Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Like Gum Stuck To The Bottom Of Your Shoe...

...You just can't get rid of it. I think Thibault and Szabo have gum on their shoes, and the trail leads right to Schreiber. So far, we know Pablo is guilty of collusion with the CBC, now it appears that we can add Thibault and Szabo to the list, except they are colluding with Schreiber. Bet this doesn't look like such a good idea to the Liberals now.

I don't normally link to CBC if I can help it, but listen to what Robin Sears, Mulroney's representative, has to say about Thibault and Szabo, it appears they have evidence of Liberal meetings with Schreiber and Greenspan (his lawyer), and they are about to go public with it!

Click on the link and watch from around 19:40 to 25:46.

Don Newman was scrambling to think of how to turn the accusations around, wonder if he was thinking about a certain CBC reporter who got caught feeding questions to another Liberal, Pablo, at the same committee? Wonder how Newman would like it out here in Alberta, reporting on the weather, or our election maybe?

Spector and Schreiber, what a pair, both jap loudly about nothing.

Thanks to Joanne's Journey and her commenter paulsstuff for making me look for this video.


Anonymous said...

You think they stepped on some gum? I think they stepped on some dog doo and the smell is starting to fill the room.

hunter said...

Too funny, I was being nice with the gum, but you are right it's more like dog doo!

JR said...

Yeah, Newman's show was worth watching just for what Robin Sears had to say. Spector's anticipated "bombshell" was a dud. Sears dropped the real thing. His comments about Pat Martin's "foul mouthed", "adolescent" behaviour were priceless too.