Sunday, June 18, 2006

PM Just An Average Guy Moneywise

Well, as if we didn't already know it, the PM is no millionaire, like many former PM's. How Martin got away with keeping his business interests, setting them up as tax free havens, paying non-Canadians slave wages and polluting our waters, is really beyond me, except that Liberal friendly media never really mentioned any of those "little" items.

Seeing Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Oilers game, in the cheap seats, surrounded by regular fans, not in some private box, did my heart good. Yup, so far he really is an average guy, with an average family, but he is doing an exceptional job as PM. Maybe he can do that because he has had to budget his families expenditures, say no to his kids sometimes because they couldn't afford something, and make do with what they already have, instead of getting the newer, better model. Sounds like my family!

Sounds like it is slim pickings for the Liberal party to harp on, and Ruby Dhalla is sounding more shrill, and idiotic everytime she questions Minister Clements 25% share in a drug company. Get a brain Ruby, look at your own ex-PM before you open your mouth. And, maybe your own investments should be looked at:

She now co-owns a chain of chiropractic clinics in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Aurora with her brother, Neil Dhalla.[2] Dhalla has also worked as an actress, and played a leading role in "Kyon? Kis Liye?" (translated as "Why? And For Whom?"), a Bollywood-inspired Hindi-language film shot in Ontario.[3] She finished second in the Miss India Canada pageant in 1993.[4]

Oh, but wait, your not a Minister, heck, your not even in power, your in opposition!

The Liberals still don't and never will understand the average working person, cause, well, they are not the average working person, most of them have been born with little silver spoons in their mouths. They have never had to say to one of their kids that Santa's Elves couldn't build enough X-Boxes in time for them to get one. They just don't get it, because they have never heard the word "NO".

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Anonymous said...

He may seem like the "average" guy/family but he still makes more than you ever have most likely. If he ever said no to his kids I doubt it was because of the money