Monday, September 26, 2011

MASSIVE Protest!

So says Lisa La-La Land.

Environmentalists are staging a massive protest on Parliament Hill against a proposed pipeline that would carry crude oil from the Alberta oils sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast – passing through six states.
How out of touch can one reporter be? MASSIVE protest? At most, reporters are saying 500 and that's counting all the police and reporters.  Why do lefties want to kill the very industry that supports them and most of Canada? Ontario is now a have not province, be happy that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are supporting your MASSIVE lefty programs. The protest was a huge failure, Lisa needs to be honest, but I guess I'm expecting too much from the lefty media here is Canada. If it wasn't for the unions wasting their members money, probably only 50 people would have shown up. MASSIVE failure Lisa, MASSIVE!

Not to be outdone, thousands of union workers rallied against....well they rallied against the Toronto Mayor, because they are scared for their cushy union jobs.

About 4,000 people packed Nathan Phillip Square by 6 p.m. Monday. Many carried placards showing a cartoon of a runaway train going off a cliff, with Rob Ford in the locomotive, and the slogan, “Stop the Crazy Train.”

 Funny how those perfectly printed placards instantly appeared as if by magic. Union fees at work for political advocacy. Shame on the unions for failing their members by becoming political monsters. If you think I am exaggerating, look at the woman in this picture, reminds me of the workers union of Russia.

Look at the clenched fist, the glazed eyes and the strained neck muscles, clearly a women with a mission. Heil Union anyone? The pre-printed signs are another indication of union involvement.

So, it appears that the unions abandoned the greenies on Parliament hill to protest against any cuts to their golden pension jobs. Funny how you always find the lefties at the trough, snorting and shouting when their gravy train is threatened....In the name of the "little people" of course.


maryT said...

Guess she missed Don Martin, from the protest, saying there were more police and media than protesters, and the only shoving going on was cameramen looking for a better angle. Didn't she get arrested or something at the g8/g20 protests. If she wants to report on huge protests, how about covering the anti abortion protests.
And all this going on while Canada is being touted as being in 3rd place for having the cleanest air.
The reason they are protesting is that if said pipeline is built, they might have to get off welfare and get a job.
Or, maybe all those thousands that were supposed to come, decided they couldn't come when they had to do it on their own dime. Or maybe they decided not to go and leave a huge carbon foot print. 20 organizations were involved in planning this failure. Proves Canadians from coast to coast to coast support the pipeline and the oilsands.
OT, but finally got the results of the vote in our poll for leader. Only 54 voted and not one vote for Mar.

Southern Quebec said...

maryT...fact free since EVER!!!!!

Don't forget the protest in Vancouver because THE CONSERVATIVES let in a war criminal to pimp his book. Different standards, right?

maryT said...

What about the protest in Vancouver, the protest capitol of Canada.
As usual, if an lefist group doesn't like, or want something, they think nobody should want it and try to ban it. Conservatives just ignore things they don't like or want.
How many terrorists have universities allowed into Canada to speak and how many conservatives have they banned. Guess that saying, "you can't handle the truth" is alive and well in Vancouver.
Will the VP be subject to another protest in Calgary tonight.
And it seems those idiots in Vancouver were trying to stop those with tickets from getting into the speech.

maryT said...

SQ, you might want to watch SunTV on Thursday night when Brian Lilly interviews the former VP.

Leeky Sweek said...

SQ, what war criminal? Stalin? Hitler? Chairman Mao?

Cheney did what he had to do...the U.S. was and is, at war with terrorists, people who want to see the destruction of western civilization.

The problem with you Liberal/socialists is that you think terrorists are reasonable people. You'd give them a big wet sloppy kiss and hope they won't bomb a subway or fly a plane into a building.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the "war criminal" angle the lefties like to throw out there. When asking said lefties about Obama's indiscriminate use of drones bombing "Pock-ee-stawn", a sovereign nation that hasn't attacked the US, why the double standard of not calling THIS a war crime, they typically fall silent.

They also like to rail about Cheney and Halliburton but probably couldn't tell you what exactly Halliburton does! The lefties are also quiet about Obama's very own "Halliburton", that being General Electric. G.E. is the poster child for croney capitalism....uh, better make that croney SOCIALISM. Not to mention Solyndra, recipient of half a billion in loan guarantees just in time to go bankrupt. Obama wants to fund billions for an ill-conceived high speed train and G.E. wants to "bid" on this contract. G.E. doens't like to pay taxes either.

Obama campaigned on closing Gitmo and pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He led the public to belive that right about the time he'd be delivering his inaugural address, Gitmo would be given back to Castro and the cargo planes would be hauling the soldiers home.

But Gitmo is still the most luxurious Cuban all-inclusive resort and more military deaths in Afghanistan occured under Obama's watch than under Bush.

Obama lied (more) soldiers died.

Inconvenient truths and all that....So go away SQ, adults are talking now.

hunter said...

And SQ was silenced by logic and facts, something lefties can't abide.