Sunday, August 22, 2010

Has Iggy Lost The Catholic Vote?

Usually Catholics vote Liberal, I'm not sure why, but they do. Has that trend changed? I think it has. Door knocking last election, it was clear that the Chinese vote was shifting to the Conservatives, now I think the Catholic vote is also going towards Harper.

Take my Liberal parents for example. They think Trudeau walked on water. So, imagine my surprise when they wanted a plaque from PM Harper to commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary. My Mom didn't want one from the Pope, she doesn't like him (I agree), she didn't want one from Gordon Campbell, but she agreed to one from PM Harper.

My Dad actually said that Dion was better than Iggy. He was a Grand Knight in the Knights of Columbus, so he takes religion seriously. What finally got through to my parents was Iggy calling for abortions to third world nations. They were totally disgusted with his stance. Obviously the attempt by the Liberals to paint PM Harper as anti-abortion has failed badly with Catholics.

I have never seen my parents change so quickly. I usually get a good fight out of my Dad on anything Conservative, but this time I couldn't get him to argue with me. It made for family harmony, but it was boring not being able to disagree on politics with my Dad.

Now, my Uncle was a different story, he wants the 19B over 20 years for air support to go towards child poverty instead. When I turned to him and told him we would always have child poverty because it has become a profitable industry, he was speechless. He supports the NDP, and as such is a pie in the sky idealist.

Overall, BC is looking good for the Conservatives. I can tell you, when my parents think PM Harper is doing a good job, a long time barrier has been broken. They really do not like Iggy and will either vote Conservative, or refuse to vote at all. Polls can not accurately measure the true feeling on the ground.

My parents were also mad about the opposition keeping "tough on crime" legislation from being passed. They want more to be done not less, like not letting the Tamil boat into Canadian territory. The idea of a majority is now a reality, especially in the west.


CanadianSense said...

I have linked to a study measuring it for years.

The Social Conservatives were sold the Charter would protect them but are starting to realize special interest groups with the support of the Liberal Party, Democrats and Separatists have been able to push minority interests at taxpayers expense.

The outreach by the Liberals trying to regain them is well documented but is failing for the reckless stunts with the wafer, attacks on Day, Marci MacDonald Armageddon, Tax funded Abortions for the Congo motion meant to divide the CPC caucus.

Conservatives have been paying attention to the Senior voters and they have been passing legislation in regards to helping them with retirement and keep more money from the taxes.

The cost of food, energy and fees are going up raised by provinces and cities.

Your uncle may oppose any military spending on principle. Many were against our participation in World War I and II. (It was a European problem)

Negative Campaigning for years has a consequence.

Have you noticed discussing politics is boring, anti-social at many gatherings as the polarization of camps has made it almost toxic?

Bec said...

The way that I see it, the LIBERALS should have lost the Catholic vote a long time ago. The hypocrisy demonstrated has been astounding for quite some time and yet they still seemed to win the vote, despite the slap-downs.

It is my impression that Iggy is just uninspiring, period and the abortion position this past Spring was simply the final nail in the coffin for the Liberals.
He's just the excuse but it's to bad they didn't punish all those before him that SILENTLY held the same position.

I'd be curious how much wafer-gate, the LIES and DECEIT that occurred, has played into the swing as well.

BTW, welcome back!

wilson said...

Canadians waking up to the fact that special interest groups via the LPC/NDP/Bloc,
have been setting policy in our country,
and not citizens thru elected representatives...

Today we read of a govt survey that showed 71% of Tamil refugees go home for the holidays.

And, while we are processing a boat load of Tamil refugees,
the UN started winding down Tamil refugee camps in June, finding it is safe for them to go 'home'.

''the (Tamil refugee) Menik Farm camp, held 228,000 people, now the UN agency only claims 35,000 residents.''

Our Libluvin media has known this for years,
finally we have a media outlet willing to tell us the truth.

CanadianSense said...

Forward this article to your uncle.Some argue the F-35’s stealth is unnecessary or somehow un-Canadian. I’d love to borrow the crystal ball that tells them Canada will never need stealth capabilities to evade ground radar on a future operation when not so long ago CF-18s bombed Kosovo. Every major ally and adversary around the world is upgrading fighter capabilities. I’d rather have the more expensive insurance of being able to operate under the cloak of stealth than making our pilots easy pickings on enemy radar, or dead in the air facing an invisible enemy. If Canada is serious about Arctic sovereignty, foreign policy and the safety of our citizens, fighter jets are non-negotiable.

jad said...

I think you may be right about Conservative support in BC. Ignatieff has been on a 4 day swing through the province, and so far the coverage has been non-existent, apart from one photograph in Saturday's paper.

Of course his media groupies are not along for the ride - I guess if you live in Ottawa the West Coast must seem like Outer Mongolia - so there is a distinct (and very welcome !) lack of the usual fawning coverage of the bus tour.

Isn't it about time the bus broke down again ???

maryT said...

Remember, iggy said that all those riding the bus will have to cover their own expenses, including media types. Guess the papers and tv guys couldn't afford to send their puppets.

liberal supporter said...

Looks like the parents didn't want a scene on their 60th, so they patted you on the head and said they'll vote CPC or not at all. Note they didn't say CPC!

Perhaps they were humouring you, no?

Forward this article to your uncle.Some argue the F-35’s stealth is unnecessary or somehow un-Canadian
Yes, your uncle would enjoy a good laugh. This new Sun columnist declares F-35s are non-negotiable, then proceeds to erect strawmen to knock down. She'd have us argue over whether stealth is necessary, rather than whether we need to spend $20 billion on it. The main issue in the F-35 is the decision not to follow the tendering process. Quite likely the F-35 could win the tendering process, but it is yet another example of the Harper regime's secretive elitist "we know best so you don't have to" attitude.