all from the 52 Brigade Infantry HQ in Lashkar Gah, are doing three one-hour shifts and will complete about 26 miles each.

So, bless the troops, who are helping people all over the world.

May 2008 bring peace and safety to all people. May Kyoto die by drowning in 20 foot waves caused by Gore, and may Canada continue to be represented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Tall wishes, but hey, maybe God is listening. Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Offset Your Cheating, Buy Cheat Credits!

Okay, this is too funny! You can offset your cheating. Great spoof on carbon credits.

What is Cheat Offsetting?
When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere.

Cheatneutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Thanks to the Sun Media for the link!

A carbon cash grab

Lorrie Goldstein's "BS alert! BS alert!" part two (Dec. 27), and part one (Dec. 13) is must reading. We are only fooling ourselves if we think that buying carbon credits is anything other than a cash-grab by socialists. The hypocrisy of Kyoto is evident -- i.e., some polluters are more guilty than others.

Ollie Bourque


(Check out "" where you can cheat on your spouse and then pay a small fee to people who don't cheat on their spouses to render you "cheating neutral." It's one of the funniest satires of the whole ridiculous idea of buying so-called "carbon credits" to make yourself "carbon neutral" that we've seen)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Trip Into A Liberal Mind

Mulroney is the worse crook ever. When asked about 40 million in taxpayer’s dollars stolen by the Liberals, that doesn’t matter, it’s Mulroney that’s the crook. Hate Conservative’s, hold them to higher standards than Liberals. Liberals truly don’t think they did anything wrong in stealing money from taxpayers, they see it as good management. Seriously, the peons can’t manage their own money, so the Liberal government needed to step in. It wasn’t stealing, no one got convicted right? They didn’t do anything wrong.

Believe everything that the CBC tells you.

Abortion. Why hasn’t Harper done anything to stop it. When asked why Chretien and Martin, both Catholics did nothing, even with majorities, the response is that they are not in power now! Excuse Liberals endlessly, accuse Conservatives for everything.

Believe everything the CBC tells you.

Income trusts, we were robbed! When told that income trusts are doing as good as ever. Well maybe, but…blame the Conservatives anyways.

Believe everything the CBC tells you.

Infrastructure, this is now a BIG issue that the Conservatives are supposedly doing nothing about. It’s the Conservatives fault that cities are crumbling down around us. Watch for infrastructure to make a big appearance on the political landscape. Out of all the Liberal talking points, this is going to be a big one, why, the Liberals only appeal to big city immigrants who are used to corruption in their former countries, so they see it as no big deal if Liberals are dirty.

Hold your base at all costs, even if the base is as corrupt as your party is, it makes sense in a scary way. Criminals love the Liberals, as we saw in the last election, what does that say about the Liberal party, and their active support of terrorist organizations? Coderre marching in a parade with Hezbollah supporters anyone?

Believe everything the CBC tells you.

Where did I get all these Liberal gems? Not from any paper I can quote from, I simply went home for Christmas and listened to what my parents were saying. It doesn’t get more grassroots than that. Dion, they can’t stand him. Will they still vote Liberal? You bet. Why? Liberals are the only ones who can lead Canada. The Conservatives winning was just a fluke, things will be right again when they are booted out next election. 40 million in brown paper bags to Liberal’s? Not a problem. That’s your trip into a Liberal mind. Oh, did I mention:

Believe everything the CBC tells you?

Liberal talking points, don’t you dare dispute anything they say, only Liberals know what is good for all of us, you have been told.

I often wonder how I grew up to become a Conservative. My Liberal parents, the Liberal university I went to, none of them could convince me that Liberals are better, or even right. Guess I’m an independent thinker, not a follower.
Liberals need groups to make themselves feel good, Conservatives need no one to know they are right.

One amazing point my parents agreed with me on, Human Rights Tribunals, even they agree that they have overstepped their powers, and need to be disbanded.
For once, they didn’t listen to the CBC.

Friday, December 28, 2007

God Deeds This Christmas!

Well, we made it home, thanks be to God, and our 4x4 truck! Travelling through the Rockies is always an experience, but this year, it was worse than ever! Never seen so many cars in the ditches, never been first on scene to two mishaps before either.

Travelling from Edmonton to Kelowna was great until we hit the BC border, things went downhill from Valemont to Kelowna. Here's a picture of what the roads were like:

That's black ice.

We rounded a corner and came across a guy in the snowbank. My husband and I got out of our big 4x4 truck (Ford Lariat), fully dressed in Inut coats and waterproof boots and mitts, hooked up our rope, pulled the guy out, and went on our way. We stopped a little ways up to fix the luggage, and the guy we pulled out of the ditch stopped to thank us again. He was in running shoes, and a light jean jacket, only thing that saved him from being a total idiot is that he had 4 kittens with him. As we drove away, my husband starts laughing, I ask him why, he told me "Us rednecks just pulled a Lexus driving yuppie out of the snowbank". We of course had to tell this story to my sister, who used to drive a Lexus.

Coming home, between Vernon and Kamloops, all I see is this car swerving towards us, then the car hits the rock embankment and we slow to help. Meanwhile my husband is yelling that another car went over the opposite embankment, into the water, my worse nightmare!

I'm first to peer down the 20 foot embankment, and sure enough, there is a truck taking on water. The Dad has his daughter out the window, he yells that they are all okay, as his son passes him a black lab, and then jumps to safety. All we could do was to help them up the embankment, and watch as the truck slowly sank with all their belongings. The poor teenage son was in tears, all he managed to say was, "It's supposed to be Christmas". I felt so sorry for them, you could tell by what they were driving and wearing that they didn't have much to begin with, and now even that was lost.

My boys were very quiet as we drove away. Finally my youngest piped up and said, "Mom, that's twice we did good deeds this trip". It just wasn't us, I was amazed by the number of people who jumped out of their cars, ready to help. That is the true Christmas spirit, not the gifts, not even the going to Church, it's the human spirit, the willingness to help those in need. No one asked that Dad, saving his children, and his dog, whether he was a Liberal, or NDP, or Conservative, it just didn't matter.

So, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, after I quit shaking, I thanked God. Funny how the sun broke through, just as we approached the Alberta border. It truly is God's Country!

And I'm happy to be back here, with my family safe and sound. The most dangerous thing I'm going to do for awhile is blog!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

May you enjoy all the warmth and love that the Christmas season brings.
I'll be back when I'm full of turkey, and all the gifts have been given.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Happens To Proxy Pablo?

I think we can all agree that Pablo got his questions from a CBC reporter. Angry in the Great White North, has a great post on that issue.

As I was getting ready for Christmas today, I was thinking about what happens to Pablo Rodriguez?

It should be up to the Liberals, but they seem to be doing nothing. From the comments of most Liberals, they don't think it's any big deal. So, the Liberals will hide this one, and hope it goes away over Christmas.

How about get him in front of the ethic's committee? Humm, that won't work, he was using the ethic committee to become a CBC proxy.

Okay, then, what can the Conservative party do? Not much more than what they have already done. Keep it going as an issue, and get the right people to look into the matter.

It appears it's up to the Government of Canada, what can the government do about Pablo? Seriously, the federal government is the only one that can act, so what are the options? I'm only a blogger, so I don't know, but it will be interesting to see what, if anything is done.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bias? CTV Is Just As Bad As CBC.

Okay, I've been picking on CBC for their collusion with the Liberal Party, and particularily Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez, but often CTV is just as bad, the only difference is that they don't receive Billions of taxpayers money from us.

Here is a snapshot of the TOP stories CTV has on their site.

Tory support plunges in wake of controversies: poll Well, we all understand why they would want that one poll to stay around for days. I hope it makes Dion brave so he will call an election!

Tories dismiss criticism over isotope crisis This is an updated story, prime example of keeping an issue alive.

N.S. politician convicted, booted from caucus Guess this one has been up there for days because this was a PC member.

Feds tried to order nuclear regulator to bend rules
Well, bend the rules?? Bit of a stretch.

The Conservative government issued a cabinet order last week to federal nuclear regulators in an apparent effort to pressure them into letting medical isotope production resume at the Chalk River nuclear reactor.

But the directive, dated Dec. 10, failed to resolve a dispute between Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., which operates the reactor, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission which sets licensing, health and safety rules.

So, they failed to resolve a dispute....and that's bending the rules? I think it's CTV bending a headline, and keeping it updated every few days.

Most don't want inquiry into Schreiber affair: poll
Well, anything with the Schreiber name, has to get maximum exposure now doesn't it? Again they update a nothing story to keep it on the front page.

That's just one day of negative headlines by CTV. Anything positive disappears before the day is out, anything negative gets "updated" every few days to make it look like a "new" story.

I Have To Do This....NORAD Tracks Santa!

I can't help myself. For years when my boys were small, we would go to this site, to show them how close Santa was getting. It is a shameless way to get the little ones tucked into bed on Christmas Eve early, so that you can finally put together those toys, don't forget batteries!!

They do an excellent job tracking Santa, all over the world. Just like Canada Post handles all those letters to Santa.

This is taken very seriously, as we provide an escort for Santa, when he flies throughout Canada.

Canadian NORAD Region Names Santa's Escort Pilots
NORAD - December 12, 2007

Winnipeg, Man. – As Christmas gets closer, the Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Region has put the finishing touches on plans to track and escort Santa Claus when he visits Canada by naming four CF-18 fighter pilots as his official escorts.

Capts. Dave Moar and Craig Sharp of 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alta., and Capts. Colin Marks and Yannick Jobin of 3 Wing Bagotville, Que., will take on the responsibility of welcoming Santa when he arrives in Canada on his annual Christmas Eve journey, and escorting him safely through Canadian airspace.

The pilots will also take photos and video of Santa and his sleigh using special NORAD SantaCams mounted on their aircraft. The SantaCams instantly download the photo and video imagery so that it may be viewed by children worldwide on the NORAD Tracks Santa website,, on December 24. All of this information will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

For all you parents of little ones out there, make sure you visit NORAD on Christmas Eve, we have never been disappointed, they do a great job.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who You Going To Call?

Nope, it's not the Ghostbusters, or even Santa, although this is a nice story at Christmas.

After all the American bashing that gets done by Canadians, and other countries, who gets called when someone is in trouble? Yup, you guessed it, the US military.

Navy saves teen.

SAN DIEGO - A teenager whose appendix ruptured at sea, hundreds of miles from help, got safely to shore Tuesday after an unusual rescue in which the Navy airlifted her from a cruise ship for emergency surgery.

So, next time you are yapping about those "nasty" Americans, think about how often they are the first to respond to people who need help.

Another happy note, seeing as I'm in the Christmas mood, Christmas packages for troops flood Kandahar

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- With Christmas just a week away, Canadian Forces postal workers at Kandahar Airfield have their hands full.

In the last two weeks alone, they've received some 43,000 kilograms worth of letters and packages for the troops. That's nearly a third of the total volume of mail received since August when the current batch of soldiers first arrived in Afghanistan.

Don't forget our troops this Christmas, they have one of the toughest jobs in the world. While you sit around with your family, sipping eggnog, at least raise your glass to our men and women proudly serving our country.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Collusion Is Illegal In Canada.

Glad to see that the Conservative party is continuing to put the pressure on the CBC, and the Liberal party.

The Liberals are saying it's nothing, everybody does it, but I think not to this extent. The Liberals might have seen this as an opportunity to smear the Conservatives, but it backfired. Just like Schreiber is not gaining any ground for the Liberals.

The Schreiber/Mulroney thing is one thing, everyone, even Liberals realize that it's a non-issue, Liberals just won't admit it.

1. Pablo Rodriguez appears for the first time at the Ethics committee review of Schreiber/Mulroney. He is given time by a fellow Liberal.
2. A "mystery" reporter from the CBC, allegedly feeds Liberal MP, Pablo Rodriguez questions, that had nothing to do with Schreiber.
3. The Chair, Liberal MP Paul Szabo, allows the questioning, which was clearly outside of the committees mandate.
4. The Conservatives after protesting the line of questioning twice, force a vote on the issue, but are outnumbered by the opposition.
5. Former Liberal Cabinet Minister Jean Lapierre, says he was told about this the night before from a prominent Liberal MP.
6. Mike Duffy confirms on two separate shows, that a Liberal researcher told him that the CBC had given them questions, but they wrote them out. DUH!
7. Pablo Rodriguez goes on Mike Duffy Live, waves around some hand written notes, and declares, he wrote his own questions. No-one asks him why he showed up at the Ethics committee, to ask totally irrelevant questions to Mulroney.

I really think it stinks, because it was an agreement between the taxpayer funded CBC, and the Liberals.

Sure, reporters can ask Mulroney all the questions they want, but he can refuse to answer them. In committee, Mulroney, swore to answer all questions, so the CBC reporter colluded with the Liberals to get their questions asked. Do you know that companies in Canada can not collude, it's illegal. So, is this collusion between the CBC and Liberals illegal too?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Peacekeepers Or Peacemakers?

Dr. Roy has a great link to Rick Hillier, talking to regular Canadians.

What is a peacekeeper? Someone who makes, and keeps the peace. So, how are we not peacekeepers? The problem some people have is with the making of a place peaceful, because it means shooting to kill the bad guys. Yet, they say nothing about the bad guys beheading 15 year old boys for having some American money on him. Or killing women who dare to teach girls. Not a peep when a woman who is raped gets sentenced to 200 lashes. I don't understand this thinking, either we are there to help Afghanistan's, or not.

I was particularity disgusted with Oxfam, they were out in force at Bali, in their polar bear suits protesting global warming, where are they in Afghanistan? Too many non-profit groups give themselves the money first, the dictators second, and way down the list, the people who actually need it, might get something thrown at them. This Christmas, I'm not giving Oxfam a dime, if they can afford to fly to Bali and party, they don't need my money, I will give it to another charity that is actually helping people, not lobbying governments so they can keep their overblown salaries. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is also on my bad list, they are more political than helpful.

Are Canadians peacekeepers, yes, but in order to be peacekeepers, we must be peace makers first. As for General Hillier and the PM, I bet the PM supports Hillier 100%. PM Harper does not suffer fools easily, and General Hillier is no fool. They appear to be two peas in a pod. Did Dion stop off in Afghanistan on his way home from Bali? NO? Guess the beaches there are not as appealing as in Bali.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Where Not To Shop This Christmas!

Of course my boys want the Guitar Hero III for Christmas, which is nowhere to be found right now. Luckily they are old enough to wait until after the Christmas rush, to get it, that way I won't have to buy it at some store that only sends out "Holiday" flyers. This year I am only shopping at Christmas friendly stores. Why? Here is an excellent video that explains my feelings why, if stores want my Christmas money, they better be prepared to say, Merry Christmas to me.

Click on the red light on the traffic light to activate.
This is good and so true...

For a complete list of Canadian stores to shop at go to the ProudtobeCanadian blog at see all the Fame and Shame stores.

Why should I spend my money at a store that doesn't respect Christmas?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Beer and Popcorn Reid, It's Not True!

It's the Conservatives who are trying to change the channel on the CBC issue, not the Liberals. They did nothing wrong! They really, really, didn't, now back to Mulroney/Schreiber.

Mike Duffy Live. Go to Scott Reid and Tim Powers.

Mike Duffy reconfirms that a Liberal researcher came up to them, and stated that the CBC had phoned the Liberals with the questions asked in the Ethics Committee.

This is not something they can hide under the rug, not with Mike Duffy asking the questions. Notice how Reid tries to change the topic?

The is a serious breach of Ethics, ironically, from a member of the Ethics Committee.

The Liberals, deny, deny, deny. If that doesn't work, quick change the channel to Bali, and get Dion on the phone!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

CBC Puppets!

I happened to be able to watch most of the proceedings today. Shame on the opposition for playing politics with a former PM. They showed more respect for Schreiber than they did Mulroney.

I wondered what was going on when Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez questions did not even relate to the issues at hand, and now the Liberals have been exposed as CBC puppets.

This seems to be what happened. Rodriguez suddenly appears at the ethics to ask questions, that should not be allowed, but over the protests of the Conservative members, and after cutting Mulroney off, the Liberal Chairperson allows the questions. SETUP!

Later it is found out that CBC wrote those questions for Pablo. Interesting.

Now, watch how this is covered in the media. Should be informative. Should give confirmation of the CBC's bias. Who gets to investigate these allegations?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So Little Money, So Many Causes!

It appears taxpayers are bottomless pits. We should be supporting all sorts of programs, because we can afford to.

Socialists want us to fund:

Global Warming/Environment
Free drugs for all
Low cost housing for low income people
Universal daycare
Gun registry
Child Poverty

To name a few! Add your favorite to the list.

Where do they think this money comes from, government? Someone tell me, what does the government, on any level, produce? Nothing. What they do is take from productive members of society, and give it to unproductive members of society. How do they get those funds, again here's a list. (I'm sure I forgot something)

Federal taxes
Provincial taxes
Capital gains
PST (Thankfully I live in rat free, PST free Alberta)
Property taxes
User fees
Toll fees
Fuel taxes
Cigarette taxes
Liquor taxes
Bus fares
Death taxes (yes even when you die, you are taxed)

Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing socialists crying about their pet projects needing money? I can tell you every time I hear about another program the socialists want, I grab my wallet. Lately, that wallet is empty, but the shrieking for more is getting louder. Call me a selfish, cold hearted Conservative, only concerned with making money, at least I have a job. Problem is, I see 40% disappear off my cheque every payday, and then have to fork out more in other sundry taxes.

What started this rant? A neighbour has applied for a permit to run a concrete and landscaping business out of his home, in a family oriented single house area. It will cost me $37 to appeal it, just like it cost me money to have a garage sale. More taxes, disguised as fees.

Can a socialist EVER say, enough is enough?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's A Sad Sad World.

Christmas is a time for joy, and family. So, the death of a little 16 year old girl by her father is very sad.

I send my "heathen" prayers to that little girl. She did not deserve to die for wanting to wear make-up and fit in with her peers. She had a future, that has now been snuffed out, by her own father.

Imagine the scene in the house, the father grips her throat, and strangles her. If I was there, he would have been hit by a huge frying pan until he released his daughter. This was a senseless death, Canadians need to step up and refuse to accept the abuse.

No religion should allow this, not ever, for any reason. Education is power. How can someone hate their own daughter so much that they kill them? When you are strangling a person, it is not instantaneous, it takes time, it takes intent, from what I have heard it can take as long as 5 minutes. So much hate, for such a small thing.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Bali baloney. Canada is the big bad 2% wolf, China the environmentalist's darling. Kind of like lefties supporting the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Tamil Tigers.

Next to join Oxfam on my Christmas list of who not to donate to: Greenpeace, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Stop Climate Chaos, the Suzuki Foundation, and the Sierra Club. Let me also throw in, the United Way, and UNESEF, for their pro-abortion stance. Also from a comment by Just Right, Sally Anne, gets on the naughty list.

HO HO HOLD THE CASH, PEOPLE. Keep your cheque books closed to these supposedly non-profit organizations, unless you really know where your money is going. No funds, no organization.

Have I mentioned "Dogs with Wings"??? HA, just had to throw that in, those dogs are true helpers, plus they are a lot cuter than David Suzuki.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bali Math, Per Capita.

We are BIG polluters, because "per capita" we are worse than China, yup, that's the lastest scam the econuts are using on us, to make us feel guilty, and send our hard earned money to China, I guess. If China is smart enough to have nuclear weapons, might they not be considered a developed country?

So, because Canada has only 33 Million people, and China has 1.5 Billion people, we are the bad guys not them. Our 2% emissions are worse because of our low population. Ahem, econuts, population is one of the problems, it should not be a reward. Maybe we should include all our trees in the calculation, they would be paying us money.

The way I understand it, India and China are good guys because they have billions of people who need cars, cell phones and TV's. Isn't that capitalism? Do the environmentalists understand that, or are they just happy to support one of the last communist counties.

I fully expect them all to leave Bali immediately, to help all those birds and animals in Korea..........NO?

How about supporting the 14 companies who want federal help in starting up a carbon sequestration plant in Alberta? ****Cue the crickets****

Thought so. Can you say money transfer scheme? Funny, seems Canadians have caught onto the econuts: (From the Ottawa Sun)

Do you think Stephen Harper should work harder to fight global warming?

Yes 41%
No 59%
Total Votes for this Question: 1290

People living in caves,
For no reason,
Econuts are finally happy!
I'm not making this up, I'm not allowed to.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

HO, HO, HOLD The Cheque!

First on my naughty list is Oxfam. Yes, I know they do great work worldwide, I have contributed money to their cause, but not this year, this year, I'm giving to a more worthy charity. Why?

Awareness and concern about the climate is rising fast, and we’re determined to harness this energy and turn public pressure into real political action.

In December 2007, the UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Bali. There, politicians will discuss how to combat climate change on a global level.

It’s a vital opportunity, and Oxfam will be there, demanding a new climate deal, which promises to:

Keep global warming at less than 2°C, reduce carbon emissions and put the needs of the poorest countries first
Give developing countries the majority of the money and resources they need to adapt to climate change

Let's keep the pressure up to make sure it happens!

So, it's political now, this organization is not about helping people in poor countries anymore. It's a clear money grab by all charitable organizations now. I am sick of it!

My money this Christmas, is going to "Dogs with Wings" used to be Western Guide Dog, a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for the disabled. 100% of donations go towards training the dogs, they help the blind, deaf, handicapped and they are so busy, they have no time to be activists for global warming. Okay I admit, I've been a foster Mom to two of their dogs:



Both nuts, both loved, both helping a handicapped person live a better life! Dog with Wings, number 3 is coming to us in January. We can't wait! (So ends my shameless plug for a very worthy charity.)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Yikes! I'm Conservative and Female!!!!

This silliness with Mathyssen, made me start to think about why females usually vote liberal.

It's not because females are stupid, more females are in university than males.
It's because females are thought to be more maternal, more loving, and more in touch with their feelings. Okay, that's all true. I'm very maternal, my family comes first, I love them dearly, and would do anything for them.

So, what makes me vote Conservative when the majority of females vote liberal? I think this is something the Conservative party is struggling with themselves.

Looking into what happened with Irene Mathyssen, got me thinking.

She portrays herself as the "victim" of seeing unsightly images of near naked women. So, she gets up in the House and slanders a male MP.

I would have marched over there immediately, and asked him what he was doing. You see, I've never used my femininity as an excuse to hold back my opinion.

Liberal females use the "females are the weaker sex" card when it works in their favour. I've never used it.

Liberal females think "choice" for women empowers females, I think it diminishes us as females.

Liberal females are offended by "scantily clad females" but think nothing of supporting legalized prostitution. I think prostitution degrades females. Legalizing prostitution won't make the fact that some women have sex with men, they don't know, for money, feel better about themselves. Imagine 20 or 30 slobbering, grunting guys using you every night, does that change because it becomes legal?

Liberal females have very low self esteem, they blame everyone except themselves for their problems. I know I'm worthwhile, so I don't need to attack males to make myself look better.

Liberal women, are weak, blame males for everything, and only use the feminist cause to make themselves look better, but don't be fooled, they hate males, kill their own kids, and want all females to suffer like they do.

Don't believe me? Who cares. Conservative women are family oriented, love their kids (they don't think killing them is okay), and they are confident in their own abilities. We don't hate males, we are actually quite happy with them, once we have them trained to do the laundry. HA.

Conservative and female, you bet! Put any Conservative female up against a liberal female (verbally, no physical punches allowed, cause we would clean their clocks), well, it's not even a fight. Who do you think formed this country? Tough women, who had the kids, kept the family together, and managed to help in the fields.

Conservative females are winners, liberal females are whiners!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Silly Season!

So the NDP had to apologize to both a Liberal candidate and a Conservative MP today.

Why Mathyssen didn't talk to Moore first, is beyond me. I guess it is silly season in the House.

Have they passed any bills during this session? Between the Liberals and their best buddy Schreiber, and the NDP trying to create scandals, the only ones who seem to be working are the Conservatives.

This group of scandal mongers have been around too long. The Liberals need a new leader and a policy platform. If Dion goes to Bali, and bad mouths the government, they are going to look like even bigger idiots then they do now! It also appears that the Liberals tried to keep Mulroney from appearing before the ethics committee, what's up with that?

The NDP need some MP's with brains, the only one I like and respect is Comartin, I used to like Pat Martin, but this Schreiber witch-hunt has put him in my bad books. Their recent attempt to slander a respectable MP is scary, in that a female MP stood up in the House, and using the fact that she is female, was able to slander a male MP with only innuendo.

The Bloq, are useless, they appear for question period, whine about Quebec needing more goodies, and how Alberta is the bad guy, then disappear to count the days until they get their pensions, while plotting to leave Canada.

No wonder no one respects MP's or Parliament anymore! Stop the silly season, pass some bills, or get out of the governments way.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good Night Irene!

Holy Scandal Irene! Wow, how degrading to women, I'm with you all the way on this one! If male MP's are to be looking at Victoria Secret pictures, it's only our right as females to look at pictures of male models like this one:

Cover your eyes Irene, it's not a scantily clad woman, it's a scantily clad man, or maybe that doesn't turn your crank. Liberal Karen Redman also needs to be kicked in the backside for joining into this foolishness, my respect for her has taken a huge nose dive lately. She really is Dion's little poodle (I can get away with that because I am a female calling out another female). I can't believe any woman would degrade themselves like she has lately.

These feminist women just lower the expectations of females by acting like shrill fembots. I have heard the opposition females are releasing the Pink Book II, might this be why they brought this up, are they going for the female vote?

Well this female will never degrade herself by voting for any party that does not consider females to be equal. Irene Mathyssen and Karen Redman have just proven to me that female opposition MP's think they can attack male MP's without getting called on it. Well, BS, you have made all females look like idiots, and people wonder why more females don't get into politics. It's because they look at female MP's like these two, and cringe.

Got to go, I need to get supper on, and go find my husbands slippers so they are at the door when he gets home.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not With A Bang, But With A Fizzle.

Can we now move on from Schreiber? Are we done? Or are the Liberals so desperate that they drag this thing on?

Most interesting were the comments posted, until they shut it down on CTV.

All I have to say is wow. The only scandal it seems right now is a Lieberal scam on the Canadian people. If Mulroney did not take kickback money from the whole Airbus affair, then I think the whole case is closed. The settlement that Mulroney was awarded should stand since the investigation was to see if Mulroney received money or kickbacks from the Airbus deal which it seems he did not. ....


I agree, don't we have more pressing issues for these people to deal with !!


Carly Rossini
Enough is enough. It's time to end this charade.

Okay, can we move on now? How about talking about those new low energy bulbs that contain mercury? Isn't mercury a pollutant, while CO2 isn't? Have I missed something here?

Bang, nope, fizzle yup, kind of like when a guy brags about........Oh, that's for another day.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tribunals Or Witch Hunts?

A shiver runs down my spine every time I hear the word "tribunal". It conjures up the days of the witch hunts. One person can force you into a kangaroo court, no actual evidence needs to be presented, and a "tribunal" can sentence you.

Oh, not a "real" sentence, but one that stays with you throughout your life. These mock judges can ruin your life, get you fired, and get you labelled as a "hater".
Now, you the accused, must spend money to hire a lawyer for advise, and you can be fined if found "guilty". The person who accuses you, pays no money to bring their case forward and needs only hurt feelings to get a hearing.

What a powerful job that must be. Think of it, you have the power of a judge, without the responsibility of following the law. You can judge, without the person having a lawyer. You are a GOD, able to make decisions, not based on fact, but based on opinion.

We think we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, but we don't, not when anyone who gets ticked off at you can bring you in front of a "tribunal". These Human Rights Tribunals, must go the same way as the Court Challenges Program.

If you are so sure that you have been wronged, take your case to a real court, not a kangaroo court.

Oh, what got me started on this?

CALGARY - An Alberta man who has pressed for five years to get an anti-gay letter branded as hate literature won a victory Friday with a human rights commission ruling that said it broke provincial law and may even have played a role in the beating of a gay teenager.

Five years, he goes after a guy, for a letter, not even against him, you think the guy has an agenda? Do you see how these "tribunals" are being used by petty people to pursue their own agendas?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

PM Harper Most Admired Leader!

Our PM Harper has been rated the most admired leader of 9 countries! So much for the Liberal babies who are crying that PM Harper is destroying our international reputation. Bet you don't see these results in any paper in Canada.

Stephen Harper and Angela Merkel are among the most admired current heads of government, according to a nine-country poll conducted by Angus Reid Strategies for Maclean’s. On a scale of one to 10, respondents rated the Canadian prime minister and the German chancellor at 5.9 points and 5.7 points respectively.

Canadians need to wake up, if you look at the results, they gave the PM the lowest rating (5.0) of all the other countries. It appears that the Italians love him, and so do the people of Turkey. Wasn't it Turkey who helped us with the evacuation of the Lebanese? Even China likes our guy, could it be because he sticks up for human rights?

So, take a bow, Prime Minister Harper, you are making a positive impression on the world for Canada.

Kangaroo Court!

From the Edmonton Sun.

An interesting poll also found at the Sun:

If a spring election is called, will the Conservatives achieve a majority government?

Yes 55%
No, but they will keep a minority government 36%
No, they will lose 9%

Total Votes for this Question: 833

Past CNEWS poll results

So, Dion, go for it!!! Only 9% think the Conservatives will lose the next election.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Global Warming Hits Canada!

They have been telling us it was coming, we should have listened. But, no, us deniers just wouldn't listen. So, this is what we get:

Why didn't we listen?

Storms began blasting through both the eastern and western parts of Canada Saturday. Snowstorms also hit the U.S., where as much as 40 centimetres are expected in parts of the Midwest.

In Atlantic Canada, a fall storm blanked parts of the region in snow and ice. Weather warnings have been issued in northern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, eastern Prince Edward Island, and parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The snow, along with winds reaching 90 kilometres per hour, is prompting police to warn drivers to be vigilant about safety.

According to Environment Canada, parts of the region can expect to see 10 to 20 centimetres of snow once the storm passes through.

Guess those polar bears are loving this, but me, I was so hoping for global warming to be true.