Sunday, August 22, 2010

Has Being The Government Gone To Their Heads?

Even with Iggy and the Liberals tanking, the Conservatives are not getting any traction with the electorate. Why?

In my opinion, the Conservatives have forgotten to be Conservative. I understand that they had to move to the center to gain more votes, but in doing so, they have become mushy. We know the Liberals have no principals and cater to special interest groups, while the NDP cater to the far left, and the Bloc cater to only Quebec socialists, but what about the Conservatives? Sure they are attractive to the right because they are the only party that we can vote for, but unless they come out with a strong Conservative plan next election, I don't see them getting a majority.

They are so scared of losing power that they are pleasing no-one. My own MP is so scared of doing anything wrong, hoping to get a Minister's position that my blog is a threat! HA! Now that they have the power, they are forgetting what got them there. Conservatives.

I want to see some action on crime, the gun registry, and the wheat board, for starters. Most important, I want to see the human rights commissions put out to pasture. I want this for Alberta as well as the federal HRC. The Conservatives have no balls on this matter, they were really happy when Liberal MP Keith Martin brought forward a bill against the HRC, so they wouldn't have to, how cowardly.

Refugees are another issue they need to address. If 70% of the people claiming refugee status return "home", they should not be allowed back into Canada. Period. Full Stop!

I feel that the Conservative party is relying too much on PM Harper's performance and has forgotten that it is us "peons" who make the party what it is, and we need more Conservative initiatives or we might just stay home on election night.

The last election campaign was pathetic, it left me wondering why I should vote Conservative, it had no substance, no goals, no definable direction. Wonder why the Conservatives seem to have no traction? They are becoming liberal lite. They need a good smack so they wake up and understand what Conservative really means.


CanadianSense said...

It is nice to see you back. Enjoyed the post and agree the move to the mushy centre has pissed off some conservative voters.

In a minority we have to deal the cards we have and I am not thrilled on all the spending projects to date.

My yardstick is compared to the 13 years under the Liberals and the cuts to the provinces, Employment Insurance for general revenue.

Turning back the clock from the 1970's Trudeau socialist experiment will take more than four years and a minority government.

The voters will need to give a mandate that is a majority at the ballot and not the fact a divided opposition is afraid to trigger an election.

FoxtrotBravo said...

Agreed! I have stopped donating to the CPC until I see some real conservative actions, starting with the last boat full of queue-jumpers being sent home.

Powell lucas said...

Yeah, I feel exactly the same. I will concede that they have done a fairly good job with the economy, although that was more a result of a good banking system put together by all parties over many years; they just happened to be the beneficiaries.
I've pretty much given up on them putting forward a truly conservative agenda so my financial support now goes to the Wild Rose Alliance. We're going to need a party that stands up for Alberta when the when the environmental hurricane hits us. I don't see the Federal Conservatives doing it.

bertie said...

And i suppose a good smack is putting the Liberals back in to destroy what good the Conservatives have done over 4 years.You conveniently forget,as many Conservatives do that PM Harper and his Conservatives have quietly taken back little by little groups of people who would only vote Liberal out of fear and a little ignorance.We have slowly gained back respect around the world in both our military (which was a laughing stock)and the way Canada stands up to the bullies (global warming)(carbon taxes Etc.Only someone new to politics does not know that the Conservatives are up against 3 opposition parties and a hostile Canadian press,radio and television.A group that is filled with hatred for this government,because this government will not let them set the agenda for Canada like the Liberals did.They have no problem with letting Canada be destroyed,and they have no problem lying and destroying peoples reputations and reporting phony scandals.And all the while with a minority government,PM Harper steered the country through a recession and made it the most respected nation in the world economically.But this is not good enough for some people apparently.Every little problem has to be solved or else the blackmail starts .They didn't do this,they didn't do that.And if they don,t do this or don,t do that I will vote Liberal again.For gods sake,we have handcuffed the Conservatives with minority Governments and gave the corrupt Liberals majorities.Does this seem fair to you?We gave the Liberals with the worst leader in the countries history (Chretien) a majority and then when we get the best leader i have ever seen,we handcuff him with a minority and complain when he cannot get things done fast enough.I think a few of you need to shake your heads and admire what PM Harper has accomplished instead of complaining about what he has yet accomplished.

jad said...

Totally agree with bertie, but the one point he misses is the whole parliamentary committee system.

Yes, it would be great to see more crime bills, the gun registry and the wheat board shut down etc.etc., but just look at how the opposition have watered down every bill the government has produced including all the crime bills and the immigration bill.

A good example of the opposition control over legislation is what happened last week. Shelley Glover wanted the Public Safety committee to discuss the issue of whether veiled women should be allowed on airplanes, given that the whole screening thing is a matter of Public Safety. The opposition disagreed and bounced the issue completely as being "none of their business".

Until this government has control of the committees, and that essentially means a majority, every time they try to do anything even vaguely "conservative" it will be sabotaged. The only way they get anything passed is to produce omnibus bills attached to the budget, and look at all the grief the media gave them on that.

Instead of whining, perhaps you should consider caampaigning in Linda Duncan's riding next time around - that would be one more seat at least.

wilson said...

Agree Bertie, 100%.

Funny how PM Harper is expected to fix 30 years of PC/Lib policy,
with a minority government.

Immigration/refugee policy needed fixing 20 years ago,
and expectation is that PMSH must fix it NOW!!!

LOL, that expectation is there because of all the PMs in the last 30 years,
PMSH is most likely to succeed at getting the job done!

Yes, gun registry, CWB, HRC need fixing.
But there are much bigger messes to deal with, that affect every Canadian,
like healthcare.

MariaS said...

Great to see you back Hunter. I have been venting out at the Conservative govt too but when voting day comes, they will still get my vote, as I am sure they will get yours too. :} :}
However, it is mandatory to remind them at every opportunity that they have to buck up and take care of certain things that the conservative base stands for. For example, they can clearly see that the boat people are taking advantage of us and it would be truly terrible if they make a wrong decision with this boatload.

Loved the Friday funnies too.

Alex said...

You know what's funny?

I agree with all of you.

Its like an upside-down Obama quandry. He can't socialize America fast enough for his base and we can't de-socialize Canada fast enough for our base.

liberal supporter said...

Not voting for your party in an election is safe for you. The worst case is a Liberal majority, after which Canada will still be much the way it is today. We might be poorer overall from overspending in the worst case, but we will not have situation where "you won't recognize Canada after we're done with it".

All the talk about "turning back the clock from the 1970s" and how only a majority can allow it to happen is frightening. The secrecy, the deliberate attempts to stifle dissent and even fabricate information, the lack of listening to anyone but the base and the myriad new laws to fill the new prisons is just a taste of the nightmare that awaits with a CPC majority.

Luke said...

"I want to see some action on crime, the gun registry, and the wheat board, for starters."

LOL. You just named the three (or two of the three) initiatives the government has been most determined in achieving over the last four and half years.

But, I give you credit for at least trying to make your complaints authentic. You could have saved space and just typed "cut taxes, cut spending".