Thursday, May 31, 2007

Keep O'Connor, Boot Coderre!

That's it in a nut shell, I support O'Connor. The opposition has been gunning for him from day one. He might not be a smooth talking politician, but he is honest and if he says the families of soldiers will get reimbursed, I believe they will. What I strongly object to is Coderre slamming a Minister of the Government, when he marched with Hezbollah in Montreal.

However, the Montreal event has been described as being anti-Israeli in tone, with Hezbollah flags on display, and some demonstrators chanting support for the organization, which calls for the destruction of Israel and is banned by the Canadian government.

Politicians attending the Montreal rally included Liberal MP Denis Coderre, who represents a downtown Montreal riding and is a supporter of Liberal leadership contender Michael Ignatieff, as well as Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe and Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair.

Coderre is also busy with a lawsuit against Shane Doan.

Still, some politicians, including Liberal MP Denis Coderre, the former minister of amateur sport, won't let the issue die. Last year, Mr. Coderre protested when Mr. Doan was named to Canada's Olympic hockey team.

So, we have a bigotted MP from the Quebec Liberals, who marches with terrorists, and he thinks O'Connor should resign? Coderre is a typical arrogant Liberal who thinks only his opionion counts, he is a disgrace to all parlimentarians, and all Canadians should be disgusted with an MP like him, he's even worse than Fry and Holland.
How about we get a petition going to make Coderre resign, he's a disgrace to our country.

Bottom line, keep O'Connor, boot Coderre!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shame On The Liberal Party!

Here's my take on the Dinning trip to Ottawa. First we need to go back to Cpl Dinnings funeral.

I watched it, cried and mostly thought that the father was out of line by bringing politics into a funeral for his son.

Those at the service got to watch Dinning's life unfold on a giant video screen as his father Lincoln showed home movies of Matt singing O Canada as a young boy, appearing as Robin Hood in a school play and speaking at a wedding.

"Now I'd like to show you some of the video that Mr. Harper wouldn't let you see close up of Matthew's arrival home,'' said Lincoln. He then showed some home video of Matt's remains returning to CFB Trenton on Tuesday.

I am sorry for the Dinnings loss, but from what I understand, one of the other families did not want the repatriation ceremony televised. So, the Dinnings are disrespecting another families wishes, that other family lost a loved one too, it's not all about the Dinnings.

I went over to read the three letters they have sent. Too bad they are asking for money in all of them. I especially found the one to the PM asking for $250,000 slightly offensive.

Funerals should be covered by the government, but limits should be in place. I wonder why the community hall cost $3000? If the community wanted to rally behind the family, they should not be charging $3000 to rent the hall, it should have been free. Some enterprising reporter might want to follow up on that issue, but seeing as most are lefties I doubt that's going to happen. Last time I rented a hall for my wedding it only cost $350, but maybe inflation has ballooned in 20+ years.

This is political, the Liberals think they can make more trouble for the Conservatives by putting the parents of a hero in front of the cameras. Too bad it made the parents look like money grabbers, because I don't think they are, I think they are being used by the Liberals, and especially their MP to gain votes, and that's a sad statement of how far Liberals will go to get those votes.

The government has already said that all reasonable funeral expenses will be paid, this is a non-issue.

As a last comment, Fife's nose was out of joint on Duffy today, he didn't get invited to sit in on the talk between the PM and the Governator. He therefore has no idea what they talked about. Hey, Fife, get a life! The PM can do anything he wants to, and seeing as your only a reporter, it's not your right to be invited. Get over yourself.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pop Goes The Weasel!

Carbon trading markets, are failing because the US has not bought into the hot air market. Thankfully the Conservatives have not either. So, if the biggest stock market traders don't buy your product, or lack of product, what happens? Pop goes the weasel.

I understand the commodities market, I can buy gold or wheat, and then resell it if I want to, most often people trading in the market don't actually get the product delivered to their door. If I want that gold, I can get it delivered. What if I buy carbon credits? Can I get the carbon delivered to my door? HA, not likely, as a matter of fact, impossible.

Easy to see why the carbon trading markets are failing.

Baird also said the UN process is not the only one Canada supports.

"The object and the focus of the efforts has got to be reducing greenhouse gas emissions absolutely, and whatever process gets us there, Canada will support. We'll meet any time, any place, and an effective system has got to get the United States on board."

The current phase of Kyoto is set to expire in 2012, but observers have said that the next phase must be concluded quickly in order for international carbon trading markets to survive. Companies there that cannot meet domestic greenhouse-gas reductions trade credits with cleaner companies on the market.

Read that last sentence, does it make sense to you? If it does please enlighten me.

Monday, May 28, 2007

More Plants And Easy To Make Fountains!

Anything goes as far as containers for your plants.An old broken wagon, with some old pots, the newest looking one was added because, I burnt some potatoes in it and could not scrub the black out. (I'm an excellent cook, except for that one time in 22 years of marriage, and I have not heard the end of it yet!) This picture was taken today, so give those pots a chance, right now they are still in planting shock.

Make little points of interest in your yard. Here I built an Inukshuk, from rocks found in streams and farmers fields.

Next, I got interested in fountains, here's two homemade versions, and one (yes, I sold out, bought version, my hubby liked it so I agreed, notice that I have made it my own by adding rocks and animals, I expecially like the fishing frog).

A fountain doesn't have to take up a lot of room, like this first version of mine, I bought a pump, a planter, some bamboo sticks and river rocks.

Next, I found a big old steel bucket and turned that into a fountain.

Bought this fountain at Save On Foods, it will look better when the flowers grow up, remember, it's only May, just got my flowers planted.

The point is, even if you only have a balcony to work with, between hanging baskets, and containers, you can even add a small fountain, and still have room for your chairs.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Age Of Protection- Who Are The Predators?

As far as I'm concerned anyone voting against this bill is sick. As it stands now, a 14 year old can legally go to a swingers club. Now, swinging is abnormal, but a 14 year old at a swingers club, is beyond my comprehension as a parent of a 14 year old.

Hear's a glimpse into who doesn't support the bill, I'm shocked that Egale wants to use the bill to LOWER the age of anal sex from 18 to 16, I would have never guessed that they want to corrupt our children at an earlier age.

Egale sees Bill C-22 as an unnecessary invasion into the sex lives of young Canadians. There are already sturdy laws that protect teenagers from sexual exploitation and assault. Instead of further criminalizing sexual behaviour, Canadian governments at all levels should instead focus on sex education. We should help young people by helping them make their own choices about what is comfortable for them. ...... Finally, I would like talk, as Andrea Cohen did, about anal sex. I mentioned earlier that homosexuality was illegal until the late 1960s. That's when section 159 of the Criminal Code was changed to allow consenting adults to engage in anal sex. Section 159 was not eliminated then, as it should have been. If you take a look at the Criminal Code, you'll see that it exists between the sections on bestiality and incest.

So, homosexuality was illegal until the late 1960's, now it is legal, so, okay what agrument do they use for not supporting bill C-22?

I think it's generally more about the difference between keeping the status quo and making a change. The age of consent has been 14 since 1890, I believe, so it's not a matter of reducing the age; it's a matter of keeping the age as it is, and a matter of the impression that youth are being given by the change in age. Changing it to 12 sends a message in itself, but what's being signalled today by this bill does something equally harmful, I think.

By his logic, then homosexuality should still be illegal.

Thankfully a Conservative MP highlighted a very important point, that none of the groups being interviewed even once mentioned PARENTS!

I too am like my colleague here. I've been in the education business for 30 years, most of the time as the principal of a junior-senior high. I've seen examples of these types of situations. The best results we had were when we involved other aspects of the situation, and I haven't heard too much about that today. I've heard about education, going to the schools, getting guidance counsellors, getting the support groups and peer groups, and all kinds of things. But I didn't hear the parents mentioned very much. I didn't hear them mentioned at all, as a matter of fact, as a support group. And I didn't hear the church being mentioned very much, which is another organization that is in most communities and likes to help when it can with certain problems.

So, all the special interest groups forgot to mention parents, why would that be, what does Egale have against parents protecting their children. Who are the real predators here? Who wants anal sex legal at a younger age?

No mention of parents or Church groups...hummm...wonder what groups want our children to be unprotected legally by their own parents, but anal sex made okay?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Planting Moss Baskets, It's Easy!

I hate the fake white plastic baskets that you pay over $30 for at any greenhouse or even at Rona, or Canadian Tire, they look cheap, yet you spend big money if you want to make your yard look beautiful.

So, I refuse to pay for those $2 baskets filled with cheap plants (I start mine from seed) that cost over $30 a pop.

How can you save money?

Garage sale, garage sale, garage sale. Every garage sale has something you can put a plant in, last year I bought a chair with no seat for a dollar, the lady asked me why, I told her, it would be an interesting planter. As you can see from the picture, a chair can be interesting! Also notice that all the flowers in the background are in cheap baskets, but they look great.

Do not buy the plastic hanging basket, or the coconut fiber basket, they look awful, and you can not use your imagination to create something you can call your own. I found 4 freezer baskets (cost $1) at a garage sale, I spray painted them green, filled them with moss, and planted some flowers.

Moss baskets are natural looking, and eco-friendly (had to add that just encase Suzuki is monitoring my blog HA), so, here's what you do:

Get wire container, press moss into container, fill half way with soil, put some plants like lobelia through the moss, plant any other plants you personally like, and presto, a beautiful, designed by you, hanging basket!

Like this one:

Any questions? Go for the natural look, and remember, Mother Nature, never plants her flowers all in a row, so don't do it!

Liberals + Drugs = Stupidity

Liberals are obviously using too many drugs, either legal or illegal, how do I know you ask?

Should governments impose price controls on those drugs used to treat life-threatening conditions, regardless of the pharmaceutical company's R&D costs and patents?

(92%) 22512 votes
(8%) 2064 votes

So, let me get this straight, if you want cheaper drugs, just put on price controls, no matter what the costs of R&D? Following that lack of logic, we should put price controls on everything, therefore it would all be cheaper. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It's it's stupidity.

This mind you from the Globe and Mail, so what can one expect. Common sense? HA

Let me spell this out for any liberal/lefty who thinks this is a good idea, and it appears that 92% do think so. If a company can not make money on a medication, for, let's say AIDS, a life threatening condition, THEY WILL NOT PUT ONE CENT into research and development. So, put all the price controls you want on that NONE existant drug, that NO drug company will produce.

Price control NOTHING, that should work!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Harvey's Kind Of Guy!

Well, it's another poll, this time a hamburger poll, but don't laugh too hard like the journalists on Mike Duffy Live did, because, statistically speaking, this is just as accurate as any other poll we have seen lately.

Stephen Taylor has some great graphs on the poll!

Clearly, from the results, the average Canadian, you know, the Harvey's burger type, prefers Stephen Harper, to chow down with. This poll is not to be sneered at, think about it, does the average Canadian want to talk about hockey with Stephen Harper, or watch Dion cut his burger up with a knife and fork?

What would you talk to Dion about, if you could understand him? France? Never been there, don't want to go.

What would you talk about with Layton? Life on Mars? Never been there, don't want to go.

What would you talk about with Lizzie May? How pollution from France is affecting Mars? Nope, she supports the guy from France and doesn't believe that Mars is melting.

So, it's not really so surprising that the guy with the beer belly from watching too much hockey, would feel comfortable eating with a guy he perceives is a lot like he is, a hockey fan, and a father, just another ordinary guy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lock Down!

Just this week, both my boys had lockdown practices in their schools. I made sure they watched some of the coverage on the Toronto school shooting.

I explained that the safest place is a school, but sometimes the bad guys know that, and that's why lockdowns need to be taken seriously. My 11 year old, summed it up pretty well, he said, "why would anyone even have a gun?"

Good point, the billion dollar gun registry is clearly a waste, if grade 9 kids can get a gun. So, can we please stop the waste, and start putting the money towards more border security?

How about checking those close to the border reservations?

Canadian police seized almost 40 deadly weapons, including an AK-47, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash late last week in what police are calling the biggest gang raid ever in the country. The raid took place on an Indian reservation outside of Toronto, only a few hours from the U.S. border.

Oops, bet it's not politically correct to even suggest that our leaky borders and illegal guns might be because of some groups like aboriginals. Or how about the Hell's Angels?

Could a few more raids like this one today, help stop our leaking borders?

More than 370 police officers carried out a series of drug raids in Quebec and New Brunswick Wednesday in a crackdown on the export of marijuana to the United States.

Drugs, gangs, and guns, sound familar? Maybe now the opposition will start passing some of the government's law and order bills presently sitting stalled in committees and the Senate, or is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greasy Bacon, And Greasy Eggs!

CTV was in full cry today, why? The PM dared to go to Afghanistan and show up at a school funded by Canadian taxpayers money. The children looked healthy, and happy, imagine that!

Mike Duffy Live had David Akin as a substitute, what a joke. I watched him interview the Liberal and NDP MP's, no Conservative, and nothing said about why no Conservative was present. Then, after commercials, Akin explains that Peter Van Loan was in Toronto, waiting to comment, but due to technical difficulties at the Toronto station, was unable to. Hello, CTV, have you ever heard about the telephone? Or were those malfunctioning as well, by chance? What a lame excuse.

As for Redman whining that Dion wasn't invited on the trip, get over it, you are NOT the government anymore, and PM Harper doesn't have to invite the terrorist loving (cue Coderre the Hezbollah supporter marching in that parade, I'm not making this up) Liberals anywhere. Same goes to the NDP. Though it might have been funny to see Layton talking with the Taliban, and Dion touring the prisons asking the detainees if they were being tortured.

Back to the CTV, "the Prime Minister drops in on Afghanistan to bolster support at home" talking heads, so, according to you, the PM just grabbed the first flight into Afghanistan, because of the polls, and surprise, the children at the school just happened to have some roses and songs for him to hear, and Karzai, just happened to be home at the time? Do you think we are idiots? Can you spin this visit any harder, mention torture any more often, oh and use the line, we support the troops, BUT....

The worse of the lot at CTV, (okay, it's a tie with Akin) is Robert Fife, after a busy day of visiting Canadian aided facilities, and talking to aid workers, what does Fife comment on?

"The prime minister is going to chow down at breakfast with the troops. He's going to have greasy bacon and greasy eggs and stale bread," Robert Fife, CTV's Ottawa bureau chief, told MDL from Afghanistan.

So, a very nasty dig at PM Harper and his supposed eating habits/weight. What a total lack of respect for the PM and by association, the troops, who are supposedly also condemned to eating greasy bacon and greasy eggs and stale bread. I hope the chefs feed Fife exactly that at breakfast, and serve all the others the regular healthy fare they normally serve.

Greasy bacon, and greasy eggs, how about greasy reporters like Akin and Fife?

Monday, May 21, 2007

MY Body, MY Right!

Okay, feminists are always saying, if you are a male you have no right to tell me what I can do with my body. Ladies, do you understand that males are necessary if you want to become pregnant? Before all you feminists bash me for my comments, I just happen to be female, so, come one, take me on, you can't use the old, well you are a male so you wouldn't know how I feel line, it doesn't work with me.

The, it's my body, my right, also doesn't work with me, it's plainly just a very stupid statement. So, my body, my right; to cut off an arm if I want to? It's not medically necessary, same as abortion, but, heck, it's my body and if I want to get rid of an arm, I should be able to do so, and no law should stop me. What about that binding the feet thingy from way back, if I want to, I should be able to. What about the getting rid of some private parts that give me pleasure, it's not mutilation if I want it. Do you see how stupid the, my body, my right, my choice, agrument really is, how can you justify abortion, but want laws to stop female genital mutilation. It's okay to kill babies, but wearing a burka is a violation of my rights?

I thought feminists were the smart females in the herd, you know, those that go to university, have careers, do not let men dictate to them, are for equal pay, and protect women's right to kill their babies. Ladies, if you are the smart ones in the herd, why don't you know about the birth control pill, the morning after pill and condoms? Back in the 40's and 50's these did not exist, so we had a high rate of unwanted pregnancies and back street abortions, but that point is moot now, even if a young teen gets pregnant now, it's not looked down on as a BAD thing anymore.

Abortion is killing a baby, plain an simple, and there is no moral reason to do it, not in our present society. My body, my right, my choice, is as outdated as feminists, it's also totally selfish.

As a person, it's my body, but NEVER my right to kill a baby.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Know Your Senators.

Well, I was going to blog about each provinces Senators, but, I put myself to sleep writing the blog, so I gave that up as a bad idea. While listening to a Senate committee the other day about Kyoto, I wondered what kind of backgrounds our Senators had to make vital decisions. So, here's a quick list of our Senator's talents:

22 lawyers
14 former politicians
13 business people
12 teachers
5 DR/psychologists
5 MBA's
4 journalists
4 ???? (I had no idea what they heck they had ever done)
4 entertainers
2 B Comm
1 B of Arts
1 Construction
1 Architect
1 Hockey guy
1 MA
1 Military
1 Hunter
1 Engineer

I was shocked,(HA) of course, that most were lawyers or failed politicians, like Grant Mitchell, a badly failed Alberta politician, made Senator. So, a sad lot for sure, full of themselves, and slurping up our tax dollars at the trough.

Grant Mitchell, come home, resign, and let Albertans vote for your replacement!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tax Cow Farts, Not Gas!

Here's a list of federal and provincial taxes on gas.

So, my question is, if free markets are supposedly what works best for everyone, why tax gas? The provinces get royalties for natural resources, so they already get their cut, right off the top. Why not tax milk? How about taxing eggs?

Sin taxes are supposedly there to stop us from indulging in booze and cigarettes, still why are they allowed? Shouldn't the tobacco growers be allowed free trade just like milk producers?

Who decided that gas should be taxed? Everyone from the refineries to the government are making money on gas, except the consumer. Now, we hear from the Liberals about a carbon tax? Hello, you are already taxing the oil and gas industry, go tax cows, they release more methane gas than any oil sands development.

That's it, governments are missing a huge opportunity here, tax cow farts!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Loonie Surge..Beware

Most of us think this surge in the loonie is great, especially if we are going to visit the US this summer. Not so good for our manufactures, they are inefficient and this might make them actually move their operations to China. Will the unions wake up? Given that CN is now on strike, and Greyhound, not likely.

Let me take you back to the 70's, to something called stagflation (High inflation, high unemployment). Around 1975/6, OPEC started controlling the supply of oil, raising the price of oil, the US auto industry was producing gas guzzling autos just when the Japanese were entering the market with fuel efficient vehicles. To make matters worse, the auto unions, asked for, and got COLA's (Cost of Living Allowances), meaning that if inflation went up by 4%, they wages would automatically go up by that amount, and then they could still negotiate an increase on top of that rate. We also had the NEP (National Energy Program) that restricted the price of gas, shutting down Alberta.

Flash to the present. High oil prices, inflation on the rise, unions striking, climate change costing Alberta billions, high dollar leading to unemployment in the manufacturing sector, starting to sound familiar?

Beware, stagflation is not something that the government can fix. If the government targets inflation by raising the interest rate, that slows the economy, but if manufacturing jobs are being lost already, that kills even more jobs, making unemployment worse. So, if the government fights unemployment by stimulating spending, it makes inflation worse.

Do you see the problem, I see the problem.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

17B vs 10B, Who Is Doing A Better Job?

Okay, here's something to think about, the military gets 17B a year, and aboriginals/first nations get 10B, who get's the most out of their money?

Let's see;

The military have bases to keep up, the aboriginals have reservations.
The military needs to pay their members, the aboriginals need to feed their members.
The military needs to supply the troops with supplies and tanks, the aboriginals needs to supply their members with fresh water and living quarters.
The military sends their people into dangerous situations to protect Canadians and help other nations, the aborginals send their members to blockade railroads and create havoc with Canadians.
The military serve with honour and respect, the aboriginals threaten Canadians with protest and violence.
The military buy tanks, airplanes and boats to support the troops, the aboriginals buy???
The military must fully disclose how they spent their money, the aboriginals refuse to let their books get audited.

Guess you can see where I am going with this post. Who should Canadians be supporting? Both, but one group is serving Canada with honour, the other is serving themselves by dishonouring Canada.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

43 Seconds!

In 43 seconds the Liberal Senate passed Bill C288, 43 seconds. No debate, no nothing, but coming up on the one year anniversary is the bill to limit Senators to a 7 year term.

So, 1 year against 43 seconds, 43 seconds for a bill that will cause massive jobs losses, a bill that makes us send billions of dollars overseas in support of Kyoto. A bill that steals my childrens future from them, 43 seconds, that's all it took for Liberals to destroy my kids future. Money sent out of Canada, can not be spent in Canada, so, my kids are poorer because the Liberals want Mo Strong and PowerCorp to get our tax dollars. This has to stop, only idiots really believe that sending money to China benefits our children here in Canada.

43 seconds! 10 years of do nothing by the Liberals, and in 43 seconds they decided that Canadians should pay through the nose for a money grabbing scheme.

Tommy Banks come back to Alberta, and do the right thing, retire, so our elected Senators can replace your useless butt. I'm sure your pension is safe, so what do you have to lose?

43 seconds. Disgusting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Committee Cancelled!! HA

Dion stood up on a point of privilege today, and told PM Harper to appoint a new chairperson for the language committee. Where was Waldo...oops Dion when Holland was facing a point of privilege? This is the same committee that called Hockey Canada up to explain why they appointed the best Captain to Team Canada, who by the way, won GOLD.

This bunch of idiots deserved what they got. Committee cancelled. You would think they would be in hiding after ticking off all of Canada, but no, they are obviously so political that they don't even see how stupid their actions are, even my Liberal Dad is fuming over their disgraceful behavior towards Shane Doan.

So, what do they do to redeem themselves? They vote to fire the Chair of the Committee. Why? He cancelled a meeting!!!!!!!! Holy smokes, thank goodness Canada doesn't have the death penalty.

So, why did the opposition do this? They obviously timed it to coincide with the release of the Commissioner of Languages report. The slimy opposition is trying to make political points, especially in Quebec, instead of making the government work.

This is not the first time the opposition has used their majority in committees to push through their leftist agenda (Kyoto), it won't be the last.

Speaking of day cares, and early childhood learning, maybe the opposition should spend the summer in some of those programs. GROW UP!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Senator's, No Not The Hockey Team!

I'm as happy as every Canadian to cheer on the Senators Hockey team! GO SENS GO!!!

This got me thinking, how much do we really know about our actual Senators, you know the people appointed by Prime Minister's to provide a House of Sober Second Thought (HA). I am still ticked off that Martin appointed 3 Senators for Alberta, not one of them were on our elected list of Senators in Waiting. Kudos to PM Harper for finally appointing one elected Senator to that house. I hope more elected Senators will be appointed, in the meantime, I thought I would bore you all with some comments on those lofty Senators, and their backgrounds.

I will start in Alberta, the most Conservative province in Canada, that has 5 out of 6 sitting Senators who are Liberal. Now, how the heck did that happen? Yeah, right!

First up, Tommy Banks, wow, an entertainer, and a rude one at that, how do I know, you ask? Well it just so happened that years ago in my university days, I got assigned Tommy Banks OLD unlisted number, I kept getting calls for him and finally phoned the phone company and complained. They of course offered to charge me to get my number changed, not going to happen on a students budget. My enterprising roommate got his new number and we phoned to get help, thought Mr. Banks might offer to pay for us to get the number changed, nope, we were rudely told that it wasn't their problem. So, a rude entertainer.

Joyce, baby, update your picture, you were born in 1939, what is that picture, your high school grad, and wow, she's got a B of Arts, but really, read her bio, a journalist that gets appointed to the Senate, who would have guessed. A true light weight.

Hays, retiring, thank you for retiring early so we could get a truly elected Senator into the Senate!

McCoy, lawyer, well that's unexpected, a lawyer? Bantam class, only on one committee. Never heard of her here in Alberta, but they are representing my province, what a joke.

Mitchell, clear proof that Martin really hated Alberta, just as much as we disliked Mitchell, so what does Martin do, appoints this B of Arts grad to the Senate, Martin had to know that it would infuriate most Albertans. The guy is a super light weight who thinks he's a heavy weight. Everytime I happen to see him on a Senate committee, my blood boils, the guy is an arrogant idiot, who never has, and never will represent my province.

Tardif, great, here's Alberta's token French speaking Senator, a high school teacher/DR, who supports all things French. See, we are not all rednecks here in Alberta, and she is proof.

So, that's the Alberta lineup, what an impressive bunch. They sure are representative of true Albertans, or NOT!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Too Tired To Move!

Okay, first nice weekend, and I over did it. Right now, I am too tired to move, but I'm happy, it was a wonderful Mother's Day!

Here is the totally awesome card my youngest gave me:

Outstanding planter
Truly the best
House keeping clean
Excellent Teacher
Refreshing hugs
Super good food

(Notice that this spells MOTHERS)

He also gave me a hand painted pot holder. My oldest gave me planting tools that are covered with painted flowers, too cute to actually use. My children are so sweet, they helped me with planting all day today. (Okay, I told them that because it was Mother's Day, they had to do what I said), I am just thankful that they would have helped me whether it was Mother's Day or not, they are my heart.

Families are the most important part of our lives, we need to make families the priority, not political parties. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, and great kids, I also have an awesome job, but that just helps me give my family some of their material wants, like searching for months for a WII.

When it comes right down to it, that big hug I get every night at bedtime, means more to me than any job I will ever have.

I might be too tired to move, but my kids, make it all worth it, everyday.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Beautiful Day For All Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all women who have experienced the pure joy of being pregnant and giving birth to their baby. Sorry guys, it's something you can participate in, but never really experience in the same way as a female. Thank goodness, because my husband thinks he's dying everytime he gets a cold, I would hate to have to put up with 9 months of snivelling if he was pregnant, and childbirth would be unbearable. Okay, okay, enough male bashing.

Every women's experience is different, I sailed through both pregnancy and the actual birth, other's have horror stories about long labour and morning sickness. The final result is the same though, no matter what, a beautiful child.

I am so blessed to have two wonderful children. My life would be very empty without them. I was one of those career ladies (NEVER a feminist)who never wanted children, boy am I glad that I grew up, changed my mind, and now can enjoy the special gift that children really are to a marriage.

So, to all the Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day, may you feel the true power of what it means to be a Mother, may you always put your children first, and may you experience to the fullest your children's love, on this very special day.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Red Friday and Heroes

It was wonderful to see the big crowd for Red Friday at Petawawa. If you haven't seen PM Harper's full speech, it's here, go to the right side and click on Harper speaks at CFB Petawawa.

It is really too bad that the heroes from Afghanistan, have been overshadowed by opposition MP's gunning from votes. It's shameful and wrong that the very people putting their lives on the line are the one's that politicians are using to further their own parties fortunes.

Afghanistan should not be a political issue, real people are getting killed, but the opposition doesn't seem to realize that soldiers are real people. They think our troops are pawns that can be used, especially in Quebec, to gain votes. I sure didn't see any opposition members at the red rally. Were the troops smart enough not to invite them?

I am proud that the Conservatives are not just mouthing the words "we support our troops", they are showing true support in their words and actions.

So, as PM Harper said, God Bless our troops, God Bless their families, and God Bless Canada.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eco-Nut Gets Arrested, Boo Hoo!

Okay, if I released a confidential document from my work, I would be arrested too.

It appears that it might be okay to release secret documents to environmentalists, because it will help their cause. I say, anyone who helped this nut, should get their charitable status revoked, pronto!

I keep seeing sound bites where Suzuki is talking about PM Harper being so far up Bush's a$$ that is a totally political statement from a guy who claims charitable status for his organization. Puff boy today quoted his God Suzuki. Leaked documents and Suzuki, hummmm, why did the eco-nuts encourage this guy to release a statement, he was being used. The eco-nuts didn't care what it might do to his potential court case, they only wanted their case put forward, no matter what the cost to this young man, as a matter of fact, if he gets jail time so much the better for the eco-nuts, they now have a victim.

This guy had enough conviction that he broke the law, guess that's why he was shaking throughout his presentation, he knows he did wrong, now he's trying to hide behind Kyoto. He's just a far, far left lefty, and he needs to be charged with releasing secret documents to his eco-nut friends.

Our government would be paralized if secret documents were made public because any government worker who disagreed with the government could get access to secret documents and release them to the MSM.

Finally, little Miss Patty Ducharme, public union lackey, is a perfect example of how unions are useless, she was actually supporting this guy, so the message she sent to her union workers, is that it is okay to steal secret documents, and send them to the MSM. Stupid move lady.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pope Stands Firm On Abortion.

The United Church, is barely a Church anymore, they are so far from what the Bible says, they might as well just call themselves mock-Christians. The Anglican Church is divided, one part is closer to the Catholic faith and the other closer to the United approach, so they are too busy fighting within their faith to fight anything.

Thank goodness we still have one Church, with one strong leader, who does not comprimise, is not worried about being politically correct, and gives positive direction to Catholics, and other Christians.

The Pope is a symbol for more than Catholics, he is a symbol to all Christians, one bright beacon left in a politically correct world that rejects religion. As a Catholic, I am glad that the Church is not swayed by popular votes. I know that SSM is wrong, that abortion is wrong, that Priests and Nuns should not marry, that abstinance is better than multiple partners, swingers clubs and bath houses are a sad statement about our liberal society, and that being moral is something that lefties really can't understand.

So, ex-PM Martin should suffer the same fate, no Communion. As a Catholic, being denied Communion, is the ultimate punishment. More Catholic politicians should suffer for their decisions, like Martin who didn't just vote for SSM, he actively pushed it through, for votes. He sold his soul.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Climate Prediction, It's Too Late..

Way back, over 30 years ago, when I was in university, I read this, and it has stuck with me, no matter how hard I try to ignore it, and it's implications.

Edgar Cayce predicted that dramatic physical changes would affect the Earth in the years 1958-1998 and would begin with the eruption of Mt. Etna.

So, a check up on what Mt. Etna is doing is warranted, here's one article:

Mount Etna's last significant eruption was in 1992 when two streams of lava threatened the village of Zafferana.

Italian and US military diverted the lava flow away from the village with spectacular man-made explosions on the volcano's slopes until the eruption subsided.

Okay, so Etna last erupted in 1992, well within the 1958-1998 time frame.

What's Mt. Etna doing these days?

Well, that's why I'm writing about this, Etna's become active again.

So, if I lived in Vancouver, I might be heading for higher ground.

When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Etna area, then we many know it has begun.

There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles - where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.

Now, isn't this exactly what the environmentalists are telling us is happening? Have they been reading up on Edgar Cayce and his predictions?

Personally, I think Edgar Cayce's predictions are just as believable as the eco-nuts, at least Cayce was 99% accurate, you sure can't say the same thing for scientists.

Is this "tounge in cheek"? You decide!

Monday, May 07, 2007

First Quebec, Now France.

It's interesting how first Quebec realized how socialism is killing their province, and now France has come to the same conclusion. Good for them!

So, our world is rejecting socialists. Expect them to yell louder, because yelling is all they have left. Their global world changing experiment is failing, and they have no bullets left in their guns, they are firing blanks. Oh, sorry I just offended all lefties talking about the dreaded gun, and horrors, bullets.

Now is the time for our Conservative government to stop catering to the lefties, and stop trying to be all things to all people.

A majority is only possible by sticking to principles, by not being scared to explain to people what Conservatives are all about, by being true to the base, and realizing that others will follow only if they think Conservatives are different from the Liberals, not the same.

Canadians want good governance, not fake Liberals.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

March for Life 2007, Where Is It?

I just googled March for Life 2007 Canada, here's what I got:

2007 Canada Winter Games - CBC Sports Online | Whitehorse, Yukon

2007 Canada Cup of Curling - CBC Sports Online | Curling

March 30, 2007 - Canada wins bronze in men's 4X200 relay

CANADIAN FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL ::: March 22nd - 25th ::: Toronto :::

AND finally, I get this one:

March for Life Canada :: Abortion :: ProLifeBlogs

So, it appears that Winter Games, curling, a relay, and film festivals are more important than the March for Life.

I thought I might get more information if I tried March for Life 2007, Edmonton, nope didn't happen.

Edmonton Aging (Life Extension Technologies) Symposium starts ...
Spring for Life 2007 - Edmonton Events - Kijiji Edmonton
Edmonton Social Planning Council - Publications

Finally way down the page I get this:

BIG BLUE WAVE: March for Life in Fredericton, May 10th

No information at all on Edmonton, no site for me to get information about the next March for Life. This is a very serious matter, but it appears there are too many groups doing their own thing, or in Edmontons case, nothing.

I can not find any information on the March for Life in Edmonton, which is very sad, because I wanted to help.

The lefties don't do much right, but they do know how to protest, maybe we should take some lessons from them, and just get bodies out into the streets, especially on the abortion issue.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

PM, Smiling, Having Fun!

I watched this on Mike Duffy today, and couldn't believe the PM. He was having a good time, and I would even say, he was... well happy!

It was great to see, and you should watch it too.

Go to PM Harper talks about agriculture on the right side of the page. Watch PM Harper talking about the Doin problem. He can't help but grin, yup, you heard it here first, our PM was actually grinning. It was great to see. He is so much more natural outside of Ottawa, that political sewer, he needs to get out amongst us more often. I also think he is losing weight, who wouldn't with those piranas in the opposition.

So far this week, Conservatives 2, opposition -2.

The new deal in Afghanistan done just in time to halt the rabid socialists from their court case, and getting an all party vote to support Team Canada, even the Bloq.

No wonder MP Harper was smiling, all in all a great week, showing a government that can react quickly to problems, and it left the opposition looking like the political opportunists that they really are, especially the Bloq. It was too funny watching Malo running away from the press. Coderre, Holland, and Jennings are next.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cherry Weights In.

It's about time we heard from Cherry on the Doan issue. Of course he doesn't disappoint.

Doan debate ridiculous: Cherry

CBC commentator Don Cherry has criticized a parliamentary committee for calling on Hockey Canada officials to explain why they named Shane Doan captain of the international hockey team.
During Cherry's popular Coach's Corner segment of Hockey Night in Canada on Wednesday night, Cherry defended Doan regarding an alleged derogatory cultural remark made by the Phoenix Coyotes forward in a 2005 game against the Montreal Canadiens.
Don Cherry believes government officials should leave Shane Doan, left, alone and concentrate on more important issues. (Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press)
Doan has denied the allegation, and the NHL has cleared him of any trangression.
"Is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?" asked Cherry. "With all the things going on in the world and we have a debate in the House [of Commons] because somebody said something. It's absolutely ridiculous."

Earlier Wednesday, Doan, who is taking part in the world hockey championship in Russia, said he was simply complaining to teammate Curtis Joseph about the officiating that night, telling the netminder, "'Four French referees in Montreal, Cuje, figure it out.'

I seriously have to agree, my husband thinks that this is just a way to get people supporting our Canadian team. I wish he was correct, but I think this is the true stupidity of our elected MP's showing through loud and clear.

Stanley goes to Afghanistan as a moral boost to our troops, and back in Canada our MP's are playing politics with our hockey players, during a very important tournament. They are internationally interfering with our troops and all NATO troops, did they think of that when they started this torture allegation? Are the opposition parties so stupid that they didn't consider that their politics would affect other countries?

The Taliban prisoners are innocent, but a Canadian hockey player is guilty? Please e-mail your MP's.

It appears the children are trying, with the help of the media, to run the daycare.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In A Perfect World.....

there would be no lefties. Think about it for a second.

Families would be honoured as the most important part of our lives.
Careers would be used to help our families get ahead.
Abortions would be illegal.
GHG's would be called natural, and not a problem.
Money slated for GHG's would go towards our health care system.
Childcare and eldercare would be part of our community, not part of unions.
Swingers clubs would be outlawed, as well as bath houses.
Religion would be a part of our lives, everyday.
Schools would teach about morals, not about my two Mom's.
Jails would be full of actual criminals, no more house arrest for murderers.
Guns would be allowed, making criminals scared to break into our homes.
Disabled would get more funds, not SOW's who have never done anything for anyone but themselves.
Artists would starve, or get a real job.
Governments would actually listen to voters, and spend our money wisely.

In a perfect world, common sense would rule.