Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Change! Change! Change!

That's all we are hearing these days. We heard it last election, "Vote For Change!", it worked, we changed governments, that has been a good thing. We are hearing it loudly from the Obama camp in the US. We are hearing it from all parties, including the PC's, in the Alberta election. We heard it in the Saskatchewan election. Even Cuba is talking change now!

Problem is no-one is defining what they really mean by CHANGE. Is it a GOOD change? A desirable change? A change for the better? I have no problem with change, but only if I see it as a change that is going to benefit Alberta, or Canada.

Is the change in Pakistan a good one? Will the people do better now? They must think so, we can only hope. Was the change to a Hamas government good? Change just for changes sake is not necessarily a good thing, that's why Albertan's are not likely to change their votes. I can not see any improvement by voting in the Liberals or the NDP. They have yet to convince me that they would be better for Alberta than what we have now.

Is Obama a good change? I can't tell, he is a great speaker, but he speaks about nothing, except change, oh and hope. It's an emotional appeal, designed to win over voters, but ask those voters what his policy is on anything, and they have no clue. That is scary.

Voting is the most important right we have in a free country. My vote this election is not going to be bought by goodies, I am going to make my decision based on who will keep Alberta on the right path. My vote is important to my kids, who can't vote yet, it's my responsibility to make sure they have the best chance to succeed in this world.

Change, change, change? Only if it is a good change, a change that will benefit the people. A change that will make our lives better.

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