Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where Are The Parents?

I spent all day getting my boys registered for school. Most kids had their parents with them, even though they were in grade 12. My grade twelve kid liked having me with him, but my grade nine kid didn't want me to stand in line with him until it was time to pay his fees. The point is that I was with them whether they wanted me to be or not. They know I care. They know I am interested in what they are doing, and who they are doing it with.

RCMP dismantle alleged terror cell in OttawaOTTAWA — The RCMP dismantled an alleged Ottawa terrorist cell with suspected links to al-Qaeda Wednesday morning, making two arrests and saying more are expected.

The men are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack targeting Canada. The ringleader allegedly attended training camps in the Pakistan and Afghanistan region.


In a speech in Toronto on Aug. 9, when he would have already been briefed on the suspected Ottawa group, Minister Toews said he was increasingly concerned about the radicalization taking place in Canada.

“There are homegrown Islamists and other extremists here in Canada,” he said. “In this country, it is the right of all Canadians to hold and discuss a wide range of beliefs.

“But what we are seeing here is not about disagreement and debate. Our concern is with extremist ideologies that lead individuals to espouse or engage in violence. These individuals reject the values on which our country is based, and they must be stopped.”

Do the parents take these kids to a mosque with a radical Imam? Do they encourage them towards radical ideologies? I don't know. I do know that parents need to monitor their children, Muslim or not.

KUDOS to our police, please continue to make sure Canada is safe. Stop those terrorists before they damage our soil. Terrorists need to understand that our military and police are the best in the world, and they have proved it by keeping Canadians safe.

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