Monday, April 30, 2007

The Media Storm Is Over!

The one week storm over Afghanistan is over, the opposition and media just don't get it yet. How do I know? By the lack of letters to the editor in support of the opposition's opinion. I watched Question Period today, boring, the government has it's messaging back, and the opposition are looking like Taliban lover's more every day they keep this issue going.

Next up the environment, I hope the opposition keeps quoting Gore and Suzuki, those two have become so political no one listens to them anymore, they have to give away tickets to Gore's events. What's with the calling for Bill C-30 to be brought back? Hey opposition parties, if you want to have any credibility you better put a non-confidence vote forward. If you don't you all lose on the environment issue, especially during the next election. Guess the Liberals don't want Dion around for long.

And last but not least;

Happy Birthday Stephen Harper, you are doing a great job, keep it up. Imagine, only 48 and Prime Minister of one of the world's best countries, what an accomplishment.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Green In Their Wallets!

I don't think it was Gore's intent to actually help the Conservatives, but from on-line comments I have seen today, it appears that by opening his big yap he has helped the Conservatives green plan.

Here's a poll at

What do you think of the new Conservative green plan?
I support it
I’m against it
Unsure, but Al Gore shouldn’t comment on it

Total Votes for this Question: 542

So, close to 40% of respondents are ticked off that Gore called the plan a "fraud".

The only "fraud" is Gore himself, his private jet, 2 mansions, selling carbon credits to his own company, etc. Suzuki runs a close second. These econut's have pushed people so hard that no-one is listening to their message anymore, as a matter of fact, people are starting to laugh at them.

I watched a bit of CPAC today, they had people phoning in on the EcoAction plan, most thought it was balanced, some called the environmentalists loony, and the overwhelming message was that econut's were never going to be happy with anything. Good point, I think the econut's have overplayed their hand and it's going to be real scientists that suffer the most because no one is going to listen anymore.

So enjoy your money Gore and Suzuki, the only green you are interested in is the green in your wallets, taken from hard working taxpayers.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Visual Verification Not Very Visible!

Okay, some of you blogger's are missing out on my words of wisdom in your comments sections. Why? Your visual verification does not appear to work, so I can not post my awe inspiring comments.

This has happened to me on over 40 occasions, so that is 40 comments missed. Typically the blog in question does not have an email, so I can't even tell them their visual verification is not working.

So, do you really need visual verification? If I can't post a comment how many other comments are you missing?

Maybe it's my computer setup, I'm not sure, but you can bet that if one person is having problems, other non-teckno's like me, are having the same problems.

Make those visual verifications visible (or get rid of them all together), then my words of wisdom will appear like magic on your blogs.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Where's Waldo, Oops, I Mean Where's Dion?

So, the Conservatives come out with their green plan, and where's Dion? Did he wave a white flag and retreat to France? Is he hiding out in Quebec? Has Kyoto taken him sledding in the melting Arctic? Where's Dion?

Oh, okay, who really cares.

Funny how quiet it has been in the media since EcoAction has been released. Sure we have all the econut's like Suzuki ranting and raving, but seems like the media is downplaying this announcement. Are they getting their ammo (oops, they don't like guns) ready?

I know that I was relieved that we would not be sending our hard earned tax dollars to Russia, guess even the media feels the hype over global warming has gotten out of control. Maybe their corporations have clued into the fact that they too will have to comply. Imagine how much energy is wasted by those high powered TV cameras and lighting studios.

It's also funny how two lawyer's file a complaint about detainees in Afghanistan, and a newspaper just happens to run an article, at the same time, about finding 30 out of 40 Canadian detainees that all claim they were tortured.

Something smells very fishy here. Where is the reporter that filed the story, why isn't he on all the TV stations telling us about what proof he has of torture? Why aren't we seeing this proof? Why are we not seeing any evidence? The Globe and Mail better step up soon with verification of that story, or face lawsuits from our troops Mom's. My advice, never tick off a Military Mom.

If the Liberals hatched this whole thing with the help of the media, it needs to be exposed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Sighed.

Today after hearing the Minister of Environment's plan, I sighed. Thank goodness, no Kyoto, no loss of my job.

I bet many Canadians sighed with me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Show Them The Costs

of Kyoto, and keep pounding at those costs until the voters cry Uncle!

Seriously, the Conservatives have been allowing the opposition and MSM to frame the word "Kyoto" into voters brains, until they actually think it means the "environment". This has got to stop! How, my 2 readers ask? SHOW THEM THE COSTS!

Minister Baird did great getting some very respected economists to cost out Kyoto, now POUND THEM with those costs. In every response in Question Period, bring the costs into the picture.

You get a question on immigration, talk about how Kyoto would kill immigration because too many Canadians would be unemployed to allow for much immigration, Kyoto kills jobs.

You get a question on the arts, explain how the government would love to fund more cultural events, but that money now has to be diverted to carbon credits for Russia.

You get a question on the manufacturing section losing jobs, well what did we tell you, meeting Kyoto targets are more important than worrying about manufacturing jobs, those are all going to China.

You get a question about a national daycare and more funding, sorry, if we are going to meet our Kyoto targets, 275,000 jobs will be lost, and those people will not NEED daycare anymore, because they will be sitting at home.

Okay, you get the idea. For every special interest group who wants more money, it's a big FAT (okay I know that word isn't politically correct anymore, but so what) NO, because, as we have been told, the environment is our number one priority and Kyoto targets MUST be met or our international reputation will be in shambles. Everytime an opposition member gets up in the house, ask them to choose, Kyoto or a road for their community.

So, international reputation or pocketbook? I wonder which one the average hardworking Canadian will choose?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Much Did The Globe And Mail Reporter Pay Them?

I am sick of the opposition using our troops in Afghanistan as punching bags! They are way over the top when they even suggest that our troops MAY be breaking the rules of engagement under the Geneva Convention. The vote today in Parliament was such a farce, it would be funny, if it wasn't hurting our troops.

One reporter gets some, supposed detainees to say they were tortured, my question is how much did they pay them to say that? This is the same ploy that those ever fattening Gitmo prisoners are using, cry wolf, watch the MSM rally to your cry. Disgusting.

What I have seen so far this week, is that the lefties support the Taliban more than our troops, and most importantly our country, Dion wants the Taliban to be brought here! Our troops are over there to help Afghans create a better life, and here in safe Canada, we have opposition politicians talking about war crimes? First there has to be a war, then proof of that crime. So far we have some Afghan's saying they:

1. Were detainees of Canadian soldiers. They knew this because the vehicles "look" different.
2. Were tortured, but no pictures of scars, same as Arar. Claims, no facts.
3. Were innocent, guess so if they were released from the jail without a trial, they must be glad they weren't beheaded.

So of the 40 detainees that Canadians have handed over to the Afghans, one reporter was able to find 30 of them? Surprisingly, ALL 30 had been tortured!!! Humm, something smells.

Monday, April 23, 2007

30 Out Of 50 Tortured!

Okay, torture is not nice. That being said, here's the problem I have with the Globe and Mail article.

In 30 face-to-face interviews with men recently captured in Kandahar province, a Globe and Mail investigation has uncovered a litany of gruesome stories and a clear pattern of abuse by the Afghan authorities who work closely with Canadian troops, despite Canada's assurances that the rights of detainees are protected.

So, 30 men captured in Kandahar by Canadians. Alright, then how come Amnesty International Canada, spokesperson John Tackaberry, on CBC Don Newman, stated that at most the number of captured Afghans transferred by Canadians was no more than 40 or 50 people. (Click Monday, it's around 5:30 in)

He also stated that this was the first time they had testimony from actual detainees, first time since 2001? it appears that the Globe and Mail just happens to find 30/50 or 60% of the detainees that Canada has handed over to the Afghans, and 100% of them were tortured? And this is the first time Amnesty International has heard actual proof?

Something is very, very stinky here. I bet no-one will be able to find those Afghans again to confirm their stories.

By the way Dion, BAD IDEA, sending Taliban prisoners to Canada. VERY BAD IDEA.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Suzuki Lies, Poll Shows.

Okay first we have this little tidbit, which was front and center on CTV's webpage all day, until a CTV poll went wrong, then I had to look for it because it had suddenly been buried.

"We met over 30,000 Canadians. They recorded over 500 personal statements about what they would do if they were minister for the environment," Suzuki told Question Period co-host Craig Oliver.
"And I'm telling you, they want carbon taxes."

Alrighty then, let's see how much we want those carbon taxes. From the same site, CTV, we get a poll;

Poll Result
Would you be willing to pay a carbon tax?
1025 votes
(24 %)
3284 votes
(76 %)

Total Votes: 4309

So, 76% of Canadians do not want a carbon tax, humm, not quite the results Suzuki predicted.

Who's lying now, who's fear mongering, who's predicting floods, droughts, and 20 foot waves?
Suzuki, go home, name your next pet "Carbon Tax" and just leave us alone. You have no credibility left.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knut Killed!

I am sad to say that today they killed Knut, the polar bear baby, by stabbing scissors into his brain, and sucking out his brain matter.

Okay, I'm lying, he's perfectly safe. Did I get your heart going? Were you outraged? Ready to fly to Germany to protest this travesty?

How about this, does it outrage you that it is legal in Canada?

If this gruesome procedure were done on, say, an Arctic polar bear and the public got wind of it, radical animal rights groups such as PETA would bleat louder than a flock of sheep in a shearing shed. Cable news and the three network morning shows would have grist for the mill for days, perhaps weeks!
This begs the question, “What’s up with humans who “love animals” but wouldn’t lift a finger to save precious babes in the womb?” Babies are completely helpless, they can’t speak for themselves, plus they’re members of the human race, so it’s perfectly rational to consider putting the rights of animals before the rights of human beings patently absurd.

So, rejoice that precious little Knut is safe, no thanks to some greenpeace nuts who wanted him killed.

When will we be able to rejoice that unborn babies are just as protected as Knut, the bear is? When do we finally tell feminists that, my body, my choice, was fine in the 60's, but now it's time to protect the unborn, who have no voice, no rights here in Canada.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Who's Scaring Who?

The lefties are jumping all over the Conservatives for "scaring" people about Kyoto. So, who is scaring who?

Here's what happens if the world doesn't meet their Kyoto targets:

Click on some of the links, you will be astounded.

Sea level has risen around 130 metres (400 feet) since the peak of the last ice age about 18,000 years ago. Most of the rise occurred before 6,000 years ago. From 3,000 years ago to the start of the 19th century sea level was almost constant, rising at 0.1 to 0.2 mm/yr. Since 1900 the level has risen at 1 to 3 mm/yr;[1] since 1992 satellite altimetry from TOPEX/Poseidon indicates a rate of rise about 3 mm/yr.[2]

Okay, 3mm/yr, hardly the 20 feet Gore talks about, 3mm? Are you kidding me, 3mm? Wow I wonder how New York is going to handle that massive amount of increase? They better get one sandbag out there FAST!!

Not convinced yet?

A report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern suggests that global warming could shrink the global economy by 20%.
But taking action now would cost just 1% of global gross domestic product, the 700-page study says.
Tony Blair said the Stern Review showed that scientific evidence of global warming was "overwhelming" and its consequences "disastrous".

Okay, that's one side, overwhelming and disastrous consequences. This has been the language used for over 20 years. Kyoto is a new God, but he is a powerful God, because Gore and Suziki tell us.

So, over to the darker side:

Here's an interesting site, haven't read all the articles, but I will read some.

Of course, the bad Conservatives, dared to inform Canadians that there just might be a cost to Kyoto.

Gasoline will cost more than $1.60 a litre over the 2008-to-2012 period
275,000 Canadians working today will lose their jobs by 2009
Job loss will cause unemployment rates to rise 25 per cent by 2009
The decline of economic activity in the range of $51 billion
"I don't expect Liberals, NDP or Green Party members to come out and support the Conservative plan... which I think is going to be very effective at reducing green house gas emissions in a balanced way," Baird said Friday.

Now, the question is, who's scaring who?

20 foot waves crashing down on New York, or 275,000 jobs lost in Canada?

So, the average voter needs to decide, job or Kyoto, hummm tough one!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

All Quiet On The Holland Front.

Okay, what the heck is happening with the "Contempt of Parliament" ruling? The Speaker stated that he would like to hear from Holland and Jennings before he ruled, I haven't seen Holland in Parliament yet, is he hiding?

Jennings is too stupid and egotistical to not show her face, guess she's only an accomplice to stealing confidential documents.

I don't think Holland can hide until an election is called, but I suspect his mouth has been duct taped by the Red Green party.

If you are not sure what I'm talking about, here's a refresher.

So, Liberals lie, cheat and steal, now they have rifled through confidential documents to get dirt on the Conservatives, watch for this all coming out during an election.

It's what the Liberals do best.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One More Step Out Of The Dark!

Congrats to PM Harper and the Conservatives for appointing Bert Brown to the Senate, after 23 years of waiting, he finally gets his chance. Most importantly, he was elected by Albertans, we wanted him in the Senate, he is now going to be there.

I was never so mad as when ex-PM Martin appointed 3 Senators for Alberta, not one of them a "senator in waiting" that we had voted for, he snubbed all Albertans. He appointed Grant Mitchell, someone we had never wanted in power, as a Liberal leader in Alberta, but he is now in the Senate. Here are the current Senators for Alberta:

Banks, Tommy, Lib – ex-band leader
Fairbairn, Joyce, Lib – ex-journalist
Hays, Dan, Lib – ex-lawyer, farmer
McCoy, Elaine, PC – ex-lawyer
Mitchell, Grant, Lib.- ex-Liberal leader of opposition in Alberta
Tardif, Claudette, Lib – ex- French Dean at U of A

The last three were appointed to the Senate by Martin on March 24th, 2005, less than 2 months later Belinda crossed the floor to prop up the Liberals.

So, ex-PM Martin knew his government was in trouble, and to punish Albertan's he saddled us with 3 senators (for life), we did not want, and ignored the "senator's in waiting". This one act, even more than adscam, infuriated me more than anything else the Liberals have done.

What they said to Alberta voters was that a democratic vote for a Senator, by a province was useless because the PM is supreme, all knowing and it's okay to screw the provinces because the FED's rule, and us peons should get used to it. I am still mad, it's kind of like NEP, Albertan's have long memories.

So, to all the Liberals spouting off about how this is not constitutional, BUG OFF!

How is an appointed Senator (5 Liberals in non-Liberal Alberta) better than an appointed Senator who has been elected by the province that they represent?

This appointment makes my heart sing, thank you PM Harper, you did the right thing, makes me proud to be a Canadian.

Monday, April 16, 2007

SOW's Bellyaching Contines.

Today after question period, Liberal Minna got up on a point of order, and said that she had received a complaint from Monica Lysack about MP Mike Lake's comments during Statements by Members. It appears she was upset because he had destroyed her good name. So, I looked up what he had said that was so upsetting.

From hansard, March 28th, 2007.

MP Lake:
Mr. Speaker, between 1993 and 2005, the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada received a mind-numbing $2.2 million from the previous Liberal government.

Last week, its executive director, Monica Lysack, appeared before the human resources committee and tried to defend her organization, saying that the Liberals gave her $600,000 of that windfall to “monitor whether or not government investments in child care are actually being spent on child care”. What a typical Liberal manipulation.

By Ms. Lysack's own admission, her organization has never created one single care space, but the Liberals gave it $2.2 million and then asked it to track down organizations, like its own, that received taxpayer dollars and did not create child care spaces.

Fortunately for Canadian families, the days of Liberals' big talk and zero action on child care are over. With nearly $5.6 billion invested in children and early learning for the next year, the new Conservative government is clearly getting the job done for all Canadian families.

Do these advocates just not get it? Why would she protest what was clearly the truth? Now we get to hammer at her even more. Let sleeping dogs lie, Lysack, you can't win this one and you look like a whiner for bringing it up. Try going out and raising the funds you need, for, um, well, for what ever you seem to do. Did you and Minna spent all Easter coming up with that lame duck? Personally, I think MP Lake is spot on!

Oh, by the way, why haven't those two peekinafile Liberals, Holland and Jennings, risen in Parliament to explain the Contempt of Parliament charges leveled against them? I looked for them today, they appeared to be missing, along with most other Liberals. Are they still consulting their lawyers on the little matter of opening confidential files that were Conservative property?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sleep With A Dog, You Get Fleas!

Okay, the Dion-May pact is still a head scratcher. I don't think it's a win-win for anyone, except maybe the Conservatives.

Now, that Dion has made this pact, he has to understand that he will be tarred with not only loony Liberal candidates, but also loony Green candidates.

We bring up Mr. Potvin not because we believe Mr. Dion personally shares any of his notions about 9/11, but because Mr. Dion has painted himself into a corner while he waits for the official reaction to them from the Greens' leader. How will his lovey-dovey rhetorical cuddling with Ms. May look to voters if she decides that Mr. Potvin deserves to run as a Green candidate and that his "bold," "alternative" ideas, true or not, are exactly what Canada needs to hear? Go ahead, Stephane -- lie down with losers; and just watch how long it takes you to wash the stink off.

See my Thursday posting for more on Potvin. Now, I hear May has booted the guy, but those writing of his date back years, didn't anyone in the Green party check this nut out, or is May too busy making backroom deals with Dion to really care about the Green party? Does she really even care about the Green party at all, or is she just out to make a name for herself?

Well, Mutt and Jeff, seem to be quite the pair, two incompetent leaders of failing parties, holding hands and skipping down the yellow brick road, or should I say, driving their smart car right into the brick wall.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

PM Harper Is Having Too Much Fun... call an election! Granted an election will be loads of fun for him too, but why stop a good thing with an election.

Even when Parliament is on a break the opposition parties manage to get themselves into trouble. The Red Green huggy kissy fest is only one example of Dion, the gift that just keeps on giving, kind of like the energizer bunny, except in this case he's more like Alice in Wonderland, going down the rabbit hole.

He meets Mad Queen May, and is spellbound, he eats the Kyoto cheese and thinks he actually did something about global warming while he was Environment Minister.

Oh well, I never was really good with fairy tales, I always thought they were stupid and not representative of the real world. Guess sometimes you are just born with common sense.

So, back to PM Harper and the Conservatives having too much fun. This should not be allowed as we all know that Conservatives are not supposed to have a sense of humour. They are not allowed to even appear to care about the disadvantaged. They are not allowed to mention religion, this is guaranteed to send the lefties into shrill hysterics. They are not allowed to have emotions, only the lefties can have emotions, don't you dare try to make your point using FACTS, that's unCanadian.

You know what, I am sick and tired of being told that I can only have an opinion if it is the sanitized, politically correct garbage that the lefties spout. I am supposed to shut up about divorce, abortion, SSM, gay adoption, legalized drugs, legalized prostitution, swingers clubs, supporting our troops, hating Kyoto, stem cell experiments, and numerous other lefty ideals.

Well, I will never be a weak minded, whiny, morally bankrupt lefty, THANK GOD!

Friday, April 13, 2007

May, It's So "Unfair"!

Okay, I know Dion thinks everything is "unfair" but now May has not only semi-joined the Liberals, she has started parroting Dion's, it's "unfair" lines. You don't want to listen to all her garbage, but if you click on Mike Duffy Live, select Green Leader, and then fast forward to 8:30, you will clearly hear her say, it was "unfair". So, we now have two party leaders who think everything is "unfair".

Are we going to see the Red Green Party? I don't think so, because both leaders are so incompetent, they wouldn't know how to join their parties under one banner.

Talk about the opposition firing blanks though, the Conservatives have outed Belinda and 14 other Liberals, so far, without an election being called. Now, the Red Greens has shown their hand, and it turns out they have a pair of twos. Meanwhile, PM Harper is playing his cards close and has not revealed even one card, but I suspect he has a few aces in his hand, and a few up his sleeve.

This is going to be fun.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Green Party Candidate Cheers 9/11

Okay, this is totally disgusting. A Green party candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway thought it was "beautiful" when the second tower went down. Don't believe me? Here is the article, you decide.

I have a terrible confession to make. When I saw the first tower cascade down into that enormous plume of dust and paper, there was a little voice inside me that said, "Yeah!" When the second tower came down the same way, that little voice said, "Beautiful!" When the visage of the Pentagon appeared on the TV with a gaping and smoking hole in its side, that little voice had nearly taken me over, and I felt an urge to pump my fist in the air.

This is the Green candidate for the next election, does May care, probably not she is too busy making backroom deals with Dion, the master of backroom deals.

Nor was I alone, I know for a fact, whenever I passed a TV or newspaper with a report on the ensuing US war to capture Osama bin Laden, and I secretly said to myself, "Go, Osama, Go!" I am happy he has eluded capture by the Americans. I am in love with those Afghans who, whenever asked, said, "He went that-a-way," and their fifty hands pointed in fifty different directions.

So, this is what we can expect from a Liberal/Green joining of forces, backroom deal. Disgusting. If this guy was a Conservative, he would be skewered by the media, so far, all quiet on the Griberal front.

h/t to a freedominion poster doggedlyright

May, Counted In The 33% Of Liberal Females?

So, will May be counted as one of Dion's 33% of female candidates?

If I was in that riding, I would be insulted that May thinks she can win by stealing Liberal votes. I would also be ticked off with the Liberals for thinking I'm stupid.

May and Dion have just lost any credibility they had left. Backroom deals, what Dion does best. Where's the famous Dion integrity now? Where's his famous intellegence? This move is neither.

What other deals does Backroom Dion have on the burner? Look to the ethnic communities for that answer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Payback Time, And I'm Loving It!

The opposition turfed one of Canada's best CEO's, now come the consequences.

Morgan was president and CEO of Canada's largest energy company, EnCana Corp., from 2002 until he stepped down Jan. 1, and he was named Canada's most respected CEO in a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid last year. Harper calls Morgan "an outstanding Canadian" who has championed transparency and ethics in the private and public sectors throughout his career. In the job, created under the Conservative government's new Accountability Act, Morgan will develop guidelines, review and approve selection processes proposed by ministers to fill vacancies within their portfolios, and report publicly on government compliance with the guidelines. He'll be paid $1 a year.

After that disaster, PM Harper called off appointing anyone to the Public Appointments Commission. I don't blame him, who would be willing to work for $1 a year, except someone who really wanted to help Canada. If the opposition would not accept one of the most respected CEO's in Canada, who could you appoint?

Okay, that's old news, but it ties into this new story. It's pay back time, and I'm loving it.

Liberal and NDP MPs said Paille is in a conflict of interest because he will get access to confidential opinion research commissioned during the 1995 referendum when he was campaigning to break up Canada.
"So they appointed a friend of (former PQ leader) Jacques Parizeau -- somebody who hates federalists, who hates Liberals," said Quebec Liberal MP Denis Coderre.
Added NDP MP Paul Dewar: "The person being appointed here has questionable credentials. We have the back-room, back-door process still alive and well. That's exactly the problem with the previous government."

So, the opposition rejects one of Canada's most respected CEO's, and therefore the Public Appointments Commission has not been set up. This gives the Conservatives free rein to appoint anyone they want to investigate government wrong doings, but the opposition are whining that it is not fair. If they would have accepted Morgan, there would have been a fair commission, but too bad that politics got in the oppositions way.

The ultimate irony is that the opposition are now calling this a witch hunt, when they did exactly that to Gwyn Morgan, they went on a witch hunt. Suck it up you whiners, you got what you deserve for your disgusting performance against Morgan.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ban Common-Law Relationships, Not Guns!

Okay, those sneaky Conservatives have quietly extended the long gun registry deadline! I'm SHOCKED!!! I never would have guessed that this would happen.

Families of victims of gun crime, who support the long gun registry, are calling the amended order a bad move that will make the registry two years out of date -- and essentially useless to police.
"It think that it's totally and absolutely ridiculous," Audette Sheppard, a gun control advocate whose son Justin was shot to death in Toronto in 2001, told CTV News.

And was he shot to death with a rifle/shotgun? Just asking.

Well, let's look at some statistics from where else, Statistics Canada

If you look at the graph, you will see that gun crimes started to rise around 1998, and have been on the increase ever since. Most importantly, it's handguns that are creating that increase. Handguns have always had to be registered, going back way beyond 1975. Yet crimes using handguns are increasing. Guess that handgun registry is working. Rifles/shotguns, decreased way before any long gun registry, from 1975 to now, some blips have occured, but it definitely shows that rifles/shotguns are not the problem.

People living in common-law relationships were more at risk from their partner than those living in legal marriages. In 2005, the homicide rate of people living in common-law relationships was nearly five times higher than for those living in legal marriages.

Forget banning guns, if we are going to ban anything, I suggest that we ban common-law relationships, as they are 5 times more deadly than being married.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Dead and The Disgraceful

What to say, but my heart goes out to the families of the six new dead in Afghanistan, while my heart also goes out to the over 60,000 WWI dead. Imagine those numbers, at Vimy alone, close to 3600 dead in four days, for their new country at that time. It's hard to imagine the losses. It wasn't instant news at that time, so every community made do the best they could, without really understanding how many young men and women were giving their lives.

Today, three speeches were given at Vimy, that I couldn't watch live because I had to work. Thankfully you can see some of the Vimy Ridge coverage at CTV. Go to this site, then click on Remembering Vimy, watch PM Harper's speech, the PM of France, and the Queens, they were very inspiring.

Now, to the disgraceful, well is it any shock that it might be Layton's NDP (who couldn't bother to show up at Vimy) and the Liberals? The Bloq who cares, the Quebec French didn't fight at Vimy, so why should they even be there?

NDP Leader Jack Layton called for major changes in the mission.
"We believe that this mission is not going to be able to succeed in the long run and more and more people seem to be drawing that conclusion. A new approach is needed," he said.
The NDP has held the current approach focuses too much on counter-insurgency and not enough on development.

Oh, and let's not forget the Liberals. Where was Dion anyways? He's like Alice in Wonderland, he's gone down the hole into a strange new world, never to be seen.

Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff urged caution in linking the two.
"I think it's right to take pride in our military traditions but we ought to be very, very careful about using them to justify current conflicts. Let's keep them separate," he said.
Harper didn't raise Afghanistan in his Vimy speech Monday. (
Guess he kept politics out of it, too bad the Liberals couldn't) He didn't take any questions from reporters during his two-day stay in France. (that must have ticked them off big time!)

The Liberals have said the mission should not be extended beyond February 2009.
Huebert said the Taliban's goal is to make the cost so high that the Canadian public gives up and say, "enough already.
"Conversely, it's very important for Canadian leaders to understand, now they are engaged in this conflict, that ... is what they're up against. And they have to make sure the political will remains (so) that they can in fact stay the course."

The public is the last piece of the puzzle. Are the weenie, lefty, hippie, tree hugging, marching with Hezbollah crowd, going to win this battle, or are the common sense, God fearing, people who love Canada, and truly support the troops going to triumph?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crime, Guns and Lefties

When the Easter break is over, some very important crime bills will be in the spotlight. As someone living in the homicide city of Canada, I know that serious crimes have increased, and it is very much top of mind for me, even though I am lucky enough to live in a very safe area of Edmonton. I think other Mom's are starting to support the Conservatives because they are worried about their kids, and they see that the only party actually tough on crime are the Conservatives.

I have watched question period, and the lefties are always quoting Statistics Canada, saying that the crime rate is decreasing. Lefties love banning things, like guns. So, do bans work? Is crime decreasing? I went on a hunt, it was a short one, it took me no time to find what I wanted at none other than Statistics Canada.

The national homicide rate increased for the second consecutive year in 2005 to its highest point in nearly a decade, after reaching a 30-year low in 2003. The number of homicides committed with a firearm rose for the third year in a row.
Police services reported 658 homicides last year, 34 more than in 2004. Of these, 222 were committed with a firearm, up from 173 in 2004.

In 2005, handguns were used to commit 128 homicides, up from 112 in 2004. The number of homicides committed with a handgun has increased in six of the past seven years.
Since 1997, police reported that 83% of recovered firearms used to commit homicide were not registered. Where ownership could be determined, the accused owned the firearm in 60% of these homicides. Among homicides committed with a firearm, four out of every five accused persons did not possess a valid firearms certificate.

So, how's that ban on hand guns working Jack? 83% of guns are not registered by murderers, I'm shocked!!!!

Maybe we should ban lefties, those soft on crime judges included. I am sick and tired of ridiculous sentences being handed out by judges for murder. Here in Edmonton, the murder capital of Canada, a judge just recently let some teens off with house arrest for the brutal murder of another teen, who they murdered because they had been banned from a house party. SICK.

To the opposition parties, us soccer Mom's are watching how you vote on the crime bills coming up, especially the one that raises the age of consent from 14 to 16, only a sicko would vote against that one.

He Suffered, So We Could Live.

Good Friday has come and gone. Easter is next.

He suffered, so we could live.

What have we done with that power? Abortions, and same sex marriages. I'm sorry, but killing babies is not about choice, it's about being selfish. Same sex marriage is the road to the destruction of morals.

What is wrong with having morals? I have been faithful to my husband, I have raised my children to be moral, I have nothing to be embarassed about. Can others make the same claim?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

17,000 sq ft of Fear!

Okay who's running scared? The CBC press gallery pundits. Go to Thursday, they are at 30:15. I can't believe that CBC doesn't even try to hide their Liberal bias by having at least one Conservative pundit. Guess that would mess with the love fest they have going amongst themselves.

I just watched them and they are fearful of what that 17,000 sq feet of media power is going to do to their jobs. They don't say it of course, but you can just about smell the fear through the TV/computer. The most shrill of all is Susan Delacourt, it drips off of her, she can barely hide her hate for anything Conservative. Poor thing. . They couldn't even stand to talk about the latest poll, 39 Conservatives, 30 Liberals.

Why are they so scared? The Conservatives can now get their message out locally to any region in the country, without those pundits being able to spin the message. More importantly, if the pundits try to spin it, they will get called on it, by other journalists in local areas. So spin away, we are not buying it, as the polls are showing.

If the media had planned to give PM Harper a rough ride next election, their little plot won't work. Hope they have hired their own plane, or maybe they can hitch a ride on the Liberal plane, oh wait, the Liberals can't seem to find a plane to lease. Maybe they can bike across Canada.

17,000 sq. ft. of fear, for the media, one big factory of fear for the Liberals. Works for me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Backroom Deal? Dion and May?

As soon as I started to read this article, my spidey senses started to tingle.

Maybe people who were thinking of voting for the Greens because of their stands on environmental issues will now strategically vote for the Liberals instead. After all, May has given Dion her green seal of approval.
In fact, that's what some Green party members, who are not big fans of Dion, are worried about.

We already know that Dion is a backroom boy. He and Kennedy cooked up an agreement during the leadership convention, that won him the election. Then he changes his stance on the anti-terrorism vote, pay back to some members that won him the election for leader. If it worked so well then, why not expand your reach?

Do Dion and May have a backroom deal? Just suppose for a minute that an election gets called. May comes out, AFTER the election call, and states that she is merging her party with the Liberals, or even throwing her support behind the Liberals, how would that 5 to 8% of the vote change the election? Is that why Garth went to the Liberals, does he know whats up?

I know, it's too strange to contemplate, but could that be why the Liberals are not going to run a candidate against May? Is it a bigger deal than that? Are the Liberals and Greens running strong candidates against weak ones? Where does this leave the NDP?

Those senses are tingling about this, and in politics things change from week to week. If May doesn't come out strongly against the article and stop acting like she is part of the Liberal party, both the Conservatives and the NDP better pay some attention to those two parties. The Green candidates better sit May down and find out exactly what she is up to, or they might find themselves without a party.

Call it my sixth sense, call it spidey senses, but something is stinking to high heaven.

UPDATE: I'm not the only one thinking this way!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Early Aging Seniors, A New Breed!

Wow, if it's not the Liberals whining and shrilling and yelling about fear factories, it's the environmentalists fear mongering to get more research dollars, to study water vapour, ahem...I mean greenhouse gasses. The MSM prints anything these wackos say, and they gleefully ratchet up the fear.

Here's an outstanding example of their fear mongering.

Climate change is likely to significantly affect the health of many Canadians.
For example, the report notes that Canada's population is going to age early in this century and that seniors are particularly vulnerable to health problems caused by heatwaves and air pollution.
A warming climate is going increase the number of heatwave days in Canada's major cities and intensify problems of pollution.
"Climate change could more than double the potential for increased heat wave deaths in urban areas," the report says.

Hello, our seniors are going to age early because of climate change? WOW, that is scary. Maybe if those early aging seniors could keep their air conditioners on, or go to a cooling centre, they wouldn't have to die. What 9th grader wrote this story?

Ski seasons could be drastically shortened, possibly by as many as six weeks by the middle of this century.
And fewer and fewer lakes and ponds will freeze or stay frozen long enough for skaters.

Seeing as Jasper and Banff had one of their best seasons in years, I vote for more global warming...oops, climate change. So, no frozen lakes, a longer growing season, and more CO2 to grow my plants? I'm excited, this climate change is a good idea, whoever thought of it is a genius! What, it's been around since the beginning of earth?

Maybe I'm getting cabin fever here, I know, for a fact, we had snow on Halloween, that stayed, and now we just got a new dumping of snow, in April, that looks like it will stay until Easter, so, by counting on my fingers, that's 7 months of snow.

I know, I know, human are causing global warming....oops, climate change, so, I just started my car, no, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just trying to warm up my part of the earth, because, I AM SICK OF WINTER!

I have already scientifically proven that beer drinking increases dramatically with temperature, next, I'm looking into how we can grow bananas here in Canada, now that our climate has become so warm. As soon as I get back from shovelling my sidewalks.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fear Factory!

Okay, did the Liberals even think about how this sounds? Who's scared? Fear factory, wow, yup, I'm shaking, those kitten eating Conservatives, have, ready for this...........put together an office, with TV studio, for the next election.

Grab your kids, head for the hills, the Conservatives have opened an office, and not just any office, a 17,000 square foot office, with...........wait for it...........desks, and computers! I heard a Liberal muttering about, "the expense".

So, why would the Liberals call it a fear factory? It's already called a war room, guess that's not scary enough, now it needs to be renamed, a fear factory. Who could possibally be scared by Conservatives? Check your shorts Liberals, that smell of fear is coming from you.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Storks, Babies, Beer and Global Warming!

Okay, I am sick of the global warming alarmists. Here's my take on their supposed science, which by the way they never actually show, because, us dumb lay people would never understand it anyways.

First statistics course I took in University, talked about the correlation between storks nesting and human babies being born in the spring. It is a proven statistical relationship. That's how it came to be that storks deliver babies! Well the same kind of correlation between CO2 and global warming is being used by the alarmists. So, the average thinking person knows storks do not deliver babies, why then are we buying the alarmist's garbage?

I got busy today and did a multiple regression on temperatures, sunlight hours, and beer drinking. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there is a direct correlation between temperatures and beer drinking. I was dumbfounded to find out that beer drinking increases in the summer. I was disappointed that sunlight hours had to be tossed from my analysis, because it appears that the sun has no effect on the amount of beer drank. I do have a graph to show this startling relationship between temperature and beer drinking.

So, given my research into temperatures and beer, I am waiting for my research money. It is imperative that we solve this problem immediately, as summer is rapidly approaching, and a disaster is in the making, as you read this. We have a definite problem here, temperature is CAUSING an increase in beer drinking!