Thursday, July 13, 2006

Harper Sides Firmly With Israel

This is very refreshing after years of Liberal waffling!

Finally, I can be proud to be Canadian again. WTG Prime Minister Stephen Harper!!

If the US was bombing us daily, would we not be justified in responding? If they kidnapped our soldiers, would we not be justified in going full out to get them back?? If our land or people were being threatened, would we not respond?

Justice appears to be different in the mideast. I fully support Israel's response so far, and I am glad that our Conservative government has now come out to fully support their position as well. The only thing keeping the mideast from war is Israel, they know that Israel will not blink. So, return their soldiers, if this doesn't happen soon, cut all support by all charitable organizations for a few days, see if that helps to make them understand that they survive by the good wishes of the hated west.


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