Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Messed Up Abortion, Or, Murder?

Okay, I know that a baby is supposedly only a baby once it has been born, before that it is a zygote, or collection of cells. That's what the liberals tell us anyways!

Well this zygote, seems to have been a messed up abortion, that managed to get born, becoming a baby, only to be killed!

Women's choice, or doctors, nurses and women killing babies? Even liberal thinking people must be sickened by this article. If you aren't, better check yourself for a heartbeat, you might be dead, and don't even know it! If you do detect a heartbeat, check for brainwaves, because anyone with even half a brain can understand that a baby was born, and killed.

Don't give me any of that zygote garbage, I have never heard a pregnant woman refer to her baby, wanted or not as a zygote!

It's a baby, plain and simple.

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