Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Democracy Hi-Jacked!!!

Okay, was I the only one who watched CPAC today? They covered a foreign affairs committee on supposedly "the rescue of Lebanese". Well what I saw was the opposition hi-jacking and making a mockery of democracy!!!

First, they grilled Peter MacKay on Canada's response to the rescue of Canadians from Lebanon. Then they grilled him on our government's response to the war, then they realized they were looking like idiots, so, they changed tactics over lunch.

They came back, and wanted to vote on a VERY BIASED motion from the Bloc, WITHOUT letting any witnesses appear before them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, let's not hear what the citizens of Canada think about anything, let's just vote, because we have already desided how we are going to vote. It just about made me physically sick. They didn't even want to hear from the Red Cross, they said the witnesses were too biased???? Oh my God, who was being biased??? Okay, so, no witnesses, so, let's go immediately to a vote on the motion. Wow, that's democracy at it's best, let's not listen to people who have gone through the evacuation, let's not hear from people who are going into Lebanon to provide aid.

This would be like a judge telling everyone he didn't need to hear the evidence, he had already made up his mind!

Okay, so, the Conservatives put forward a motion that would override the Bloc garbage. Peter Van Loan, did a great job of keeping his cool, presenting his case, and explaining exactly why Canada was against terrorists.......all to deaf ears. Motion defeated.

Then, Keith Martin (the Liberal with the pointy ears) came up with a new motion, written on a napkin, which asked for an immediate ceasefire. The Conservatives agreed if they would add the word sustainable ceasefire.........Motion defeated.

All votes were 7 to 4 against any motion of the government. What a crock!!! The Conservatives even tried to get them to agree to the EXACT same wording as the EU came up with, Motion defeated.

What a sad display of ignorance and political hi-jacking by the opposition. What it made me vow, was that I would work endlessly to get the majority that is needed for the Conservatives.

The opposition, especially Alexa, who is past her best buy date, today made me sick. They pretended to be concerned about the people being killed, but all I saw was the opposition ganging up on the government to try and further their own ends. SHAME!!!

Great job Peter Van Loan!!!!!!!! You presented a rational voice against biased (against Israel, for Hizbollah) opposition. You tried everything you could, but it was like a fish swimming up the river, you might as well have been pounding your head against a wall. The result was predetermined!!!

So, how often can we let the opposition hi-jack democracy, for their own ends? Voting on a motion, before you have heard any witnesses?? SHAME!!!

We will hold you to account next vote!

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