Tuesday, November 06, 2012

You OWN It Now Obama!

After I got over my disappointment that Obama was reelected (Okay, I'm not over it yet!), I thought about how Obama can't blame Bush anymore. He now OWNS what he is about to do to America.

It's going to be ugly.

As ugly as what McGuinty did to Ontario. Can Obama resign when the mess gets so bad that it stinks up the country, like Dalton did in Ontario?

I feel sorry for my American friends who are now going to feel the pain that socialists like to inflict on everyone, except themselves. The unions will still have their jobs, the teachers will still teach leftist garbage to the youngsters, and  middle class Americans are going to take the hit.

The Republicans are going to blame Mitt, just like the Liberals blamed Iggy for their failure. No leader can take all the blame for the failure. The Conservatives in Canada have won election because of a clear message of what they are going to do. Mitt tried to send that message, but people want a superhero, someone they can cheer for, and cling to, hoping that their lives will get better.

People bought into the crass mantra from the Democrats that taxing the rich more was not going to be harmful to the economy. I love that Democrats are going to have to explain the businesses closing, the rich leaving (for Canada hopefully), and the socialists wondering where all that money went. Meanwhile China is chuckling, Europe is ecstatic that America is following their failed policies, and Canadians are cheering for a President who called himself "eye-candy" (Trudeau come to mind).

I am sitting back with my "beer and popcorn" watching the disaster that is now the American nation. Good luck. Don't call us when you want that free bridge, or that pipeline, we will be too busy selling our goods to China and India.

Did the Americans at least vote for the free bridge from Canada? I bet not.

Good job Democrats, now let's see you actually turn America around, without blaming Bush or the Republicans ......I suspect I will still be waiting in four years.


Thucydides said...

The Democrats will be blaming George W Bush (or Ronald Reagan, for that matter) for the foreseeable future.

Nothing that flows from their policies is ever their fault....

hunter said...

So true! Look at what happened to the stock market today, they are already blaming the EU.

They made their bed now they can sleep with the bedbugs.