Saturday, November 24, 2007

Media Uses Lethal Weapon...!

....My Mother voted for you.... Absolutely hilarious.

The lefties are pulling out all stops against PM Harper, they have now brought their Mother's into the climate change debate. You heard me, their Mother's.

Listen to the second Quebec reporter, it's down right funny!

Oh, I bet PM Harper is shaking in his boots now.

Interesting that the media is trying to portray PM Harper as isolated, when in fact he just got all 53 countries to agree with his position. PM Harper 1, Media 0.

If this had been a Liberal PM, they would be singing his praises, and talking about real leadership...BLAH, blah. Notice that Dion has been on Question Period every week for weeks, this never happened when Harper was in opposition, talk about pushing your agenda. The media is getting frantic, along with the Liberals, they see their gravy train disappearing, and are pulling out all the stops.

Come on, bringing your Mother into the fight? That's really low.


Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't call her on it. Was mom back home being misled by the media??

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha-ha! Yes, a MSM reporter's mother. I'm sure she gets such a non-partisan skew of the news.