Monday, July 24, 2006

Okay, Time For A Rest!

What I saw on the news today, was no more Lebanese Princesses shouting about how hard done by they were, while escaping all those bombs. Guess they couldn't find anymore disgruntled "sometimes" Canadians to interview.

So, I took the time today, to smell the roses. Literally! I stopped watching the news, went outside and worked in my garden. I feel much better tonight for doing it too. We had new potatoes and fresh beans for supper, grown by me, and enjoyed by the whole family!! It made me appreciate Canada, and the simple things, like a carrot pulled out of the ground, washed, and eaten by my kids.

We need to go out and smell the roses more often. But those sparrows making off with my pea leaves are starting to tick me off.... anyone have slingshot?

Just kidding, they can have all the pea leaves they want as long as they leave us the peas!!! Now those rabbits are another story.........

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