Thursday, July 20, 2006

Edmonton Lebanese Protest Ticks Me OFF!!!

Okay, for years now, everytime I see ethnic groups from other countries protesting on Parliament Hill, or anywhere else, about how things are soooo bad in their countries, I have always yelled at the TV telling them to go back home then. You are either Canadian, or a "sometime" Canadian. If you are some other countries citizen first, Canadian second, go home. Why should my tax dollar pay to bring you back to Canada, when you have never really been Canadian?

So, if the Lebanese are not happy with how the rescue mission is going, go there and save your own people. I am sick and tired of the media coverage that only shows people who are mad at the government. I feel that most Lebanese are great Canadians, but fear is making them scared, I understand that, but don't protest in my country and expect me to support you, especially not when you slam my government and not the real cause of the problem. The Lebanese government has no control over the southern portion of their own country, blame them, not the Canadian government. It is not the Canadian government that is firing missiles at Israel.

STOP protesting against the government and START acting like real Canadians by supporting and helping all efforts that can help ALL people stranded in Lebanon.

Shame on the people who have time to protest, but no time to help. Disgusting.

By the way, WTG Prime Minister Stephen Harper for going to pick up over 100 Canadians!!! A truly great idea, and if the people rescued are not appreciative, send them back!!!

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