Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Birth Announcement

Rachel from Notleyham has delivered a NDP baby, called :"Deficit Spending": to the uninformed Alberta citizens. The same citizens who overthrew the bad Progressive conservatives for overspending, now have Rapunzel lowering her hair for all the provincial unions. This fairy tale will not end well.

The labour pains are sharp and directed at the guts of taxpayers. We voted Klein in so we could get rid of our debt. I remember it well, I was on the cusp of the 20% cuts, but I made it, and so did all the people who were cut.

This is going to hurt every single Albertan, taxpayer or not. How?? Carbon tax. A tax on the air we breathe. Imagine the shock our ancestors would get if they came back today and found out that carbon dioxide is bad. The stupidity of people who want to believe in climate change is surpassed by only the Islamic hordes who behead those who will not bow to their religion.

The first NDP budget in Alberta is a killer. Job killer, pension killer, and investment in the oil industry killer.

RIP Alberta.


Bec said...

What a mess!
The only thing that is keeping my sanity between the federal election and now this mind boggling budget is that the complete fools who put their X beside their interpretation of "Change" will feel it as badly as we will.
They just don't know it yet.

hunter said...

Totally agree Bec!