Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Is Time For The Reign To End!

The Alberta PC's just killed their chances to continue their 40 year reign, they are now DEAD. Oh, the skeleton is still rattling it's bones, thinking it's still alive, but Albertans' know it is DEAD, it just hasn't been buried yet.

Until this weekend, the debate amongst Alberta’s long-ruling Progressive Conservatives wasn’t if the party needed to change to survive, but how. By Saturday night, after votes had been tallied for the party’s leadership race to replace retiring premier Ed Stelmach, it was clear that change had already come. The contest isn’t over: the top three contenders — Gary Mar, Doug Horner and Alison Redford — will now spend the next two weeks running like Kenyan marathoners into the last stretch of the drawn-out race. But the results revealed a party clearly and profoundly transformed after four-and-a-half tumultuous years under Mr. Stelmach’s rule. And not for the better.
Mar, Horner or Redford??? Are you kidding me? I thought Stelmach was bad, but these candidates are killers....killers of the PC party that is. What a joke! Our PC's are on the same track as the federal Liberals, dying a slow painful DEATH without understanding how it is happening.

I have mentioned before that the Wildrose Alliance was looking like the party to vote for, now I know for sure that they are Alberta's only viable alternative. They could not possibly be worse than what we have suffered these last 4 and 1/2 years. It has been torture. That torture must end. No self respecting Conservative could vote these guys back in. It is time for the reign to end.

I got lots of calls from Morton's team and Mar's, I still couldn't be bothered to vote. Mar's people were down right rude, wonder how obnoxious they will be if they win. It doesn't really matter, whoever becomes our next Premier is going to have a short reign.....bring on the election so we can get rid of all those do nothing PC bums. I guess the Liberals and NDP who pretend to be Conservatives are voting for Mar, because no Conservative would ever think he was a good choice.

Wildrose, Alberta's new and only hope. Now is the time for them to ramp up their profile. Get the word out, the PC's are DEAD, and the Wildrose is the only alternative. I am going to buy a Wildrose membership now, and volunteer for them next election. It's time to rid Alberta of the "Red Tories" who are currently in power.

It Is Time For The Reign To END!   


maryT said...

Great post and welcome aboard the WRA train. Mar closed our hospitals in the south, and lost conservative supporters. I had issues with him as education minister years ago. Morton lost his base over the land reclamation or whatever it was. Mar will have to call an election as he has no seat.
Hope none of the 3 losers yesterday quit so Mar could have a by election instead of a provincial one.
He thinks because he was out of the country for a few yrs, in Washington, he bears no blame for the mess we are in.
Too bad a lot of us have been here for the past 40 years and have long memorie.

Bec said...

I couldn't support anyone that had a history with Premier Stelmach and all 3 of these people did and do.

Gary Mar? Give me a break and as for the other and red! The PC party has not read this well at all.

So, yes me too, Hunter. I have no interest in supporting a party that has become this arrogant and this Liberal.
This Province has more than enough parties on the left and the PC's are one of them now obviously with these 3 choices!

Joe said...

As someone on Rutherford put it today, "Why vote? Its between two liberals and Special Ed the second".

If the truth be told Ralf's magic touch was that he made you feel as though the 'government' was yours. Yes he would come up with some crackpot idea and it would be condemned by the people so Ralf would change his mind and reverse course.

When Ralf left office the feeling was still there which led to a huge turnout to vote for the next premier. Special Ed however has the political instincts of a rhinoceros in heat and just could never get the concept that sometimes he was wrong. He was wrong to tear up the lease agreements to up the royalty rates just as he was wrong to strip landowners of their property rights. He was wrong to pick up the tab for an out of control union's (ATA) pension shortfall and he was wrong to throw thousands of people out of work in the process.

Because of Special Ed's ineptitude no one feels the government is theirs anymore. It is some far off vague threat that needs a revolution to put it in its proper place. Since the three remaining candidates are more Special Ed than Ralf there really is no one to vote for. My only hope is that WRA is capable of being more Ralf than Special Ed.

maryT said...

Guess Ted and Rick want to make sure they get cabinet seats in the Mar government. Hope it is very short lived and he calls an election to get a seat. Sorry Ted, Mar will not get my vote on Oct 1st.

MONSTER said...

Welcome aboard Hunter. You have climbed into the light. I would wager that a lot of your Alberta readers are all ready members and we were just waiting for you.

hunter said...

Monster, MaryT and Bec, I have been a supporter of Wildrose for awhile, but silently. I was even thinking of approaching them to run as a candidate in the next election, but they already have a candidate in my area. I will volunteer to door knock for him.