Monday, June 26, 2006

Should Be An Interesting Summer

Okay, it's my first day of holiday, and I've been busy watering flowers and weeding the garden, between weeds, I was thinking about what the 5 new priorities are going to be, so, what would yours be for this government? Maybe we can determine what they should be and help the new government.

One for sure will be the environment. I felt sorry for Rona because the opposition were working soooooooo hard to get an idea of what they are planning. She hung in though, despite scuzzy NDP tactics, she's going to have fun this fall I predict. She is a terrific role model for our young ladies.

I want lower taxes, less government, and way fewer social programs. I want the money from useless social programs diverted to disabled/elderly people, directly, not through some agency that only gives money to it's friends. Finally, I want to see less of my taxes going to support the CBC, not more, like the Liberal senators would like to see happen. Transfer hockey to TSN and I have absolutely no reason to watch CBC, that $1 Billion would go a long way towards wheelchairs for the disabled.

So, what else? Indian affairs? Fiscal balance?? Lower taxes? Cutting bogus social programs? What would make your life as a Canadian taxpayer better? What policy do you want to see implemented?

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