Friday, July 21, 2006

I Thought It Was Jewish Princess, Not Lebanese?

Well, well, these comments make me think spoiled brat. Not one thank you Canada, in the whole bunch!

Evacuees arrive home

Meanwhile, planes carrying the first wave of evacuees arrived in Ottawa and Montreal on Friday, and some had harsh words for the government.

"It was inhuman what they did," said Tania Elia, who arrived in Montreal. "People were on the boat, one over each other. People were vomiting."

Another evacuee said she was "ashamed to be Canadian" and regretted the apparently arduous journey.

"If I knew that it was going to be like this, I would have stayed in Lebanon under the bombs," said Roula Karbash. "It would be easier."

Poor Tania, people were vomiting!!! It's called sea sickness, do you think the government planted vomiters on the ship just to bug you??

If, Roula is so "ashamed to be Canadian" that she wants to be back "under the bombs", I will start passing the hat to raise enough money to send her right back there. I of course can't afford to go to PEI to visit relatives, let alone go overseas. Not, one thank you Canada from those two. Talk about two Lebanese Princesses!!! Shame on you.

Now if you see the person in the picture called "one relieved evacuee", Dan Matheson showed this guy, he was great!!! He was thanking Canada, he was so happy to have been rescued even Samantha Huston said she had a crush on the guy! He really was what I as a Canadian taxpayer wanted to see, someone happy to be going home!!! Not like the prima donnas above!

Too bad the media give the 1% of disgruntled people 99% of the air time.

Kudos to Dan Matheson, he has been very positive in his reporting. Kudos to the people of Turkey who have done a great job helping our Canadians. I love the youngsters greeting our Canadians with flowers. Thank you Turkey!!

Not one word of thanks to Turkey, Cyprus or Canada for our little princesses. Again, all I can say is shame on you.

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