Tuesday, January 29, 2013

National Post Gets Hammered! Credibility Zero

The National Post bought Associated Press wire feeds and got hammered  by them big time. Guess they don't bother fact checking AP's articles before they post them.

This is what I saw this morning on the National Post:

Pro-gun activists HECKLE father of six year old Sandy Hook massacre!! Can it get anymore despicable than that? How can your heart not bleed for those babies and their families? My GOD, what cruel people would heckle that father?

Except....MSNBC faked the video, and the National Post bought it hook, line and stinker. Did they remove this fake article?


They just changed the headline and removed any comments that told them it was a fake.

I watched as comment after comment telling them that this article was fake were removed by NP moderators (as of 10pm Mountain time, they are still doing it and the article is still up), yet they let the highly inflammatory comments of others about "gun nuts" remain, unchallenged. The National Post needs to apologize to their readers for posting such garbage from the Associated Press. Changing the headline and story without erasing the highly prejudicial comments leaves them looking like idiots. Are they a national newspaper or a gossip column for Obama and his gun haters? They need to take responsibility for posting a column that had no basis in fact and was easily pointed out to be a fake. 

Maybe the National Post should try more responsible media outlets like this one from now on.

Media Falsely Claims Gun Activists Heckled Father of Murdered Newtown Boy

The National Post got hammered by posting a junk column by an Associated Press "journalist" who couldn't be bothered to fact check. Both Susan Haigh of the Associated Press and the NP should be ashamed of the sloppy reporting they tried to present as news. Shame on them!

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