Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Friday Night, Relax!

I really need to kick back on Fridays like everyone else, so here is an amazing video.

If you liked that one, there is more here! I love his country one too. He went on to win the million dollars!


One more to lighten up your night:

A woman goes to her boyfriend's parents' house for Christmas dinner.

This is to be her first time meeting the family and she is very nervous.
They all sit down and begin eating a fine meal.

The woman is beginning to feel a little discomfort, thanks to her nervousness and the broccoli casserole. The gas pains are almost making her eyes water. Left with no other choice, she decides to relieve herself a bit and lets out a dainty fart.

It wasn't loud, but everyone at the table heard the poof.
Before she even had a chance to be embarrassed, her boyfriend's father looked over at the dog that had been snoozing under the woman's chair, and said in a rather stern voice, 'Skippy!'.

The woman thought, 'This is great!' and a big smile came across her face.
A couple of minutes later, she was beginning to feel the pain again.
This time, she didn't even hesitate. She let a much louder and longer rrrrrip.
The father again looked at the dog and yelled, 'Dammit Skippy!'
Once again the woman smiled and thought 'Yes!' A few minutes later the woman had to let another rip. This time she didn't even think about it.
She let a fart rip that rivaled a train whistle blowing.

Once again, the father looked at the dog with disgust and yelled, 'Dammit Skippy, get away from her, before she shits on you!'

I will get back to being serious....tomorrow!

Hang Him High!!!

What doesn't show up in Hansard, can be clearly heard on tape. Liberal MP Shawn Murphy, yelling "Hang Him High, Hang Mulroney, Hang Mulroney" and various other comments about nooses. Don't believe me? (MP Ed Fast from Abbotsford is speaking, watch and listen to Murphy on his right.)

Go to view clip, fast forward to 4:12:00 and listen for yourself. If you missed yesterdays Question Period, continue listening, it's all there in disgusting glory!

Hang Him High! SHAME on Shawn Murphy. Shame on all Liberals for attacking Chuck Cadman and his memory.

This is in support of Canadian Blue Lemon's post yesterday!

If you have never watched Question Period, this is the one you NEED to watch. It shows how lacking in morals, honesty and compassion Liberals are, anything for a vote. Watch the faces of the NDP when Liberals are bringing up Cadman, question, after question, they are as disgusted as I was, yet NDP MP Pat Martin, a member of the so called Ethics Committee, also weighed in on the issue. Expect to see the ethic's committee take on this new "scandle". The only party that showed any class by not bringing this issue up was, the Bloq.

Hang Him High! A very good glimpse into what the Liberals are really thinking.

UPDATE: MP Ed Fast, on Friday, raises this as a Point of Order! He states that Murphy said "hang Mulroney" five times! Speaker will review the matter. It's very clear on the tape!

UPDATE II: Mike Duffy shows clip of Murphy and the Liberal pundit tries to make it seem okay for a MP to talk about lynching a former PM. Typical, who would expect the Liberals to just apoligize for clearly inappropriate comments. Good for you Duffy, you have balls!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Progressives Vote For Dinosaur.

I'm not sure where their heads are at, but their butts are firmly planted in the CBC's corner.

CBC should receive stable, multi-year funding: report

The heritage committee split along party lines over the future of the public broadcaster, with members of the minority Conservative government writing their own, dissenting report.

But MPs of all political stripes agreed that the CBC should be able to depend on longer term funding.

There's little love lost between the Conservatives and the public broadcaster, however, and no guarantee the government will act on that or dozens of other non-binding recommendations — especially if it wins a majority in the next election.

Little love lost? HA. Actually CTV can be worse. Maybe if the CBC produced something I wanted to watch, it would deserve funding, but why only CBC, why not Global and CTV? Driving through the mountains, the only station we can get is CBC, the radio component should stay (not that we listen, we just throw in a DVD), everything else can go.

Be progressive, keep a dinosaur alive, because, ummm, because, well, because they created, ummm, people are turning to CBC because..., CBC has proven to be a leader in..., okay, someone help me, we pay over 1 BILLION a year to fund the CBC because???


The Liberals slaughtering a good man's name...all for votes. Disgusting. Stuck on stupid Liberals, in Question Period today, couldn't resist bringing up the Chuck Cadman issue. Every question they asked was an attempt to smear an honourable MP, Chuck Cadman. SHAME! Liberal's care nothing about the truth, they like smear and scandal, because that's how they think and act. That's how they expect Conservatives to act.

HAVE YOU NO SHAME! Well, no they don't. They think this is a vote winning issue, that's all that counts. Only Pat Martin from the NDP brought this up, and he's part of the ethics committee, expect to see this as the next ethics committee witchhunt. Watching the faces of the NDP, they were embarrassed that the Liberals were dragging a fine MP's name through the mud. SHAME!

A maybe offer to a dying MP for insurance is a big scandal, but Belinda crossing the floor for a cabinet position.....cue the crickets.

Moore had it right, "Have you no shame Ralph, Have you no shame!"

The Liberals crossed a line today in their attempt to smear the Conservative government, and they knew it, but they continued on anyways. Will this win them votes? Anyone watching this episode of Question Period, has to feel like I do, disgust, a sinking feeling in your heart, that MP's both Liberal and NDP would stoop to such levels for votes. SHAME.

How does the average Canadian feel about this issue?

Vince M.
From the story it appears that during an appearance on CTV's COUNTDOWN in May 2005, Cadman told Mike Duffy that rumours he had been offered an unopposed nomination in his B.C. riding by Conservative officials, were true.

"That was the only offer on anything that I had from anybody,"
Canman said.

So if that was the only inducement he had, how come there is another more shocking one today, just as the book is about to hit the shelves?

I have only one comment

I don't buy it

Kai Wolf
A few things to consider -

1) Who offers a million dollar life insurance policy to a dying man?
2) The timing of the release of this book
3) The person in the middle of this is running as a candidate for the Party being accused

But most of all, what Party stands to benifit the most from the outing of this information at such a crucial juncture in the life of this minority Parliament? Oh yeah. How convenient.

and what about Belinda?
Even if this is true, how is this any different than what the Liberals did with Belinda Stronach? She gave her vote to Martin for a cabinet seat (which meant more salary). The only difference between Cadman and Stronach is that she bit, he didn't (if it's true).

The whole story about late Cadman unbelievably and is totally disgusting .
It is clear, that it is made for political purpose. I do not care for what purpose
it is done, or which political party suppose to benefit or not to benefit from that.
Misusing the name of this great man - Cadman, for whom we have great respect
cab be done only by morally corrupted people. When our Canadian journalist
and politicians return back into civilized manners and human respects, at least to have
respect for dead people and not to use them for their own gain? Yes, it is
disgusting behavior, which became a daily menu for our politicians and some trashy
book authors.
Cadman's Admirer

And, yes, I picked the comments I agreed with, it's my blog.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PEI Joins CWB, Welcome Aboard!

Dateline, February 28th, 2008

PEI has opted to join the Canadian Wheat Board to help them market their potatoes, welcome aboard! Ontario farmers are also rumoured to be ready to join with western farmers by selling their wheat and corn only to the CWB. This is a huge showing of support for the CWB, and how efficient they are in marketing agriculture products to the rest of the world. Quebec dairy and hog farmers are also hinting that it is time for them to support the CWB by shipping their products to only one seller, the CWB.

Reporters talked with CWB President, C. U. Lye, and he was dumbfounded by this sudden show of support, by provinces they do not control. Expressing his astonishment, he had this to say, "This outpouring of support for our repressive monopsony, seeing as we are the only buyer in the market, it unbelievable, it clearly shows the the CWB is on the right track to keep suppressing our farmers, and that if need be we can jail them without worry. If we get all agriculture producing provinces supporting us, farmers will be done for, and the cities will have won."

Joining in with support for farmers are the opposition parties in Parliament, here is what they had to say about this outbreak of support for the CWB:

MPs say time for feds to abandon barley campaign

OTTAWA -- Opposition MPs say it's time for the government to abandon its campaign to end the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on sales of western barley.

Liberal Wayne Easter says consecutive losses in the courts make it clear that the government can't go on.

He says the move to allow farmers the choice of selling their barley themselves or through the board threatens the existence of the marketing agency.

PEI Liberal MP Easter was dumbfounded to find out that the court losses had convinced PEI potato farmers to also support the CWB, by putting their next years crops in the capable hands of the CWB so that the existence of the marketing agency would not be threathened. He could be heard mumbling, "It's okay to keep Alberta wheat farmers down and out, but I never thought PEI potato farmers would buy my line of BS." Attempts to interview him for this article were met with the response that he was hiding out in a potato field, counting seedlings.

Alberta farmers can not believe that they will have to continue selling only to the CWB and that opposition MP's don't even feel a slight sickness in how they continue to repress democracy for farmers.

Latimer Gets Parole!

Just reported on CTV!

Robert Latimer to be released on day parole

Robert Latimer, the Saskatchewan farmer convicted of killing his severely disabled daughter in 1993, has been granted day parole.

Latimer has maintained his daughter's death was a mercy killing, saying her condition had caused her constant pain and discomfort.

"We're just delighted that he's getting day parole, because we don't think he should ever have gotten jail time," Latimer's sister, Pat Latimer, told CTV Newsnet.

It's about time!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Best Friends!

I just don't get the lefties and their hate of anything American. Seriously, what is their problem? Does 80% of our trade mean nothing to them? Has the US ever invaded us? What is it? My take is that they hate success. If the US is successful, their socialist plans will fail.

Watch the negative articles if it is the Americans who provide us with the 1000 troops we need.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has assurances from U.S. President George Bush himself that the United States will provide the 1,000 troops required to keep Canada in Afghanistan if no other countries come forward, CTV News has learned.

HA, I knew that by watching PM Harper anytime he was questioned about the 1000 troops needed, he had a funny little smirk on his face, kind of like he was trying not to burst out laughing. Does anyone seriously think that PM Harper didn't already have those 1000 troops lined up?

Now the media is trying to make it sound like a Bush-Harper union of minds, yet they give the wimpy Europeans a pass.

We are not only fortunate to live in Canada, we are also very fortunate that we have the US as our neighbours.

CTV's South Asia Bureau chief, Paul Workman, spoke to Canada AM from Kandahar and said that the Canadian military will probably be disappointed that the French troops won't be assisting their mission.

"The Canadian Forces leadership might consider it a setback," Workman said of the report.

But Workman said there could be a bright side, with the French troops allowing for the possibility of freeing up American forces to be assigned to the Kandahar region.

Wow, let me see, Americans or French? Either would be acceptable. I think the Gerkas are great too. When it comes down to close ties, the US and Canadian troops are more used to working together, like Norad.

My cousin married a US Marine, I talked to some of the US guests, they have nothing but respect for our troops, they would willingly fight together with them. So why don't Canadians have the same respect for our troops? Why do Canadians talk about "supporting the troops", but not the mission?

The old hippy, peace/love NDP, would never support anything with a gun involved. The Bloq, is so arrogant, they think Quebec can survive without massive help from the rest of Canada. Go ahead, try it.

The Liberals might be split on this issue, but I give them credit for understanding that it's not about votes, it's about Canada's place in this world, so kudos to them for supporting both the troops and the mission! I also predict that the Liberals will all of a sudden LOVE America, if a Democrat gets to be the next President. HA.

Our best friends are the Americans. They always have been, and hopefully they always will be.

So, I'm At Work, And Everyone Else Is Having Fun Playing Tag!

Thanks, I think, to The Canadian Republic, for tagging me. Well, you asked for it!

Meme: Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

1. I can't stand to have cupboards or drawers open, I just have to go over and close them.

2. I have no answering machine, or cell phone, and find e-mail intrusive. If you want to talk to me, talk to me in-person. Yes, I know I blog, but that's all about me intruding on your life, so that's okay.

3. Every penny I find goes into my left shoe, for luck.

4. The toilet paper must be rolled under, not over the top. (I know, I know marriages have ended over that one!)

5. I actually like old fashioned cooking/canning, we have a room in our house, called the "pickle room". Yup you guessed it, full of home made pickles, pickled beets, and salsa.

6. I put off going to the dentist as long as possible, just the sound of the drill gives me the willies.

So, my six tagged mates:

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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Death Cult Marches on...

Except now, they are coming after Grandpa! Not happy with having females killing their own babies, now the death cult wants to put Grandpa and Grandma to death. Nice!

In the matter of life and death, the family should rule

The momentary focus is on the case of Samuel Golubchuk, an 84-year-old Orthodox Jewish man on life support at Winnipeg's Grace Hospital. Mr. Justice Perry Schulman of Court of Queen's Bench recently ruled in favour of the family, which had sued to maintain Mr. Golubchuk on life support contrary to the wishes of doctors.

This is not a "religion versus medicine" issue. It is more a human-rights issue — specifically, the right to live.......

The role of the health provider is to advise, not to dictate. Once that distinction is clear, the distress should disappear. Doctors would be wise to shy away from any unilateral power to use the potent hammer of deciding who gets removed from life support.

In reality, this case should never have needed adjudication. We should have done what is usually done — respect the family wishes.

Read the comments, best reason for killing Grandpa? Cost to the health system, it all comes down to money, not love, care, or compassion.

Dana Cruickshank from Canada writes: If there is unanimous decision in the medical community that the person will not be able to return to any kind of conciousness, then the life should probably be ended, given that this person has been in this condition for a specified amount of time, maybe a month or 2. If the family want to keep the person alive, then they should have to pay for it.

Nowadays we don't have the resources, the money or the doctors to keep everyone alive who is unconcious. We have thousands to people waiting for operations, not to mention the wait times for everything. We need the beds, and I personally don't want to spend my tax money on keeping someone alive who should die because modern medicine has no cure to return them to a partially functioning human being.

I wonder if Dana will be saying the same thing 10 or 20 years from now when they come for her, because she has reached the age of 65, and healthy or not the LAW says you must die, for the good of ALL mankind?

I happen to agree that it should be up to the family, not the doctors when life support should end, hopefully the person has a living will to help the family make this decision. We should decide, with the help of our doctors when the time is right to stop all life saving measures. I still shudder in horror thinking about this killing:

So, what happens when a husband wants to kill his wife, and gets legal help in doing it? Slippery slope. Do you see the slope Dana, or are you headed right for it, at speed?

Was this an “end-of-life” issue?

No. Terri’s case should not be confused with legitimate end-of-life cases in which patients are terminally ill and imminently dying. As already stated, Terri was neither ill nor dying.

Was Terri in a Persistent Vegetative State?

No. Despite Judge Greer’s ruling, and in keeping with the 40 medical affidavits submitted to the court, all evidence proves that Terri was not in a PVS. Terri’s behavior and ability to interact with her surroundings did not meet the medical or statutory definition of persistent vegetative state.

Did the autopsy prove that Terri was in a Persistent Vegetative State?

No. The autopsy was unable to determine whether or not Terri was actually in a persistent vegetative state. In fact, on three separate occasions, the report stated that an autopsy is unable to determine if a person is in a persistent vegetative state because the person must be alive in order to make such a diagnosis. The autopsy did prove that that, prior to Terri's death, she was physically healthy and would have lived a long life had she not been dehydrated over a period of two weeks.

Oh, and the newest, coolest trend in death?

Pushing Infanticide, by Wesley J. Smith, CBC special consultant

Support for infanticide is becoming positively trendy. Where once support for killing babies born with birth defects was a fringe belief, it became respectable—even mainstream—after doctors from Groningen University Medical Center in the Netherlands admitted in 2004 that they euthanized dying and profoundly disabled babies under the terms of what has come to be called the "Groningen Protocol.

The Protocol permits doctors to lethally inject three categories of sick or disabled newborn infants:
The baby has no chance of survival (which is sometimes misdiagnosed)
The baby "may survive after a period of intensive treatment but expectation for their future are very grim" or,
The baby does "not depend on technology for physiologic stability" but whose "suffering is severe, sustained, and cannot be alleviated."
This means that not only are dying babies lethally injected, but also babies with serious disabilities who do not need intensive care.

Slippery slope, indeed! And the Death Cult marches on...who's next?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

There Is Smart, And Then There Is...

Jane Taber. Jane, you are giving us females a bad name. Fawning over US Admiral William Fallon is one thing, but repetitively asking stupid questions is another. What happened to the anti-US bias Jane? Why believe a US Admiral, when you do everything you can to disrespect our own General Hillier?

Here are her questions to the Admiral: (I'm using editorial license, you can listen to it verbatim here.)

We are involved in an "emotional debate" about pulling out in 2011. (What happened to 2009?)
But, does 2011 seem realistic to you? (Asking for support of the Liberal position)
Our Liberals are saying...forget about combat role. (Pimping, oops pumping for "HER" Liberals)
That's politics but do the Taliban listen? (Yes, Jane, they have the technology)
So you are saying this kind of debate is dangerous? (Yes Jane, they are listening)
Are we winning the war? (Yes, as we speak, our troops are tanning on the Afghan beaches)
So, we are not there yet? (Okay, if we were would we be extending the mission? DUH!)
Do you see a day when the Americans take over the mission? (Oh, nice one Jane, the Americans are going to take over a UN mission, there we have the anti-US, bad-US, BS)

The poor Admiral answered as best he could, without getting involved in the politics, but little Jane just couldn't understand, she was not listening to anything he said, because it didn't agree with her preconceived ideas, and her obvious push to make the Liberals look good. Especially telling, was her use of "Our Liberals", Jane, they are "Your Liberals", not "My Liberals".

When will Liberals like Jane learn that not everything revolves around Liberal?

Rapping Polar Bears...Arrested.

Make Love Not War Hippies, are still at it, they are just older. All those global warming protesters think they are original? Better yet, they have now brain stormed and linked War to Global Warming. So what does that get us? Rapping Polar Bears, I kid you not!

During the 1960s, hundred of thousands of people took part in several different protest movements, including the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, the women’s rights movement, the gay rights movement, and the environmental movement. These activists were attempting to change American society through demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, and teach-ins.

This is them now:

Older, but no smarter! Look at all that white hair!

What is the new generation up to? Well they are so "progressive" that they have combined war and global warming. Just like those old guys from the 60's were protesting the environment.

Watch the rapping polar bears, who were arrested.

So, basically nothing has changed with protesters since the 60's, how "progressive".
They are still protesting; war, women's rights, gay rights, and the environment. They are still getting arrested, and they haven't changed society, maybe it's time they got jobs.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Governments Are Like Vampires

Governments are like vampires, they suck your blood, and in return you proclaim undying (HA) love for them. Governments produce nothing. Understand that? They do not produce and sell "widgets", nor any other product they can sell.

Governments suck up our tax dollars, and if we are lucky, we get some benefit from how they spend it. Benefits like roads, schools and hospitals, those are good and something we as a society need. Too often the government uses our tax dollars to buy votes. Look at how they spend your money, make a checklist, then challenge them on things you consider useless. I am talking all levels of government, municipal, provincial and federal.

As an individual, I set goals and priorities, I work to make them come true. Who sets the governments goals? Supposedly we do, but the only time most people have a say is during an election. Once every four years. So, who is controlling how our taxpayers money is spent? Special interest groups. They include immigrant groups, gay and lesbian groups, daycare groups, unions, feminists, environmentalists, First nations, etc. Everyone has their hands in the governments pocket....oh wait, that would be our pockets.

Governments suck up our hard earned dollars, and return what exactly? Municipalities blame provinces for lack of infrastructure, the provinces blame the feds for lack of funds, the feds blame provinces and municipalities for not spending the funds they give them properly, and they then, at all levels, tax us more, because we are the vampire's victims, we are the undead, that endless piggy bank the governments can tap anytime they want, and we the undead, let them. Look at the new carbon tax in BC, no protests, nothing, because we are made to feel guilty about what we are not doing as a society. A 7.5% property tax increase in Edmonton, not even a squeak.

Pollution, our fault
Wait lists, our fault
Potholes, our fault
Poverty, our fault
Homelessness, our fault
Crime, our fault

It's all our fault. Time to get the garlic and wooden stakes out. Time to get rid of the vampires, they are sucking us dry, and making us think we deserve it, because every failure is our fault, always.

Killing The Golden Goose!

I read this article, and thought, it's bang on, is this guy an Albertan? As Albertans approach the day of the vote, March 3rd, we still have 1 in 5 undecided, how will they vote? Will Conservatives stay home again, or come out and fight?

Wildrose Alliance's Hinman full of surprises

At first, the merger between the Wildrose Party of Alberta and the Alberta Alliance last month looked like a non-event....

Some remarkable things have happened since: the merger of two marginal parties to the right of the ruling PCs managed to garner a heap of press coverage (albeit still well below that of the Gary Coleman nuptials). Wildrose Alliance leader Paul Hinman now shows up in the newspaper daily as the guy reporters count on for the most combative quotes of a generally bloodless election race. An Angus Reid poll released Thursday now puts the Wildrose Alliance ahead of the NDP among decided voters, with 10% support province-wide. Finally, Mr. Hinman made some kind of impression in last night’s leaders debate. “Here’s one thought everyone might agree on,” the Calgary Herald’s provincial columnist, Don Braid, writes. “Paul Hinman, the Wildrose Alliance leader, established a clear, crisp, identity as the spokesman for Alberta’s orphaned small c-conservatives.”

Orphaned small c-conservatives, more like all Alberta C/conservatives. Just like the federal Liberals sitting on their hands, and walking out of votes, last election many Conservatives stayed home in protest. This time, I sense a fight, because they have an alternative party to go out and vote for, instead of not voting against the other parties. This time we can vote PC or Wildrose, let's not ignore the damage a Liberal government in Alberta would do, we protested last election by staying home, great, point made, but how far do you carry non-voting to? Allowing a Liberal government? Are Albertans ready for that?

My biggest worry is that we might end up with a Liberal minority, the worse situation Alberta could face. We would be ruled by a Liberal/NDP coalition. The damage they could do to Alberta in only a few months would be devastating.

Cap and Trade
20 billion sent to other provinces/countries for carbon credits
Carbon tax
Shutting down new oilsands development
Demanding MORE royalties from oil companies
Demanding that farmers must STILL sell their products to the CWB
Ignoring our most up and coming sector, agriculture
Throwing more money at health care, instead of fixing it
Institutionalized, unionized daycare
More government interference and regulations in our industries
Chretien styled "Oil is owned by ALL Canadians", NEPII
Rent controls, without creating more housing
Stifling businesses with higher taxes

Fear mongering? These are MY personal fears about what could happen to Alberta. Look to Saskatchewan under the NDP for a great example of how a could have been "have" province was kept underdeveloped by their government, look at the changes since they elected a new government. They made a GOOD change in government.

We need change, but it must be GOOD change, not just change for the sake of change. We must be smart with our votes, we must not stay home this time, the future of our province depends on our vote. We let Liberals, the NDP and unions, determine who our Premier would be, we can not let them hi-jack our province by staying home.

We can not let them "kill the golden goose", that is ALBERTA, not oil.

I've never known a Conservative that won't fight hard for their independence and freedom from the heavy hand of government, I hope Alberta Conservatives get mad about what could happen to our province, and come out and vote.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Those Smart Marines!

Seeing as it is Friday, and most people are relaxing, having a beer, and anticipating the weekend, a little light humour, to make you smile.

The military, from any country, are smart and need a bit of relief from the tension they go through on a daily basis. Here is an example of some smart Marines.

Look closely at the picture....

Keep looking....

See it now???

If a Muslim sees a naked woman --- they are supposed to kill themselves.
Ya gotta love the Marines.
If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them.

Now, sip that beer and relax, but remember our military, enjoy a joke once in awhile.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

For The Sake Of Albertans!

I have changed my mind, I was going to vote Wildrose Alliance, because my riding goes Liberal big time, and I was going to use my vote as a protest vote, but after watching the debate, I will vote PC, one more time. Why?

Plain and simple, I liked Ed Stelmach. He has been portrayed as a hick farmer from rural Alberta by the media, and he showed tonight that he is more than a farmer, and hardly a hick. You can tell he cares about Alberta. He knew what he was talking about, his passion for Alberta showed, and he didn't take any guff from the other 3 leaders. Of the 4 leaders, he is the only one that will fight the environmentalists, the feds, and other premiers, for the sake of Albertans.

Farmers are tough minded, he showed that tonight. Farmers live off the land, and know how to conserve it, better than any environmentalists ever could. Farmers are independent, they do not rely on others to make a living for them. Urban voters are too distanced from the land, are too busy being "progressive", to remember our roots, the farmer.

Add all that to the fact that I also liked how Stelmach walked out on the other premiers when they were trying to make the environment all about an Alberta bashing session. He has guts. With a good group of MLA's elected with him, he will safe guard Alberta, for the sake of Albertans, not for political goals.

My vote, goes PC, without reservation, for the sake of Albertans, and my kids future.

McCain Gets Mulroneyized!

The Times have dug back, way back, to the 1990's to try and dig up some dirt on McCain, kind of like the Liberals here dug up Schreiber from the 1990's to try and smear Mulroney, and hopefully PM Harper and the Conservative party. Maybe the Times should have asked our press how well that worked before they ran with a "undisclosed" sources article.

The New Republic claims it was about to break an article about the Times, and that is why the Times story came out now.

Beyond its revelations, however, what's most remarkable about the article is that it appeared in the paper at all: The new information it reveals focuses on the private matters of the candidate, and relies entirely on the anecdotal evidence of McCain's former staffers to justify the piece--both personal and anecdotal elements unusual in the Gray Lady. The story is filled with awkward journalistic moves--the piece contains a collection of decade-old stories about McCain and Iseman appearing at functions together and concerns voiced by McCain's aides that the Senator shouldn't be seen in public with Iseman--and departs from the Times' usual authoritative voice. At one point, the piece suggestively states: "In 1999 she began showing up so frequently in his offices and at campaign events that staff members took notice. One recalled asking, 'Why is she always around?'" In the absence of concrete, printable proof that McCain and Iseman were an item, the piece delicately steps around purported romance and instead reports on the debate within the McCain campaign about the alleged affair.

Now I'm not up on the US nomination races, but it appears to me that the Liberals are up to the same tricks in the US as they are here in Canada. I suspect if you are a Liberal, you love the Times report, even though it's unsupported by FACTS. Too bad the Times had to tip their hand early, I bet they were saving it to use after McCain won the Republican nomination. Funny, this just might unite the right in the US.

If you have to dig up 15 year old dirt on someone, your case is weak, and your political stance is showing. Just like the Liberals here in Canada trying to dig up dirt on Mulroney, it backfired here, I expect it to backfire in the US. Maybe the Times should write an article about how Hillary sticks by her man, through thick and thin, short and tall, young and old. Maybe they could do an article on Belinda and Bill Clinton! She was seen with him at numerous times, at numerous functions. NO? Wonder why not?

Liberals, always looking for smut, because it's what they do. You could smack a Liberal over the head with a moral, and they would have no idea what hit them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BS On Endangered Species

Polar bears are said to be the next to be put on the endangered species list by the US. All the evidence points to the fact that the polar bear population is increasing, but that doesn't stop the environmentalists. Here is Penn and Teller's take on the endangered species law. (Language warning)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Now we can understand what the true motivation is for all those environmentalists.

Polar bears, Alaska oil and D.C. debate

Conservation groups such as the Sierra Club backed Markey's proposal.

"It doesn’t make sense to open prime polar bear habitat to oil drilling when the animal is under consideration for federal protection," Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope said in a statement. "It’s like locking your car doors and leaving all the windows down."

But Markey has his critics as well.

"The push to list polar bears under the Endangered Species Act is not really about protecting wildlife," Myron Ebell, director of global warming policy at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute, said in a statement. "Rather, the goal is to implement regulatory controls on energy use that global warming alarmists have failed to convince Congress to enact."

So is it really about those "poor" polar bears, or is it about environmentalists and how they hate corporations. How about we send those environmentalists to the middle east or african countries, I suspect they would be happy to be back in the 18th century.

Freedom To Be Moral.

It's not just freedom of speech that is being attacked by the Human Rights Tribunals, freedom of religion is also under attack. Catholic organizations, like the Knights of Columbus in BC, have lost rulings made by the HRC's. Our freedom to be moral, to believe, to stand up for what we know to be right, are all under assault. Here's an interesting song on freedom of speech.

Try here, if the embed doesn't work. Most of the pictures are from the biggest rally ever held on Parliament Hill, to protect the definition of marriage.

This is now a non-issue, except in Churches. I feel sorry for those Anglican Churches that are going through rough times trying to balance their beliefs while being inclusive.

Why is the state, in the form of these human rights tribunals intruding on religions? Funny how Dalton wants to change the Lord's Prayer to be more inclusive, yet the tribunals are intent of changing our Churches and our beliefs, by using the hammer of the government. Why is the State intruding on our schools? I thought we had seperation of the Church and the State, that's what "progressives" tell us, as they are stripping our Churches and schools of their rights.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Change! Change! Change!

That's all we are hearing these days. We heard it last election, "Vote For Change!", it worked, we changed governments, that has been a good thing. We are hearing it loudly from the Obama camp in the US. We are hearing it from all parties, including the PC's, in the Alberta election. We heard it in the Saskatchewan election. Even Cuba is talking change now!

Problem is no-one is defining what they really mean by CHANGE. Is it a GOOD change? A desirable change? A change for the better? I have no problem with change, but only if I see it as a change that is going to benefit Alberta, or Canada.

Is the change in Pakistan a good one? Will the people do better now? They must think so, we can only hope. Was the change to a Hamas government good? Change just for changes sake is not necessarily a good thing, that's why Albertan's are not likely to change their votes. I can not see any improvement by voting in the Liberals or the NDP. They have yet to convince me that they would be better for Alberta than what we have now.

Is Obama a good change? I can't tell, he is a great speaker, but he speaks about nothing, except change, oh and hope. It's an emotional appeal, designed to win over voters, but ask those voters what his policy is on anything, and they have no clue. That is scary.

Voting is the most important right we have in a free country. My vote this election is not going to be bought by goodies, I am going to make my decision based on who will keep Alberta on the right path. My vote is important to my kids, who can't vote yet, it's my responsibility to make sure they have the best chance to succeed in this world.

Change, change, change? Only if it is a good change, a change that will benefit the people. A change that will make our lives better.

The Election That Wasn't!

So far the Alberta election, is, well, boring! I dropped my son off at the YMCA for swimming, and saw Ed Stelmach's bus parked outside. I was tempted to go in and see what was going on, but hey, it was a day off and the last thing I wanted to do was think about politics.

Taft is counting on all the newcomer's to the province to vote Liberal.

I think that new Albertans, people who have moved here in the last 10 years, will be a factor in this election," Taft said. "My impression in talking to them is that they are prepared to vote for a new government."

If you believe Kevin, there's this subversive army of newcomers out there. Quietly waiting until election day, when they will rise up, pull on their Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jackets and march to the polls. And vote Liberal. Just because that's what they've been conditioned to do back wherever they brought the U-Haul from.

But there's more where that came from.

"People from other provinces coming here vote governments out every once in a while," Taft continued. "Just on principle."

Then he talked darkly about the "growing sense in Alberta."

"We want to appeal to everybody, but clearly we're appealing to people who feel after 37 years it's time for a change."

But if you've only been here for a few months, the 37 years part of the theory doesn't really register. You've hardly had time to visit the mountains, let alone get sick and tired of a Tory government you've never known.

Only one thing wrong with that logic. The majority of worker's who come here are from Newfoundland, and they fit in very nicely with Albertan's. They are hard working, freedom lover's, chances are they will vote Conservative before they vote Liberal. Anyone who has the gumption to pull up stakes, and move to Alberta, has to have some old fashioned pioneering spirit, you know, that willingness to make a better life for your family, a conservative principle.

Funny how the election was called just weeks after Wildrose Alliance was formed. Makes me think that the PC's are more worried about Wildrose than Liberals. Change might be in the works, but not towards Liberals, not this election.

Personally, I was more interested in this:

World's longest hockey game

A group of 40 exhausted men defeated frostbite, blisters and fatigue yesterday as they set a new Guinness record for the world’s longest hockey game.
After a gruelling 10-days of continuous hockey, both in frigid and balmy weather conditions, Brent Saik and 39 other players inked a new record of 241.5 hours of ice time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Tough Times, Who You Going To Call…

A sociologist, or an economist?

Let's take Dion, the sociologist first:

Potential Employers:An individual who looks at issues with a sociological perspective brings a helpful approach to any workplace. Research conducted by the American Sociological Association indicates, "Sociology majors who enter the business world work in sales, marketing, customer relations, or human resources. Those who enter human services work with youths at risk, the elderly, or people experiencing problems related to poverty, substance abuse, or the justice system." In almost any business, industry, or government office, sociologists can offer helpful approaches to research and development, policy analysis and development, and program evaluation.

No wonder Dion is pushing a poverty agenda, I just hope people realize, it's taxpayers who will be impoverished if all his BIG ideas get funded.

Now, PM Harper the economist:

I like the "Invasion of the Planet Destroyers" the best, but they are all funny. Hey, who knew that economists had a sense of humour! I hear PM Harper has one, but the msm won't show us that side of him, we might like it.

They work in manufacturing, transport, communications, banking, insurance, investment and retailing industries, as well as in government agencies, consulting and charitable organisations.

So, who understands the economy better? A "group hugs" are good guy, or a guy who knows what to do when our economy tanks? You decide.

What I can't understand is how Dion, as a sociology professor can't master group dynamics, like bringing his party together, but Harper, has that down pat, he united two parties, and has kept them together.

We hear from the Liberals that Dion is VERY smart. If sociology is all about getting groups to work together, I'm not sure how smart the guy really is, he is definitely politically inept. Economics, economy, hummm, might someone know more about how to handle a "maybe" downturn in our economy better than, a socialist, oops, sociologist?

On Family Day, Our New Edition!

Meet Sadie, a one year old, "Dogs With Wings", assistance dog in training. She is our third dog, Pride, our first one, went to a blind man, and Aspen, our second, went to a lady in a wheelchair, who is also hearing impaired. If she makes it, Sadie will either help someone who is blind, handicapped, hearing impaired, or autistic.

Sadie will stay with us until either; her training is complete, 6 months to a year, or she fails out for some reason. Our responsibility is to get her to training school in the morning and pick her up from training in the evening. We also take her shopping with us, and treat her as any family pet, except she isn't allowed to bark, play with balls, or eat human food.

Sadie isn't perfect, as she likes to "counter surf". So far she has scored some fetticine alfredo, my son's lunch sandwich, and has chewed up my electrical cord. Hubby is not amused. We have found out that she is great at recycling, here she is helping us crunch up all those pesty boxes that take up so much room in the blue bag.

Okay, so she needs a little work!!

People always ask, how we can give up these dogs, my response? It's like your child going off to college, you know they are still around, hopefully doing something that they love, and these dogs LOVE helping their handicapped people. For a token fee of $100, these dogs give freedom to many people who would otherwise be shut-ins, depressed, and unable to function at their full capacity. These truly are "Dogs With Wings". (Shameless plug for my favorite charity!)

Update: Found this article, Elisa is one of the trainers for "Dogs With Wings". I wonder if MP Mike Lake knows about them, as he has an autistic child, and they are based out of Edmonton.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Pay, And Pay, And Pay.

My last post became a "which tax is better to reduce" trend. Which got me thinking about just where the money you earn disappears to.

Okay, you go to work from Mon - Fri, so typically you work 40 hours a week. For this productivity you get paid some gross amount (that you never see). From this Gross pay, they deduct:

Federal income tax
Provincial income tax

Others might include:
Health insurance (Blue Cross and AHC, in Alberta)
Union dues

What's left is your Net Pay. You have two options, consume it or save it.

Let's consume some, and save some.

You pay GST on most of what you buy.
You pay PST on most everything you buy (Not in Alberta, Thank the Lord).
You pay utilities, ever notice the sewage fee (tax) is about equal to the amount of water you consume?
You pay property taxes to fund schools.
You pay for parking.
You pay for licensing your pets.
You pay for holding a yard/garage sale.
You pay for upgrading your sidewalks and streets (amortized over 20 years).
You pay fees to fly. Recycle fees, you pay to take garbage to the dump.

Then you save some:
You pay to take money out of your RRSP, when you can least afford it (retired).
You pay capital gains on investments.
You pay taxes on dividends.

And finally, your family pays death taxes on anything you might have had left.

Are you depressed yet? Feeling over taxed?

We pay taxes on money that has already been taxed, but some lefties think that's not enough, we should be happy our tax money goes to needle programs, daycares, and the BIGGY, global warming (What a scam that one is, money spent on that, can not be spent on our grandkids future).

When it comes right down to it, ANY tax reduction we can get, is a good reduction.

Bet I've missed some taxes, feel free to add them to the list. Or just sit there and cry in your beer (taxed) while having a smoke (taxed).

Dion And "Easy Money"!

Well, the Conservatives have fired the first salvo by costing Dion's promises.

Dion's lack of priorities will plunge Canada into deficit

A Stéphane Dion Liberal government would immediately push Canada back into deficit and rack up at least $62.5 billion in new debt.

That is the conclusion of a Conservative Party report which documents the major spending commitments made by Stéphane Dion and the Liberal Party since the 2006 federal election. The costing report reveals that, over the next four years, Stéphane Dion’s lack of priorities will, at a bare minimum, plunge Canada $62.5 billion deeper into debt.

“Stéphane Dion is a weak leader whose lack of priorities will cost everyone in the form of more debt,” said Conservative MP Jim Prentice. “Canadians will need to decide if he is really worth the risk.”

Someone is flexing their muscles, and it's sure not Dion and the Liberals, they are too busy walking out of votes, and sitting on their hands.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lawyer's Creating Work!

All of a sudden the oil sands are "the most destructive project on earth". Who says so? Environmental Defence. They are so stupid and behind the times that they call the oil sands, "tar sands".

"The enormous toxics problems go hand-in-hand with massive global warming pollution and the impending destruction of a boreal forest the size of Florida," the report says in its introduction.

Group spokesperson Matt Price blames Ottawa for failing to enforce federal environmental laws.

"I think there's sort of a conspiracy of silence, especially on the part of the federal government, with regards to the tar sands," Price said, "because there's an agenda to expand it dramatically over the next 10 to 15 years."

Hello Price, the oilsands are NOT man-made, they have been around for centuries, and the "tar" has been leaking into our water for as long as they have been around. Impending destruction of a boreal forest. Trees are being planted there after the oil is removed from the sand, they have a much better chance of growing there after extraction of the oil, then they did before, but hey don't let that stop the fear mongering.

Maybe this will help people understand how immense our oil reserves are (Watch the video, it's a bit cheesy but it shows how huge the oil sands really are.), but I doubt a Toronto environmental group of lawyers really cares for facts.

Never heard of Environmental Defence here in Alberta, so who has the agenda?

Environmental Defence, (Honourary Board member, David Suzuki) leads to:
Pollution Watch, which leads to:
Canadian Environmental Law Association, which leads to:
Environmental Law Centre (Alberta). Notice that some of the friends listed are, Imperial Oil and Petro Canada.

Holy, these organizations are like salmon, they keep spawning different versions of themselves.

What this comes down to, is lawyers making up projects, and fear mongering to get work. Ambulance chasers, or in this case, Environment chasers.

You know something stinks when environmentalists and lawyers join up together.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Alberta Won The Lottery!

I was told that by the Liberal brochure that was delivered to my doorstep by the mail person. I didn't get it from the Liberal candidate on my doorstep, as a matter of fact, the only candidate I have seen on my doorstep is the PC candidate, Fred Horne, he was door knocking when it was minus 20 below.

Alberta won the lottery?? No, Alberta promoted development of their natural resources, we took a 20% hit in jobs to reduce our debt to nothing. Liberals think it was luck, Conservatives understand that it took hard work to build our province.

So, why should we re-elect Liberal Miller? Well I googled him, because I have never seen him in person, and this is his one great accomplishment:

In May of 2005, Miller involved himself in the controversy surrounding the decision of then Conservative Belinda Stronach to cross the floor to the Liberals. After Tony Abbott, a fellow Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, made remarks comparing Stronach to a prostitute, Miller spoke out on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, condemning Abbott's remarks. He also used the opportunity to speak passionately in favor of the increased participation of women in politics. After his speech, Abbott reportedly attempted to assault Miller in the corridor behind the Chamber. Due to a security guard's intervention, a major confrontation was prevented. This matter was resolved when Abbott apologized publicly for any perceived wrongs. Remember the source is wikipedia, I suspect Liberals are writing the profile. I hope a "major" confrontation means Abbott was in his face. (I won't say slugged the guy, but I'm thinking it)

He supported Stronach, great, what else? He mails me a brochure, this is the first time I have heard anything about him since the last election.

Here's the star line, "Albertans trusted their government to be a good manager, but that trust has been broken."

The PC government wiped out the debt. They kept their promises, even the tough ones, like a 20% reduction in the work force. Our economy is booming, Alberta is creating the federal surpluses, dare we let the Liberals get their hands on our money? I think not. Remember the NEP. I do.

"Change can be hard"..... Answer me this, why should we "change"? We are the most successful province in all of Canada, thanks to Newfoundlander's coming here to help, and a Conservative government that encourages business.

If I change my vote, it will be for the Wildrose Alliance, not the Liberals.

The Miller dog don't hunt, but I suspect the "progressives" will re-elect him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sources Told.....

Tories expect to be defeated over budget So, what Conservative source told CTV this? NONE! They quote only Liberal sources.

Sources told CTV News that Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has told party members he is ready to pull the election trigger over the budget bill, even though some Liberals are against the idea.

Sources told...Dion told. Let me get this straight. A source told CTV that Dion told someone, that maybe they might vote against a budget they haven't seen, and they might bring down the government. But the headline is: Tories expect to be defeated??

Can the media spin any harder? The source, of my source is really, the source who told the source, that something might happen, but we can't confirm the source. Okay, anyone else need a drink?

He said that the Conservatives have reacted by getting their election headquarters "up and running. They're getting their planes booked. The campaign workers have been told to get ready for an election campaign."

Hello, the Conservatives have been ready for anything with this disfunctional opposition. I hear the Liberals are going to have take the submarines they bought, because they can't find a plane, good luck with that.

"One senior member of parliament said to me, either we're going to get (Dion) to change his mind or maybe we're going to have to push him off the ledge," Fife said.

Oh great, now we have senior members, are those the same as sources, or are these senior Liberal sources. It's getting confusing, is a source the same as a senior member?

So far, no memtion of a single Conservative member being a source. It's hard to tell though, because the source or member might be a Conservative, or it might be a made-up source, or an NDP source, or a CBC reporter from Toronto feeding info to Pablo.

What we do know, is that the "Tories except to be defeated". Nice where is that beer.

Valentine's Day Massacre.

Today, like every Valentine's Day since our second date, over 22 year ago, my husband sent me flowers at work. (Thank's Dear!) Unfortuntely, some people with loved ones, will have a much different outlook on Valentie's Day for the rest of their lives.

Gunman opens fire on Ill. campus; six dead

DEKALB, Ill. - A former graduate student armed with two handguns and a shotgun opened fire Thursday in a large lecture hall on the campus of Northern Illinois University, killing five people and wounding at least 15 others before killing himself, authorities said.

University President John Peters said four females, a male and the shooter were killed. He said two other victims were in critical condition Thursday night.

My prayers go out to the families of all involved. When will this madness stop?

Maybe when we stop being victims.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Senator's Gambling In New Mexico...

Oink, I mean doing research on how to solve our First Nation's problems. Next up at the trough, our Senator's on the agriculture and forestry committee, spending over $300,000 for a trip up north, in the winter, where nothing is growing right now, except snowbanks!

Tory senators boycott committee trip to North

Last week, some members of the Committee on Aboriginal Peoples spent nearly a week in New Mexico, studying Native American bands who have built thriving communities -- with the help of casinos.

"If they have solutions to problems that plague the Native North Americans, I think we should exchange ideas and share in the learning process," said St. Germain, who is also a member of the Aboriginal Peoples committee.

Seven senators, two staff members and two consultants spent several nights at two casino resorts owned by the Navajo Nation.

Are these Senator's trying to get fired by Canadians, or are they so arrogant, so untouchable, that they think we are stupid enough to keep buying into the "sober second thought" garbage. Was even one of them, sober, or having even one thought in New Mexico?

I'm, Oink, amazed.

No Combat! BS!

You have to give Lewis Mackenzie credit, he calls a spade a spade!

On Mike Duffy earlier, he calls BS on the Liberals!

He also has a great article in the Glob that needs to be read to appreciate his sharp mind.

A very good article.

Rule 1. You will no longer attempt to eliminate the insurgency threat to the vast majority of the local population in Kandahar province.

"That will be left to soldiers from other countries yet to be identified. You will redirect your efforts to being nice. Your commander will explain how this will be achieved."

Of course, the lefties hate it, and therefore they attack the messenger trying to divert attention, because they know Lewis is right, the Liberal's position is ridiculous, but the NDP's is even worse.

I've mentioned it before, I will mention it again, the Liberals need to get their act together, and start slamming the NDP on their position, but seeing as the Liberals themselves are split between hawks and doves, guess their best bet is fence sitting. PM Harper had to defend them during question period, he was the one who has made the point that the Liberals were right (HA) when they started the mission, and they are now right to support it still.

Hope Dion and the Liberal's are not like Humpty Dumpty, and have a great fall......Oh wait, I do!

Unambiguously Ambidextrous, has the link to the article, and some comments.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleepy Senate Get's One Right!

It's amazing that they can do nothing on the crime bill, but they fast track the Kyoto bill and the Kelowna bill. Oh and didn't they just fast track a raise for themselves? They just got one right though:

Security certificate bill clears Senate

OTTAWA -- The Senate has passed changes to the system for deporting foreign-born terrorism suspects -- just days before a court-imposed deadline.

The upper chamber gave the bill on national security certificates third reading after a special committee rushed it through hearings with the caveat that it would like to continue studying the controversial tools.

Funny how they can't rush the crime bill through. Maybe Pied Piper Dion and his merry band of non-voting lemmings, can get the unelected, Liberal Senate to pass the crime bill now.

Oh, by the way the average age of Senator's is 65.89 years, sleepy, or dead?

Buzz, Lightyear's Behind!

Poor Buzz, he blames everything, but the union for the auto industry troubles. Face the facts Buzz, $50 per hour jobs for making car parts isn't cutting it anymore. Buzz isn't going to lose his job, but less senior members are, it's happening right now. Maybe Buzz should ask his worker's whether they would prefer; the company they work for to go bankrupt, or to work for $25 an hour instead.

Buzz finally got his "audience" with the PM today.

Mr. Hargrove has been seeking a meeting with Mr. Harper since the Conservatives were elected two years ago. The crisis afflicting segments of the auto and auto parts industry has deepened since then with the meteoric rise in value of the Canadian dollar.

Just getting the meeting, I feel like a winner, after two years,” Mr. Hargrove said.

But he outlined a litany of problems facing the industry, including the number of imports from Asia and Europe that far exceed the number of vehicles shipped there from Canada.

The union wants Mr. Harper to make a public statement saying Canada will no longer allow such imports to enter North America unless Japan and South Korea in particular open their markets to North American vehicles.

In that same article, it states that GM lost $38.7-billion (U.S.), so Buzz, what are you going to do to help your union workers? Is it better that they have no jobs, or that 50% of your workers have $50/hour jobs? This is typical union mentality at work.

Unions in the 70's were demanding COLA's (cost of living allowances) because inflation was in the double digits. They got those COLA's, but they also got massive layoffs. The problem was that the price of oil was increasing because OPEC was restricting supply, and Japan had just entered the North American market with small gas efficient cars, while America was still producing gas guzzling cars.

Staglation was born (high unemployment, high inflation).

Buzz, do you see any parallels here? Oil prices are breaking records, China/India/Korea are building cheaper/more fuel efficient vehicles, using cheaper labour. Inflation is headed upwards (Alberta), so is unemployment in the manufacturing sector (Ontario). Why should only the auto sector get help, and if they are losing billions of dollars, should we throw good taxpayer's dollars after bad union agreements? If you are not willing to compromise, why should taxpayer's have to?

Who can bring Canadians through this better? An economist, or a sociologist?

You a betting man Buzz? Cause my money is on PM Harper.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Harper's Mistake.

The mistake he made was to think that the mission in Afghanistan could be discussed in Parliament, in a free and open vote, by mature and responsible MP's. That it would not become a political issue. He thought that MP's would support our troops in a UN supported, NATO led mission, no if's, and's, or but's. He was wrong.

Dion wants clear deadline for Afghanistan mission

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is remaining firm in his demands that troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan next year and that the mission end in 2011, while Conservatives are refusing to set a clear deadline.

"Our position is that in 2011 the mission is over," Dion told reporters.

2011??? Funny, I thought they were firm that the mission would be over in 2009? Did Dion just change the channel, again? Is this his face saving proposition?

Let me get this straight, PM Harper allowed a free vote, for the FIRST time in history, on a military mission, and Dion is making demands? Dion hasn't taken a stand on anything, and now, he chooses the Afghan mission to fall on his sword? Dion said nothing when Chretien sent our troops into Afghanistan, with only a 2 hour takenote debate in Parliament, he said nothing when Martin moved them to Kandahar, now he is making demands?

Do the Liberals not see how hypocritical that is? Is Dion going to whip the vote? Not very democratic.

Layton is worse, but he's not taking the heat right now, Dion is, maybe Dion should start attacking the NDP position, which is ridiculous and easy to attack. The NDP is supposedly the party that protects the people, how can they protect those little Afghan girls if our troops aren't there?

The Bloq as usual, are a waste, when will Quebec voters realize that the Bloq can't get them anything, never will be able to, except seperation. They sit day after day in Parliament, and get nothing done, are rarely interviewed, but collect those big pay cheques and pensions.

All MP's, no matter which party, have got to stop saying "I support the troops, BUT".

PM Harper has been clear, you support the mission, or you don't. You either want Canada to continue, finally, pulling it's weight within NATO, continue to be respected worldwide for our support of countries that need help, or you want us to huddle in our igloos, scared to come out even when those "nearly extinct" polar bears are attacking our sled dogs.

S**t, or get off the pot! That's what PM Harper would like to say, but can't, so I will!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get Over It Liberals!

Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada, he has been for two years! Dion is the opposition Leader, he is NOT the PM, so it doesn’t really matter what he thinks, he has no power to put what he wants into action, only the elected Government can do that, and last time I checked, that was the Conservatives, not the Liberals, NDP or Bloq.

I am tired of juvenile, disrespectful ranting from the lefties (Okay I admit, I’m ranting myself, so they are free to call me on it). I am tired of the anti-Conservative media slant in just about every single report I read, or listen to. I am tired of slander slung at the Conservatives like the NDP did, standing in the House and stating that Moore was looking at scantily clad women, without even talking to him about it first. It shows how low the opposition will stoop to disparage the Conservative government.

The opposition should keep the government’s feet to the fire, but not just to oppose, to work together to build a better Canada. They are not doing that, they are trying to make up scandals. The lefties have all the power in committees because this is a minority government, and they are using that fact to their own partisan ends. It disgusts me that Szabo can visit Schreiber’s lawyer and still chair the ethics committee. That Thibault can visit Schreiber in jail twice, and then be seen with him in a restaurant, looking over documents during the Christmas break, and the media doesn’t report it, except for Mike Duffy. CBC has not released the names of the two Liberal MP’s that got fed questions to ask Mulroney at the ethics committee. Pablo has openly lied, but because he is a Liberal, it's hidden in the media. Nice ethics there Liberals.

The PM visits the Quebec Carnival; do we see any video of that? This is what we get:

Harper's appearance at the carnival, though, may not have been enough to swing some voters to his side.

"No way," said one woman who saw the Prime Minister's performance.

"I didn't change my mind. He's a very nice man but I didn't change my mind. No. I'm Liberal, through and through."

So, they interview one die-hard Liberal, and that becomes the truth, that's news?

We get Dion yapping about Afghanistan, and how the Liberals have a plan. Right, a plan to keep our soldiers there without bullets, that is surely a solution… to failure. And when the Liberals are forced to sit on their hands on crime legislation, they know it doesn’t matter, because the Liberal Senate can stop it from passing. In essence, the Liberals get two kicks at the cat, in the House and in the Senate, so who really is the government right now?

We have a Prime Minister that other nations respect, but not lefty Canadians. Canada is punching above its weight in Afghanistan, and the opposition is so busy vote gathering and supporting the Taliban, that Canada’s reputation on the world stage doesn’t even matter to them anymore, if it ever did.

The opposition is disrupting any good legislation because of partisan politicking. The one bill I want passed is the age of consent being raised from 14 to 16, this was one of the first bills introduced and two years later it’s being held up in the Senate.

The Bloq is useless, the NDP will never gain power, the Greens are irrelevant and the Liberals are so arrogant they still think they are the government.

You see this kind of idiotic comment, time and time again.

Out with Harper
Please bring it on!! i've had just about enough of Harper's "american-style governing". He's had enough time in office to get it together! Out with the conservatives!!

(From the CTV site)

It appears the Conservatives are running a daycare filled with opposition babies and infantile voters. Hopefully the adults wake up and realize that the Conservatives are the best bet whether our economy tanks or not. (I don't think it will, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland oil will keep on giving, to all of Canada. Oh, and Chretien coming to Alberta and telling us to share the wealth went over like a lead balloon. Why do Liberals insist on coming to Alberta and lecturing us?)

Who do you prefer looking after our economy, an economist or a sociologist?

Global Warming Kills Hundreds....

In Afghanistan.

Feb. 10 - More than 750 people have perished in one of the worst winters in living memory engulfs Afghanistan.

The harsh winter has pushed up prices of food and fuel. Last month, the World Food Programme appealed for additional food assistance for 2.5 million Afghans until the next harvest in June.

Helen Long reports.
Watch the video. I have never heard of heat causing fingers and toes to be amputated.

So, another story of that nasty global warming, and how it is bad for us. Could cold be more of a killer than heat? How are those crops in China doing in this cold? Thought so.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Glob Knows What Alberta Thinks.

Look, any paper is free to report on the Alberta election, but can the Glob at least get it right? Instead of reporting only what Daft Taft tells his party members, they should try for a little tiny bit of balance.

Calgary poised to go Liberal, party Leader says

“We think, come the day after the next election, people are going to wake up and see that Calgary's a Liberal city,” he said to a smattering of applause.

In the not-so-distant past, such a pronouncement would have been laughable in this true-blue Tory city, home of the oil giants that drive the country's economy. It was Edmonton – derisively dubbed Redmonton – that was considered most vulnerable for Tories. But now, as Albertans prepare to head to the polls March 3 to decide whether to extend 37 years of Progressive Conservative rule, Calgary finally looks ripe to turn Liberal red.

So, how ripe is Calgary? Read the comments. Not very. Most Calgary PC candidates won with between 40 and 60 percent of the vote.

With the Liberals promoting climate change and the environment, they are a good gauge for Dion and the federal Liberals. Let's see how a carbon tax goes over in an Alberta election. That should be interesting.

It's hard to even tell an election is happening here in Alberta, so the Glob openly promoting the Liberals is another example of their biased, everything Liberal approach.

This is the article in the Edmonton Sun that I think they should have promoted instead.

He Stands For All NATO Soldiers.

As his proud soldier-father looked on, a Canadian private received a prestigious medal on behalf of all NATO soldiers at the 44th Munich Conference on Security Policy in Germany Saturday.
Pte. Michael O’Rourke accepted the Peace Through Dialogue Medal which has been awarded by the conference each year since 2005 to honour outstanding contributions to international peace and security.

In receiving the medal O’Rourke joins the EU’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana, U.S. Senator John McCain, who’s vying for the Republican presidential nomination, and former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan.

Not a whisper of this medal on the Glob, guess it was too pro-military, you know, the guys with (shudder) guns.

UPDATE: the Glob, feeling they hadn't been biased enough just had to add this little article. Stelmach staff ‘talking down' to candidates, Calgary Tory says

Friday, February 08, 2008

How Dare You II

I enjoyed ranting the other day, with my "How Dare You" post, it was refreshing to vent. Seems like some other people enjoyed it as well, so here are their comments. They made a game of it over at jacksnewswatch.

How dare you call me a homophobe just because I don’t want my kids being taught homosexuality in kindergarten.

How dare they exclude property rights from the Constitution?

How dare they spend literally billions of dollars to force “official bilingualism” down our unwilling throats?

How dare they used “unity” as an excuse to divert hundreds of millions of dollars to their friends in exchange for kickbacks and then refuse to open their books to the investigation?

How dare they use our National Police Force as their own personal ‘hit men’ to punish those who stand up to them.

how dare they dismantle our military forces and neglect them for years.

How dare they neglect afghans’ strive to freedom and democracy

How dare they put terrorists and criminals’ rights ahead of innocent people and hard working canadians’ rights.

How dare they say that saving lives is a FAILED MISSION

“How dare they arrive at the conclusion that I am stupid and not paying attention?”

Funny how it went from "how dare you", to "how dare they". Guess it's the old, us against them, feelings coming out.

My favorite of course is this one, from my blog:

HOW DARE You confront me with intellectual common sense so early on a Sunday Morning that I am FORCED to add your site to my favorites so that I can come back for another look.

I have left out all names just encase they DARE to sue me. HA.

So, the game is to add to the list of "How Dare You" comments. What ticks you off, what makes you yell, How Dare You?

Here's mine to start the ball rolling:

How dare you, vote for people who steal taxpayers money, and then arrogantly feel you are superior by calling me a redneck, bible thumping, cowboy ( in this case cowgirl) from the west.

Liberals DO Have Horns!

It's Friday, and I can't help myself, I'm not sure exactly who this new Liberal strategist is, but someone needs to tell him to get rid of those horns!
If you feel you have to get a closer look, or if my video doesn't work, click on party strategists debate how to handel...the link is here. Or this? I'm trying a new video capture program, and it all works fine for me, but doesn't seem to work right on the blog!!! Tell me if any of these work for any of you.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Only Dogs Can Hear The High Pitched Screaming Now!

Suzuki (the bug guy) yells that all "deniers" should be put in prison, now the WWF is getting in on the act. Seems they are shrilling too hard these days. Funny, just when they thought they had us on the run, they scream so hard, that only dogs can hear that high pitched scream now.

Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki

At a Montreal conference last Thursday, the prominent scientist, broadcaster and Order of Canada recipient exhorted a packed house of 600 to hold politicians legally accountable for what he called an intergenerational crime. Though a spokesman said yesterday the call for imprisonment was not meant to be taken literally, Dr. Suzuki reportedly made similar remarks in an address at the University of Toronto last month.

Nice Suzuki, maybe you should be jailed for fear mongering and spewing recycled garbage. Not to be outdone, we have the World Wildlife Fund, shreaking about polar bears. I'm embarrassed I ever donated any money to this group.

Northern oil drilling will hurt polar bears: WWF

Canada's decision to open bidding for the rights to drill in the northern Beaufort Sea will destroy a large area of critical polar bear habitat and put the animal's future in danger, the World Wildlife Foundation said Thursday.

"These are areas where polar bears and bowhead whales and beluga whales and who knows what else call home," Dr. Peter Ewins, WWF Canada's director, told on Thursday. "Clearly these areas are important, perhaps critical, habitat for the pressured polar bears."

"and who knows what else call home"? So, Dr. even you have no idea, but expect us to just believe you?

The rights to oil and gas exploration on more than 2.9 million acres of continental shelf in the Beaufort Sea, north of the Yukon and Northwest Territories, were recently offered up by the Canadian government. Bids will be accepted until June 2, when the rights will be issued.

I'm pretty sure you can find lots of "things" that live in 2.9 million acres of sea. Heck I have lots of mice in my garage this winter, should I just let them live there, as I'm pretty sure a warm garage in winter is NOT their natural habitat? Or, do I get a good mouser to clean my garage out, and prevent my kids from getting sick from all the droppings?

WWF should be building environmentally friendly platforms out at sea so those polar bears don't drown with all that ice melting! That might get them more attention then dressing up in polar bear outfits and protesting. Maybe they should just go hug those bears, send them some love. They did want to kill Knut didn't they? Idiots!

Why is Suzuki calling for politicians to be jailed? They have hit the brick wall.

In Bali, more than perhaps ever before, climate alarmism has finally hit the solid brick wall of political reality. It's a reality that won't go away or be changed any time soon. After more than 20 years of green ascendancy on the world stage, green politicians and climate campaigners are for the first time faced with a conundrum that looks as impenetrable as squaring the circle.

So there you have it, environmentalists have hit that brick wall, and all the shrill yelling about jailing "deniers" and "protecting wildlife", is their answer.

I take pride in the fact that PM Harper has helped to change the channel on these econuts, and that the developed world has banded together to show everyone how it's all a money grab by people who just want our tax dollars. Once those dollars leave Canada, they can not be used to reduce pollution (you never hear pollution mentioned anymore) here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First Out Of The Gate? A PC Candidate!

Okay, for you Alberta election watchers, I actually had the PC candidate for my riding, show up on my door step tonight! I talked to him for about 5 minutes, and he seems like a really down to earth guy.

He is running against the Liberal MLA and it wasn't even a close race last time.

40 Edmonton-Rutherford

Anita Ashmore SC 210 1.60%
R. J. (Bob) Ewart AA 516 3.90%
Ian McClelland PC 4,173 31.80%
Rick Miller LIB 7,221 55.10%
George A. Slade NDP 995 7.60%

The only candidate I knew was the NDP candidate, he ran the community center. Putting it very mildly, I can't believe the guy got that many votes!

Fred Horne is the new PC candidate in Edmonton-Rutherford. He's obviously already working hard, so I give him top marks for being out on a cold evening at 7:30 to meet us regular folks. I will put a sign on my lawn in support, but I made it known that the PC's are getting too Liberal, and if a Wildrose candidate also runs, I will put up a sign for him too. That should confuse the neighbours!

Here are the candidates so far:

LIB Rick Miller

NDP Mike Butler

PC Fred Horne


No Wildrose Alliance candidate indicated, so it might make my vote a lot easier.

Let's wait and see who else shows up at my door, because that makes a huge difference.

I will dig down into ALL the riding numbers this weekend, when I have some time to look at the last election statistics, I do love numbers.

PC's 1, everyone else 0.

Hillary Thinks This Is A Good Idea?

An American friend sent me this little video on why the US should not adopt the Canadian health care system. Maybe Canadians should watch it too, so they understand that health care is not free, and that it is not working!

Who pays for our broken system? Taxpayers, always. Remember governments produce nothing, they just take taxpayers money, and spend it on programs, less effectively than businesses.

Premier Stelmach has promised to stop making Albertans pay for the Alberta Health Care Premiums, so, how will they make up for those lost revenues? I suspect out of taxpayers pockets somehow, but health care will now really be free. HA!

My company pays those premiums, so I wonder if they will now pay for my Blue Cross instead? What is Blue Cross if not insurance, provided to those who want better health care benefits? So, why not pay for an MRI at a private clinic?

Hillary, free health care sounds good, but do more research than watching Micheal Moore!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Like Gum Stuck To The Bottom Of Your Shoe...

...You just can't get rid of it. I think Thibault and Szabo have gum on their shoes, and the trail leads right to Schreiber. So far, we know Pablo is guilty of collusion with the CBC, now it appears that we can add Thibault and Szabo to the list, except they are colluding with Schreiber. Bet this doesn't look like such a good idea to the Liberals now.

I don't normally link to CBC if I can help it, but listen to what Robin Sears, Mulroney's representative, has to say about Thibault and Szabo, it appears they have evidence of Liberal meetings with Schreiber and Greenspan (his lawyer), and they are about to go public with it!

Click on the link and watch from around 19:40 to 25:46.

Don Newman was scrambling to think of how to turn the accusations around, wonder if he was thinking about a certain CBC reporter who got caught feeding questions to another Liberal, Pablo, at the same committee? Wonder how Newman would like it out here in Alberta, reporting on the weather, or our election maybe?

Spector and Schreiber, what a pair, both jap loudly about nothing.

Thanks to Joanne's Journey and her commenter paulsstuff for making me look for this video.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Shake Hands And Come Out Fighting!

I can really have fun this election because, I happen to be in a riding that has a Liberal MLA, don't even know his name, never received any literature from him, so care not a bit about him, just like he cared nothing about me.

All parties are going to have to make it clear what their position is on Human Rights Commissions. My vote is up for grabs on this issue alone. Now that health premiums have been taken off the table, let's make HRC's a major issue. Let's make sure we ask every candidate, and every party, what their position is on the Alberta HRC's.

The national media is yapping about change, thinking Conservatives might change into Liberals in Alberta. HAHAHAHA, not going to happen, even with all the newbies in Alberta. By change we mean from the PC to Wildrose Alliance, not become lefties. Does the Toronto media not get it? Who do we have to vote for? On the right, we have the PC's and Wildrose, on the left, we have Liberals, NDP and Greens.

Let's start with the left.

Liberals = NEP (National Energy Program, for those too young to know, killed our last boom, left people homeless.)

NDP = National Deficit Party (Want to see a boom go bust? Vote for those yahoos.)

Greens = Death to the oilsands. (The greens will have us freezing in the cold, if they have their way.)

On the right.

Progressive Conservatives = Long in the tooth, with a weak leader, but not a total disaster, I'm actually warming up to Stelmach, I just think he is in over his head.

Wildrose Alliance = A true grass roots Conservative party, but they need a better leader.

So, I will vote for either the PC's or the Wildrose. If my MLA was a PC, I would probably vote for them, but seeing as I have a Liberal MLA, it can't hurt for me to vote Wildrose, if they have a candidate in my riding.

Shake hands, and come out fighting, I love elections!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dripping With Envy!

This article is so envy filled, it makes me sick! Supposedly us rich Albertans are not only rolling in the dough, but we are environmentally ignorant, and an international laughing stock.

Election expected to be called this week in Alberta

EDMONTON -- Alberta, rolling in dough but baking in an overheated economy, will see politicians hit the hustings this week in an election campaign expected to address what price green in a land of bounteous black oil.

Do you "Canadian Press", have any idea how hard Albertans work to keep your houses warm, and your cars supplied with gas? We have slowed down, check your facts, Saskatchewan is now booming.

The vote comes as the province's oilsands pistons fire an economic engine that has propelled Alberta down a road of unbridled and unprecedented prosperity. Provincial coffers have bulged for years with billion-dollar budget surpluses that have effectively left the province debt-free.

Hello, no mention of the 20% cuts we took in jobs to get rid of our debt? No mention of how Klein got elected even though he told us, we were going to have to tighten our belts. No mention of the billions rolling into the federal government coffers. If you had a clue, you would know that our economy has slowed in the last year, and we will feel the pain all across Canada. Good time to get rid of some parasites, like SOW groups who do nothing for real women. How can Quebec afford a $7 a day daycare program as a have not province, but Alberta can't? Why do Albertans still pay for Alberta Health Care premiums?

But opponents see weakness in Stelmach's promise to gradually cut greenhouse gas emissions to avoid, in his estimation, catastrophic job losses and shutdowns in the oilpatch. He announced last month that Alberta will not reduce carbon dioxide emissions at all for 12 years and then reduce them to just 14 per cent below the 2005 levels by mid-century.
Those figures fall well short of levels set out by the Kyoto Accord, the European Union and even the federal government to address global concerns of melting ice caps, falling lake levels and meteorological upheaval.
Britain's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research predicts the oilsands will make up 15 per cent of Canada's total greenhouse gas output within 12 years.

Now, Britain is dictating to us? In 12 years we will make up 15% of greenhouse gas output??? So, why are we the big bad guys, who makes up the other 85%, maybe Toronto should work on smog. No mention that Alberta has more wind turbines than ALL other provinces combined, that we have reduced our emissions by 17% already, and that we plan to build a huge carbon sequestration plant.

Alberta is also drawing international scorn. Environmentalists in Washington, D.C., protested a recent Stelmach visit by wearing polar bear suits and telling him in bullhorn terms to "Go home."

Wow, 10 protestors in polar bears suits means we are drawing "international scorn"?

My only question is, what jackass wrote this biased, dripping with envy, piece of garbage? Probably someone who has never even been to Alberta. Like Dion coming here and talking about "easy money". Idiots.