Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Best Friends!

I just don't get the lefties and their hate of anything American. Seriously, what is their problem? Does 80% of our trade mean nothing to them? Has the US ever invaded us? What is it? My take is that they hate success. If the US is successful, their socialist plans will fail.

Watch the negative articles if it is the Americans who provide us with the 1000 troops we need.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has assurances from U.S. President George Bush himself that the United States will provide the 1,000 troops required to keep Canada in Afghanistan if no other countries come forward, CTV News has learned.

HA, I knew that by watching PM Harper anytime he was questioned about the 1000 troops needed, he had a funny little smirk on his face, kind of like he was trying not to burst out laughing. Does anyone seriously think that PM Harper didn't already have those 1000 troops lined up?

Now the media is trying to make it sound like a Bush-Harper union of minds, yet they give the wimpy Europeans a pass.

We are not only fortunate to live in Canada, we are also very fortunate that we have the US as our neighbours.

CTV's South Asia Bureau chief, Paul Workman, spoke to Canada AM from Kandahar and said that the Canadian military will probably be disappointed that the French troops won't be assisting their mission.

"The Canadian Forces leadership might consider it a setback," Workman said of the report.

But Workman said there could be a bright side, with the French troops allowing for the possibility of freeing up American forces to be assigned to the Kandahar region.

Wow, let me see, Americans or French? Either would be acceptable. I think the Gerkas are great too. When it comes down to close ties, the US and Canadian troops are more used to working together, like Norad.

My cousin married a US Marine, I talked to some of the US guests, they have nothing but respect for our troops, they would willingly fight together with them. So why don't Canadians have the same respect for our troops? Why do Canadians talk about "supporting the troops", but not the mission?

The old hippy, peace/love NDP, would never support anything with a gun involved. The Bloq, is so arrogant, they think Quebec can survive without massive help from the rest of Canada. Go ahead, try it.

The Liberals might be split on this issue, but I give them credit for understanding that it's not about votes, it's about Canada's place in this world, so kudos to them for supporting both the troops and the mission! I also predict that the Liberals will all of a sudden LOVE America, if a Democrat gets to be the next President. HA.

Our best friends are the Americans. They always have been, and hopefully they always will be.


Anonymous said...

don't worry the us will rub it in to all the lefties out there in Canada when Macain wins the presidency then well see how much they hate them. or will let obama get into power and stick a wall around Canada because there goes the nafta agreement if people though repubs were bad wait till the dems get in.

hunter said...

That's what lefties refuse to see, the Democrats don't like free trade, maybe they should look at how many of their jobs depend on the Americans, like auto workers.

Red Tory said...

Generalize much?

Try getting a bigger box of crayons.

Anonymous said...

Your grand, unified theory about Canado-American relations, trade and perfidious lefties is based on a story about a commitment of troops?

Are you insane all the time, or just most of the time?

You are the worst argument for what your support, I hope you realize.

hunter said...

Well, I'm obviously bugging some lefties enough that they feel they just have to comment! HA.

Now, it's off to work I go, so keep it clean, no swearing!

Dennis said...

"Has the US ever invaded us?"

Um, weeellllll.......there was this one little fracass...

Sorry. Just couldn't resist :P

Joe said...

You're right Dennis but as a westerner with many American roots I would sooner have lunch with someone from Texas than Toronto.

Anonymous said...

They did not say where the troops would be committed to, did they?

If Afghanistan cannot be pacified with 40,000 troops against guys in caves, what makes you think 1,000 troops will be enough to control Canadians after the Harper coup attempt?

You collaborators will not be able to subdue the rest of us. Bring it on!

hunter said...

Wow, anon 4:21, bring it on? Are you volunteering to go kick some Taliban butt? Good for you, God speed!

Anonymous said...

Now, it's off to work I go, so keep it clean, no swearing!

Don't trip over the slop bucket...oh and fuck fuck fuck.