Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Supreme Court Judges To Make More Than The Prime Minister

Well, opposition is not happy that the Conservatives only want to increase judges salaries by 7.25%, instead of the recommended 10.8%.

Okay, can any of you out there remember the last time you got a 7.25% increase in your salaries, let alone a 10.8% increase?? The judges salaries are already indexed to the rate of inflation, so this raise would be on top of that automatic increase.

Under the Conservative plan, which must secure enough votes to pass in the minority Parliament, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, would receive an immediate salary increase to $298,500, instead of the $308,400 the commission recommended.

The other eight judges on the court would earn $276,400, instead of $285,600.

Chief justices and associate chief justices on the Federal Court, Tax Court of Canada, and superior courts in each province would earn $254,600, rather than $263,000 and all other judges would see salary gains to $232,300, instead of the commission's recommendation of $240,000.

So, the chief justice and other justices will earn more than the Prime Minister!!!

It appears that judges is more worthy than the Prime Minister, who has to run this country?? This is unacceptable, especially when those same judges are giving us such wonderful things as swingers clubs, and reducing sentences of baby rapists, because that's not violent?

Maybe those poor, underpaid judges will just go back into private practice and we can get some that are willing to uphold the law, instead of making it!!!!

I also think the MP's that are protesting are doing so because they want a 10.8% increase in their own salaries. Hang on to your pockets folks, we are about to be robbed once again!!!!!

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