Monday, October 26, 2015

Someone Has To Pay For All The ":Goodies:"

For decades Alberta was able to fend off the federal power grabs because they had a conservative government provincially. Even with a conservative provincial government in place, Trudeau The First, was able to decimate Alberta with the NEP.

Alberta is now prime pickings for both the NDP and Liberals. We have no protection from the lefty progressives.

You can try to blame whoever you want for the provincial and federal elections, but it comes down to who promised the most ":goodies:".

When the takers out number the workers, these are the results you can expect. When a spend until you drop budget approach wins against a balanced budget approach, you can expect these results for decades to come.

All you need to do is look at Ontario. The voters keep electing the Liberals because they are handing out the :"goodies:" faster than the recipients can spend them and they feel good about their inclusive progressive society. Debt??? Who cares? The politicians never seem to mention the BILLION dollars a month for interest payments in Ontario alone.  Imagine how a BILLION dollars could help a hospital in Ontario, or 12 hospitals a year.

I fear for Alberta.

Provincial Sales Tax or Carbon Tax, or both.

NotMe will promote a carbon tax to make us appear environmentally friendly because she can';t get away with imposing a sales tax. It is the same thing, just a different name. Add that to the national carbon tax we can all expect, and it';s a double header in taxation.

The media will make it seem like we are finally paying our dues for all the pollution we have been many smog days has Edmonton had?......NONE you say?? Funny that.

Even the most extreme hurricane the western hemisphere has ever we were told....did minimal damage in Mexico this week.

Don';t blame Harper for the conservatives not getting reelected, blame the takers not the workers. You can see the same thing happening in the US. The takers out number the workers.

If that trend persists, eventually society fails. Someone has to pay for all the :"goodies":.

Am I back? Maybe only when I feel like posting something. I was content with the Conservative government. I will have more to post about with two lefty governments grinding me down.


Cranky or Just A Crank said...

Let's not try to paint the former PC governments of Alberta as fiscally responsible. Since Ralph lost interest in term three we might have well been run by Liberals or the public employees union (notice I didn't say public "service" or public "workers" since neither of those apply), which in the case of Redford was the case. Alberta spends far more per capita than any other province, with as little or even less to show for it than those other provinces, It is that fact that the money that just kept rolling in during the good times and that people had other things to do that this spendthriftiness was ignored. Now, since the energy industry has cratered due to commodity prices and will be further kicked in the nards by the carbon warriors, there might not be as much to loot as I imagine our new overlords - both provincial and federal - would have hoped for.

hunter said...

I agree with you that the provincial conservatives were more like liberals, that';s why I voted for the Wildrose.