Friday, August 04, 2006

Opposition, Mel On Same Page!

Okay poor Mel has been creamed in the press, but, if it's good enough for Mel, it should be good enough for the opposition.

All I hear is immediate cease fire. I agree, if an immediate cease fire will stop the killing of innocents, bring it on!!

The opposition, after hours of no cooperation, voted 7-4 to tell our government that it should call for an "immediate" cease fire.

Okay, government, go for it, call for one, see if anything happens. NO??? Shucks, why am I amazed nothing happened.

What does amaze me is that during 5 or so hours of the foreign affairs meeting, no witnesses were called, the opposition actually called the Red Cross biased!! The opposition totally sided with hezbollah, only briefly did I hear any member of the opposition say anything about the people in Israel being killed.

So, if Mel believes that Jews started all the wars, he is in good company, because, that's exactly what the opposition parties in Canada believe. I saw it all on CPAC!!!

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