Sunday, April 30, 2006

CTV Forcing Me To Watch CBC

It's pathetic but CBC is actually less biased than CTV. No TV media supports the Conservatives, but amazingly CBC is not the worse. One example:


Dawn Black, the NDP's defence critic, scoffed at the notion of debate and a vote.
"It's a done deal," she said. "Our minister of national defence has signed this agreement with the American Ambassador David Wilkins. It's a done deal, so it makes a hypocrisy out of any form of democratic discussion or debate."
Added Liberal MP John McCallum: "They seem to be doing this in secrecy, which is becoming a pattern."


CBC News Online reported in February that Canada planned to extend the Norad treaty to include maritime surveillance. Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor said at the time that the proposed treaty would not mean a loss of sovereignty over Canadian waters.
O'Connor also dismissed fears that it might lead to U.S. warships patrolling Canadian waters.
"It doesn't change our responsibility as a country," O'Connor said at the time. "We have to look after our own sovereignty. We have to deal with any threats coming from the sea."


Questions about the agreement were raised after American officials announced that Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor and David Wilkins - the U.S. ambassador to Canada - signed the renewal papers Friday in Ottawa.
The U.S. officials said the deal commits Canada to indefinitely take part in NORAD, the North American Air Defence Command, the joint-Canada-U.S. defence agency that guards North American skies.

The prize goes to CTV and the Liberals for the SECRECY label. Be careful, because CTV is often worse than CBC.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Soldiers In Cities Alarming!

Oh oh, here we go again, scary!!

Military exercise alarms city's refugee community

How can this be, here in Canada, in our cities, refugee's alarmed? Looks like those Liberals were right!

Wanda Yamomoto, volunteer service co-ordinator with Welcome Place, says soldiers patrolling the streets could evoke horrific memories for new immigrants, many of whom came to the city from war-ravaged nations.

"We have a number of refugees who are located primarily in the downtown area," Yamomoto said. "As soon as they start to see folks in full military combat uniforms carrying rifles and things like that, they may be re-traumatized."

Maybe if Wanda did her job and told those refugees what is going on, they wouldn't be alarmed. Typical Liberal/NDP do-gooder, busy doing more harm then good!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Harper, One Smart Cookie!

Okay, I've been dancing around all day with this softwood lumber deal. Watching on CPAC, I noticed that when Harper said that BC, Ont, and Que, were all agreed, even the Conservative MP's were shocked!

So, how'd he do that? Well, he's one smart cookie! Deal or no Deal! Guess the provinces wanted to deal. No deal, you go it alone, keep up the legal battle, while the rest of the provinces benefit from a deal.

The opposition looked like "deer caught in the headlights". Three months and a done deal. Thirteen years of nothing.

This will put the Conservatives solidly into majority country. I can't wait for the budget, should be interesting.

I was at an election party on January 23rd. My MP won big, but no-one was really happy about the results, after a perfect campaign, how could we have only won a slim minority? It was good news, bad news.

This softwood lumber deal, it's like winning majority!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gas Is a Hot Topic, Why Not Banks?

Okay, I know we all are hurting with the price at the pump, but, banks are gouging us and we don't even whimper about it. Their profits are just as huge as oil companies, and they can not claim that it is due to world demand and supply. They can not claim it's a non-renewable resource therefore scarce, and banks get to create money, don't know of any oil company that can do that!

They prey on the most helpless and make us feel like we should be happy they will take our money.

Canadian Banking fees

So, you go to an ATM and withdraw $20 and pay $1.50 for that privilege. That's a 7% charge for one transaction. A savings account nets you .05% per month, not per transaction! If you keep $1000 in savings, that's a whole 50 cents a month!! (I find more than that in coins on the ground per month) Then add to that their service fees, usually $15 or more per month, $180 per year, and for what?? They get to use your money to lend it out or invest it at much higher rates than .05% I won't even start on credit cards, that's such a racket it's disgusting!!

I do all my banking over the internet. I only actually go into my branch when I need a money order for something I bought on ebay, add another $5+ per money order for that little privilege. My pay is automatically deposited, most payments are automatically deducted, by computers, not a teller.

So, why are we not up in arms about banks and their massive profits, earned on the backs of low/middle income earners? Why do we cringe when we have to go for a loan or a mortgage? Heaven help you if your credit rating isn't up to snuff!

Banks have us brainwashed into believing that they are helping us, when just the opposite is true. Without our deposits, banks can not create money by loaning it out. Personal deposits make up a huge proportion of a banks deposits but they cater to businesses, not individual depositors.

I often think that if we all decided to not use any ATM machines, debit cards or credit cards, for just one day, we could make banks sit up and notice who really has the power. Can you imagine the panic in the banks when everybody comes into the bank to ask for real money? (and the lineups)We could stop the whole economy for a day, but I wouldn't do that, our poor elderly people would panic.

It's nice to dream of making banks understand that the smallest depositor matters, because without us, they have no lending ability!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fly That Flag High!!

Keep that flag flying high over Parliament, this shows our respect of our soldiers more than lowering it ever will.

In battle, keeping the flag high has always been a symbol for soldiers to rally behind. A lowered flag means defeat.

We can show more respect with a Canadian flag flying high, and proud in our nations capital then if we lower it for every battle death.

Lower the flag in the soldier's hometown. I saw today that Save-On-Foods had their flag lowered here in Edmonton, and it was very touching, it made me feel very sad that we had lost one of our own, but it made me proud that we have helped contribute to make our country safer. It also made Edmonton special, all of Edmonton should lower their flags to make the rest of Canada aware of the fact that it was one of ours that is a hero.

This must also be how the military feels, it is their special loss, let them tell us that by letting only those bases who have lost a soldier lower the flag. If everybody lowers the flag, it takes away from the honour we wish to extend to the families of the fallen.

Politicians have no right to change years of tradition that the military respects, and the media is totally wrong in whinning about not getting to have cameras in Trenton. The families need some private time to grieve and we don't need to be "peeping toms" on that grief.

A lowered flag means defeat, this is not the message Canadians want to send to our troops.

Fly that flag high over Parliament so our soldiers know that we support them, that Canada is here for them, and that we are strong and free, because of the efforts of our military.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Flip Flop, Well Isn't That A Hoot!!

Today every Liberal during question period, used this term, flip flop. It really was too funny, they are trying to label PMSH, and seeing a Mr Dithers, has already been used, it appears the best they can come up with is flip flop.

Well, so far Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not flipped, nor flopped on any of the 5 priorities, so I'm pretty sure this label will not stick. Nice try though! I guess honest, mature, hard working government, just doesn't have the same ring to it!

I would like to see all the Conservatives walk into question period wearing flip flops and chewing gum. That would be hilarious!! We all know who the flip flopping ditherers are, and it certainly is not the Conservatives.

Back to the drawing board for you Liberals, and could you try being a little more mature? How they could even stand up and say flip flop with a straight face is beyond me, but Liberals take themselves far too seriously and probably didn't see the humour in much these days!

Flip flop, more like top notch!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Less Is Best

I am tired of money being thrown to every squeaky, vocal, special interest group that has a cause.

Less government, less taxes, less programs, less pandering to a small percentage of the population.....less is best!!

Less government in the markets, why should the government have crown corporations? Get rid of the CBC and Canada Post, let the market step in and I bet they will do a far better job than any Crown corporation.

Less taxes, the surpluses indicate that the federal government is taking too much away from us, the taxpayers. If we had that money in our pockets, our economy would be doing way better. Governments are not efficient. They should stick to what the markets will not supply, such as roads and schools and leave the rest to private enterprise.

Less programs. The gay pride parade, is in debt and might not run this year?? Sorry, if it is a good cause they should be able to raise the necessary funds, if not, too bad. Governments should not be funding special interest groups that do not reflect the interests of the population.

If it's a good worthwhile cause, people will donate to the charity. It is not the governments responsibility to fund charities.

Take our taxes and support people who really need it to live, seniors, physically disabled, and mentally disabled. Poverty would become a thing of the past.

So, less is more for those who really need it!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Age Of Consent, Who Can Vote Against It??

Every parent I know wants the age of consent raised from 14 to 16 years of age. I'm not talking about puppy love, or teen on teen sexual experimentation, that's going to happen, we all went through that phase.

I'm talking about people all over the world knowing that Canada has a low age of consent. This means sexual predators can come to Canada, and LEGALLY live with a 14 year old, and parents have no recourse, they have no way to get their babies back. A 14 year old can go to a swingers club as long as they do not serve booze, that's LEGAL and parents have no way to fight it!

Last parliament, the Liberals and the Bloc voted against raising the age of consent. Amazingly the NDP were split!!

Why, if a 14 year old, is not old enough to, drive, drink, or vote, is it okay for them to have sex, one of the most mature decisions we have all had to make?

Who can vote against this bill?? Dare the Liberals and Bloc vote against this again?? Does the media dare go against this??

I think not, but if they do, I will take note of who voted against it and next election, this will be made a big issue, if only on my blog.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Brutal Gas Prices, But My Oil Stocks Are Up!

Well, I was looking at putting some air in my bikes tires today after the last gas price jump, but sadly, that idea didn't last long. It takes me 45 minutes to drive to work now, how long would it take me to bike...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today said, we should get used to it, demand, (especially in China and India), is rapidly overtaking supply.

The new reality is that the days when OPEC could regulate the oil price with supply shortages/surpluses, are gone.

I expect that renewable energy sources are going to be part of the Conservative plan for the environment. It's a great time to shift the public focus off of the unworkable Kyoto Accord to a more workable renewable energy program.

I was talking about Kyoto the other day, and explaining why I didn't support it, and most of the people I talked to had no idea what it was all about. All they knew was that it had something to do with the environment, and therefore it must be good. Boy, were they shocked when I told them our money could be sent to China, and that no pollution would actually be reduced.

So, while I watch the price of gas increase, I am also watching the price of my oil stocks increasing. At least, if I want to cash those stocks in, I will spend that money here, in Canada. I bet if you all check your pension funds, or RRSP's you will find that you are benefiting from those higher prices as well!

Now, should I melt those pennies down for the zinc and copper content??

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bring This Government Down Over Childcare I Dare You

Had to love Harper today, see story here

He was pretty much daring the Liberals to bring him down on this issue. I wish they would, we could then enjoy a majority government that could get something done without having to listen to all the whining.

I loved his talk about money going directly to families NOT the government, academics and advocates. You must listen to the speech, it was right on target, he even joked that the kids yelling in the background were not even close to the noise of the press gallery in Ottawa. Nice dig Stephen!!

Another good dig was his comment to reporters who were trying to make it seem like Emerson was still an issue because of the protesters outside. PMSH said something like: Emerson is doing a great job and the same 10 protesters come out everytime, isn't that getting a little old! Sweet! Told the reporter in a very nice way to shut up and get over it. The audience applauded that one loudly.

I'm liking this guy alot!! He's got a vision for a Canada that I want my kids to live in, not the Liberal wasteland that we have had to endure.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Banning the Bra, Start of the Downhill Slide

Back from Easter trip, five pounds heavier, but loved it anyways.

So, why is it Liberals ban things and Conservatives want choice?

It all started with banning the bra, and it has gone downhill since then. (Especially for those hippy types who burnt their bras, bet their regretting that move now! Talk about downhill!)

They never say it, but they want to ban individualism.

Ban guns, stop individuals from having the ability to choose to protect their families, or even support their families by hunting. They think people who can think for themselves, and provide for themselves are dangerous. If you do not rely on government to live, they have no control over you. Power is important, but, you have no power if you can not control the vocal minorities.

Ban the definition of traditional marriage to shut up maybe 5% of the population that is very vocal.

Ban choice in childcare, let 75% of people pay for the 25% who use daycare. This means banning individuals from choosing to work or not, they want to force us into the workplace and make stay at home Moms/Dads even more irrelevant than they already are to Liberals.

The only choice Liberals want is in abortion, then it becomes a woman's "choice". We hear it repeated time after time, don't you dare take my right to choose away from me! So, lucky women get to choose to kill a baby, get pressured into killing a baby, and it's paid for by all of us. Those of us who are adamantly opposed to abortion, are forced to pay for murder. Do they pay for couples who want to have children but can't? No! Maybe when gay couples vocally complain about needing it, they will change their position.

Other than that, they want to dictate to us what we need and how we think. Don't agree with the Liberal position, you are then labeled as: racist, homophobic, uncaring, redneck, sexist, oh, the list goes on... and on........and on.

The Liberals and NDP keep up the mantra of "we are for the poor in society"! So, why haven't they banned the poor yet?? No-one is allowed to be poor, now that's a law that they can get right behind. Except the poor are for the most part silent, therefore, they can be ignored, by the way, they don't tend vote either.

Ban the for me!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone

Don't know if that is still politically correct, but, for all of you celebrating have a great long weekend.

Personally, I'm flying to join my whole family in celebrating Easter. Well, first comes Good Friday, got to fast that day, not my favorite day, especially when all that baking is going on and you can't eat any of it.

But, Sat and Sun, ohhh yummmm. Tradition is a great thing, gives you something to pass down to the next generation.

Now, how do I get those tomato plants and cabbage rolls safely on the plane?

No matter, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, whatever you believe!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Everyone Wants Their Pound of Flesh...NOW!!!!!

After 13 years of Liberals doing nothing, I listened to an activist saying the Conservatives are "running out of time." They've only been in power 2 months!!! But, they are running out of time?? I didn't hear these people running off at the mouth about the Liberals running out of time.

Gag me!!!!!!!!!! Just today, I heard:

Enviro weenies running scared, saying, the opposition should bring the Conservatives DOWN, because they are cutting funding to their groups, that have had 13+ years under the Liberals, to do something, but haven't. As a matter of fact the greenhouse gases have increased by 30%. Don't blame Kyoto, blame these weenies for getting grants and doing nothing for years.

NDP and Bloc, both had "their" way for childcare.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation, harping about, access to information.

Journalists, not getting to ask their questions when they want too. Boo Hoo!

NDP were harping about passports.....hummmmmmm... that bill was passed in the US Congress 2 years ago(you know another COUNTRY), what did they do about it??? Must be "moved on quickly."

Okay, my head aches, eyes are spinning....everyone knows what's best for US the voters, and all of a sudden, everything is needed immediately, or sooner.

One thing I notice watching/listening to all these pleas, is a shrillness, a panic. I smell fear!!

These guys, might actually have to work for their living now. Poor babies!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is Rae a Metrosexual?? What The Heck Is That??

While at Free Dominion, the term metrosexual came up, so I asked what a metrosexual was, and got some great responses and an excellent site

So, is Rae a metrosexual and will that fly out west? I asked my beer drinking, pickup driving, unshaven hubby (I'd say gun wielding too, just to make you lefties happy, but he doesn't own one) if he would ever carry a purse and streak his hair...well you can imagine the look I got!

So, from my one man survey, I guess Rae, out here in the west, NOT SO MUCH!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't Wimp Out On This One

Between transplanting some of my annuals to bigger pots (I start them too soon every year, just optimistic I guess!) and cooking supper, I watched some of Goldhawk on CPAC regarding the upcoming "takenote" debate on Afghanistan. What struck me was that some callers just plain ignored the truth.

Some blamed the Conservatives, well duhhh, it was the Liberals that sent our troops over there, but don't let the truth get in your way. Some thought we should only be "peacekeepers", and not "peacemakers", what do we have the military for then? But, mainly I couldn't believe the callers that were saying that we were "in bed" with the Americans.

I am sick and tired of this bashing of the Americans, last time I checked, I am in America. As a matter of fact, I am a Canadian living in North AMERICA, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton. People have been brainwashed for so long that if you asked them why they don't like Americans they couldn't give you any intelligent answer.

Even the Taliban are saying we are weak and that they are going to use that against us by increasing the suicide bombings and attacks. Isn't that exactly what Stephen Harper said would happen?

But no, the NDP wanted a debate, and a debate we will now have. If the NDP and Bloc do not show full support for our troops, they are going to have to answer (maybe only to me) why they do not support helping the people of Afghanistan. If, the NDP, the supposed party of the underdog, do not support this mission, women all across Canada should wake up and understand that the NDP are all about increasing the number of MP's in Ottawa, and not about helping women worldwide to achieve success and equality. This will show that the NDP talk the talk, but do not walk the walk!

Same as the women's groups that are trying to tell us that we need institutionalized daycare, and that stay at home Mom's/Dad's do not count. They are backed by unions who see $$$$ if a national daycare is established, they do not see children that need to be cared for by a loving adult.

Well, I support our troops wholeheartedly, and pray they all come back safe and sound. We need to send our troops a strong message, like Larry the Cable Guy would say, "GET R DONE!!"

All you wimpy, IQ challenged, bleeding hearts need to get your heads out of the sand, and enter the real world, the global world, where people help each other, because we should, not because it will get votes.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

De-fund This One or Show Me The Money

Why did the Status of Women Canada receive 23 million from our federal government to dish out to other organizations?? That's what I wanted to find out.

I went to the site to find out who they fund and why, I got this:

This section contains information about the funding programs administered by Status of Women Canada's Policy Research Fund and by Women's Program.

That's it, no information, no click on this, check out that, no nothing, last updated 2003-01-10??? Are they still active? What are they doing? Who are they helping? What organizations are getting the funds?

Don't get me wrong, as a female, I applaud womens groups who want to help promote equality, but really, it all comes down to, show me the money!! Where the heck did/does it go? What groups are being supported by the SOWc and what are they using it for? Are they using it to fight against Choice in Childcare?

There are many government agencies left over from the last government that need to be re-evaluated and de-funded if they are inefficient. Hope they check into this one.

Friday, April 07, 2006

800 Million Needed Or Else??

I keep hearing about how great the Quebec daycare program is, and how all of the provinces in Canada want the same program, but I also keep hearing how they need $800 Million to sustain it! Is that for one year?? If we were to give that to one province, could they at least make sure that no daycare worker strikes for 45 years??

So, 800M times 10 provinces?? Sorry, my calculator blew up when I tried to get that answer. And, don't forget the territories, add some more in for them.

These DAYcare advocates are funded by US (and no, that is not the United States to clarify for you Liberal/NDP types) our taxes are paying for these special interest groups that are totally self serving and out of touch with real people. They are just busy trying to save their "jobs". I say, try working at a real job like millions of people who are productive members of society, not leeches.

The government needs to de-fund these self serving do nothing groups. They are useless.

Give the money to groups that really need the help, like autistic children and disabled people. Too much money is going towards groups like "People for....(you fill in the blank)", but YWCA comes to my mind as one example. We can take that money and make a change for people who really need it, not some artist who wants to study in Paris.

Socialism is killing Europe, let's make sure it doesn't kill Canada!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Disgusting Attack on Little Girl in School


A pedophile predator is at large in the city today - and parents at Oliver School are holding their children a little tighter - after a Grade 2 girl was sexually assaulted inside a washroom.

This is a sad commentary on our laws. When our kids are not even safe in our schools, something desperately needs to be done. You drop your kids off at school and expect them to be safe until you pick them up again. I do not blame the school or teachers, I blame our court system for being too soft on criminals, especially sexual predators.

Our judges need to get into the real world, they are so out of touch with reality they think it's okay for an older man to stalk young children on the internet.

We need the age of consent to be raised from 14 to 16 so that parents can protect their babies, because no matter how developed physically a 14 year old is today, intellectually and emotionally they are still little kids.

Parents need the ability to protect their young, but if a 14 year old wants to have sex with a 22 year old or older person, the parents have no way legally to stop it. Or worse yet, if a swingers club doesn't serve alcohol, they can legally let a 14 year old join in their games.

At 14, these children can not drive a car, vote, or drink, but they can have SEX, legally with someone who is 40???

In the last sitting of Parliament, the Liberals and Bloc voted against raising the age of consent, the NDP were split on the issue. Only the Conservatives supported it.

Raising the age of consent is going to be a part of the Conservative plan to get criminals behind bars and keep them there, I hope this time it passes. Shame on any MP who votes against it this time!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Deal or No Deal...

I like the show, but it gets boring after awhile.

Just like the posturing the opposition parties are doing. I'm getting tired of the socialist, unionist, people telling me that only 36% of people voted for the Conservatives. My vote made a difference this time and I want to see some changes!

Give me and every other average Canadian the respect that our vote accords us. Quit marginalizing my vote for the Conservatives. My vote made a difference, it changed the government of Canada. Given the stranglehold the Liberal mindset has on people, this is no small deal!

So, deal or no deal, well the opposition better say DEAL!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Alberta PC's Kill Their Own Party

Well, Klein is out, but so are the PC's in Alberta. Maybe not the next election, but if they elect the wrong leader, someone Albertan's perceive to be small l Liberal, they are done.

Federally, Alberta went all blue. This shows a strong support for Conservative ideals. Having the Conservatives elected federally also stopped short, for the time being, the growing calls for seperation. Albertans are going to give PM Stephen Harper's government a lot of rope in the hopes that at least some of their priorities will get passed.

A majority of Albertans still liked and supported Klein, I have always supported him because he got elected by saying he was going to cut government and eliminate the debt. He did that, and despite those cuts, got re-elected with majorities. What does that say about Albertans?? We like a straight shooter! That's why we like Harper, we believe what he says is going to happen, will actually happen.

My perception of the Alberta PC's has changed, and not for the better. This leaves me with a problem, I can not vote for the Liberals or the NDP, they are just out of touch with me and what I want for my family. That leaves the PC's or Alliance. Kind of like when the PC's federally messed up, I wasn't going to vote at all until the Reform Party took form. I was happy to have a party close to my ideals to vote for, but who will I vote for in the next provincial election??

Maybe I will vote for the PC's, if they are careful to elect a true Conservative, because that is the direction the country is headed under the leadership of Stephen Harper. If not, the Alliance gives me an alternative to vote for, in the short run, or maybe the long run, given Alberta's voting patterns.

Is the PC party going to suffer the same fate as the other 3 provincial parties in our history?? I don't know, but they might.

I know I have no links to an article to support all this. I am new to blogging, and want to thank The Blogging Tories for adding me to their list (Thanks Stephen). As far as I can figure out, blogging is a diary of thoughts on various issues, so these are my thoughts, agree or not!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

King Klein and Who's Next in Line

I was upset about the results of the vote because most Albertans still Love/Hate Klein. I've always been able to relate to him as a "I am who I am kind of guy". With Klein, you got what you got. He is one of the first politicians I can remember who ran on an agenda of cutting jobs, downsizing government and getting rid of our debt and he did exactly as he promised.

That being said, I don't think it was a vote so much against Klein as it was against his long 2 year retirement.

Now, who can replace Klein when he does retire??

Alberta needs a dynamic new leader who can defend our rights against all comers. We are the new economic engine in Canada and we need someone tough enough to protect our interests while working with the federal government. The PC's in Alberta are in the same situation as the Liberals nationally. They need to rethink their policies, and they need to remember who votes for them and why. Going with the statis quo will mean votes lost to the Alliance.

So, who's in the running??
Dinning...nope too Liberal, he gets elected, my vote goes to the Alberta Alliance
Manning...nope I liked him and his ideas, but his time has come and gone
Oberg...nope only slightly less Liberal than Dinning
Morton...maybe, I'm hearing more about him all the time and he might just be the one

Understand that Albertans stay with one party for long periods of time, but they also switch parties on a dime... and it will not be the Liberals or NDP, count on that.

So, beware of who you elect, the PC's could become the next party sent to the penalty box for a long time!