Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Are All Lefty Males Dweebs?

 Don't believe me? Look at this guy...seriously if he isn't a dweeb, who would qualify for that definition?

He comes to Canada, and isn't happy just telling us about our food deficiencies. He also spouts off about everything from climate change to a one world government. He is the face of oppression. He lives it up in Canada but forget about him going to India or China to spout his self important message. He is a typical leftist dweeb.

A boring, studious, or socially inept person

 Canada is second to the US in supplying food to the hungry. This jerk is telling us that we are not capable of feeding our own people? If that is the case, than we should suspend all food shipments immediately. No more 250 MILLION in food aid.

The ladies are right, the UN has other countries with people actually starving and dying every day, maybe this dweeb should go there to see if he can help. HA!

Notice how the far left NDP leader, Munch, was more than eager to meet his fellow leftist dweeb. Two birds that flock together.The UN guy even had the audacity to tell us to raise the minimum wage. This guy is a serious threat to all Canadians, he wants a one party world and taxpayers are paying for his mistaken philosophy.

The taxpayer funded UN needs to go the way of the DODO bird.

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