Thursday, November 05, 2015

Rona An Inspirational Choice!

When Rona was made the environment minister in 2006 and the lefties went MAD because she was seen getting her hair done instead of being at a meeting...I knew Rona was my kind of woman. 

I still like her and applaud the Conservative party for giving her a chance to show her smarts as the interim leader. The media is already slamming her as not being able to speak  Quebec French, what a hoot! She speaks English, French and fluent Portuguese and Spanish. 

Put her up against the ":shiny pony": and he looks anemic. She will make him look like Charlie Brown during question period. The best thing is that the progressives can';t attack her, because if they do, they will show their true anti-feminist colours. 

Liberals have thrown all they could at her and she is still standing. They fail to understand that Conservative women are tougher and more independent than any other political group. 

I remember going to a rally for Harper in Edmonton before he was elected Prime Minister. I lined up with my then 12 year old son, hoping my son would be able to shake the next PM';s hand. I turned around and saw a lady with a walker trying to get into the line, so I pulled my son back to let her in. 

While we were waiting, I started talking to her. OMG. If I can be as strong as her, I will have lived a great life. She and her husband immigrated from Britain in the early 1900';s. While her husband was working up north, she proceeded to buy them a house in Edmonton. She was the power. She is a perfect example of a true Conservative woman. Tough, Smart and Can Do. 

This was in 2006, and I still remember my encounter with her, and I still strive to celebrate the pioneer spirit she represents. Our children need to sit down and listen to the pioneers who are left, so they can understand that a rock star PM will not make their lives better by promising them ":goodies":. They need to understand that they will be the ones paying for all those ":goodies":. 

Rona will do a great job. She is tough, smart and independent, not to mention a beautiful woman. (I guess that isn;'t PC, but as I am a woman they can';t attack me. I will just claim I am GLTABC) .

Look into Trudeau';s eyes and you will see nothing. Seriously, watch his eyes, nothing is going on behind them. We have a puppet PM, who';s strings will be pulled by the BIG BUSINESS  progressives supposedly despise and Liberal activists who have been starving for the last 10 years. First up the climate conference where Alberta will get screwed by the federal Liberals and the provincial NDP. Count on it. 


Paul MacPhail said...

About Rona not being able to speak "Quebec French". I don't see what the problem is. We've got a new foreign affairs minister that can't speak "The Rest of Canada English".

Unknown said...

Rona was my MP for a number of years until I relocated. Very competent and articulate. Well suited after her experiences for the job. As an Albertan I would have liked to see her run for the overall leadership, but then this is an important job and I am not convinced that Canada would support another Conservative Leader at this time from Alberta (but I may be wrong).

Rona appears to hate the Wild Rose party, but after last springs election thumping of the provincial PC's that may change and I hope it does.

Whatever anything thinks of her, if they are truly supportive of democracy they will wish her well in her new posting.