Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UN Being Used, Say It Isn't So!

Very interesting view from someone who should know about the UN base that was bombed.

So, it appears that the Hezbollah are using UN positions to bomb Israel. Well, if they are willing to use children and women, why not the UN?

We went to CapitalEx (used to be called Klondike Days) today, the military had some people there. I talked to one soldier who had been in Afghanistan and was expecting to go back, he was positive, and very happy that they were getting new equipment, and that Canadians were showing their support.

I also talked to some soldiers that were sitting in an armor plated ambulance. They explained to me that they seldom went off base with them, because they were targeted when the terrorists saw the Red Cross.

So, my conclusion is that terrorists are cowards, they hide behind women, children, UN observers, and medical personnel. Wow, that sure inspires me to sympathize with their cause.

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thots said...

You see pictures of the Hezbollah army marching, lined up holding their flag. Their "yellow" flag. fitting I would say given their style of fighting.