Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Obama Fiddles While America Burns

Some have called him Santa Claus, and others have called him Robin Hood, but he is more of a puppet than anything. What he did was appeal to voters on a basic level, goodies for all....well except for the rich. He played the envy game and is now pushing for an envy tax. It is really divisive, but it works, just like it did for the Liberals who divided the east and west of our country for decades.

The Republicans were talking deficit and debt and failed to connect with the voters, because the voters don't want to be told the negative, they wanted to be told how everything is going to be great.

Obama didn't even have a plan, he hasn't even passed a budget in 4 years, but on the most primeval level, people wanted to be acknowledged and held blameless for the situation they and America find themselves in. They wanted hugs, and Obama phones, not talk about "fiscal cliffs".

It proves that if you want to win, you must appeal to the most elemental instincts of people in the form of "emotions", and that is what most lefties do best. They make it all about emotions and feelings.

Protests are an effective method that only the left seems to use, with the exception of the Tea Party in the US, and they get called racists and rednecks by the media and lefties, for just daring to gather and state an opinion that the left doesn't like.

Mitt Romney was the better fiscal candidate, but Americans were looking for the "rock star". They got him, and even now are blaming the Republicans for the "fiscal cliff" they are heading off of, even though they were warned it was going to happen if Obama got reelected. Reminds me of Nero and Rome burning.

The left is all about dividing people into segments and catering to special interest groups, while the right is about family values and long term stability. Obama won big in the urban, highly populated areas, and lost big time in the rural ones. This mirrors what happens in Canada.

What happens to people living in cities? What makes them more liberal and less likely to support family values?

Obama won on emotion (did you see him crying?). Emotion is not going to save America, and as they go, so do we!


fernstalbert said...

The predominate view on the Conservative bloggs and opinion pieces is "Let. It. Burn." You wanted it - you are going to get it hard and fast. I intend to make myself as "small" as possible. Cheers.

NO QUARTER said...

You know what the truly infuriating part is though?
When all is said and done and the U.S. is a complete shambles, nobody- not a soul- will blame obama. They'll devise a way to make it the Repubs' fault, and the American sheeple will swallow that line too. Obamaphones and gimme gimme gimme makes people stupid.

hunter said...

fern, "small" is going to be a good idea!

No Quarter, Teflon Obama will walk out of the flames of America, laughing.

bertie said...

And you thought the civil war was over?..If the takers (OBOMA-ITES) keep this up the givers will stop giving and we could possibly have another civil war in the USA.When will the lefties ever learn how to work for a living instead of relying on Government hand outs?That is exactly how the Commie countries operate.